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Wheres my refund

Where's my tax refund? How to check
The IRS says that most refunds are issued within 10 days if you file your return electronically. If you file a paper return, you'll wait longer. You can check the status of your refund using the "Where's My Refund?" tool on the IRS website or with the ...

La. Taxpayers Missing $1.3 Million in Lost Federal Income Tax Refunds
The Louisiana Department of the Treasury has posted the IRS undelivered refund list on its Facebook page located at http://www.facebook.com/LouisianaTreasury. Anyone who sees his or her name should then proceed to the "Where's My Refund" online service ...

When can I expect my refund?
The fastest and best way to get information on your refund is through the “Where's My Refund?” tool on IRS.gov and the IRS2Go phone app. When checking the status of your refund, you will need to have your federal tax return handy.

I-Team: No such thing as tax payer refund guarantee
The delay in refunds is happening from the IRS. H&R Block is giving guidance to taxpayers as to an expected date. However, since this is out of our control we are recommending all taxpayers to verify any date with the IRS through the Where's My Refund ...

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HRBlockAnswers @Peyton_CHANNING check this IRS Wheres My Refund link http://t.co/0rrCK6pD the IRS has had funding delays ~ml

edave22 Dear #irs, Its been two weeks since i e-filed. If i log on to wheres my refund and see code 9001 again im drowning a child. @IRStaxpros

HRBlockAnswers @PSharene check this IRS link to Wheres My Refund http://t.co/0rrCK6pD thanks ~ml

TeamTurboTax @campbellsilvia Use the Wheres My Refund Tool http://t.co/S7dNvATM on the IRS site for the best information about your refund. ^CH


if your refund is being intercepted will it state that on the wheres my refund website? by girl Q: just wondering if anyone knows if they intercept your taxes do they put that on the wheres my refund site after you've done efil and they've accpeted your w-2

A: yes,it'll give you a message at the bottom of the page that your refund may be delayed due to a government offset and it may be reduced,by all are some based on the amount owed.

if the irs wheres my refund says that my refund was deposited on the 25th but my TT card shows 0$ whats wrong? by Q: I have been checking and checking and still 0$ TT card is turbotax card.

A: There's probably nothing wrong. The IRS sent out the electronic transfer on Friday Afternoon. The banking day had probably already closed, which means TT will accept the transaction on the next business day which is today (Monday). TT will batch process everything overnight tonight, and the funds should be on your card by the time the banking world opens up tomorrow.

What time on wednesday does the irs update the wheres my refund? by Q:

A: EARLY AM Wednesday and over the weekend on the dates that they do the updating of the WMR website on or the SENDING OUT date of the REFUND amounts which is usually on a Friday early AM and the it is up to you account holder as to when your account holder will have your REFUND amount available to you some of them do this on the same day Friday and have the amounts available when the open on Friday in the mornings other take about 3 days more because of the weekend or additional holidays after the IRS sends the refund amounts in the EARLY AM on Friday mornings. Hope that you find the above information useful for your situation and good luck to you.

Filed taxes on the 15th, but "Wheres my refund" on the IRS website is STILL not showing anything? by Amy W Q: H&R Block told me it was accepted on the 17th, but after the hell I went through with them this year...I don't trust them. Why is it still not showing up on the IRS website? Kokoa..ok..so if they still haven't processed it than does that mean I wont get it on the 29th..the first direct deposit day?

A: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100123091128AAVeK2e&r=w goto my question, we have a little survey going about our refunds - we are answering questions to see where we fall on the irs priority list - we may find something out - there is a lot in this boat - and it feels like its sinking fast.

is wheres my refund a accurate prediction? by Q: after being accepted the wmr says i should recieve my refund on 3/08. this is a tues. will i actually get it on 3/04?when does the wmr update on weds.?simply wondering how accurate the dates are. e-filed with turbo tax and got a prediction from them that the date of dd will be 3/04.will appreciate any and all responses with experience and intelligent answers. thanks in advance!

A: The dates on WMR are sort of accurate. Some people have been getting their refunds on Tuesday, but most get them on Friday. But there have also been many people whose refunds didn't come at all, even though WMR said it should.

Wheres my refund still says processing ? by Q: Does anyone else when they call to check the status of refund still say processing and should receive by the 1st. Cause IRS page says nothing found. Is there problems with the web page where's my refund.

A: Usually when WMR shows nothing found it is because you didn't wait 72 hours after it was "accepted" or you checked your refund status too many times today. Mine said still processing earlier today and I checked later in the day for any change but didn't know my spouse check too and now I get the nothing found statement but I know it was my fault. It is still set for Feb 1st but I probably will get it by Jan 28th barring any issues.

Why is the "Wheres my refund site" saying cannot find? by Q: I filed on 02/03/2012. IRS accepted an hour later. When I try to look up my refund on the WMR site it says cannot find. I am sure I am entering all my info in right. Could this mean there is a problem? Thanks in advance

Has your wheres my refund status ever shown being processed, then later on showed no record of your return? by Q: I've been checking the IRS wheres my refund status religiously the past couple of days, and it showed it was being processed and my expected refund is by Feb 16th. However, tonight I log in and it can't even find my return. So I called the phone number to check and according to the computer voice on the IRS automated line it is being processed. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this glitch with the IRS wheres my refund website??

A: It's probably because you have checked it too many times, it always goes into that default mode and starts scaring everyone like the IRS never received their return. The site will not update again until Sunday, so check back then and you will probably have a direct deposit date of Feb 12. If not on Sun, then on Wed...those are the two days they update the status page. And, they always project a Tues date and then when they give you the actual dd date, it is the Friday before. So no worries!

The IRS Wheres my Refund Date for my refund keeps changing...when should i get it? by delyn1369 Q: My taxes were filed electronically and accepted on the 16th of Jan. I checked the Wheres my refund date on the 18th of Jan and it said I should get my refund by the 3rd of Feb. I checked again today and it is saying that I should get it on the 10th now. When should I expect my refund? Has this happened to anyone else?

A: Yes! mine said the same exact thing! I was wondering if I was the only one. I call the IRS three times and they told me the same thing that it hasn't even posted to my account yet, but there is a date of the 10th, but just a couple of days ago the WMR website told me the the 3rd but I didn't think that was right because the tax preparer told me the the 30th tomorrow

If in irs.gov wheres my refund it says they will mail my refund feb. 28th when should I get my refund? by david's mommiii Q: I need it soon!

A: As long as it takes the mail to get delivered. If you're lucky, on Saturday, March 1. If not, perhaps Monday, March 3. As you know, mail delivery is somewhat unpredictable.

Wheres my refund site has no information on my taxes I filed on the 17th? by Q: I filed my taxes on the 17th I had self emlpoyment. I went through a company they said the checks would be in on the 26th, but mine wasnt. When I check the website it says that there is no information yet and it is feb 4th. The tax preparer said she had to refile mine should I be concerned cause why should she have to re file it anyone else file on the 17th and still hasnt recieved there check,

Wheres my refund.com and it says they are not able to provide any info at this time.What does this mean? ? by Q: I filed before the 17th of Jan. Could there be a problem with my tax retun?

A: The IRS is reporting some delays due to the large amount of e-filers submitting their returns.

Wheres my refund gave feb 1 date but today no info? by Q: Why is there no info found now on the refund sight. It did give a date then changed today to can't find it. Automated line still says Feb 1 what one is right?

A: not true. I checked it only once and my info isnt showing. Ithink we are the batch of fillers that will get new DD updates tomorrow. I was accepted in the 16th.

IRS refund cycle chart 2 weeks off from what "wheres my refund " says? by Q: I filed on the 17th and my taxes where accepted on the 18th which shows I should get my refund on the 25th. I checked the where's my refund website today and it says feb 7th. Anyone know why this would be? Was planning a trip before the 7th.

For those of you with a Wheres my refund date of tomorrow? by mikeysprincss Q: Does it still say Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on January 29, 2010. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 3, 2010, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until February 3, 2010 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then. Or does it actually say "deposited" now?? i thought it updated to deposited, but maybe that is after the date or on the actual date.

A: mine still says scheduled to be......i dont think it will say deposited until after tomorrow..even though the IRS HAS already sent the money out. think about the phone calls they would get if it said it was already deposited today?!?! lol

How often does Wheres my refund update? by Q: Does it only update on Weds like it has in the past or is it updating every night now?

A: I've been told both from the IRS...today actually. One agent said updates occur on WMR as they happen...one said Weds. only. Go figure.

Is anyone else still waiting on WHERES MY REFUND? by Q: Has anyone still not gotten any updated refund info at the WHERES MY REFUND site?I was accepted on the 16th thru turbo tax but all i get is that its processing and if no errors i will get refund Feb 1,2011. Not even the phone hotline is updated. Its supposed to change to new info. Im told wednesday it will.Is that right?

A: Mine hasn't changed but I am not so sure about the once aweek updates this year. It seems like it is updating daily for most people, just not me. Last year it updated on wednesday for me, some peole have said thursday too. I am just trying very hard not to worry about it until friday. For all those just be patient people..... Some people don't have that luxury.

When does everyone expect the direct deposit date to update on wheres my refund for the irs? by keeperslady77 Q: It says feb 3rd but I know it will update with the deposit date..... When do you think that will be? To the top answer. Last year mine said the thing it does now with the 5 days ahead thing. THen it updated to say your dd will be sent to the bank on this date.

A: Well the IRS and HR Block is both telling me that it will be dd onto my emerald card on Jan 30th , guess I will have to wait and see. My date on the IRS says Feb 3rd as well , but am told by most that the dd usually comes in the Friday before. Hope this helps..........

How accurate is the "Wheres My Refund" application on the IRS website? by Q: It told me Feb 10th "this Friday" so I was just wondering if I would actually get it on the 10th or if I would have to wait some more. Anyone have any good/bad experiences with the accuracy of the WMR app?

So my e-file was accepted, but when I go to the *wheres my refund* section on the IRS website...? by mikeleemer2 Q: and enter in my personal information and the federal tax refund amount - it says that there was a mistake in entering in my personal data... I e-filed on Saturday afternoon and got the *IRS acceptance* email Saturday evening. Thanks!

A: It takes about 5-7 days for that information to show up, today is the 1st business day since you filed, I would just wait a few days more before you begin to worry!

I mailed in my return february 6th and it posted yesterday on Irs web sit wheres my refund? by Q: that i should receive my refund by March 30 as long as the is no errors , is that normal to wait so long? Could they move up the date? yes direct geposit

A: Yes and Yes.

How accurate is the IRS.gov wheres my refund it said my refund was sent out on the 18th but under it said i ha? by Q: had something about an offset about a refund but the irs said they mailed out my check already does that mean im getting my check? and once the check is mailed out does it go through anybody else?

A: The other answerer told you the correct information on the other question. By now, if your check WAS mailed, if there was an offset amount, the amount of the refund would be changed on WMR to reflect this. Check Monday morning (WMR will do an update Sunday night) to see if the deposit amount changes. It is entirely possible that you were flagged for an offset that wasn't meant to happen and you are getting your full refund, but keep it in the back of your mind that until you get your check and see it's what you were expecting, it could be different. You don't seem surprised by the offset...do you have back taxes, child support, or a defaulted student loan? If you do on any of it, I will say, that if it's equal to or greater than your refund, there is a possibility you might not get a check and the WMR will update that on the next update.

Anyone get an update on Wheres my refund for this year 2010? by michael m Q: I go on the wheres my refund irs site. It indicates that no information can be provided and that they have three weeks to process.

A: Nope. Unfortunately I'm still waiting. I filed my taxes on the 16th and nothing. The site says to wait a week so that's what I'm going to do. If you filed last week too, then you should see your refund by the end of the month.

Does anyone else see this when they check Wheres my Refund? by MNH Q: When i go on and check our refund status it gives me the dates and then right below it is has a link to read about reductions due to back taxes, child support etc. Does this show up for everyone or is this an indication that my tax return has been reduced? I do have an outstanding school loan, can they take my whole check for that? Thanks for your answers, we are about to have a baby and were counting on our return, so now i am worried, thats all Thanks. We filed a married- joint return my husband does not owe anything to anyone and 90% of our income is from him i only work one day a week, so our whole tax return is from his wages and our daughters child credit, can they penalize that for my school loan or just my portion? i know that they CAN take my refund for my school loan, does that link on Wheres my refund? mean that they definatly have or do others see that as well? if it has swallowed up my refund then why is it still showing my a direct deposit date? sorry for all the questions i just hate not understanding whats going on.

A: I owed a student loan in 2002 and yes I got the same message you have received, the DD date just means that they have sent it to the offset dept. You can call the automated phone number and enter your ss# to find out if your refund was offset. 1800-304-3107

wheres my refund on the irs says my refund is double? by Q: Checked "wheres my refund" and the refund is exactly double what I was supposed to be getting back. Just curious if anyone has had this problem?

A: I have not ever had that issue before, if I did- I would promptly call the refund hotline for the IRS and see if it is the same ( though I think that it is usually the same as the WMR site). If it is, I would then call the IRS themselves and see what the reason could possibly be for that. If the amount is deposited into your bank, then DO NOT spend it until you have spoken with the IRS. If you have a check issued to you, DO NOT cash it, again, until you talk with them. It very well could be a glitch in the system, but I would feel safer myself if I had it checked out.

Has anyone had the irs wheres my refund site tell you anything? by keeperslady77 Q: I remember last year it saying it was at least in process. It says nothing for me and I was accepted yesterday. How often does it update and how soon will it tell me my refund is going to be sent? Ok so it has now been 72 hours and it still hasnt updated. Does anyone know how often there system updates? I just remember it being on there within days after I filed last year.

A: mine was accepted sunday night wheres my refund still doesnt show anything they tell me i made a mistake check back later but my taxcut page says accepted DCN was issued and says i should have it in 8-15 days maybe they are backed up

Does the IRS show an error in WHERES MY REFUND if one found? by newdad022000 Q: I just want to know if the IRS sends a message to WHERE MY REFUND if they find an error while processing your return?Will they do that if its been efiled,accepted, but processing?

Will the "Wheres my refund" site update once your refund is deposited? by Q: I was wondering if it will say your refund has been deposited? Anyone know. Nothing today. It's the 26th. I hate how the IRS gives your hopes up:(

A: Normally, it does. The first update generally says, "Your tax return has been received and is processing. If we don't find any mistakes or you don't owe any other taxes, you should receive your direct deposit by..." Then it goes to, "Your return has been process and your refund is scheduled for direct deposit on..." The final update says, "Your refund was deposited on..." I say normally because the WMR site hasn't made the usual updates this year for all early filers. After speaking with an IRS agent this morning, I was informed that they are aware of this situation and that, even though there is still no update for my account, my refund is scheduled for deposit on Friday. So, I'm not sure when the site will actually update for me (or anyone else in my same situation) but it certainly could be after the deposit on Friday.

The IRS accepted my return but it shows nothing on wheres my refund? by Q: Afew people submitted and had there returns accepted (stated by turbotax) by the IRS. Theirs shows on the IRS's where's my refund site and mine does not?

A: This is direct from the irs site, to me it looks like the site is only updated once a week and that would be monday mornings.... they have another feature which is for change of address and refund trace that looks like it gets a nightly update but the actual Where's my refund only has down time on mondays from midnight to 3:00am Availability of "Where's My Refund?" Where's My Refund? is available almost all of the time. However, our system is not available every Monday from 12:00 am (Midnight) to 3:00 am Eastern Time. Our Change of Address and Refund Trace features are not available during the following times (Eastern Time): Sunday12:00 am (Midnight) to 7:00 pm Monday12:00 am (Midnight) to 6:00 am Tuesday3:30 am to 6:00 am Wednesday3:30 am to 6:00 am Thursday3:30 am to 6:00 am Friday3:30 am to 6:00 am Saturday3:30 am to 6:00 am and 9:00 pm to 12:00 am (Midnight) Also, occasionally our system may be unavailable on Sundays between 1:00 am and 7:00 am Eastern Time

Wheres my refund not giving a date of deposit? by me me Q: I e-filed my federal tax return. It was accepted and I was given the date of Feb. 14th. Although I checked last night and tonight and no date at all is there anymore. I'm getting this message; Refund Status Results Your tax return has been received and is being processed. If you file a complete and accurate tax return, your refund will be issued: within six weeks of the received date. Is anyone else getting this? Next to your refund will be issued is left blank. Kind of frustrating.

Why is there is no information available about my tax refund on "wheres my refund"? by Janadee Q: I filed my taxes and turbo tax said I should see a refund direct deposited on Feb. 27 but when I checked "wheres my refund" it said no information was available. Should I expect to see anything in my account on the 27th or do you think there is a problem?

A: Usually the IRS site is pretty prompt in putting the info out there. The dates may change but they at least list it. Did you have anything unusual, a child you and a father/wife may have claimed, claiming EIC and no income except self employment, did you enter your stimulus check properly, owe child support, or back taxes?

why was date changed in wheres my refund in IRS tax page? by newdad022000 Q: I checked for my Tax refund in the IRS page labeled Wheres my refund to see when it should be deposited and it changed from feb 5th to the 9th is all is well? Why was the date changed?Does that mean anything?

A: same thing happened to me, i just checked a while ago. i don't know it says that they deposit direct deposits on friday which is what feb. 5th falls on, so who knows.

On IRS WHERES MY REFUND site today Feb 5 2012 it says its currently unavailable? by Q: Just wondering if its only me or anyone else? If the system is only updating and it says that is processing and if there is no problem I should have them DD on the 7th, is that possible because I heard the IRS only makes deposits on Friday Can you guys keep posting to update me if anything changes and I'll do the same as well. REFERENCE NUMBER 9001...From what I could find online the ref number 9001 just seems to be a code for processing and while the IRS is updating its system. Now the website is back up but giving me a different amount but now saying is its been received and is being processed if i filed a correct return I'll have it within 6 weeks

why is wheres my refund not showing anything? by newdad022000 Q: Can anyone tell me why theres no refund info neither in WHERES MY REFUND nor the IRS hotline? WMR only says its still being processed and so does hotline? I thought we had 72 hrs for WMR to show? It was accepted on the 16th. Im more concerned as to why its not even on the hotline?

Has anyone received their 2009 tax refund that didnt get an update on Wheres my Refund? by Q: I am one of the many people that received a notice that my taxes were accepted on the 17th, but the Wheres my Refund isn't showing any info. I am wondering if its possible to get your dd even if the wmr system doesn't update?

A: The first of the refunds were deposited today more will follow on Friday 1/29. They send out dd's on Tuesdays and Fridays. My uncle who filed really early got his today and his info still has not appeared on WMR. My info is not on WMR either but I spoke with the irs and she ensured me my dd is set for Friday. I filed about the same time you did. Everyone be patient dd dates are starting 1/26, 1/29, 2/2 etc.

when does the IRS update there Wheres my refund website does anyone know? by lonelyguy_21m_york Q: can anyone tell me when the irs updates there "wheres my refund" website? I have had my return accepted since monday the 18th but nothing there on the Irs's site is saying anything I didnt know if they updated on mondays or what can someone tell me?

A: I'm in the same situation' accepted since the 18th; nothing on the IRS site...only says "You may have entered incorrect information". Roxanne, how do you know that the WMR site only updates on Wednesdays? That doesn't sound very likely, and I'm in I.T.

What amount do i enter into WHERES MY REFUND? by newdad022000 Q: What figure do i enter into WHERES MY REFUND once its time for me to check to see if my refund is done?I used Turbo Tax and fees were taken out of refund so the amt of the refund is lower.Do i enter the original number or the lesser amt with the fees taken out?

who has used the wheres my refund on the IRS website for federal tax return? by MY SONS HERE! 06-24-09 Q: who has used the wheres my refund on the irs website? was it accurate?

Has any one got any information on the irs wheres my refund site? by ??? Q: I filled my taxes on the 15th with turbotax. Got an email saying it was accepted on the 17th. Your supposed to be able to check the wheres my refund site after 72 hours. I checked mine and its saying it doesn't have my information. Is anyone else having this problem?

A: Thanks for asking this question! I have had the exact same problem. Turbo tax says my return has been accepted by the IRS but the online IRS tool has no record of me either! I guess we can all assume that the IRS has accepted the returns, and the issue is with the online tool itself. Based on when you filed your money should be in your bank account on Jan 29th. They deposit the money on the following friday from when it was accepted, and the first fri. that they will be making deposits is the 29th. In order to make this 1st deposit date, for those of you have not yet filed is thurs the 20th by midnight. We should all be getting back our money next Fri! I feel much better now though that I know this is a common issue others are having. Cheers!

Does the IRS wheres my refund application estimate later dates than the refund tables for bank processing? by Q: For Example I filed on Jan 31, the tables say Feb 8th, wheres my refund says the 14th. Do they just say a later date to allow for processing? The IRS chart doesn't even have the 14th as a listed payout day.

Did anyone receive there tax refund direct deposit on time even though there wheres my refund date changed? by BYBcuz Q: My wheres my refund date has changed there times and i am wondering if there is still a possibility i can get my refund on time, which is the 20th.  Laid off and really need this asap. 2/20/08 Did not receive funds

A: You can go to the IRS website and check Where's My Refund. Mine was supposed to be there by yesterday - talked to them today and they said it will go into the cycle on the 20th. Best of luck to you!

What amt do i enter into Wheres My Refund? by newdad022000 Q: When it comes time to go into the IRS website and check my refund in WHERES MY REFUND,what number do i type in where it says the amt of refund? Since i used Turbo Tax a fee of 29.95 was charged to me for filing. What amt do i type into Wheres My refund? Do i use the original amt or the amt with the fee taken out?

A: Why are you even looking? IRS hasn't started processing 2010 efiles yet and there is no potential for a refund until around the end of the month.

Wheres my Refund link is useless? by Q: Efiled 7 days ago and today I still get this on WMR site....you may have entered your info incorrectly etc...what the crap is going on? Also get no info from automated number

A: I noticed a New web design to WMR site, but no updated information. After 10 ten days it should show an estimate. I get: make sure entered correctly. State was pending in my bank yesterday. I'm not sure why Fed crawling. Efile should have at most (IMO) an eight day turn around.

2012 Refund, Wheres My Refund Message? by MommaG Q: WMR showed a Feb 2nd Direct Deposit date, Then Feb 21st, I checked it today and now it just says Your returned was received and is being processed?????? Anyone else have this happen? Or any Tax People out there that has seen this? Thanks

how did my bf get his tax refund WAY before me but i filed a week before him? by liltammy1988 Q: he got his back on monday and i am still waiting. we both filed electronically with turbotax. and are doing direct deposit to our own checking account. he got 2000 more than i did why hasnt mine came yet, and why has his i havent gotten anything saying im audited, and "wheres my refund" says the 14th,but originally said the 1st

Is there a problem with the irs wheres my refund site? by Q: I use the wheres my refund site every year and it usually within 3 days tells me they are processing my refund. This year I filed Feb. 1,2012 and my accountant said I would have my refund on Feb. 10, 2012 . I check the site every day and it has not changed it just keeps saying we can not provide any information it can take up to three weeks. Has this happened to anyone and did you get your money anyway? Here is an update: 2/10/12 i called my accountant and she said the first batch of returns she efiled red flagged and the irs told her there was weeks delay. She then told me that i am not due my refund until next week by the 15th or 17th because mine was filed after 11 am on 2/1/12. She also said to keep checking the site and if i dont see anything in a few days she will check for me. She also said the IRS this year is having alot of problems with statuses and returns and deposit dates. I know that is not what we all want to here but at least we know there should be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Wheres my refund???? by Lea Q: I used turbotax this year to file....I go on the website it says my federal was accepted.....but state it says still pending.....then I tried the where's my refund tool and it says no record of anything.....what is going on? I can't get anybody from the irs on the phone.....I filed on february 6th...

Why cant i get any information on wheres my refund site? by Q: I e filed 9 days ago with h&r block

Wheres my refund still shows no status for my refund? by Q: I filed on the 20th of January and has NEVER seen a status for my refund on WMR. It tells me " Sorry we can't provide any information regarding your refund. Why is this?? It is now 2 weeks and 4 days since I've filed!! I've called the irs and they're telling me the same thing as the site. Any ideas???

How long before income tax refund info shows up on wheres my refund? by Q: Ok the IRS.gov website I am referring to the "where's my refund"link. How long before my return info is available?

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