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Weather forecast

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AraratWeather Temp: 14.8°C Wind:0.0 km/h --- Pressure: 1012.7 hPa Rising Rain Today 0.0mm. Forecast: Fine weather

HarbordLawns Sydney NSW Weather report - http://t.co/ReLK5A9W and Forecast

gkasica NWS Co-Op 6am Sunday Observations are done, forecast is done at http://t.co/LOlbFonk

longlakefish 6:51am Long Lake current temp 46F feels like 40F humidity 89% wind S 15 mph. Fishing forecast at http://t.co/F8kfdk7x #fb

bigsandlake 6:51am Big Sand Lake current temp 46F feels like 40F humidity 89% wind S 15 mph. Fishing forecast at http://t.co/yCfMdM63 #fb

jhoysradt @WeatherKait coolest probably, but it should make for an interesting weather forecast. Skirt alert followed by a hangover alert...

Torrecerredo It snowed hard last night at about 1500mts. However, good weather forecast, so we will be rewarded with fantastic snow-capped vistas

MisMariaB "My weather forecast is always the same because #Jesus #Christ #Reigns"!! #PraiseHim #IAm @CantonJones @richierighteous

GetLocalWeather Forecast for Today: Partly sunny. Breezy. Unseasonably mild. Highs in the mid 60s. South winds 15 to 25 mph with... http://t.co/Pu9Rei7e

marybell980 RTD Daily Weather Partly cloudy today hi 57 lo 42; Mon Mostly sunny hi 64 lo 42; Tues Partly cloudy hi 68 lo 46; http://t.co/PZdEtBLe

qctdesk Another wonderful fall day: If you liked yesterday's weather, then you'll like today's forecast. http://t.co/CSBTdAxD

casslakefish 6:46am Cass Lake current temp 37F feels like 32F humidity 87% wind SE 6 mph. Fishing forecast at http://t.co/GCUpYs5Y #fb

Wairoa_net Temperature:10.1°C Wind:0.0mph ---. Rain:0.0mm Pressure:1008.1hpa Forecast:Fine Weather.

guyravenwitto Atlanta Airport Montage in HD | All about Weather Forecast News http://t.co/mlXwaLsS

onradio4now 12:57 Weather: The latest weather forecast. http://t.co/AkcU7qm5


How can I put a weather forecast on my facebook profile ? by juan Q: I need an application for facebook's profiles in which I can show the weather forecast of cities from US, the UK and/or Argentina to my friends and I. Thanks!

A: Well, google weather forecasts. On some pages it'll have the little Facebook icon and you can share the weather forecast. Who knows, Facebook might even have an app for it, haha. Answer mine? [; http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20101121104401AA8YjVZ Good Luck! >.<

How accurate is a 10 day weather forecast? by Elaina Q: I'm planning on going somewhere next thursday, and i want to think ahead and be prepared for whatever weather is there. I just want to know, is the last few days of the 10 day weather forecast accurate? or should i just wait till it gets closer to that day?

A: The problem is that weather is so dynamic that a forecast out more than a few days is subject to too many variables to make it very accurate. A few days out, forecasters have run many computer models of current and past conditions, so they can get a fairly accurate probability of what the weather will be. Beyond that, even weather forecasting models (computer simulations) disagree widely about upcoming conditions. That's because the assumed conditions could change, resulting in storms moving faster or slower, in different directions, etc. Just look a the 10-day forecast as a general guess of what the weather might be like then. But, don't take it too seriously until you get within 5 days at the most, and more like 3 days for a truly accurate forecast.

What are some weather forecast websites addressed to general audiences and technical audiences? by jack Q: What are some weather forecast websites addressed to general audiences and technical audiences? what are some weather forecast websites addressed to general audiences? which are the weather websites addressed to technical audiences?

A: NOAA is the best website. :)

How can i gather previous weather forecast in local areas? Including a picture representation? by Carol Q: Where can I go to find weather from October 20th to today including a picture or weather map? I don't care if I can find a forecast, all I need is a picture.

A: Go to this link, type in your location select any date and it'll give you the weather from that day: http://www.wunderground.com/history/ If you want a picture, on the page where it shows you what the weather was, underneath the date, click where it says monthly and you can get a picture.

How do I find out the weather forecast for previous dates? by Pikachu L Q: I am doing an assignment (joy.) I had to hike across Dartmoor on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of april. In order to be prepared I looked up the weather forecast, however I did not know we had to write about it later. Now I HAVE to include the Temperature, rainfall and wind information for those dates and try as I might I cannot find all the information. Does anyone know any sites?

A: Good question. Well, go to http://www.wunderground.com/history/. It appears you mean Dartmoor, UK, correct? So, just fill out the form it has for you. Well, since Dartmoor is not a valid city, but rather a moorland, put in a city/civil parish that is close to Dartmoor. For example, lets take Plymouth, UK. Plymouth: http://www.wunderground.com/history/airport/EGHD/2010/4/20/DailyHistory.html?

How to know weather forecast in unfamiliar areas on road trip? by K Q: Does anyone know a web site I can go to that will tell me what the weather forecast is on a road trip? I plan to go through N. Calif, Oregon to get the the Washington coast.

A: Get yourself a NOAA Weather Radio to hear broadcasts For online information, go to: NOAA's National Weather Service http://www.nws.noaa.gov/ Weather Radios - Radio Shack http://www.radioshack.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=2032069&camp=PPC:Google:Radios&Phones:Broad .

What website do you get your weather forecast from? by Texas fountain. Q: What website do you get your weather forecast from, and why. Me I use Wunderground for my weather forecast, because I love how you can view home weather stations instead of only the local station. And I love how you can create an account and interact in a community setting, IE blogs, photos, etc.

A: Yahoo! Weather and the Weather Channel,

Weather forecast? by Sammi Q: Hy, could you help me out? I need a 5 day weather forecast for La Paz Bolivia from Tuesday October 17,2006 to Saturday October 21,2006 It's for Spanish homework. We're learning about weather. PLEASE HELP!!!! Gracias! I need the weather. Not just the temperatures so if you could give me the weather NOT temperatures that would be great! THANX!!!! :)

A: www.weather.com

weather forecast? by ad59 Q: on the weather forecast, why cold front are indicated in red and hot fronts are indicated in blue contrary to all other heat and air conditioning indicators on the appliances, faucets...etc?

A: I don't know where you are from but in the US cold fronts are blue, warm fronts are red, and occluded fronts are purple.

Weather Forecast? by Ctrl. Alt. TheBeat. Q: Does anyone know where i can get the weather forecast for 2007 for Adelaide , Australia? Thankyou

A: Go to www.wunderground.com Click on "History" at the top, and type in Adelaide, Australia. It should work, but I'm sorry if it doesn't. Good Luck!

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