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FlamingAim Just home after #fireworks in Oriental Bay, the kids were incredible, but will be oh so tired tomorrow! Thanks #wcc!

Asstsoundpastor so glad i went to WCC, had an awesome time :)

CBB_Columnists Andy Katz / WCC should be fun at the top with BYU addition - college basketball http://t.co/nZHngCRu #CBB

patrickmoningka USD claims first WCC title in women's soccer (San Diego Union-Tribune) http://t.co/oMdrxgEO

IonaPannett Thanks to Pelorus Trust and WCC for another great Guy Fawkes, stunning Welly night

kaylee4554878 Case Logic Medium Zippered Camera Case with Belt Loop, Camouflage: Hide your camera in this camouflage medium ca... http://t.co/MhL2RX9W

nickpmclaren RT @Wollongong_City: Good luck to all those participating in the MS Sydney to Gong ride tomorrow – especially the WCC Team! Ride safe.

plambrechtsen Nice one wcc http://t.co/DyWedwKR

GanzoEdge I dunno why I'm watching OCC. I'm more of a WCC fan if anything. I seriously want a CFL Custom by Jesse James though.>> http://t.co/MYjgosx8

Drewthehoop Andy Katz not showing much respect to the cougs...WCC should be fun at the top with BYU addition ESPN http://t.co/WljY3FPu

xbellejanssen naar de wcc x ♥

Drewthehoop WCC preview: Enter 'monster' BYU - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN http://t.co/oDiwgwam

WCCsports MSOC | Saint Mary's tops San Francisco 2-1 in 2OT, holds onto 1st place in #WCC 1 point ahead of San Diego http://t.co/7MdBVhij

bclum1974 This is what a champion looks like! @USDToreros Natalie Garcia hoisting WCC Championship Trophy. @uofsandiego http://t.co/Mp4BY0Pf

DebbieCakesssss I love one buying @SaraJLingg $1shot and laying in her new penguins sheets and talking about wcc #westchestergirlproblems


What is the diffrence between WCB and WCC steel? by Petro Q:

A: They are all ASTM A 216 Cast Carbon Steel metals that vary in composition. See this web-site http://www.dickson-hdw.com/casting.htm

What does the "WCC" in WCC grade steel stand for? by snarph2k Q:

A: I'm not sure what it stands for, but it refers to a specific type of cast plain carbon steel (as opposed to WCA or WCB) typically used in regulators. See p. 12 here: http://www.sfsa.org/sfsa/pubs/hbk/s2.pdf See also handy reference here: http://www.waukeshafoundry.com/wf.pdf WCA, WCB, and WCC are all low carbon steels, but as you go from A -> B -> C the yield strength increases, so that explains the "C" at the end. "The MR0175 Standard requires the use of double heat-treated cast steel castings. No special treatment is required for CF8M stainless steel castings. The Emerson Process Management Regulator Division offers several regulators made from WCC steel or WCB steel and CF8M stainless steel which are compliant with NACE standards." http://www.fisherregulators.com/applications/oilandgasprod/oilandgasprodapguide/

Does pokemon heartgold/soulsilver have the wcc? by :| Q: I remember in pokemon diamond and pearl there was a place that i think was called the WCC and you could trade with wifi..is that in heartgold/soulsilver?

A: Yes it is called a GTS though :) But in a place called goldenrod city you go west after passing the pokemon center and it should lead you straight to the GTS :) Good luck!

does anyone know about a bullet shell with "WCC 04" as a head stamp, it also has a cross with a circle around? by Davyn Q: I found this bullet shell in ford island where the pearl harbor attack happened on oahu and I was wondering if this could be a piece of history. Found it near an old hanger at ford island near pearl harbor on the island of oahu the shell is 3/4 of an inch from headstamp to end of shell

A: http://www.hinterlandoutfitters.com/ I googled winchester wcc04 and got a lot of hits. Looks like an Israeli made for Winchester cartridge of the 5.56 mm (standard M-16) round. Israel makes a lot of the ammo used in the M-16. A look at the cartridge and headstamp would help.

I have ammunition with "9MM L WCC 87" ON THE CASING HEADER, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN EXACTLY? by Jay Q: The "law enforcement" agency that I work at uses ammunition that has "9MM L WCC 87" on the casing and I want to know what it means, when it was manufactured, and if this ammo is still safe to use in a deadly force situation? Can I count on this ammunition to work? Thank you for any feedback.

A: WCC 87: Western Cartridge Company, manufactured in 1987. Winchester bought WCC long ago, so it's really Winchester ammo. Winchester uses the "WCC" headstamp for military ammo. I'm willing to bet there is also a circled cross on the headstamp signifying that this 9mm is loaded to NATO specs, and it has a crimped primer. I'm also willing to bet that it is loaded with a FMJ bullet. I'll leave the debate about using FMJ for self-defense to others, but this is good ammo. You should of course test this ammo to make sure it feeds & fires from the gun you would be using for self-defense. It's possible the ammo has been stored in a bucket of water for 20 years, and it also possible that this ammo simply won't agree with your gun. Either way, it would be prudent to test it out for yourself.

How do I get tickets to the 2006 WCC men's basketball conference tournament? by basketballer Q: Tournament is in Spokane, WA on March 3-6, 2006.

A: 2006 WCC Tournament Ticket Prices Men's Event All-Session Pass - Reserved -- $65.00 Men's Single Session - Reserved -- $20.00 Men's Single Session - Youth -- $7.00 Men's Single Game- WCC Student -- $7.00 *All-session tickets are on sale now through each WCC institution's ticket office. Please note that any remaining single-session tickets will not go on sale until the Monday prior to the tournament. To ensure a seat with fans from your favorite WCC team, contact the following: Gonzaga - (509) 323-4202 Loyola Marymount - (310) 338-6095 Pepperdine - (310) 506-4935 Portland - (503) 943-7525 Saint Mary's - (925) 631-4392 San Diego - (619) 260-7550 San Francisco - (415) 422-2873 Santa Clara - (408) 554-4660

The 10th game of WCC matches between Anand and Kramnik, is it fixed one? Anand spoiled his time for whom? by Armohi Q: I think Anand played for sponsors of World Chess Championship! They don’t want to loose importance of remaining two matches? Anybody agree my opinion?

A: I don't think it is fixed.

How much does it cost to install a sound system from Unique Autosport or WCC? by ronniemagia Q:

A: The best stereo installations cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands, depending how much crazy stuff you wanna do.... motorized amp racks, fiberglass, carbon fiber, leather.... but since those guys are on TV, I can't even imagine how much of an extra premium they charge for the "priveledge" of being their customer....

Will most of the credits taken at WCC transfer to UofM or EMU? by Busboy Q: I am going to be a new student at Washtenaw Community College and just wanted to know if most of the credited classes you take at Washtenaw will transfer to UofM for the General Education Requirments. I want to transfer to UofM after I get the general studies out of the way and I DONT want to have to do them all over again at UofM.

Is Gonzaga still the class of the WCC in mens basketball? by polancoway Q: The days of Matt Santangello, Casey Calvary, Dan Dickau, Blake Stepp and Adam Morrison are long gone. Has St. Mary's surpassed Gonzaga as the class of the WCC?

A: Short answer...yes. That conference changes power ever 8 to 10 years if you watch ESPN for that last game on Monday nights. Right now the St Marys and Butlers are the new breed in lower conferences.

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