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White Gold

Apples of Gold Showcases its 2012 White Gold Wedding Bands Collection
Apples of Gold jewelry retailer announced the release of its 2012 white gold wedding bands collection. Their selection of high quality, affordable jewelry continues to grow, and this collection brings brilliant creation and superb craftsmanship to ...

Gold falls nearly 1%, silver's down 1.2%
Citigroup's technical research unit said silver could outperform gold. It cited a possible near-term breakout for the white metal. The bullion market largely ignored news Indonesia could ban exports of some raw materials, including gold and silver, ...

MJSA Expo New York will host awards ceremony for design contest on March 12
The ring was crafted in 14k X1 white gold and set with 1.20 tcw of white diamonds around the entire trim. This design was fully realized using CAD technology to create the precise, geometric forms. 2nd Place—Gregor? Morin of Gregor?

Spiced-up Valentine's Day offers keeps Dubai gold rush going
From special Valentine's pendants and rings to necklaces and bracelets all set with diamonds and precious stones in yellow as well as white gold, lovers are, indeed, spoilt for choice this season. 'Emirates24|7' spoke to numerous jewellers in Dubai and ...

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Why do jewelers recommend white gold over platnium? by deardiary27 Q: I have been looking at wedding rings and jewelers always recommend white gold over platnium, but I always thought platnium was a better metal. And besides, it's more expensive- so you think they would want to sell you the higher priced jewelery? Is anyone a jeweler or can shed some light on this? I was just wondering because I am having trouble deciding between the 2 metals.

How much is 18k white gold ring worth? by karenluvskris Q: I just bought a ring of ebay for like a penny +shipping. Its cubic zirconia and it 18k white gold. How much do you think its worth. I want to pawn it or sell it. Its a really cute wedding ring.

A: - In life - You get what you deserve - You paid - pennies - then you get.............

What kind of plating is white gold plating ? It is really gold, or it is rhodium ? by asintota Q: I have been asked to research a white gold plating process. From What I know, white gold plating can only be produced as a flash ( very thin) coating. I am interested in a process able to produce a durable finish.

A: Rhodium is white in color, a precious metal, meaning non-oxidizing, It is well suited for plating of parts such as sliding electrical contacts that require protection from corrosion or galling. Rhodium is a bright, attractive finish that is non-tarnishing. When underplated with nickel it provides a mirror surface that is highly reflective. Rhodium plating - wear resistance Rhodium is the hardest of all of the precious metals. It provides the most wear resistant finish possible for the most demanding environments. My father used to use an electroplating process in his jewelry business. I believe he did this with white gold as well as colored gold.

is There a difference in value between white and yellow gold? by Q: Is there a difference in value between white and yellow gold? I always thought that white and yellow gold have the same exact value to them just different colors. I did some reading on this question now I am not to sure? Example: I have 20 grams of 14k karat gold i want to sell. 10 grams are in white gold and 10 grams are in yellow gold will i be offered the same amount from those gold buying places?

A: yes. White gold has rhodium plating to give it the white color and is slightly less pure than yellow gold. Thus, yellow gold has a higher value that white gold because it has less impurities in it.

Where is the best place to buy white gold in Bangkok? by Dragon Reborn Q: I am looking to buy a white gold ring in Bangkok. Any suggestions?

A: Go into any gold shop and ask for white gold (kaao tong) , I'm sure they will say they can get it, other then that google "white gold bangkok" and you will get 100's of sites,

How can I remove stain from 14k white gold necklace? by Chun K Q: My 14k white gold silver necklace got a small yellow stain spot. Anyone knows how I can remove it? Thanks for lookin.

A: Honestly, I know it sounds crazy, but get an old tooth brush or a new one that you won't use for your teeth, and clean the gold with a baking soda toothpaste. It works for me always. I usually find that when my white gold gets yellow on it, its just because i haven't worn it in a while and dust has collected on it. I do massage therapy and I'm a bartender, so I'm constantly washing my hands and jewelry, but I still manage to get lotion and sticky alcohol on it so I always brush it with baking soda toothpaste and warm water and it always comes out shiny and clean and new. Good luck, hope it works for you like it does for me.

Why is my white gold ring turning yellow? by sweetsupplies85 Q: My engagement ring turning yellow, and it is white gold. Our concern is that my wedding band is white gold as well will this happen to that ring. I have my class ring I wore for about 3 years, and it is white gold, and never yellowed at all, and I beat that ring up. I've had my ring set for not even 8 months, and its starting to look almost gold at the bottom. What is going on?

A: It's possible that your ring is yellow gold and was Rhodium plated and passed off as white gold and there was not enough rhodium applied to it. Most white gold is rhodium plated and will wear off in time due to wear and tear or the ph balance in the skin will errode the plating. If you have ever seen white gold without the rhodium it will have a yellowish sheen to it.

How durable is a sterling silver ring coated in thick white gold? by mirioux Q: Looking to buy an Irish Claddagh ring for my girlfriend for valentines day. I have the choice between a sterling silver ring coated in thick white gold or one that is simply sterling silver. I know nothing about jewelry Can anyone tell me which one would be better?

A: the white gold plating will add a 'colder' color to the silver and will prevent tarnish for as long as it's there. 'Thick' plating means nothing unless it states how thick it actually is. Sterling silver has a warmer color and will scratch a bit easier. It will also tarnish (turn black) after a while, but that is easily cleaned off and with regular wear shouldn't be too much of an issue. How long will the plating last? That depends on the thickness of the plating, how regularly the ring is worn and what type of activities your girlfriend does with the ring on (gardening etc.). I personally don't like the white gold plating. To me, the silver looks like rhodium plated costume jewelry. I like the way silver 'ages'. The little scratches, the bit of tarnish that will sit in the scratches etc. It gives the jewelry real personality.

What can i clean / polish my white gold rhodium plated diamond engagement ring with? by Q: What can i clean / polish my white gold rhodium plated diamond engagement ring with? im too scared to clean it incase it gets damaged...please help, thanks.

A: Take your ring to a jewelry store to have it cleaned and checked out. They have an ultrasound process that works wonders for cleaning rings. Also, keep in mind that a little wear on the pegs holding the diamond in place will allow it to fall out, loosing the diamond woud be a catastrophy.

Can you tell the difference Between white gold and sterling silver? by Q: Is it hard to tell the differnce between white gold chain and a sterling silver chain?

A: White gold is more shinny like metal than sterling silver, and sterling silver is more white. However, there are a lots of sterling silver with white gold plating, it looks like white gold. The only way you can tell is from their marking inside the jewelry. for example for sterling silver would has marked 925

Can you make a yellow gold ring in to a white gold ring? by Jordan Q: I want to wear my mothers wedding ring but it is yellow gold and I only wear white gold. Can I have it Rhodium plated? My wedding ring is rhodium plated so every year we take it to get it dipped. Can I do the same with the yellow gold ring? Have it dipped?? Or is it not possible once the ring is made yellow gold?

A: If you had the Elder wand maybe

Can a yellow gold ring be converted to white gold? by erin Q: There is a ring that I am in love with, that I was given, but its yellow gold and I prefer white gold. Is it possible to get it coated or something? If so, how much would it cost?

A: Yellow gold is an alloy of gold and copper, white gold is an alloy of gold, and a silverish metal, like nickel, or palladium. So you can't convert a yellow gold ring to white gold. Plating may be an option. (I'm a metallurgist, not a jeweler, so you'll have to ask them, but we plate aircraft engines parts all the time) I'd say your best bet would be Rhodium, Platinum, or Palladium plating. Just take it to a jeweler and ask if it can be Rhodium, Platinum, or Palladium plated... (all are precious noble metals that won't tarnish) it should look just like white gold after that. You might have to have it redone every couple of years though, as thin coatings can get scratched. Not sure how much they'd charge for it.

How do I go about changing the settings of my rings from gold to white gold? by Cheryl P Q: Over the years I've aquired a lot of nice rings but I no longer wear yellow gold. I want to put the stones from my rings into white gold settings. Does anyone know who does this and how much it will cost me?

A: i am sure a jeweler would do this, go in to a few and ask how much they charge for that

How much are these 14K white gold cubic zirconia earrings worth? by Q: I have these 14K white gold cubic zirconia 0.5 carat stud ear rings from Macy's. I'm selling them on eBay. They retail at $125. They still come in the original box and have label on them. Basically, they're brand new. I just want to know a realistic price to sell them at because I know retail prices are always exaggerated. Thanks!

A: I work for a major jewelery brand so I get this question a lot. I would say between $30 and $40 dollars. Check prices online for brand new earrings like that on clearance sites. That's a pretty fair price for used, which they are even if you never wore them.

How do i clean a white gold and diamond ring? by G4ugeddude Q: I found this white gold ring in a pool and it has a little diamond at the top. I was looking for a cheap way to clean it before i take it to the pawn shop. does anyone know how much the ring is worth and if its better to take it to a jeweler.

A: my aunt use to work at a jewelery shop/pawn shop. She told me once that ketchup works good because of the acid....im not too sure though- try it

What kinds of things are harmful to my white gold engagement ring? by morgana banana Q: its white gold and it has three diamonds. I want to know if and what kinds of chemicals and things are damaging to my ring.

A: Most people are under the mistaken impression that they should clean their jewelry with toothpaste. Do not use toothpaste! Use a toothbrush and warm (don't boil your jewelry!) water with ammonia to clean the diamonds. Nothing you're likely to come in contact with will harm your white gold. Most white gold in the USA is alloyed with nickel and many people are allergic to nickel, but most white gold (in the states) is rhodium plated. Rhodium is the most valuable and rare metal on earth. It is a platinum group metal and is very, very white. Since gold is a yellow metal, adding nickel makes it look whiter, but without rhodium plating it'll always look yellowish. (10k is whiter than 14k which is whiter than 18k...10k is 47% gold, 14K is 58% gold and 18k is 75% gold) If your ring isn't rhodium plated, iodine can change its surface color. I've never been successful with liver of sulfur darkening any color gold.

How much does a white gold necklace replacement chain usually cost? by toucan26 Q: i accidentally stretched mine out on a necklace that i wear often. i know that the necklace is white gold and that the original chain is a rope chain that is 18 inches long. how much would a replacement cost? just wondering if it is even worth it.

A: Gold is usually sold by weight. If you can post the gram weight of your chain that would be helpful. You can also email me offlist and I'll help.

My sis got a white gold diamond ring from a leading jewelery store now its turning yellow. what is it ? by Q: My sis got a white gold diamond ring from a leading jewelery store now its turning yellow. what is it ?

A: White gold depends a lot on a person's skin chemistry. If the wearer's skin chemistry is highly acidic, the plating on white gold will be eaten away in time. Then the ring will have that yellowish look to it. By having it dipped in Rhodium and polished up again, you can have that bright shiny white gold look again. It's more expensive maintenance, though cheaper in the beginning. And I usually don't recommend yellow gold because it will give a diamond a warmer look to it. What's the point in having a diamond that's colorless or near colorless only to have it made yellowish by the yellow gold band?! http://www.diamondrings.co.za

How to tell if my earring is white gold? by Maxxx A Q: Not much to explain. Got an earring, they said it was white gold. Is there a way to check? Or do I just have to take their word for it?

A: Depends where you bought it if you bought in a jewelry store their right if you bought it from some dude its a 50/50 chance

What is the price per ounce or gram of White gold? by thedollellama Q: I am doing a project in chemistry and have looked everywhere but cannot seem to find the price of white gold. I do not want the price of jewelry with white gold in it. I would just like to know the price of white gold per ounce or gram. Thanks in advance!

A: It is impossible to give one answer for the price of white gold. White gold is a mixture of gold with either nickel, palladium or platinum. In addtion the mixtures or amounts of these metals to the gold can vary. If platinum is mixed with the gold the price is higher than pure gold. Nickel and palladium result in less expensive mixtures. On a per carat basis white gold is almost always more expensive than "yellow" gold. Yellow gold in jewelery is usually gold mixed with copper and or zinc.

Can I wear yellow gold ring on one hand and white gold on the other hand? by Q: I am newly engaged and my fiance got me a yellow gold ring, well a few years ago he gave me a white gold ring that I wear on my right hand. Is it ok to wear them both?

A: I combine those as well, but keep them on separate hands, like you do. I also add a few pieces (diamond bracelet, watch, other rings) that are two tone (white and yellow in the same piece) to tie the whole look together.

If platinum is more durable than white gold, why is it harder to get rid of scratches, etc? by Dr Kate Q: I have a platinum engagement ring. I was told that it was more durable than white gold. However, I was also told I have to be more careful with it at work, because when it scratches, you can't ever get it looking nice again. I was also told that the prongs might be more prone to bending. I am confused, and I want some real answers about platinum vs white gold as far as durability and how it will look in the long run. Thanks!

A: For starters there is no such thing as white gold! There are however gold alloys which appear white, silvery, or grey. When jewellers speak of white gold, they mean white gold alloys or mixtures. In most other major languages these alloys are described as grey rather than white. And contrary to what some might think, white gold is not dyed yellow gold. White gold alloys became fashionable in the 1920's, mainly as a substitute for platinum, which had itself recently become fashionable. Platinum is quite expensive, needs greater temperatures than gold, and is generally considered harder to work with than gold, although it is ideal for use in diamond settings. At least three patents were issued for different "recipes" of white gold alloys during the 1920's, using different components to produce the whitening effect. The most common metal which causes a significant bleaching effect in gold is nickel which some though tend to be alergic to. It is common practice to rhodium plate all white gold jewellery, and some platinum. Rhodium is very bright, and highly reflective. When the rhodium plating wears through, the colour of the actual "white" alloy can be seen. This varies from gray through to distinctly yellowish gray. On some cheap jewellery, yellow gold alloys are rhodium plated, so that when the plating wears out, the natural yellow colour of the alloy appears. http://www.24carat.co.uk/whatiswhitegoldframe.html One of the most frequently asked ques­tions about Platinum concerns scratching. It seems the consumer equates durability with scratch resistance and is then disap­pointed when the Platinum jewelry scratches and shows signs of wear. Let me say that all metal scratches. From the finest steel to the finest Platinum! no metal is immune to scratching. There are, however different alloys that have a. different hardness and thus a greater scratch resistance. As Platinum scratches, it will develop a patina-like appearance that will last. This is the reason why many designers prefer satin finishes, brushed and sand-blast finishes over the bright polished look. Polished Platinum especially the iridium alloys, Will display a bright natural white color. In spite of daily wear and scratching, this finish will endure for a long time. In order to polish Platinum successfully, some points need to be addressed. It is important that all scratches are removed at the work bench. This can be done with different and assorted abrasives using increasingly finer grits. Once the scratches are removed, it is important to burnish the surface of the Platinum. This is done with a polished tungsten burnisher by hand, or with tum­bling devices. If it is done by hand, the tool of choice is a Tungsten burnisher, which rubs a highly polished rod of Tungsten over the surface of the Platinum. Before you start, though, be sure the burnisher's surface is highly polished; if It's at all scratched, you will transfer those scratches to the ring. Using a light oil for burnishing, such as oil of wintergreen will prevent the burnisher from skipping and marring the Platinum. http://www.ganoksin.com/borisat/nenam/platinum-durability.htm

How much would half a carat white gold ring cost 8 years ago? by Squeeza Q: Have a engement ring that was bought 8 years ago. It's marked half a carat brilliant cut round diamond, set in 18ct white gold. How much would this have cost 8 years ago?

A: go to a jewelry store and have it appraised!

How much would it cost to transfer a 1.5 carat diamond from a yellow gold ring to a white gold ring? by Q: Hello - I have yet to get this ring appraised but I want to transfer the diamond (if possible) from the yellow gold ring to a white gold ring. Would the yellow gold have any trade-in value to the white gold ring? Can they even transfer the diamond? I'm obviously clueless when it comes to jewelry. This is for an engagement ring.

A: If you are going to have 18ct white gold, then an average weight for a ring with a 1.5 ct diamond is going to be about 5 to 8 grams for an engagement type ring. A cost of about 65 to 85 dollars per gram would be average. Your old ring if it was 18 ct yellow gold would have a scrap value of about $25 per gram, if the stone can be removed without damaging the ring and the ring is a nice style them a manufacturer might allow a little more as a trade in, (I would). If you are dealing with an upmarket jeweler you could double the making cost. Alas white and yellow gold are not the same price, because Platinum and or Palladium (both of which are far more expensive than the silver and copper and zinc which are used to alloy yellow gold)could be used to alloy the gold white and also a little greater difficulty in working with it. If you are coming to Australia contact me and I would give you a good quote. Search out a good manufacturing jeweler, they are normally found away from the street front or main shopping mall. look in the yellow pages, and shop around. Get a jeweler who will do the work rather than farm it out to others. I hope she says Yes.

How much should I expect to pay for a white gold engagement band? by Vertrag Q: The ring is (as I mentioned) white gold, with three stones in it. Now we're having the middle one replaced with a family heirloom stone of the same (or extremely similar) size. How much should I expect to pay in total? She gave me a number and I just want to check to ensure I'm not getting ripped off. Help Yahoo!

A: It really depends on the carats of the gold. The higher it is, the more expensive it is. For a 14K white gold ring (with 3 stones) you can expect to pay anywhere between $1,000-$3,000 (sometimes less than a thousand). For a 10K white gold ring with 3 stones, I suppose around $300-$2,000 is the price. But if you don't want the hassle, I found a site where you can find 3-stone white gold engagement rings with the middle stone unmounted (so you don't have to pay for that extra diamond): http://www.shaneco.com/Catalog/Default.aspx?O=Dept&C0=111&C111=112&C112=3&C3=5&A1=Metal|White+Gold

How do you keep 14K white gold and diamonds looking new and sparkly? by tausha87 Q: I just got a very nice 1/2 carat 14K white gold ring as an early christmas present, but my friends say the sparkle goes away or dulls after a while. how do i keep it maintained and new-sparkly?

A: Get jewellery cleaner and clean it about once a week. Dip it in the cleaner, brush gently with an old tooth brush. Rinse well with hot water. Dry with a cloth and buff diamond a bit with the cloth. You can get cleaner at the jewellery counter at Walmart or any jewellery store.

Is there a big visual difference in white gold and sterling silver ? by Q: I am purchasing a sterling silver deer charm for my boyfriend for valentines day. His necklace is 14 karat white gold but the charm in white gold is $400. If i end up purchasing the sterling silver charm would you notice the difference of sterling silver and white gold together on his necklace?

A: I don't think you could notice too easily.. But some people can. Silver usually has a barely noticeable blueish silvery glow while white gold is a bit more solid looking & sometimes resembles yellow gold. White gold is a lot harder too. Just don't buy him silver & tell him its white gold. Love never works out with lies.

How much would a solid white gold watch be worth? by Q: I have a watch that is in perfect condition and is made completely out of white gold. Also, it is around 30-40 years old. It works, but just needs to be set. How much would it be worth now? I'm asking out of curiosity's sake.

A: Uh it's really hard to tell. We don't know clock weight, shape is it in crusted with something and maybe it has some scrimshaws. That could change value dramatically... Just get it to professional that can value it.

What grill color is better looking, white or yellow gold? by Yazdgerd IV Q: I know this is a ridiculuous question, but I am trying to find out which color gold would look better on a man ( a white dude)...The two choices are white gold and yellow gold...The buyer is set on fangs but can't decide the color...Please let me know what you think! I don't wan't to hear comments that grillz are stupid, please don't send that message. I am just looking for either Gold or Silver, thats all. This is not for me. Thanks for your help!

A: silver cuz the gold looks like yellow teeth

What are its characteristics of white gold? by Q: What are its characteristics of white gold? Is it best for daily used ornaments? Please help to choose a best seller.

A: White gold has no specific characteristics other than its colour when compared to any gold of similar purity. Its use is simply a matter of personal choice, for example diamonds look better in a white metal mount.

What is the advantage of gold as the base of a white gold ring? by Barkley Hound Q: Since white gold is actually an alloy of gold that makes it brownish and then a rhodium plating is put on it why not just rhodium plate a low cost base metal? Would the final results be the same?

A: High quality white gold (with palladium or platinum in the mix rather than nickel) is white enough to not need rhodium plating. What you suggest is exactly what costume jewelry manufacturer do. Get the look of white gold without the cost. While it is new, it will certainly have the same appearance especially when everything is rhodium plated. Due to lack of funds I once had diamonds set into sterling silver and then rhodium plated. If you don't wear it everyday it actually lasts quite long. I wouldn't do that with a ring though or larger stones. It will lower the value of the piece dramatically and there is next to no re-sale value, if it would ever come to that.

Where can I purchase white gold replacement earring backs? by Mama Nauna Q: I lost the backs to my favorite white gold diamond earrings and am looking for replacement backings (not the style with the plastic/rubber attached). I would like the replacement backs to also be white gold like the original, but can only find cheaper replacements. Where can I find them? Thanks!

A: Try asking at a reputable jewelry store. They should be able to find what you're looking for.

how do i clean a ring with a white gold overlay that has tarnished? by anitaeric2004 Q: i have a ring with a white gold overlay and it has tarnished how can i clean it to make it shiny again? the only value it has is sentmental or else i would just get rid of it. ive tried toothpaste and baking soda and vinager nothing seems to work!

A: It is not gold overlay. Gold overlay is a passive metal and will not tarnish. Probably a silver plated zinc ring. The ring you have probably has a coating of laquer on its surface to protect the silver plating below. That laquer has broken down and allowed the silver to oxidize. The laquer on the silver is why you cannot polish it with toothpaste. The silver is only an atom or so thick. It cannot be polished in any way. If this ring is of sentimental value, you can take it to a jeweler, they will remove the laquer and silver and redo the surface with a new coating. The cost of such would be about $50 or so.

When casting with gold, how many grams of 14k white gold do I use per gram of wax? What flux should I use? by the_umadyen Q: I'm not including the gold required for the button. Also, what should I use as flux when heating the gold in the crucible. Basically I have never casted with gold (or white gold as this case happens to be), only silver, and am wondering what I need to do.

A: Attach the sprued model to a wire and push it into a container of water. Note the level. Remove the model and add metal to bring the water back up to the marked level. A graduated cylinder is handy but not necessary. For a button add 1/3 more metal. Or multiply the weight of the model by the specific gravity of the metal being used .Add 20% more to allow for a button. The specific gravity for 14K gold is 13.4 10k 11.6 18k 15.5 Flux use Borax (sodium borate) Don't forget saftey glasses

Is white gold or platinum recommended for someone who has a nickel allergy? by Sweet Pea Q: I am trying to decide which metal to choose for my wedding ring and I have a severe nickel allergy; I was told that white gold may contain some nickel as well. Does anyone know for sure or have this type of problem? Thanks for any help you can give me!

A: Nope Wadup007

Can 18carat gold engagement ring and wedding ring setting be changed to white gold or platinum? by areyouserious? Q: My wife wants to keep the rings that she got when we were engaged/married, but we would like to update them to white gold or platinum. Does anyone know if they can be dipped in a different gold and if so will it last. Also, any ideas what type of cost we would be looking at? Standard diamond ring with 4 small diamonds on each side and the wedding band has about 8 small diamonds in it as well. Thanks!

A: Yes, yellow gold can certainly be dipped in rhodium, is it recommended? Some say no. It really will depend on the setting, normally stones aren't removed. However, will it last, no, not permanently. The rhodium will wear, and you will need to redip. It takes years to wear down. Cost of a rhodium dip, 20-100 dollars. To buy a platinum setting and have it reset, could be 1000, if it were a solitaire only, then easily half that. Take to a jeweler and ask an opinion, be sure its a jeweler, not just a jewelery store. Look for advertisements in the phone book of a jeweler on site, these places will advertise same day work. A white gold setting would cost 500-700.

why is my white gold fish turning black? by bella g Q: i bought two gold fish one black with the big eyes and one small white one. The black gold fish died on the weekend i do not know why. But i have been changing the water alot as it goes murky white two days after i change it. I have been feeding them properly and every time i change the water i put a cleaning tablet into it to clense the water before i put the fish back in. After my black gold fish died my white gold fish began to turn black on different parts of its body. I dont want it to die, it swims around opening and closing its mouth alot like faster than normal, i put some food in but it didnt eat it. is there anything i can do? i also have an air pump in the fish bowl, it pumps out air bubbles. i dont know if it cleans the water or not.

A: Oh where to start. First off, you say you've been changing the water "lots", but you do not mention what you have the fish in, so I'm gong to guess that you have them in some type of fish bowl without any filtration or even an airstone. Let me begin now by saying to you that goldfish are nicknamed "pigfish". This should give you your first hint. Goldfish that are in bowls, no matter how many water changes you do, are going to die far sooner then those kept in more quality conditions (a proper sized tank with conditioned water and a filter at the very least.) Goldfish produce a LOT of waste, and the waste in these "still" fish bowls turns to ammonia, which in turn suffocates the fish to death. The "black" on your white fish could actually be an ammonia burn (I'm sorry but it's the truth). I would research online what you can do for treating ammonia burns on fish. Chances are that the petshop employees "neglected" to tell you all of this. It's normal that they don't. Rather then my getting in to it here, at the end I'm going to give you a couple of links to check out proper goldfish care. I don't know what the outcome on your goldfish is going to be. If you do decide to try this again in the future, I would suggest that you thoroughly research everything PRIOR to getting any fish. If you want just a couple of fish, you can start out with a 10 gallon, maybe 20 gallon starter kit. The more knowledgeable you are about this hobby, the better off your fish are going to be. And in turn, the happier you will be. If you get a tank and filter, make sure you research "cycling" your tank the proper way before you add fish, and also check out the different breeds of goldfish as some can get HUGE and are better of left for outside ponds. Remember, knowledge is power. I hope I was able to help in some way. Good luck! ;o) HERE ARE THE LINKS: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Delphi/8175/gdcare.html (if you have trouble seeing this site, highlight the words and they'll be easier to see); http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.flippersandfins.net/Images/GoldiePostAmmoniaBurn.JPG&imgrefurl=http://www.flippersandfins.net/goldfishfaq.htm (great site).

I bought a gold chain and it is cuban white paved chain! What does the white paved mean? by Robert S Q: Is the white paved sterling silver or white gold? I have had it tested and it tests out great at 10k gold but what is the white paved part? I bought it from an indian guy at some shopping center guy has been in business for over 25 years very well known.

A: It's "white pave", not "paved". "White" probably means "white gold". "Pave" (pah-vay) is a style of jewelry in which many stones are set very closely together, often to the extent that very little metal is visible (from the viewable side).

How much can I sell a white gold necklace for? by Q: Selling a white gold necklace perhaps on eBay or at a pawnbroker. Purchased quite a few years ago (4-5years). The main decorative piece of the necklace and the chain each cost about $110 Australian, about $220 total. Both pieces are white gold. There is no case, just the necklace. Don't know any more about it. Any thoughts on what it would be worth to a second hand buyer/what kind of price I could expect on selling?

A: Well I just don't have enough details on the piece to give you a clear answer. Generally if it you take it to a pawn broker you will just get weight value of it, which would be very little, whatever the price of gold is per ounce, probably around twenty dollars. They would melt it down to make other pieces. Now, if the necklace has some interesting features to it, or a story behind it, you can sell it to an interested buyer. You can try posting to ebay, keep in mind they only allow one free picture to be posted of the item, others you will have to pay for. It's all in the salesmanship. Does the necklace tell a story? Where did you get it? Who made it? How rare is this particular item? How old is it? You might perhaps be able to get what you paid for it with a good enough story. You might even pick up a cheap velvet jewelry case at a pawn shop or garage sale to add a finishing touch to your product. However, in these very tough economic times, you're mostly likely going to have to take a cut to get it off your hands. Go to Ebay and search for similar items. Put them on your watch list and see what they wind up selling for. You'll know about how much your item will get then. In the end though, the old economic saying still holds true: "something is worth what someone will give you for it." If you can convince someone that your item is unique, they will be willing to pay more for it. I hope my advice has helped, I'm an avid ebay seller and frequently answer questions in this category.

What is the difference between a 9ct white gold and 10ct gold ring? by jen Q: Ok, see, my engagement ring was bought in england and it is 9ct white gold. I'm in america now and am confused. The wedding band that I want is 10ct white gold. My fiance is telling me that getting the 10ct one will wear out my 9ct one. Will it? help plz.

A: The 10ct gold ring is in fact 1 ct bigger than the 9ct, which is the only difference. Both will need to be dipped every 6 months to keep from fadding. There's no difference in the wear at all. I use to work in jewelry.

What is better stainless steel, white gold or titanium coated? by JM Q: I want to get a piercing but my skin is sensitive so i would like to know what material is better for my jewelry. Stainless steel, white gold, or titanium coated?

A: titanium is super light weight, durable and easy to clean. don't get stainless steel, sterling silver is better. golds/silvers are very high end and don't tend to irritate piercings. but you'll need to play around with the materials. but it really depends on the piercing, ears: golds/silvers/titanium body: surgical steel/titanium and if you want really fancy the golds and silvers

What is a good way to clean white gold jewelry at home? by shoe shoe Q: I would like to clean my white gold wedding band and white gold engagement ring with a diamond. Any suggestions?

A: actually you can use what jewelers in the trade call a slurry its basically a mix of pure baking soda and water apply it with a soft tooth brush also there is the commercially sold cleaners but thats more for the stones and only removes surface dirt from the metal the baking soda will do small amounts of polishing so the metal is actually shinier of course if your trying to clean your white gold jewelery because its starting to look yellow its probably not dirty at all its just the plating coming off and if thats the case then you should take it to a local jeweler to have it polished professionally and re rhodium plated that should only cost you 20-30 per ring and will last a long time as well as making your jewelery look like it did when it was new hope that helps you

Can I melt a yellow gold ring and line the inside of a white gold ring with it? by nightowl Q: I have already purchased a white gold band for my husband's wedding band. I have a small gold band that I'd like to melt down to line the inside of the white gold band. Anyone know if this can be done? Not planning on doing it myself. Should have worded this better. Is this something I could have done by a jeweler?

A: Gold melts at 1,947F, well above any temperature you are likely to produce in your home. Contact a jeweler. I'm not a jeweler myself, so I'm not sure how hard it would be to do. You might have to make the white gold band bigger to accomodate the gold band inside and still fit it on your husband's finger. Any competent jeweler can advise you of the alternatives. Grandpa

What is the cost difference between white and yellow gold crowns? by Tom Q: I just got a white gold crown and wanted a yellow gold crown. The dentist says the difference in cost is about $250. Is that reasonable? I thought white gold was actually more expensive than yellow for most applications.

A: Probably. Yellow gold crowns have a higher gold content in them. They are not 100% gold by the way. Gold runs labs about $1000/oz right now.

Can I wear a 9ct White gold wedding Ring with a 18ct White Gold engagement ring? by Saz S Q: I have found a Lovely 9ct White Gold wedding ring and i cant find it in 18ct White Gold! My Engagement ring is 18ct Gold will it make any difference? I have asked a similar question earlier but worded it very wrong!!! Sorry!

A: Of course you can... White gold is formed from other metals they mix with yellow gold so the only difference between the 9K and the 18K is the amount of alloys (other metals) that they used to make the mix. The only thing you should check on is if they used nickel in the mix. Lots of people have a reaction to wearing nickel so they've mostly stopped using it in making white gold but it is worth checking out. On the other hand, if it does and you don't have a reaction to nickel, then go with it anyway. Congrats on finding your rings...so exciting!

What is a good jewerly cleaner for white gold diamond earrings? by ladyMETALhead Q: I have cleaner for sterling silver jewerly and cleaner for gold jewerly. The gold cleaner says okay to use on diamonds, but it doesn't say anything about using it for white gold. Is there a special cleaner for white gold?

A: You should not put white gold into silver cleaner for two reasons: the first and main reason is that white gold is rhodium plated, which reacts badly to silver dip, secondly the gold is alloyed and you will not be able to tell if it is alloyed with a metal that reacts badly with silver dip until it is too late. The best thing to do is to use warm water and a really mild soap like washing up liquid, soak the earrings for a few minutes and use a soft brush like a kids toothbrush or a makeup brush to loosen the rest of the dirt. Dry them thoroughly with a soft cloth and use a silver cloth for a final polish. Be careful if they are in a four claw or a delicate setting as sometimes dirt holds the stones in place!

How long before white gold will turn yellow? by o_oii Q: I'm planning on getting a 14K White Gold band for my boyfriend. But how long will it stay white? I plan on him wearing it for a few years, and I have been trying to decide what metal to use, and White gold seems the best. I just need to know how long the 14K gold will stay white. Thanks

A: White gold will always be white (silver looking). If you buy white gold over something else when the white gold wears off the material underneath with show thru. My class ring is white gold and the color has never changed (20+ years ago) . Copper will turn green and sterling silver wil turn brown/ black (tarnished). But gold will stay the same.

What is the difference between white gold and normal gold? by elegbeb Q: I hear people talk about white gold and gold with reference to jewelry, is there really anything such as white gold and how is it made.

A: There are many colors of gold nominally in jewelry. Yellow gold is most common. There are two main types of 18 karat yellow gold. In the USA, 2N is the one used. It has 75% gold, 15% silver and 10% copper. In Europe, 3N is used with 75% gold, 13% silver and 12% copper. White gold has 75% gold, 16% palladium and 9% silver, so it is costlier than yellow gold. It has a white tone. like palladium, platinum, silver or steel. It takes an expert to distinguish white gold and these other metals listed. There are also rose (pink), red, green, grey and blue gold. They have different mixtures of metals in them.

white gold? by doler Q: if white gold isn't real gold why do we cover real gold with it cover any other metal and achieve the same effect. ask any jewler white gold ain't gold

A: Any gold that's less than pure (24 carats) has other metals mixed in with it. White gold is definitely real gold, it just happens to have non-gold metals mixed in that give it that silvery colour. Ask any jeweler who doesn't use false advertising and then admit it: white gold is real gold

White gold? by Due May 17, 2009! Q: How often does white gold have to be redone? I heard it turns yellow. Also, if the ring has a lot of detail and diamonds, can they still refinish it? Is it expensive?

A: WHITE GOLD IS A PURE ALLOY. It is a silver or pallidium alloy instead of copper. Yellow gold (copper alloy) that has been plated with a thin layer of white gold may need re-plating once the surface layer wears through. Jewelry that is plated doesn;t have a very thick plating. It is usually 2 microns. A red blood cell is 5 microns in diameter if they helps put things into perspective.. If it is plated it will have to be elecctroplated which could be expensive because of the technical expertise involved. White gold is plated with a thin layer of RHODIUM to give it lustre. If the lustre is gone, find a professional jeweler and they can restore it relavitevely inexepnsively. THIS LINK ANSWERS YOUR QUESITON FOR SURE: http://www.finishing.com/1200-1399/1237.shtml


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