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Tom Parker

The Wanted's Tom Parker -- Shirtless Beer Drinking
The Wanted's Tom Parker tried to separate himself from his other British boy bandmates by going shirtless and drinking a beer on a friend's balcony in LA this weekend. The 23-year-old wannabe bad boy is now officially the most wanted.

The Wanted to Perform on 'The Voice'
The Wanted are scheduled to perform live on 'The Voice' results show next week, so you can feast your eyes on Max George, Jay McGuiness, Siva Kaneswaran, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes all in one place. On Friday (April 13), the band took to Facebook to ...

The Wanted's Tom Parker: 'America has welcomed us'
The Wanted's Tom Parker has said that he is overjoyed at the group's US success. The British boyband have stormed the US singles chart with their hit 'Glad You Came', but Parker revealed to The Insider that he never expected them to become a sensation ...

Basketball City is shooting for May opening on LES
Tom Parker, left, and Bruce Radler in a photo taken a few weeks ago at Basketball City at Pier 36 on the Lower East Side waterfront. In the background, to the left of Parker, can be seen the wooden boards for the basketball courts.

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Natashiailj Colonel Tom Parker: The Curious Life of Elvis Presley's Eccentric Manager: Based on precedented research and int... http://t.co/vA2hFZKC

parker_cash RT @UCA_Kole2012: Good luck to my boy @parker_cash 2moro morning. Getcha a big Tom..

UCA_Kole2012 Good luck to my boy @parker_cash 2moro morning. Getcha a big Tom..

FadumaTheWanted There's no one like you. Be PROUD of who you are. - Tom Parker.

5chere Tom Parker: punya Tantrum yang tak tertahan kan

electriqueheart esse Tom Parker do The Wanted é uma gracinha

samanthaakxo I'm seriously marrying Tom Parker, Ryan Gosling, Joe Jonas or Jake Gyllenhaal. One of the four, can't pick right now. No joke. Okay bai.

thaisadr RT @IdolosHechos: "En la vida debes tomar los riesgos, aunque acabes saliendo herido." - Tom Parker.

KatieXMolloy tom parker <3 nom nom

MonsterMalikSty RT @IdolosHechos: "En la vida debes tomar los riesgos, aunque acabes saliendo herido." - Tom Parker.

Marcella_Gomes_ #tom_parker_aparece_de_cuequinha_aqui_em_casa KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

TW_VikiSkyDiver RT @SaskiaTWSykes: RT @BiancaWatanabe: Tom Parker is sexy. RT if you agree ♥

BiancaWatanabe RT @SaskiaTWSykes: RT @BiancaWatanabe: Tom Parker is sexy. RT if you agree ♥

juliabezerras http://t.co/X1GxyLGy quero pra mim!!!!

TWForTheWeekend @WorldwideTWFans i am guessing your on about Tom Parker brother's name Lewis


How good is my fantasy football team? by Tom Brady.Jr Q: QB Tom Brady WR Randy Moss, Terrel Owens, and DeSean Jackson. RB Clinton Portis, Reggie Bush, and Larry Johnson. TE Tony Gonzalez Kicker Mason Crosby And Tennessee Defense. And my bench players are: Matt Cassel Donald Driver Matt Ryan & Willie Parker. My back up defenses are: Baltimore and Chicago. So tell me if i shoud edit anything or ya?

A: I would say you are middle of the road. Not a very strong team but it does have potential. I don't look for Owens to have much of a big year. Hopefully Brady returns to his normal form and you will be okay with moss/brady combo. Jackson's performance last year will not translate into this years performance because he has 2 other receivers that he will have to share looks equally with and you may very well be disappointed with him as well. I've never been a Portis fan and Bush and Johnson are both going to be sharing their work load. Your backups are good but I'd drop both of your defenses and try to get another receiver. Someone that I think will have a good year that you may be able to get in a multiplayer trade would be Dwayne Bowe from KC. Also check waivers for people like Breaston, or Percy Harvin, they are both going to have good years as well. Perhaps if you put Owens and Portis out there for a trade you can get Bowe and a better RB like DeAngelo Williams. Depending on your league settings RB is going to get you the most points usually. With all the "running by committee" teams recently it's important to try to find RBs that aren't going to have to split a majority of the carries with someone else(only about a half dozen or so RBs). Thats what I would do. There is no need for 3 defenses, I only carry 1 and drop a player that turned out to be a bust whenever it comes to my Def bye week.

Drew Brees or Tom Brady? by JTOWN Q: My team: QB- Drew Brees WR- Greg Jennings WR- Wes Welker WR- Eddie Royal RB- Kevin Smith RB- Derrick Ward TE- Greg Olsen K- Jason Elam DEF- NYJ BE- Tom Brady BE- Steve Breaston BE- Willie Parker BE- John Carlson BE- Derrick Mason BE- Ray Rice PPR League Pass TDs worth 6 I think I can make a trade of Brees/Brady and Royal for LT/Slaton and Housh. What do you think?

A: For you, the best option would be to trade Brady and Royal for Slaton and Housh. But either way, you could use a running back, so you'll definitely benefit from this trade.

Why Is Sarah Jessica Parker On TV Asking For Donations With A $2,000 Handbag? by Q: These celebrities, all of them, both Conservative (Simon Cowell and Tom Cruise) and liberal (Sarah Jessica Parker) get on my damn nerves, asking for donations on "behalf" of charity when I just saw them in People magazine with a $2,000 handbag, $4,000 baby stroller (didn't even know such a thing existed), and all other crazy things they spend money on. You can find a nice sturdy purse for $70 bucks that will last for years. As if these tricks even keep their purses for years. No one would even need charity, they could fund villages, school and parks on their income alone and STILL live nice if they would not spend their millions on stupid stuff. Then they go around and ask the working class to dig into their pockets when it may actually HURT our pockets or our mortgage. What a joke! http://sarahjessicaparkerlookslikeahorse.com/

Should I trade Willie parker, Anthony Gonzalez, and David Garrard for Marion Barber? by bobby Q: And I already have Tom Brady

A: Yes

ryan grant, Willie Parker for fantasy football? by buttcakelover Q: Would Ryan Grant be a good fantasy choice as a #1 RB? I might go with Tom Brady for my first pick which is #5 and then for my second go for grant. I know he did great when he played last year, but can he do it again this year? Or I could get Willie Parker. Who would be better? Please explain

A: Assuming you take Brady (I would rather take a top RB at #5), Grant would be a better option. He is a little risky because of his contract situation, but Grant should get the goal line carries. This cannot be said for Parker. Parker will be splitting carries with Mendenhall and that could cost him some serious fantasy points. I also suspect that Mendenhall will get the carries at the goal line.

How much would an authentic Elvis Presley autograph from a 1955 concert be worth? Any realistic idea? by frightbooks Q: My mother got Elvis's autograph in 1955. The program he signed has a full page picture of him with the caption,"Introducing America's newest Hillbilly Star". He was not yet with Col. Tom Parker, but Col. Tom represented several other performers on the ticket. With the thirtieth anniversary of his death coming up next month, I thought it might be a good time to sell. What do you think? Would you keep or sell?

A: you could make a lot of money, but i think you should keep it , because Elvis is not around anymore and it's impossible to get another autograph

I got a question about a movie need to know the ending? by corleon Q: I forget what the name of the movie is called but it has Bruce Willis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Tom sizemore. Willis is a patrol officer who is trying to figure out who murdered girls he use to date. I got to almost the end and had to head somewhere. How does the movie end? Is Sizmore the guy who is killing all the girls? It was one of his first roles and he usually plays seedy charters. Thanks for your help!

A: The movie is Striking Distance (1993 Bruce Willis is police officer Tom Hardy Sarah Jessia Parker is Jo Christman Tom Sizemore is detective Danny DeTillo Dennis Farina is Captain Nick DeTillo Robert Pastorelli is Detective Jimmy DeTillo Bruce Willis is police officer Tom Hardy who accuses fellow police officers of corruption and framing a man for the Polich Hill Murders. Two years later the killings start up again. The "copycat" is targeting women connected to Tom (Willis). It ends with us finding out that Jimmy (Robert Pastorelli) is the serial killer. Father Nick (Dennis Farina) knew this but let him escape earlier in the movie. He pleads with Jimmy to turn himself in (That they'll both turn themselves in and excepts the consequences). Jimmy refuses & tries to shoot his father, Nick. Nick in turn shoots Jimmy & we think he is dead (he is not/he is wearing a bullet proof vest) He in turn shoots his father several times. Bruce Willis saves the day. Tom Sizemore (Det.Danny Detillo) is cousins with Jimmy Detillo (Robert Pastorelli) who is the serial killer. Tom Sizemore is just a police officer doing his job.

Audio-books you can buy and download instantly? by kurt Q: So I need to read One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by: Ken Kesey, I want to download the audio-book but all the ones available for instant download are the abridged versions. So I'm looking for one that is unabridged the run time is about 10 hours, there is one by Tom Parker but I can't find anywhere to buy it where it would be instant. Any help would be awesome where I can buy and download this book instantly, unabridged. Thanks

A: If you live in New Hampshire, they have Overdrive. Maybe your state does too. Check your public library. Or try Learn Out Loud.

Why do some,not all blacks mind you,call people like Bill Cosby and Starr Parker founder of C.O.R.E.evil? by COSMIC TIGER Q: Cosby and Starr Parker Uncle Tom`s and Aunt Jemima`s because they advocate blacks quit blaming others and take responsibility for their own actions?I have heard both speak and heard Starr Parker last night,she is founder of C.O.R.E. SHE IS A VERY ELOQUENT AND GIFTED SPEAKER.What say you? Cynthia,I give you that.I want you to succeed. Celebrate you never read Bill Cosby`s lifestory he was born extremely poor,so who is judging who? Biglimes,I never said I hated Obama,his father too was a sorry rascal that left him to be raised by others.

A: We have overcome a great deal of things thanks to those before us but we now have the opportunity to step up and keep on moving!

Can you list Elvis' managers during his whole career? by Dandanchicken Q: I'm doing my research project on him, and I can't find a list anywhere. I need sources, so if you can, put the site where you found it. [we're not allowed to use wikipedia] :( I know Colonel Tom Parker wasn't his only manager, I just can't find the name of anyone else. Thanks a bunch for your help!

A: In 1954 his guitarist scotty moore managed him for a short spell then from mid/late 1954 Bob Neal managed him until December 1955 when Col. Tom Parker took over for the rest of his carrer for further info go to scotty moore's website (below)

What is the religion of the wanted band members? by Q: What is the religion of: Siva Kaneswaren Nathan Sykes Max George Tom Parker Jay Mcguiness

A: Buddhist Christian Atheist Atheist Catholic

Where will Camilla's Children Sit at the Royal Wedding? by Eddi Q: Where will Camilla's two children sit at the Royal Wedding? Will they sit behind the royal family since their stepbrother is getting married? Or will they sit somewhere else? Tom Parker Bowles is supposedly a good friend of Prince William. In general, are they invited to Christmas at Sandringham and other family events headed by the Queen? Or are they not invited to anything?

A: I'm sure they are invited to some private events, though I haven't seen them in the Sandringham crowd at Christmas. They do have a father, you know, and I imagine they spend various holidays with him. As for where they will sit in the Abbey, that's a good question. I really doubt they will sit with the royal family group; I think they'll be somewhere else in the congregation. However, Laura Lopes' daughter, Camilla's granddaughter, is going to be one of the child attendants, so it's just possible that they'll want her to be within sight of her mother, which would mean putting her mother near the front. She's only 3.

im in love with a celebrity so much it seems unhealthy? is this normal? by Q: I'm in love with the british boy band The Wanted. if you don't know who they are google them they are amazing. i'm 14 years old and im obsessed with the particular member, Tom Parker. is it normal, when you're a teenager in love with a celebrity, that you think of stuff like being their girlfriend, getting married and having babies with them like all the time? sometimes i think its not normal, opinions?

A: If you think it's unhealthy, then you stop obsessing and find a new hobby. If you don't think it's unhealthy - and you're not about to stalk the dude - then there is nothing wrong it a teenage crush.

Should i trade Brian Westbrook for Willie Parker and Jemal Lewis? by Robbie Q: My league consists of 8 managers, head to head, and each week we have to start 2 QB's, 2 RB's and 2 WR's unlike other leagues. This is my starting line up: Tom Brady Jake Delhomme Braylon Edwards Greg Jennings Brian Westbrook Ryan Grant Chris Cooley Nick Folk Stephen Gostkowski San Diego Chargers Thanks!

A: No way. Parker is not going to be used at the goal line and if your league is anything like mine touchdowns are good for points. Jamal Lewis never seems to stay healthy and is aging. Westbrook is young and Philly may be alright this year. Good Luck.

Anyone here familiar with T Jefferson Parker's book Cold Pursuit? How do u like the story? Who's your fave by Commander_Zark Q: ...character? (Sorry. Ran out of space.) My favorite characters are Tom McMichael and Patricia (Braga) Hansen. I love he way Parker portrays Tom and Patricia's past. Kinda reminds me of my ex. I also love the unexpected twist at the end! Damn, I didn't know that Patricia killed her grandfather! I really thought it was Sally Rainwater! I also like that part where Gabriel McMichael finally confesses to Tom that he beat Victor Braga up! Poor Victor!

A: Dude, you are so cool! I love Cold Pursuit! IT'S MY FAVORITE!!!!! I love the chase on the Coronado Bridge! I like the main character (Tom McMichael) too! I love it when he said, "Truth can heal but a lie is an open sore, year after year, generation after generation."

How much money could i get for my Football cards? by Taylor B Q: I have 533 cards including willie parker, Tom brady, Joe montana,ben rosenburger,Eli manning,ect.. i ws wondering how much i could get for them or how much you would pay i probally won't sell ,but still Wondering

A: http://beta.beckett.com/NavView/Nav.aspx?N=373 I don't know off hand, but you can check their value on that website

I have Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in Fantasy? by Fantasyfb Q: I drafted Tom 9th overall and Peyton fell into the second and i grabbed him for trade bait. I have Jamal Lewis and Edgerrin James at RB and Ben Watson and TE. Should I trade Edge and Peyton for Willie Parker and Jason Witten?

A: I would trade Edge, Peyton, and Watson for Parker, Witten, and the team's 2nd or 3rd wide receiver. I don't know what your receiving core is, but if it's not very good, you might want to go after a very good WR by trading Brady instead or something. BK

What is Tom parkers favorite colour ? ( tom from the wanted )? by Q:

How can Senator McCain appear more popular to younger voters? by PIX-ED Q: Possibly McCain's campaign could pay teenage girls and women at McCain rallies to scream and faint like Col. Tom Parker did for Elvis. Other suggestions?

A: He could take an anti-war stance. As a young voter, I realize the reason that we are anti-war. We are the ones that will be sent. (Although this would probably kill his Republican base). Most of my friends respect him as a person, they just disagree with him on almost every policy issue. Young voters almost always start out as Liberals. Then later in life we become more jaded and drift more towards the moderates and the conservatives. However, the sane among us still recognize that neocon values are counterproductive and remember things like the Bush's (Jr) presidency, or if we were old enough, Reaganomics.

SCG will help fast bowlers in the opening day says the curator. Should India bowl even if they win the toss? by Run Silent Run Deep Q: Although the SCG is traditionally known to suit spinners, curator Tom Parker has suggested that the wicket will help the fast bowlers for at least the opening days of the Test. Australia lost an Ashes Test to England here last year, but won all seven Test matches played here before that Test since January 2005. Source: BCCI's official website.

A: That should be a tough decision to take. 50% 50%. Strategically India should bat first and put runs on the board to create pressure on Australian batsman who are not in best of touches. But if you look at the pitch, if India preferring batting first, they may struggle in early hours of the match. Probably a good toss to lose.

How much does a music manager get paid? by Q: What percentage of a performer's revenue does a manager get? Brian Epstein, Colonel Tom Parker, Russel Simmons,... how much do these guys got paid?

A: All individual situations... Brian asked one time for a 75/25 split, if you can believe it (The Beatles didn't agree of course!) The Colonel got 50% through the entire career of Elvis Simmons I have no idea The standard is between 10-25, I believe...

How do you write a Celeb your crushing on aFanmail Letters? by Q: i have the hugest crush on tom parker from 'The Wanted' each time i try to write him a fanmail letter i get stuck on what to write.Each time i feel as though it would just bore him.Please help:/?

A: Pick u p a pen. Get some paper. Start writing. Easy.

should i trade rudi johnson and mike vick for tom brady and willie parker? by John Q: cause my other qb is matt hasselbeck and my rbs r McGahee,k jones,f gore

A: Mike Vick for Tom Brady is a great trade. Brady led the league last year with passing yards (4,110) and threw 26 TD passes. Vick is always prone to injuries and is recovering from one now. Rudi Johnson (1,458 rush yards, 12 TDs) is probably going to get more carries this season because of Carson Palmer's injury. Willie Parker (1,202 rush yards, 4 TDs) will probably become the starter for Pittsburgh. I'd say Rudi Johnson is the one you want on your team. Him and McGahee will make your team's rushing very strong.

Who is more sexy Peter Parker or Tom cruise? by mahmood s Q:

A: parker

Sonny Parker or Tom Shanklin? by No-one Q: Who would you choose for the next 6 nations? What about Bennett or Mathew Rees? Come on lets have a decent debate

A: Don't think you should choose either or...I love shanklin as a impact player, as he showed when he started that he can make such an amazing impact when he comes on..but he also loses his way - significantly over eighty minutes...and I like sonny parkers tackling and general thumperness..Maybe the combination of both is better than they both are individually.. Think Hugh Bennet is improving and Mathew Rees..but again..hooker is a position where players now don't play for eighty, and you need two...regardless of who starts first...so same again basically.

who should i start in week 2 QB Tom Brady Vince Young or Matt hasselbeck rb willie parker warrick dunn or cli by skins.fan26 Q:

A: QB Brady and RB Fast Willie Parker!

Tom Brady/ Willie Parker for Carson Palmer/Reggie Bush? by trojohnjr Q: I have Brady/Parker and i will officially be 1-4 after tonight. Seems like a pretty even trade across the board. But it seems like Parker is not getting the looks at the goal line. And i'm not too sure about Palmer lighting it up, but i think Brady's schedule is about to get more difficult. What do you think? The rest of my roster: WRWes Welker WRBrandon Marshall WRLaveranues Coles RBLeon Washington TEChris Cooley BNCedric Benson BNLaMont Jordan BNEric Johnson WR Andre Davis

A: Tom Brady is having an MVP-like season, so it is tough to part with those stats. Parker is the man in Pittsburgh and was getting the goal-line carries prior to Sunday. Bush has yet to prove he can carry the load in 'Nawlins. Palmer has been mediocre at best. Although he gets Chris Henry back soon. I personally think you should hold off pulling the trigger. Brady and Parker are not your problems and have been getting you solid points. You need receiver help. You are probably 1-4 due to bad luck more than a bad team. Maybe deal Coles and Jordan for a receiver the caliber of TJ Housh, Hines Ward, or Braylon Edwards. There are also many frustrated fantasy owners thay you might be able to :buy low" on. Try getting Colston or even Owens. I would also probably drop Eric Johnson (unless you start 2 TE). Cooley's bye is over so you don't need Johnson. Maybe you can grab a decent receiver off the wire too. Just my opinion. Brady could end up having better numbers than Peyton Manning this year. He is on pace for a monster year.

info on english artist Tom A parker? by twochinmason Q: has painted a landscape of ashnessbridge derwent water ... sarcasm coming.. to the bright spark whom said they knew an artist called jan porter... clue to answer is in the question !!!

A: the one who paints boats or the young illustrator?

Thom Yorke vs Tom Parker? by Q:

A: Thom Yorke>>

what was col tom parker's religion? by banana9450 Q: he was Elvis manager

A: He worshipped the mighty dollar, and stifled elvis' creativity in the process.

what was Colonel Tom Parker? by David Q: real name

A: a fraud, a charlatan and a leach. so called manager of elvis who milked his cash cow dry and sent him to an early grave. his real name? i don't care. B'stard is what i call him. to the poster below: why do you think he did them? because colonel was working him like a dog, caring nothing for his artistic integrity, and taking 50% of his salary. No wonder Elvis was depressed.

Who was Colonal Tom Parker? by WIBG RADIO 99 PHILADELPHIA Q:

A: If memory serves, he became Elvis' manager in the late '50's and was later exposed for robbing Elvis blind. Most managers take 15% to 20% of an entertainer's earnings -- Elvis' manager took 50% and in some cases took 100% of the earnings from merchandising.

Is the actor Tom Parker related to the actor Ty Hardin? by Vikki J Q:

A: I'm pretty sure he isn't. There's no mention of it on the imdb website: http://imdb.com/name/nm0362249/ http://imdb.com/name/nm1245495/

If Col. Sanders and Col. Tom Parker were alive today, would you appoint them to lead the Iraq reconstruction? by jazz_devotee Q:

A: Only if Sanders brought his original recipe and Parker brought Elvis to head their entertainment sector.

who is colonel tom parker? by Q:

Before he owned Elvis Presley, Col. Tom Parker worked the midways on the carnival circuit...? by kit walker Q: He had a show called the' Colonel's Dancing Chickens'...How did he accomplish this?

A: he would activate a hot plate beneath the chicken's feet...strange man

Interesting trade....Drew Brees and Willie Parker for Tom Brady, Clinton Portis, and Tony Gonzalez? by Dirty Sanchez Q: my RBs are Clinton Portis and Reggie Bush and my QB is Tom Brady....i would be getting Brees and Parker....opinions?

A: Preety good deal. It helps your running game alot

why is colonel tom parker looked up to,he was such a crooked manager!? by lash Q: he absolutely decieved hank snow,who had to get elvis to sign the famous contract!,research says hank was not the only one,many others,before HANK and ELVIS!

A: dont know why, he was a crook through and through he took most of the money Elvis made and got away with it they seem to think that he murdered someone before fleeing to America from Germany and changing his name and that was why one of the reasons Elvis never toured outside of America as the colonel could not leave the country because of his past. they say he was not very upset when Elvis passed away

Is June 25 still "Colonel Tom Parker Day" in Nevada? by Q:

A: This article (at the bottom) would indicate it is. I did not know that. :>)

Who has the better life Tony Parker or Tom Brady? by classiccola Q: You could corretct me on this but i think they both have four championships. For the pure fact Tony is marrying Eva i would say Parker. I am not sure who Brady is dating these days anyone no? Things might be looking up for brady now that they have Moss. I would still go with parker because Eva is better then whoever brady is with. who would you say has the better life?

A: tony cuz he can fuck eva longoria

Did you ever meet Colonel Tom Parker or Tony Spilotro? by BobDanzig Q:

A: Met Spilotro and "Fat Herbie" Blitzstein at the coffee shop they hung out in on East Twain Avenue. Both are now dead. No great loss.

Should I start ron dayne over willie parker and tim rattay over tom brady, big ben, and steve mcnair? by Rgeezy Q:

A: Start Dayne over Parker this week. Fast Willie's going up against the toughest defense in the league, and Big Daddy Dayne is goin up against the worst run defense in the league. As for the QB's, I would probably go with Rattay since the PIT and NE games are going to probably be almost all defense, and I believe Mark Clayton, and D. Mason are both questionable to play, but keep an eye on this, because if the WR's for Baltimore are healthy, I'd definetly go with McNair.

would you say that Jesus leached off John the Baptists success like Col. Tom Parker did to Elvis Presley? by Q: I am just all shook up over this whole situation

A: I think you've got something there!

Tom Brady, Willie Parker, and Roddy White for Matt Hasselback, Larry Fitzgerald, and Julius Jones? by Q: Hey I was wondering if this is a good fair trade in fantasy football for 3009 season. Tom Brady, Willie Parker, and Roddy White for Matt Hasselback, Larry Fitzgerald, and Julius Jones. What do yall think? Im on the side with Tom Brady

A: I wouldn't do it. Stick with Tom Brady', Willie Parker and Roddy White.

is tom parker from the wanted married ? by Q: i really want to know if tom parker from the band the wanted is married i have looked on the internet and can't find anything :l I HOPE HE IS NOTT

A: no he's the dude from spiderman

'Colonel' Tom Parker was apparently an illegal, so why didnt the FBI investigate him? by West Side™ Q: Also, he was wanted in Holland for a murder supposedly....or was all that just baseless rumours? *Parker was a big gambler so all the Elvis Las Vegas contracts suited him only too well

A: This is a very interesting question for which I can find no factual answers. On the "murder" point, it was only "alleged" from what I read, but as for the FBI- or indeed the CIA- I would guess that his case would have been "looked at", but there MAY be three reasons for not proceeding further. 1/ Around that time, Political America was gripped by "McCarthyism" and, let's be honest, "Racism", and possibly a White neutral European was regarded as a very small fish when deciding the commitment of substantial man hours. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_McCarthy 2/ Love him or loathe him, he was a very successful Businessman who paid a lot of $ in Taxes, and there is no evidence of him ever taking money from the State in Benefits. 3/ His "Marriage" to the American Citizen Marie Mott in 1935 "possibly" gave him a claim for Citizenship. Again, very interesting question.

Why didnt Elvis pay off 'colonel ' Tom Parker ($3million) and get out his 'contract'? by West Side™ Q: Since Parker was apparently an illegal he could have done it for free no?

A: Probably the same reason he ended up with him in the first place. A deep insecurity in himself and his talent, he believed he needed the Colonel.

Did Elvis ever know that Tom Parker was illegal Alien? by ♪♫I Was Enchanted To Meet You ♪♫ Q: Or did he never know that Tom Parker was really from Holland, but changed his name to Tom Parker and enter the United States Illegally

A: One way or the other, does it matter NOW??????????? Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

How old is Tom Parker from the wanted? by Q:

A: According to Tom Parker's Facebook page, he is 21 years old.

who is fitter out of the wanted tom parker or nathan sykes? by Q: me and my bff always argue about who is the fitter out of the wanted tom parker or nathan sykes.

A: Ezra Koenig is much hotter!

Tom Parker's Best Bits of 2010 Tom Parker - Handbags and gladrags The Wanted's Tom Parker tells Sugarscape about Jay McGuiness & Nathan Sykes and LIFTS UP A CHAIR. talking to tom parker ;) Tom Parker best bits/funny moments Tom Parker.wmv Tom Parker and Jay McGuiness burping and singing. Kind of. Tom Parker Tribute tom parker-let it go Herne Bay 2 Tunbridge Wells 3 (09/04/2012) Tom Parker Tom Parker:) Tom Parker & Kelsey Hardwick, Tomsey Love. Tom Parker and Kelsey Hardwick :) Tom Parker's girlfriend | The Wanted Tom Parker and kelsey Tom Parker (The Wanted) - My Photos 2008-2010 Tom Parker (The Wanted) in WestLife Tribute 2009. Tom Parker (The WANTED) injured at Soccer Six, Burnley Interview with Colonel Tom Parker : Elvis Presley's Manager : part2 TOM PARKER AND MAX GEORGE BROMANCE. Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness and Tom Parker from The Wanted in Toronto, 03/31/2012 Somebody That I Used To Know (Tom Parker Remix) TOM PARKER FROM THE WANTED GETS DUNKED AT T4 ON THE BEACH. Thomas parker♥ The Wanted Tom Parker Tom Parker (The Wanted) - Simply TAKE THAT 2008 Tom Parker Never Mind The Buzzcocks part 2 Never Mind the Buzzcocks S25E11 Rhod Gilbert, Charlie Baker and Tom Parker (The Wanted) sexy tom parker x I Pranked Tom Parker. Tom Parker - Handbags and Gladrags ELVIS PRESLEY and COLONEL TOM PARKER Tom Parker Saying He Loves Us! Tom Parker - Wonderwall tom parker kissed me, sjdbvieubathvg. The Wanted - Tom Parker Tom Parker (The WANTED) injured at Soccer Six, Burnley (Part 2) Tom Parker The wanted radio tour :) tom parker from the wanted, soccer six gets hurt.wmv Tom Parker- Handbags and Gladrags with Pictures x Tom Parker - Let It Go Tom Parker Tribute The Wanted - All Time Low (Live at Splash) Dougie Meyer presents: Saturdays Max George+Tom Parker Bromance Tom Parker Is Not GaY ! Tom Parker - Let It Go tom parker handbags and gladrags Colonel Parker At ABC's Nightline The Wanted Are America's Next Idols The Wanted behind the scenes at the O2 Arena London 2012
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