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Titanic necklace

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aughaldraeph > http://t.co/5B3x9ujo

brooky242 RT @Fiesti3_Ladi3: @brooky242 #SighOfRelief.. *Finds "titanic" necklace and uses suitcase to paddle back to toya (jack)* << lmaooooooooo

itscourtknee I want a replica of the necklace that was in the titanic.

uniklook Titanic Heart Of Ocean Cubic Zircona Ab Clear Swarovski Crystal Necklace http://t.co/K6kyg3AM

therangobelt > Aurora Borealis Swarovski Crystal Heart of the Ocean Necklace with Titanic Ticket Poster to Deep Discounts http://oceannecklace.diamondhe

KingImpulse I love the bit in 'Oops, I Did It Again' where the fella gives Britney the necklace from Titanic #TweetsFrom2000

ASOS_Nat @ASOS_Amy I would go to the bottom of the ocean and get the necklace the old lady dropped from The Titanic. Just for you. THAT MUCH. xxx

forever_nita My teacher looks like Rose from the Titanic...the old lady at the end who drops the necklace in the water lol

JamesEhawkins RT @LilyMurphy: The noise Rose from Titanic makes when she throws the necklace in the sea. LOOL gets me every time. "Uhh" *plop*

LilyMurphy The noise Rose from Titanic makes when she throws the necklace in the sea. LOOL gets me every time. "Uhh" *plop*

Mahzahh #Titanic- I want that necklace!! :/

uniklook Titanic Heart Of Ocean Cubic Zircona Ab Clear Swarovski Crystal Necklace http://t.co/K6kyg3AM

ldphotography12 wow Wear the Titanic boarding pass photo pendant necklace by LDphotography http://t.co/v3rGZz2M via @Etsy RT??

ldphotography12 Unique Must see Titanic boarding pass photo pendant necklace by LDphotography http://t.co/v3rGZz2M via @Etsy RT??

BWilder11 I get so mad when Rose drops that necklace in the water at the end of Titanic... #whatareyoudoing?????


The Titanic Necklace Found?!?!?!? by Ashley Q: ok, sorry that the heading is off but, does anyone where i can find that pendant without using paypal, the necklace that was in the titanic? For ebay you need paypal and i can't do paypal. So can anyone find the Heart of The Ocean Necklace for me? Please help me, it would be greatly apreciated! thanx sooo much! Please find a one that looks exactly like the one on titanic. Pleaseee!! thank you(again)

A: http://www.ejincy.com/product_p/swt-1113.htm?gclid=CMaXsJPWuJMCFQE4Ggodh036CQ

Is the necklace in titanic supposed to be the one from the diamond necklace affair? by TINA Q: The guy told rose that it had belonged to Luie the 16th which was the last king and he was marrried to marie anotinette i know its FICTION but its intresting do you want 10 points or not

A: IT'S FICTION!!!!!!!!

is the survivor of titanic with the diamond necklace? by Crazie Sophie Q: I just know that the diamond necklace was thrown under the ocean. Is the necklace found or with owner?

A: in the film, the lady, who the necklace was a gift for had the neclace. but for closure, in the end she threw it back to the ocean, the necklace was called the haert of the ocean it was ver pretty too, have a look at a replica http://www.titanicbranson.com/store/images/titanic_necklace_premium_02.jpg

That old lady in the Titanic movie,why did she throw the necklace in the seaa? by Nadeen (; Q: That old ɥɔʇıq from the Titanic movie. Why the ɟuck would you throw a billion dollar necklace into the sea? For love, all the morons say. Well, ɟuck you. That’s not love it’s stupidity. You want love-here it is. Build 500 Women’s shelters in your love's name. Donate the money to charity - at the press conference tell everyone about your True Love. What the ɟuck good did it do to throw it in the sea?

A: Chill. It's only a movie.

What is the necklace on titanic called? by TTC baby #1 <3 Q: I saw the "heart of the ocean" and it's based on the Hop Diamond but they called it something different on the movie.

A: It was heart of the ocean, and I love that movie, as well as the diamond necklace. I am getting one of those necklaces, I am so exited!

I have this Titanic necklace and would like to take survey on about it.? by sweet&sour Q: I went to this Titanic exhibition in Vegas last year, and I brought this necklace at the booth survinior shop. This necklace contained a piece of coal which used to be in, on and around the real Titanic ship, since it still sinked in the ocean. This necklace was legally copy righted by one of the survivor from Titanic. When I wore it, many said that it's not a good thing. Since it is like wearing something that related to the historical event which caused many people to die. They said that it might bright me some unfortunate. Therefore, I would like to know if I should keep and wear it or not. Thank you

A: I think it depends on the significance you yourself put on the necklace. I personally don't see anything wrong with it if you are wearing it in memory of the victims and the event. It's like a tangible piece of history that keeps those poor people in our memories.

Why does she drop the necklace into the ocean at the end of Titanic? by Jaime Q: yea another Titanic question, I never understood why she dropped that huge necklace into the ocean? Why? Why didn't she sell it or do something else with it ?

A: Because its a romantic story its not about money or material things.. she was happy with jack and he ended up at the bottom of the ocean so at the end of the story she was giving her heart to jack by dropping the heart of the ocean necklace into the sea :-)

Was there really a necklace/diamond on board the Titanic like the one depicted on the movie ? by Heidi Q: Was the whole thing about the valuable necklace/diamond depicted on the Titanic movie actually true or just a story made up for the movie? Is there any documented evidence of a necklace like that actually being on the Titanic?

A: The 1998 hit movie, The Titanic, has renewed interest in the history of this Ocean Liner, her passengers and her diamonds. The love story of Rose and Jack featured the fabulous "Heart of the Ocean" diamond necklace and other beautiful jewelry, but what is known of the actual Titanic and it's treasures? Was there a lost fortune in diamonds and what is known about the recovered diamonds and jewelry? One of the treasures known to be onboard the maiden voyage of the White Star Line Titanic was a priceless copy of the Rubyiat of Omar Khayiam. This book of poetry was encrusted with 1,500 precious stones set in gold. Newspapers at the time reported that "there was known to be a small fortune in diamonds aboard the Titanic." Some reports stated that 2 brothers boarded the ocean liner and carried a shipment of diamonds from Switzerland. It is estimated the diamonds would be worth well over $200 million today. There are also stories of family members traveling in 2nd class to avoid notice while traveling with valuable diamonds and jewels. What is known for certainty, is that many of the passengers were wealthy beyond compare and many did travel with gold and jewels. The Mackay-Bennett, a search ship, records many instances of diamonds and jewels. One crew member told that while inspecting pockets of one man (later identified as Austin Blyler van Billiard), "seventeen diamonds rolled out in every direction upon the littered deck." Among the artifacts recovered from underwater expeditions to the Titanic are 2 rings - one with 60 diamonds and an exquisite Sapphire and Diamond ring. Other treasures include an elegant 3 stone Diamond Ring and poignantly, a bracelet with the name "Amy" spelled out in gemstones. Further research & recovery expeditions by RMS Titanic will focus on the leather bags of the pursers. Protocol would have the pursers load the diamonds, gold and passenger jewelry into leather bags to be loaded onto lifeboats. It is believed these bags would be located near Titanic's front cargo hold. My Heart will go on... The Heart of the Ocean Titanic Movie The Titanic movie featured Kate Winslett as Rose wearing "The Heart of the Ocean" - a blue diamond necklace based on the famous Hope Diamond. (the actual Hope diamond was never on the Titanic) This stunning necklace has captured the imaginations of romantics everywhere. Jewelers Asprey & Garrard were inspired to make a real Heart of the Ocean diamond necklace. The result was a 170 carat heart shaped sapphire with 65 diamonds, each 30 carats. Celine Dion wore it at the Oscar ceremony as she sang "My Heart Will Go On" - the theme song from Titanic during the 1998 ceremony. It was later sold at a benefit auction for $2.2 million. Jeweler Harry Winston created a "Heart of the Ocean" blue diamond necklace. The $20 million necklace was worn by Gloria Stuart, who portrayed Rose as an older woman.

did any one get that Titanic necklace the heart of the ocean necklace? by Gerard Way is the Boss Q: replica? if u did how do u like it? is it really pretty? do u wear it all the time? or at least look at it alot? did ur friends comment on it? did they like it?

A: It's not a real necklace.

Titanic necklace? by Becca Q: Was the "Heart of the Ocean" necklace in the Titanic based on a real necklace?

A: It is based on the famous Hope Diamond (which never traveled on the Titanic).

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