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Tilted Kilt

TV: Tilted Kilt president is an 'Undercover Boss'
The Tilted Kilt sports bar, with a location in Temecula, will be the subject of tonight's “Undercover Boss.” The show will feature Tilted Kilt CEO Ron Lynch pretending to be a new employee and seeing how his business works on a daily basis. The Tilted ...

Tilted Kilt President Ron Lynch (left) worked in disguise (right) for the ...
Lynch is president of Tempe-based Tilted Kilt, a rapidly growing chain of Celtic-themed sports bars and restaurants. He was working in disguise under an assumed name at his properties across the country for the CBS television show “Undercover Boss,” ...

Valley boss goes undercover for popular CBS show
(Source: CBS) Ron Lynch, CEO of the Phoenix-based Tilted Kilt franchise, dons a kilt, mullet and long beard for an appearance Friday on the CBS series Undercover Boss. PHOENIX (CBS5) -. It's one of the fastest growing franchises in the country, and it ...

Tilted Kilt President to Appear on Undercover Boss Because (Shhh ...
Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery, the Tempe-based, Celtic-themed sports pub with 70 locations in the United States and Canada, will be the setting for its president, Rob Lynch, when he appears on the CBS series Undercover Boss on Friday, November 9. The show ...

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GeorginaAltecon TV: Tilted Kilt president is an 'Undercover Boss' http://t.co/JVfDZZlZ

WhatRULooking4 - Paula Broadwell - Mike Brown - Tilted Kilt - Walmart Black Friday 2012 - World War Z - The Voice - Brooke Burke…

GodBlessAmericR Paula Broadwell, Mike Brown, Tilted Kilt, ...: Paula Broadwell Mike Brown Tilted Kilt Walmart Black Friday ...

RuSS_FaTHeR @ThA_bRoOkEsTeR Tilted Kilt is AWESOME

nellcarder TV: Tilted Kilt president is an Undercover Boss http://t.co/ilojKaQD

ChrisBaccardi @Capta1nAmaz1ng nothing beats the tilted kilt

69zo TV: Tilted Kilt president is an Undercover Boss … Paula Broadwell,Mike Brown,Tilted Kilt,Walmart Black Friday 20... http://t.co/e3Ismr5R

Dc0cHaNz Paula Broadwell, Mike Brown, Tilted Kilt, ...: Paula Broadwell Mike Brown Tilted Kilt Walmart Black Friday ...


Tilted Kilt Uniforms? by Ae F Q: What do the Tilted Kilt girls wear? I'm considering applying for a position at a chain that is soon opening in my town. But I don't want it to be as unforgiving as the Hooter's uniforms were.

A: The Tilted Kilt girls are just a variation on the Hooters theme. Low cut revealing blouses that are tied at the midriff. Push up bras showing lots of cleavage. Short pleated skirts and knee high socks. http://phoenix.metromix.com/content_image/full/863654/560/370 If you have a brain you won't want to work at the Tilted Kilt. If all you have to offer them is your breasts and butt then go to the interview. http://watertown.tiltedkilt.com/index.php?itemid=35&task=view&album_id=58&id=403

Ladies why do girls always worry about their bf cheating at...? by E Q: Places like tilted kilt or hooters? Like do girls seriously think it is as easy as 123 for their bf to get one of the waitresses naked in the back room and do it on some frozen beef patties? Cmon

Tilted kilt in Green bay? by QuestionMarkMiss Q: I am going to work at the tilted kilt in green bay this summer hopefully i have an interview...will i make good money? i thought maybe i would b/c it's a block from the green bay packer stadium? What do you think?

A: actually not a bad place to work, but they don't get enough traffic for you to really get rich in a summer.

Calling all Tilted kilt girls? by Audra Q: I just got hired at tilted kilt and need to get a pair of black Mary Janes they have to be 2 inch heels or less! Anyone know a decent place to order some that won't cost me a fortune?!

A: They have a marvelous flick. Wowie zowie! http://www.tiltedkilt.com/

What sports bars or restaurants showing Mayweather vs Ortiz tonight in phoenix AZ? by Jose Q: Anyone know where theyre showing the fight in phoenix AZ?

A: Hooters, Tilted Kilt, BBW. Also you can go right now to AMC Theaters and see some other fights and the Mayweather v Ortiz included

does tilted kilt of grapevine tx have a guaranty for tilted kilt? by Mary Kay Q: did parent company tilted kilt sign a guarantee for tilted kilt og grapevine

A: Not sure what you are asking

A question about the Restaurant business? by Josh Martindale Q: Im a busser at Tilted Kilt. I get paid $4.90 a hour plus 2% of all food and alcohol sales. When I get paid 2% of food and alcohol sales I don't get that money until the next day I come in. And the problem is that it comes in a white envelope with no sales receipts just cash. I said I need copies of sales receipts for now on. Would this bother you??

A: Not at all. You want proof that you're actually getting what is owed to you. Management should have some level of accountability. If they make a fuss, take it to the labor board!

Ladies why do girls go to places like ...? by D Q: Hooters, tilted kilt, strip clubs, etc? I understand if they're with guys, but I see girls go with other girls

A: Maybe they have rape fantasies.

What are some good restaurants/bars/nightclubs to work at in Chicago? by Alyssa R Q: I'm 19, which is old enough to serve alcohol in Chicago. This summer, a friend and I will be moving there. I have bar experience (currently work at a sports bar) and am certified to serve alcohol. What are some good restaurants, bars, and/or nightclubs where I could be a waitress, cocktail waitress, or shot girl? I want a nice, busy place where I'll make good money.

A: UPDATED: I don't know if your young age would still be a factor, but you could start looking at popular chain restaurants and/or places that attract tourists. They are more likely to have plenty of customers. For example, T.G.I.F. (http://www.tgifridays.com/ ), Rock Bottom Brewery (http://www.rockbottom.com/ ), Uncle Julio's Hacienda (http://www.unclejulios.com/locations.html ), Lalo's (http://www.lalos.com/indexhome.html ), Applebee's (http://www.applebees.com ), Cheesecake Factory (http://www.thecheesecakefactory.com/bar/bar ), Grand Lux Cafe (http://www.grandluxcafe.com ), Hard Rock Cafe (http://www.hardrock.com ), Landry's Restaurants (http://www.landrysrestaurants.com/pages/restaurants/pg_restaurants.htm ), Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants (http://www.leye.com/ ), Bennigans (http://www.bennigans.com - has had some health violation issues in the past) and Cubby Bear (http://www.cubbybear.com/daily-specials/ ). Even some movie theaters - like the new Kerasotes ShowPlace ICON (http://www.kerasotes.com/Showtimes.aspx?OptionTheater=Go&TheaterSearch=8146 ) - have trendy bars now. See a list here of "hardcore" sports bars - http://www.centerstagechicago.com/bars/styles/hardcoresports.html . See a list here of bars that are more social - http://www.centerstagechicago.com/bars/styles/socialsports.html . You could try working at sporting places like 10-pin Bowling Lounge (http://www.10pinchicago.com ), Lucky Strike Lanes (http://www.bowlluckystrike.com/ ), and Dave & Busters (http://www.daveandbusters.com/ ). The Tilted Kilt seems to be expanding in the area (http://www.tiltedkilt.com ), although you'd probably have to wear a very skimpy outfit. There are stretches of bars in Andersonville, Lakeview, Bucktown/Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, Beverly (Western Ave.), scattered around Magnificent Mile & the Loop, and near North Ave. & Clybourn. You should search for actual "waitress" and "bartender" job listings via sites like Craigslist (http://chicago.craigslist.org ), Indeed (http://www.indeed.com/ ), Oodle (http://jobs.oodle.com ), SimplyHired (http://www.simplyhired.com/ ), Monster (http://monster.com ), and Careerbuilder through the Chicago Tribune newspaper site (http://www.chicagotribune.com/classified/jobs/ ). You should research places thoroughly before applying - somewhere like Coyote Ugly Saloon (http://www.coyoteuglysaloon.com/ ) might not work for you.

Do people think that most girls that work at Hooters or Tilted Kilt are fake acting? by Q:

A: Of course they are, they want good tips.

What is a restaurant similar to hooters in the greater chicago area that is stirring up controversy? by Matt Q:

A: The Tilted Kilt in Evanston.

Are there any sushi restaurants in walking distance of any movie theaters anywhere in Jacksonville Fl? by Jobby Banks Q: Of all the movie theaters in Jax are there any sushi places in a walking distance.

A: IIRC, there's one on the strip mall just north of Tinseltown (the one containing the Mellow Mushroom and across from the Tilted Kilt.)

Where to take my daughter for her 21st birthday in San Diego? by christie Q: My daughter lives in San Diego and I am coming in town for her 21st birthday. Since I don't know the area, I was looking for some suggestions on places to go downtown. We were thinking maybe eating light or just having nice desserts and then going out drinking. What are some good places to go downtown for a 21st?

A: Let's see for me downtown would be Gas Lamp Quarter and probably Croce's or maybe The Tilted Kilt...

Why is this bothering me (psychologist/therapists help)? by Jack Q: So me and my friend went to a restaurant called the tilted kilt about a month ago. I did not enjoy it and felt awkward the entire time. Now a month later I still can't stop thinking about it. For some reason every day I can't stop reliving it and I don't know why. Please help me get past this and not have to be constantly thinking about it

I applied at tilted kilt & have to have a 2nd interview. Is this normal or does it mean im not likely 2B hired? by ZoomZoom Q: Answer only if you worked there or know someone who has and asked them. Had to internet talk on the question to make it fit.

Tilted Kilt Waitress Question? by AN Q: I heard that (at least the Tilted Kilt out here) has a set size uniform and if you do not fit into it, you will not be considered for employment. If so, what size girls usually work at Tilted Kilt? Is a size 2/4 too big?

A: I have been to a few and the size of the girls ranges pretty good. I would say they go up to a 8/10 but the girl that waited on me last time was a large skirt which she said was close to her jean size similar. Good luck, I hear that the audition is the most intense part. The girl who waited on me said it took almost 45 minutes.

Does anyone know if the tilted kilt pub and restaurant drug tests for employment? by joseph Q: I got a surprising call back from them yesterday about a job and in the last couple days I probably smoked a good doobie or two.

What reasons would a guy have to want to go to hooters/tilted kilt if...? by E Q: He already has a girlfriend?

A: smorgasbord

Are any bars in san diego showing the mayweather/marquez fight this sat? by dnyboy86m Q: i called the tilted kilt and they said they were goin to be showing the mma fight instead of the mayweather/marquez fight. Does anybody know a bar showing the fight? how do i get box azteca? i have cox. i'm goin for marquez also!

A: just watch it on box azteca and throw a party... viva mexico go marquez!!!! edit- well if you got a tv with an antenna somewhere, you can watch it on channel 21, or you can just disconnect the wires in the back for the fight and then reconnect them after

Where is a good Irish Pub for St.Patricks Day in Northwest Indiana? by Squakrock Q: i know of TJ Maloneys and Tilted Kilt but where are other places.

A: There aren't many around. Bennigan's Warsaw 2521 E. Center St. Warsaw, Indiana 46580 Bennigan's features a menu with typical American fare and Irish twists, including appetizers, sandwiches, and steaks. Its most popular menu items over many years include the Monte Cristo sandwich, Broccoli Cheese Soup, Broccoli Bites, and Death by Chocolate. Restaurants also feature a full bar, with many varieties of beer available. While the premise of the restaurant was an Irish Pub, the only Irish offerings were chicken, steak, and hamburgers served with a Guinness glaze and sauce, as well as menus sporting green lettering. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bennigan's http://www.northwestindiana.com/dining.htm http://valparaiso.indiana-services.com/food-dining/restaurants/

Does a waitress have to be super skinny to work for Tilted Kilts? by cat lover Q: I went to a few of them and noticed that the girls all look very skinny and look very young. Plus I dont think my boobs will fit the small tops LOL

A: you don't have to be super skinny. just fit enough to keep the customers busy if you know what i mean lol.

what would you wear to an interview? by ~LeIsH~ Q: its a bar job, specifically at the tilted kilt. they wear uniforms, or lack of lol. its like a skanky school girl outfit. so... im confused on what to wear.

A: Slacks and a nice blouse will give the impression you are serious. Go light on makeup and let your personality shine. First impressions are taken very seriously.

Ladies, am i a jerk for thinking this way? by Dav Q: Last night i was at a place called Tilted Kilt. Basically the same concept as Hooters but irish themed. The girl got to talking to me and after some conversation, she said she's planning on going to PA school. Am i a jerk for laughing inside? I mean here's this girl half naked with her boobs in my face thinking she's going to be a doctor's assistant...am i a jerk to think that she's just gonna drop out and go into exotic dancing?

A: She's just doing it for the money to pay for tuition...college tuition is very high. Maybe that's the only job she can get right now. I wouldn't exactly say you're a jerk, maybe just not that open-minded.

Getting a job at the Tilted Kilt (Chicago)? by lexi1892ixel Q: So I am interested in getting a job at the Tilted Kilt in Chicago but I am not sure where to start and the website wasn't very informative. It said something about a 'Casting Call' I believe and didn't give any information about what that would entail as far as clothing, interview requirements etc. So if you work at or have worked at a Tilted Kilt I would love it if you could give me some information. Thank you. -Lex

A: just go there and ask them those questions

If the Tilted Kilt is not currently Hiring should I go in to speak to a manager anyway? by Taylor Q: they are not currently hiring at the one closest to me but im not sure if i should go in and speak to them anyway. or if i should wait until they are hiring again. but it could be awhile. Help! i dont know what to do.

A: Some places do not advertise that they are hiring, because this looks unprofessional. If you go in and talk to the manager about it, he may consider it. Possibly he/she may have a slacker for an employee, and are looking for someone to replace them. Try it, it can't hurt. If anything, they might recommend you to a different store that IS hiring. I hope I could help!

what is the name of the flogging molly song in the tilted kilt ad? its driving me crazyyy? by Jimmy Q: i just saw the stupid ad for the pub while downloading some mods from tesnexus.com and it plays a flogging molly song in the background, ive heard the song before but i cant place it to save my life. anyone heard it before?

A: I found one with Dropkick Murphys. Is this the one you mean? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRAYcg-Fs-I Sorry I don't know the name of the song right off. Good luck finding out.

Is it weird that I feel uncomfortable with my boyfriend going to places like the tilted kilt and hooters? by Boo Q: I mean, I'm a cute girl. Am I just being insecure by having issues with this? Shouldn't I be enough to look at?

A: Alot of women feel strange going to places like that. but if you are secure in your relationship then you have nothing to worry about. Just because those skinny girls look good in a skirt doesn't mean your guy is going to dump you for one of them. I went to the Tilted Kilt recently and couldn't help but stare at all the boobs! even though i'm totally straight.

How much do hostesses at the Tilted Kilt make? by Samantha Q: I just got a job as a hostess and I was wondering how much they make hourly.

A: What state are they in? Well, regardless, unless you have a ton of experience, you'll start at the minimum wage they can pay servers, which in some states is an astounding 2-3 dollars! But you'll make up for that with tips Good Luck !!

How are you suppose to sit with a kilt on? by Josh D Q: This question is for MEN who wear a kilt. If you are "going commando" how do you sit down so that no one can see you package?

A: The first thing you want to try to do is "tilt" or "thrust" your hips forward slightly in one smooth motion and swing the pleats forward, just as you sit. This action takes a bit of practice and requires good timing. The idea is that the kilt should be swinging toward the back of your legs as you sit. The second thing you want to is sweep your hand from the apex of your buttocks toward the back of your knees in one smooth motion, smoothing your pleats as you sit. Both of these actions combined, can be done quickly, easily and without drawing attention. The end result will have you sitting on your smoothed out pleats and will be more comfortable and cause less wrinkling to the back of your kilt. Once you are seated, the front apron of your kilt should fall down between you legs as you spread them, particularly if you are wearing a sporran. If not, nonchalantly place you hand in your lap to weight down the apron enough to close the gap. Just from my experiences, and hearing horror stories, it's best not to go commando or regimental if you are going to be sitting around kids. Especially kids you do not know. Best to wear underwear in these occassions because if you ever get the wrong parent, at the wrong time, you might get a visit with the local cops from a complaint as they will not understand if you accidentally flash a child. There will not be any excuses, and many see wearing the kilt outside formal occasions as a little weird, so it will not be hard to make you look like a pervert, among a jury of your peers who will not really understand kilts, and will often stereotype them just for Scots, in Scotland. There are many American men who wear Kilts, and even watch Yahoo Y&A.

How much do Tilted Kilt girls make a night in tips? by Anna Q: Please answer, I'm interested in the job because it's near by.

A: $150...

Restaurants where servers where cute outfits? by Jennifer Q: What restaurants are there where the girls wear cute outfits? i only know of hooters and the tilted kilt.. any others? they dont have to be show all outfits like hooters but any other restaurants where the dress code isnt button up shirts with ties?

A: Hooters

Who prefers The Tilted Kilt over Hooters? I think The Kilt has much better food.? by Mark C Q: If you've never heard of The Tilted Kilt, look it up and try it. I think Hooters is on the way out.

A: I've never been to TK, there's one here in town, and I haven't been to the Hooters in my town either. I know I know! I just haven't gotten around to it. But, I've heard that the food is better at TK but that the TK chicks here are fat so Hooters is better if you're just gunna drink, but TK is better if you're just gunna eat.

How many theme bars are there? by Tantaquenisha T Q: What are all of the theme bars like hooters, benchwarmers and tilted kilt , etc. are there

A: Oh hun there are too many to list. What you have listed are franchises... Do you know how many theme bars that are out there that aren't huge chains, just single businesses? There are THOUSANDS across the United States Alone. Think about it. Also you could consider strip clubs with alcohol as theme bars as well as all manner of themed restaurants that have alcohol, privately run party barges, etc. If you figure that in you'd have way more than you can imagine.

Is it really wrong to work at a place like the Tilted Kilt? by Hockey girl Q: One of my friends works there and she says she can get me a job as well. But is it really bad working there? She says she makes great tips sometimes $300 on a good night. It's not like you are stripping or anything but the thing is I need a job right now and one that pays good but is it a good job to have? For those of you who don't know the titled kilt is a place like Hooters, you know a regular restaurant but however the waitresses wear skimpy outfits.

A: oh hell no. it is all eye candy and if you can deal with that, have at it.

Should I go to the tilted kilt? by Bill Q: We have a gift card for the tilted kilt and I was wondering if it would be okay to bring my 14 year old son.

A: Sure. While I wouldn't ordinarily go to the Tilted Kilt, if someone gave me a gift card, I'd use it with no qualms about bringing a 14 year old. Yes, the wait staffs' outfits are sexist, but they're not obscene. Just a gimmick.

Should I be mad that my boyfriend wants to go to hooters? by xoxoRileyxoxo Q: He's 17 and he wants to go there with a few of his friends, well he wants to go to the tilted kilt, which is an irish version of hooters. There is no occasion, he just wants to go. He won't admit it's because he wants to look at girls boobs, but he didn't even know what they served there before I told him. Is it normal to be mad about this? or am I being a clingy overreacting protective girlfriend?

are there any other restaurants like tilted kilt and hooters in chicago? by parisha elbert Q: im looking for a job where i can be sexy like the hooter girls and the tilted kilt girls. but im 18

A: Call Harry Delafonte on the east side.

How much profit will I make on these frachises? by anthony Q: Tilted Kilt Firehouse Subs Jimmy Johns 7/11 NAPA or if you have any other that are good to invest in

A: Any profit, if any, would depend on how well the business is run.

My boyfriend may work at Tilted Kilt, I am not too comfortable with it...? by Rachel Q: My boyfriend may work at Tilted Kilt, I am not too comfortable with it, am I being jealous or is this normal? By the way the girls there are halfway naked... I'd be okay with going to eat there with him, because they don't have the chance to get to know him, but working there? Can I get your thoughts? Thank you for all the answers! They are very valid points and I appreciate it! :)

A: It's just a job. After a while he is just going to see them as just a coworker. Plus these girls are smart and would never date someone they work with.

what to do when a guy customer slaps your ass at work ? by Beth Q: I am getting a job at Tilted Kilt, and the costume is a little racy and in the second interview they are going to ask me about what to say when a customer hits on you, or slaps your butt... but I don't what the appropriate response would be... help ?

A: There are laws against this, it's called sexual harassment, so I guess that they would appreciate it if you were honest and said you wouldn't like that. They probably want to know because it must have happened before and the member of staff didn't react in an exceptional manner, first of all you should walk away, don't say anything back in case you cause the wrong reaction, if you were unsure of what to do, then you would report it to your manager as soon as possible so that your manager can take the next step and deal with it appropriately.

Is it virtually impossible to sustain a healthy relationship with a girl who works at a bar/pub? by harlemkid82485 Q: I only asks this because it seems like it would be very difficult. Their work lifestyle is very fast-paced, they likely get hit on almost all the time, and from what Ive heard, majority of them are on drugs. I met this girl at Tilted Kilt, and while I knew it probably was doomed to begin with, I still exchanged numbers with her hoping she would be different. Turns out I was wrong.

What to wear for an open interview at a place similar to hooters? by Chris Q: There's a new place opening called the tilted kilt. You wear a short plaid "kilt" with a plaid bra and a white button down shirt that shows a lot of skin (chest, stomach) what would you wear to an open interview, I'm assuming it wouldn't be your usual interview attire! Ha. Also on the ad it says come "stage ready" for an audition. What's the mean exactly? What can I expect at this "audition"

A: Be ready for anything.

Ladies, why do girls love it when creepy old men hit on them? by Sav Q: I see it all the time. Cute coffee barista girls getting hit on by old men and loving it, hooters/tilted kilt girls chatting up old men, bartender girls etc but girls are always repulsed when guys their age hit on them?

A: First off, if she's a hooters/tilted kilt girl, she's not much of a lady. No offense to those that are or have done this sort of thing, but don't cry when you're not considered to be the sort of thing guys want to bring home to mom. Anyhow, some girls laugh that off as everyone knows its not going anywhere. Some find it flattering. Others find it repulsive. My girlfriend hates it. She was telling me a week ago how she was wierded out by this sort of thing.

How much does a Hooter's waitress make in tips compared to a waitress in a less sexualized restaurant? by BuffoonLagoon Q: How much extra money do girls make in tips (as servers) if they work at a Hooter's/Tilted Kilt/(any other restaurant where you wear a flirty outfit and have to be relatively good looking) compared to if they work at a more family style restaurant such as TGIF's or Applebee's?

A: First of all these places are not "sexualized". Sure the outfits at Hooters, Tilted Kilt, and Winghouse are more revealing than those at TGIF or Applebee's, but that's it, not all the girls at these places are cute. They are, however, family restaurants just like any other place. As far as tips go, I've never worked at a TGIF or applebee's, but it's probably close to the same. I work at Hooters and you still get shitty people that will leave not even a penny for a tip.

Do you think it is wrong for married men to go to Hooters or Tilted Kilt? by Q: I think it is. I mean think about this. Would you be okay with your husband spending the night in the same room with a woman wearing a nighty? ofcourse not, so then why should it be okay for men to look at women, dressed in underwear basically (if you have seen the outfits they wear at Tilted Kilt, then you know it is not much more than a 2 piecce bathing suit with sleeves). These places exploit women and it is wrong.

A: I would say it depends on the occasion. If it's a party for one of his guy friends, then why not? But if he starts going there frequently like every week then yes, I think there's something wrong with that.

Best way to earn tips at the Tilted Kilt? by Jenny Q: I'm just got a job at a Tilted Kilt restaurant and was wondering what was the best way to make the most in tips. I know to be friendly, and to try and get the orders right, and to be as fast as I can, but are there any other tricks I should know? Do I need to be extra flirty?

A: No problem with your looks. Just be friendly. No not flirty, but be fun.

are you allowed to take pictures of the women in the tilted kilt? by grab_a_booty_37 Q: Me and my friends are planning to stop by the Tilted Kilt and wanted to know if you're allowed to photograph the women workers and what rules we should know other than the obvious of not touching or harassing of the woman?

A: There's a law against taking photos against someone's will. You MUST have full permission from the person you are photographing

How much does a waitress at Tilted Kilt make? by Liz S Q: Im talking part time there... I currently get $430 every 2 weeks on umeployment and am just wondering if itd be worth it to start a job like a waitress... Thanks for any advice or facts you may know about waitressing at the Tilted Kilt restaurant. I would rather work there than Hooters by the way.

A: It looks to be less than minimum wage plus tips, not a lot then.

What is the age limit to be able to enter the Tilted Kilt? by Ruben Q: Me and my friends want to go to the Tilted Kilt in Columbus, Ohio but we don't know if there is/or what is the age limit to enter.

A: In Louisiana there is no age limit, although I'm sure they wouldn't server a couple of 4 year olds.

how much do tilted kilt girls make in tips? by shopacholiccc Q: I just got a job at the tilted kilt. i plan to work mainly on the weekends, friday and saturday nights. how much should i expect to make in tips?? do people tip tilted kilt girls (or hooters girls, etc.) more than servers at other places?

A: Provide good, friendly, prompt service and the TIPs will take care of themselves.

TILTED KILT Columbus Tilted Kilt opening 2010 Tilted Kilt Calendar Girls Video HD 2012 Tilted Kilt Girl Calendar Denver Tilted Kilt Opens Interview with Heather from The Tilted Kilt - May 11, 2012.mov One Drunk Night at Tilted Kilt!! Tilted Kilt Girls Bikini Video The Tilted Kilt, Charlotte Tilted Kilt #35 Opens in Temecula CA Tilted Kilt 'Attraction' Are You Smarther Than The Girls From The Tilted Kilt? Tilted Kilt on Undercover Boss! Tilted Kilt Show.wmv tilted kilt Tilted Kilt Pro Football Pickem Contest - Week 9 Tilted Kilt Distraction Tilted Kilt MMA Fight Team Night at San Diego Tilted Kilt / Corry Weller Pro 4 Highlights from Vegas 2012 Tilted Kilt, Psycho Piper, St James' Gate Week 4: Tilted Kilt Girls vs Craig Fouhy Pro Football Picks Shindy.TV | Tilted Kilt opens on St. Patrick's Day 2008 Tilted Kilt - Arnold, MO - Fox 2 Morning Show Tilted kilt car show 8/20/11 FVI Style Tilted Kilt Pro Football Pickem Contest - Week 7 The Tilted Kilt At The Phoenix Open 2011 Tilted Kilt 2009 Photo Shoot Video Tilted Kilt Louisville Pre-Grand Opening Tilted Kilt White Marsh Md. Tilted Kilt Pro Football Pickem Contest - Week 15 1DOWN MC @ TILTED KILT LBC Tilted Kilt Girls with Chuck and Matt (low audio).MOV Tilted Kilt 'Mirage' Tilted Kilt, Amazing Grace, St James' Gate Tilted Kilt Interview - Server ARRA - Tilted Kilt - 092510 - Journey - Don't Stop Believin Tilted Kilt Pro Football Pickem Contest - Week 8 Tilted kilt car wash kennesaw Tilted Kilt Brand Essence Vid. Tilted Kilt Pro Football Pickem Contest - Week 13 Tilted Kilt Bagpipes Tilted Kilt Orlando University Blvd Commercial MMA Tilted Kilt, ABC 15 Sports Sunday Tilted Kilt 2008 Calendar Photo Shoot 321 Stereo @ The Tilted Kilt Temecula - 'Heaven' Tilted Kilt Pro Football Pickem Contest - Week 10 Tilted Kilt.mov Tilted Kilt Tampa bay's new Years resolution Tilted Kilt I Drive Orlando Commercial.avi Tilted Kilt - JammSammich - Hula Hoop
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