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The voice season 2 winner

'The Voice' finale: And season 2 winner is...
The Season 2 winner of "The Voice" has been crowned: Jermaine Paul, of Team Blake, snatched the win away from Team CeeLo's Juliet Simms, Team Adam's Tony Lucca and Team Christina's Chris Mann in the "Voice" live finale Tuesday.

The Voice Recap: Season 2 Finale – Winner Crowned 5/8/12
by Noah Johnson on May 08, 2012 | Leave a Comment This evening “The Voice” is back on for the second time this week and this is the final show of this season. Last night we saw the final four contestants perform for the last time this season and they ...

Justin Bieber Performs “Boyfriend” On 'The Voice' Finale: Watch
Before The Voice could crown its Season 2 winner, we were first gifted with a live performance by Justin Bieber of his first Believe single “Boyfriend”. The Canadian crooner took the stage by emerging out of a smoke-filled flourescent light tunnel (or ...

Justin Bieber, Lady Antebellum and More to Perform on THE VOICE Season 2 ...
On a night when the winner of "The Voice" is crowned, the biggest stars in music are set to perform on the season two finale tonight, May 8 (9-11 pm ET) on NBC. The stellar lineup includes the following award-winning musicians: As previously announced, ...

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aliciabh RT @NBCTheVoice: And the winner of season 2 is the extraordinary @JermainePaul! We believe you can fly and do anything with THAT VOICE! #TeamBlakeFTW

virtusolutions The Voice finale: And season 2 winner is... http://t.co/tpcSizTV

SoChrisRock And The Winner of 'The Voice' Season 2 Is… - YAHOO! http://t.co/zvZXpg7H

plaucio Gostei de um vídeo do @YouTube http://t.co/MlRtKlLm THE VOICE SEASON 2 WINNER IS... JERMAINE PAUL

VickiArkoff 'The Voice' finale: And season 2 winner is... http://t.co/wiU3TbCH @LATimesEnt

ThePittifulNews "The Voice" announces season 2 winner though based on recent ratings, the show's new 3rd season title will be 'The Muzzled Whimper'.

mimihutcherson RT @NBCTheVoice: And the winner of season 2 is the extraordinary @JermainePaul! We believe you can fly and do anything with THAT VOICE! #TeamBlakeFTW

RealXtina_News 'The Voice' Names Season 2 Winner http://t.co/VLCJWTMA

dssynrsln RT @NBCTheVoice: And the winner of season 2 is the extraordinary @JermainePaul! We believe you can fly and do anything with THAT VOICE! #TeamBlakeFTW

fridashane & the winner is of season 2 @NBCTheVoice #TheVoiceFinale JERMAIN PAUL!!!! WOOOO CONGRATS! Amazing voice! <3

KrabbyPatty20 "The winner of Season 2 of The Voice is... JERMAINE PAUL!!!"

LATimesEnt 'The Voice' finale: And season 2 winner is... http://t.co/SKqvTzs9

axlkiper Jermaine Paul is the season 2 winner of The Voice. Congrats Blake!

LittleRiyah RT @NBCTheVoice: And the winner of season 2 is the extraordinary @JermainePaul! We believe you can fly and do anything with THAT VOICE! #TeamBlakeFTW

TheArlouKier 'The Voice' Names Season 2 Winner (Hollywood Reporter): Share With Friends: | | Top News - Entertainment News,... http://t.co/jpEwxrhx


Why does Ellen DeGeneres keep inviting Kris Allen on her show? by Lois Griffin Q: He already performed on her show during the 6th season........... and now, in the 7th season, he made his 2nd appearance on her show. Ellen's supposed to be a gay rights activist........She was a major voice behind the "No on prop 8" campaign...... ................the last thing the gay community wants to see is the man who single-handedly prevented us from having the 1st openly-gay American Idol winner. and to add insult to injury, she invited him on her show to talk about: His marriage. His marrriage! Whoop-dee-do! A heterosexual marriage. Thanks for reminding us once again that we do not have equal rights. Don't get me wrong; Ellen is an asset to the gay community. God bless her for all that she's done. but being gay herself, she should know better than to do things like this. p.s. Adam Lambert is performing on Letterman tonight.

A: Don't be too mad.......... Ellen also had Adam Lambert on her show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTAweRNHKLo and Adam Lambert will be on her show again December 1st.

American Idol or Glee? Which do you prefer? by Q: I used to love American Idol before they screwed up the judging panel in Season 8. However, I have recently quit watching the show and now watch Glee in its place for the following reasons: 1) I have tried out for American Idol TWICE and not gotten past the producers rounds. And it is very obvious that the show is fake and rigged and almost impossible to get on there, unless you have "stage presence" and an amazing voice, or are delusional and a terrible singer, and sometimes even THOSE won't guarantee you a spot on the show. 2) The last 4 winners were all white males: David Cook (i still think David Archuleta shoulda won! lol), Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, and Scotty McCreery. 3) I can watch Glee every season and my favorites NEVER get voted off! :D Plus it's a WHOLE lot funnier! :D 4) While Idol is fake and rigged, and even though alot of things that Sue Sylvester does in the school would actually get her fired in real life (lol), alot of the things that happen to the characters on Glee are actually based on real-life events, like when Kurt sang "Defying Gravity" because in real life, Chris Colfer actually wanted to sing that song at his school, but they wouldn't let him. And most of the other cast claims that Lea Michele really is super bossy and conceited in real life, just like her Character Rachel. I actually started watching American Idol in Season 5, then watched it all the way through Season 9, and when S9 was going on, I didn't watch Glee back then. I knew what it was, but i was still more of an Idol-ite. lol It wasn't until this past October that one of my friends turned me onto Glee, and I instantly became captivated with it, so I decided to buy the complete first Season. In time, I soon became a complete and total Gleek (and i love it!) :D And while American Idol's ratings are higher than Glee's, I think Glee is a much better show and I think American Idol is getting old and overrated and needs to be cancelled. Plus i watched one episode of The Voice: SO much better than Idol..

A: I prefer Glee im so over American Idol its just gotten old for me and all the right ppl always get voted off

Who will end up being the big success, David Cook or David Archuleta from Am. Idol? by johnnyguit Q: The winner and runner up of American Idol are David Cook and David Archuleta; aka Archie! To be honest, in the very beginning of the season when I heard Archuleta sing for the 1st time I was pretty blown away by his sheer expertise and silky smooth yet soulful voice and his feel for his music is just so natural! He's a true prodigy I'm sure! And at such a young age! (Can you even imagine how great he'll be by say age 23!! Anyways as a lifelong musician/vocalist I told everybody I knew that D. Archuleta was going all the way when I 1st heard him so when it came down to just the "2 David's" I was kinda heartbroken when D. Cook won it!! So that's why I asked this question because to me D. Archuleta has the most mass appeal power! And a way better vocalist as where D. Cook is more of a versatile rocker type. Don't get me wrong I think D. Cook is great to, it's just that he's different than Archie! Archuleta will still be the champion when it all play's out! Go Archie! See how many agree.

A: I think David Archuleta is going to have a better career because he doesn't have to follow whatever the people from AI tell him to do for a year or more and he already signed a contract w/ Sony or something for like a million dollars for now. &&& and he has the AI contract for the tour. So, I think he is goning to have a better career. DAVID COOK MAINSTREAM!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA DAVID ARCHULETA=MASSIVE TEEN HEARTTHROB!!!! P.S. I didn't really care who won, I loved them both.

who are the top twenty nba players of all time? by Q: please justify your answers,. don't spam and note: i am comparing your answers with my answers and slam magazines 02 opinion, so you should include your comparisons between your thoughts, mine, and slam magazine and again rationalize your answers. this is slam magazines 1.Michael Jordan 2.Wilt Chamberlain 3.Oscar Robertson 4.Bill Russell 5.Magic Johnson 6.Larry Bird 7.Kareem-Abdul Jabbar 8.Jerry West 9.Shaquille O'Neal 10.Julius Erving 11.Elgin Baylor 12. Hakeem Olajuwon 13.Karl Malone 14.Bob Petitt 15.John Havlicek 16.Moses Malone 17.Isiah Thomas 18.John Stockton 19.Charles Barkley 20.Walt Frazier, mine is bill russell, greatest winner ever, defense, team, the only important thing in sports is winning and russel won more than any other. The other celtics didnt make russel, he made them. russels teamates used to psyche out the other team when they were on the brake by yelling i got him in an imitation of russels voice, prompting the opposing players to become so paniced that they missed what were really wide open layups. No other player has inspired such fear. The won person who truly understood russels value was the smartest man ever involved in basketball, red auerbach. He was one of the few who really understood how great russell really was. Russel himself was definately the smartest player in nba history, hahamicheal jordan. And an underrated athlete with great hops and foot speed. He played through injuries, always showed up, and cared more than anyone but perhaps red himself jordan: for the reasons everyone knows, 6rings, great athlete, great scorer, smart, super clutch, super dedicated, a smarter more physically talented more clutch kobe in an era when a kobe/jordan like player had never been seen before. globalized the nba. oscar robertson at 3, a smaller bird with slightly less shooting touch, he is the only person to average a triple double over a season and came close many times. he won a championship and would have won more if he had had more than one good supporsting player. People talk about bringing it all in big games,. because robertsons teams were often so bad he had to bring it every game to win. The greatest all round player in the nba ever. wilt chamberlain at 4. he wasnt higher because he was constantly beat out by russel for championships and much of his succes resulted from a league that allowed him from hsi great stature to simply drop the ball in the basket. Still, he almost always brought it and his statistical accomplishments and sheer presence warrant him a spot at number 4. I tie magic and bird for a 5/6 combo. They were both triple double machines and played with heart and championship, made their teams infinitely better, were ultimate team players who played within a system, and some of the greatest clutch players of all time on some of the best teams of all time. Although magic may have been slightly so skiled they comprised the parthenon of basketball in their eras and any two guys of about 68+ who could between them score 30, post triple doubles, shoot gamewinning threes and hooks, win i htink 8 champs and revolutionize the league belong. Magic was the most confident baller of the glitzy period and bird would have played longer if he wasnt the classic dive to the floor play through injuries by any means necessary ball of toughness. Also, any dude who can one: ask his teamates if they want to win in a clutch game and after recieving a yes, tell them that to do that they have to get out of his expletive way (bird) and then win the game and after being questioned how do you do that, reply, oh that, i do that all the time, and say that truthfully, is one of the greatest players of all time. next on the list are kareem: championships, scoring alltime title, longevity, toughness, and showing up in big games, one of the best skilled big men in nba history, if not the best, jerry west and john hondo havlicek are tied because they both partially embodied clutch, constant effort, go to guy, toughness, and constant offense. Many championships spanning 2 eras. jerry was the only player ever to win a nba finals mvp while playing on the losing team. enough said. havlicek supplied westlike gamewinners, scoring, defense, constant hustle, and the most amazingly athletic and stamina gifted guard of that era. finally, since this has been so long, ill just rank olajuwon last on the high list: multiple time champ, most athletic big ever, and thats not just leaping and speed, thats coordination and grace. Monster scorer and rebounder and defender/shotblocker. if you arent sold on that, go to a video site and watch the complete rockets versus spurs playoff series where the dream matched up against all time great ben robinson. If thats not abuse i dont know what is. what he did to robinson during big bens own mvp year should have been illegal and in this era probably is. actually, ill add tim duncan because of his consistency, skill longevity, and guys, kobe won 3 rings as a supporting player. Its nothing when one team has the two best players in the league and all the best roleplayers. I think that in the end of his career he will probably be like 20 or 15 if he wins a champ or two alone. the truth here is he just isnt great great. He is very smart player, can carry a team, one of the most complete offensive players in recent history, a very good clutch player, and a quality perimeter defender. Still, as youll see, i ussed the adjectives very and good and one of the best. He is not yet worthy of the adjective "great" or greatest" in five years he may be. kobe is better than frazier in individual skill and possibly even as a winner. Lebron is not better than havlicek. He is an athletic freak still developing a skill game. He is a highly overrated defensive player, especially on ball. He is a very good scorer but he is not yet, lethal in clutch, although he is very good. Also his team just blew the eastern conference finals against what is only a pretty good team. It was not hsi fault but he has won nothing. He may end up being thought of as super barkley with no real win related accolades. Hovever in 15 years he may be the greatest of all time. But as of now legacy wise john havlicek makes him look like a clown. Its not really about skill or talent after a certain level. Once u reach htis level, its about rings. by the way the only crime is putting shaq anywhere near top ten. All he did is lower his shoulder and dunk the ball. His succes was the result of physical gifts completely, not skill or dedication ro mindset. Hi is a very good player but top ten, who the heck are we kidding. Thats like saying phil jackson is a better coach than red auerbach. Red Auerbach was a genious, phil is the designated babysitters of grown mens egos. jordan, kobe, and shaq. skk, kobe at 7 is a joke as ive already expressed. also, i dont care for stockton because he didnt win anything. also ranking russel, the greatest WINNER in sports history at 6 or 7 is a crime. whats the most important aspect of sports. winning, whats the goal, winning, who won, by any means necessary. Russel. Also pippen doesnt deserve top 50, maybe top 75, i dont care if he played with and supported micheal. He couldnt be the best player on a champ team. And he could only max 23 and 8. very good player, heavily overrated. I like having drexler, i also like that u moved shaq back, alhtough id probably send him further also, ben robinson is definately a spectacular player, but duncan is in the conversation for best winning pf of all time. Robinson, mr. "the admiral" was great but duncan has surpassed him in legacy. also, i dont think i could ever include mikan, although he was the nba's first great star and first great big man, he was a limited player, he belongs at something like 30. All i know is that if he had russel or wilt or even duncan on him, he would have been ineffective on offense and his only defensive tool was size, although defense wasnt really important in that era, russel really revolutionized the importance of d. He also invented any form of defense that involves leaving your feet, practically inventing the modern shot block and paint contest. At this piont in time players are so lazy they cheat and leave their feet more often than they need to. Im sick of hearing about shaq except maybe on VERY EDGE of 20, overrated waste of talent. Could have been best player ever. Instead he was the best player in a weak league. a very good player, not a great one. when i think of shaq i feel depressed. If he had worked out, worked in the offseason, improved freethrows and mid range jumper, in continuation, shaq could have been the most dominant, multitalented big men ever, maybe best player ever. Instead hes a hasbin who got by on monumental talent. If he learned all the facets of the game, worked, kept in shape, and really wanted to win/wasnt a headcase he could have 30 all star nods, 30 all nba 1st teams, 15+scoring and rebounding titles, league leader in fg % and blocked shots regularly, defensive player of the year at least 3 times, maybe a 8 or 10 time champ. Shaq was constantly put on teams with good surrounding talent. He could have been zues in terms of greek mythology, zues after he vanquished the titans. Instead he was an equisitly gifted water nimph with with anyone else is spectacular succes. With him though, it is mediocre. oh, by the way i forgot kareem. He should be somewhere between 3 and 7. one of the alltime greats. Never gets enough credit. not the greatest player of all time, probably not 3rd, but could be at best a very borderline bias 2, 50/50 3, legit 4, overqualified 5-7.

A: no pete maravich ?...well..maybe your right..he's the greatest in college,pros is different. kobe is better than walt frazier lebron james is better than havlicheck

Do you think Lee will win American Idol? by Lea Q: Vote for the worst just picked Lee as their new guy. So, if Lee wins it will be a huge VFTW victory. That website usually does not pick the constestant that the judges are pimping so this is going to be interesting. This is why they said they picked him. I could not agree more (this is an article from Vote for the worst website): Well, we tried to get Casey into the finale and it didn't happen. But great try, everyone. Now that we're down to Crystal and Lee, VFTW just has to take sides. Honestly, we can't go wrong, as both of the final 2 will not become pop stars. They may both rival Taylor Hicks as the worst winner. But we've chosen a side for the finale... Lee, the off-key paint salesman. At first glance, this may seem odd since the judges are having spontaneous orgasms everytime Lee sings. But it's an obvious pick for us. Lee DeWyze has no charisma and absolutely cannot sing on key. We wonder if the judges are playing a trick on America by complimenting a terrible singer to see if people will believe them even in ridiculous circumstances. No one with any taste thinks Lee can sing. It's a proven fact. Look up anyone who is amazed by Lee's voice. Their IQ is probably bordering on the retardation range. Crystal's performances have been great to mediocre all season. Lee is mediocre at best and hasn't had a single performance where he sang every note in the same key. Crystal has about no train wreck potential, but Lee has given us some awful performances (bagpipes and You're Still The One, anyone?) and will probably continue to do so. So the judges love Lee? Let's give the show the third boring, non-threatening white male light rock winner in 3 years. The guy sucks ass, he'll sound terrible during the after show interview segments, he'll put out a terrible album, and he'll make just as much money for Idol as David Cook and Kris Allen have (not much). So even though Crystal would've made a good caricature, the girl actually has talent and we can't support something like that while the awful paint salesman is still around. The best way to help the show die is to give them Lee DeWyze as the winner. He's obviously the worst if you ask anyone, so he has to win. Hey Hearts, hugs and kisses....I have the same right as anybody else to have my opinion. That is what makes life great...not everybody is the same. And I am not the one who wrote that article, VFTW did. Like I would take that much time to do that. I copy and pasted. LOL

A: If folks vote based on talent - then Crystal will win easily. If there is some other criteria for voting she might not.

Who coordinates WWE's matches??+E.W.A Episode 23 Results and rate!!? by RAT3D SMACKDOWN (EWA CEO) Q: WWE or the superstar? ----------------------------------- EWA: The other one got reported. I always save my shows. So reporters you can Suck it! EWA live in portland,OR On THIS Friday EWA Hardcoremania voting will be out until Monday. Then the HM results will be on Tuesday. The results may span into many days. I plan on doing one ot two matches at a time. So Risky and Adams, you are going to have to wait a a long time till your grand match plays out. So this episode will have mostly promos and awards. --------------------------------------… 1.) Fireworks fly ---------------- 2.) Award: Women of the season (presented by Mike Adams and Shazam mcAmazing) MA: "So these are the women who represent EWA, they sacrificed everything." SM:"Not many women are in the wrestling buisness especially EWA!" MA:" But they still came through, and thank you for enrolling in EWA." SM:"Here are the nominees for Women of the season." Nominees: Dark Angel,Cameron hart, Paris,Ms Candylicious SM:"and the winner is......................" MA&SM:"Cameron Hart! Come on out!" (Cameron comes out) CH:" Thank you so much EWA! I love being in EWA and I will forever be. Screw WWE and TNA this is my home. By the way in 48 hours I will still be Women's champ no matter the odds." --------------------------------------… 3.) Video package of HM -------------------------------------- 4.)Award: Match of the season (presented by Prasdana and Rated R john) RJ:" So of course I would know what it takes to put on a good match! since I am the best in the entire universe." P:"I don't really like you saying that. Anyway,the hardcore master is here to present the award for." RJ:"Shut up, Prasdana! No ones needs to hear your dumb voice. Everyone wants to hear mines. Since you all know I'm smokin hot." P:" Sure whatever." RJ:" And the nominees are.........." Nominees:Adam Moon vs. Rob Morrison, Cage of Death:Don vs. Mike Adams, Havoc in a cell: Amazing Adams vs. Billy martin, RVD vs. prasdana P:"and the winner is Prasdana vs. RVD!!!!" RJ:"Hold up, [email protected] Are you mental?? It says The Don vs. Mike Adams!" P:"Fine, whatever." (Adams comes out and John backs up and stares) MA:" Thank you EWA for giving this award...." (Adams grabs trophy and turns around and hits it on John. Adams, pounds on John and then Jessee breaks it up.) J:"Hold up, I've got a main event! its going to be Mike Adams, Prasdana, and Rated R John vs.The Don and Shaun Cold!" --------------------------------------… 5.) Promo:(backsatge) Thawweman:"Hey you(a backstage coordinator). have you seen Amazing Adams??" BC:"No, he's not in his locker room. I didn't see him come in either." TW:"What about Risky?" BC:"Nope, he's taking the night off." TW:" Oh (bleep) Adams is going to do some bull(bleep), to get himself arrested." (TW pulls out his cell phone and calls Adams) TW:"Hey where the hell are you? what? a hotel. NO! don't do anything stupid! I'm on my way to stop you! Camera man follow me." --------------------------------------… 6.)Jack Hunter vs. PM Punk near the end(trying to save space). Jack Hunter was ready to hit the spear. Then he ran.......out of nowhere a RKO! Punk went for the pin. 1.........2.......no! Punk could not believe it. Punk waited for Hunter to get up on his knees then Punk went for the punt. NO!! It missed Hunter capitalized and DDT'd Punk when he turned around. Hunter went to the turnbuckle and was going to do a diving headbutt. But then he slipped Punk got up acting stunned. Hunter got up and jumped but then.....RKO!!!!! "A bloody, vicious rko from Punk. My lord!"1............2..........3!!!! Winner: PM Punk --------------------------------------… 7.) Award: Holy Sh!t moment( presented by The Icon and Moshi Man) I:'Now I know what it takes to create a holy(bleep) moment!" M:"I'm glad I'm in this category, and here are the nominees!" Nominees: Moshi man front flip off ladder, Amazing Adams huge Swanton bomb on Billy Martin, Jessee screws the Don M:"the winner is.........Jessee screws the DON!" I:" here is a the Don!" D:" This award is (bleep)! I don't need this award. Moshi man take it. You deserve it." --------------------------------------… 8.) Award: Rivalry of the season ( presented by Bio-Hazard and Elite) B:" Rivalries have been really intense this season" E:" I've been in alot but sadly I'm not a nominee" B&E: " Now here are the nominees!" Nominees: Risky& Amazing Adams, Don&Mike Adams, Redrum&Adam Moon E:"And the award goes to................ Risky and Adams!" I:"Well Risky nor Adams is here so congrats you guys!" --------------------------------------… 9.) The Don&Shaun Cold vs Mike Adams,Rated R John,Prasdana The Don and Mike Adams started the match. then John and Prasdana stepped in the ring and attacked The Don. Shaun came in but Prasdana got into a fist fight with him. Prasdana and Shaun rolled out of the ring and fought outside. Prasdana raked Shaun's eye and ran off into the crowd.. Shaun grabbed a chair and followed. in the ring Adams and was beat down. jessee came out with a small bag. John threw out Adams. With the help of the John. Jessee DDT'd The Don onto the thumbtacks cutting him open. Then again, Jessee spat in The Don's face. --------------------------------------… 10.)Award: Wrestler of season and breakout star (shown on titration) Wrestler of season: The Don breakout: Shazam McAmazing --------------------------------------… 11.) Thawweman and camera man find Amazing Adams with a long bag standing in front of a hotel room. TW:"Calm down Adams." AA:"NO!" (Adams takes out sledgehammer and breaks door open. Risky is inside sleeping. Adams yells wake up. Risky wakes up and then Adams swings at Risky but misses. Risky slides to a mirror. Adams swings again but hits the mirror. Risky runs out of room and goes to stairs. Adams follows. Risky is in lobby first and grabs a vase. Risky tries to hit Adams with it, but Adams breaks it with the hammer. Adams then hits Risky in the stomach. Adams drops the hammer and grabs Risky and throws him thru the glass hotel door. Adams walks to Risky and punches Risky in his bleeding head. Thawweman pulls him off and grabs him. Adams says you will see hell at hardcoremania.) {Camera cuts as police sirens are heard.} yea I know there was a little of wrestling. Well see you all on Friday!

A: Nice show here lol love the hotel part :D! Hardcoremania should be one hell of a show :D!

My mom is giving me a choice: go to the auditions or go to camp...Which should I go with? by Q: First Choice: "The Next Star" auditions for YTV (Canadian youth/kids network) Ok, so I'm a (asian) guy and I'm 15 this year, which would mean that it would be my final year to be able to audition for a TV show in Canada called "The Next Star" which is similar to American Idol but for youth 15 and under. There are 3 rounds of auditions, the first round being in front of a small producer and if they think you're "star material", they'll let you move on to the next round for an interview with a big producer. Only then if they think you can handle the challenges of a star do they move you on to the Televised auditions with the judges. The judges will vote on whether you make it through or not and from those that they said "yes" to, they'll select 16 of them to participate in the show. During the show, they will narrow it down to 6, with them going to "star school" to learn how to be a star. Now, I don't have the best voice ever (think a mix between Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake) but I have the confidence, the looks, and good social skills. (Winner of last season sucked really badly imo and only made it into the show because of his charisma and looks) I'm mainly going for the experience, but to make it into the actual show itself would be very nice. And it opens you to many contacts in the music industry IF you make it onto the actual show itself, which would be quite useful in pursuing a music career in the future. Second Choice: Military Training Camp with Air Cadets Coincidentally, my Air Cadets Squadron is hosting a three day-2 night "Military Training"-style camp at a open army base situated within a country in the Canadian countryside about an hour and a half away. Just to let you know, it's basically a fun version of boot camp. You get to do activities, sleep in army tents, sample some rations, watch movies, hang out with friends, Marksmanship (with real guns, and one of my favorite and best sports that I don't get to play usually due to city bylaws), basically live like a Canadian Forces soldier would for 3 days. Thanks BTW I really want to go to both and duration for auditions are 1 day (2 days IF I make it to the televised judges) Duration for Military Training Camp is 3 days 2 nights (overnight weekend trip)

A: Personally, if it were me, I would chose the military one. You're doing a good thing for other people plus it's something you want to do. If you ever see yourself going into the armed forces (not sure what they're called in Canada) it would be a great thing to do. However, if you don't really want to make that your future, you should do the other one since that would get you a job.

American Idol season 8 commercials? by tigerkeet Q: Looking to find out what American Idol season 8 preview commercials you've seen (if I've missed any). I have: David Cook Carrie Underwood All previous Idol winners during auditions Rise (1 -- with Jackson saying Welcome to Hollywood and 2 -- with human images looming large in cornfields and cities) The holiday one where there is a TERRIBLE audition And the "Together" one where hopefuls gain golden tickets and the voice over says "Once a year, America comes together for one event..." I also have the Ben Rothlisburger one from last year with the same "dream" theme (I.E. "Dream Big" or "Even ___ can dream" or something) Do you know of any others? If so, can you get me a link to them online so I can watch them? Or can you give me a REALLY detailed description? Thank you all so much!

A: i've only seen the David Cook, the one with terrible auditions and the Together one. sorry that's all i've seen :(

American Idol: My review of the Top 24 Guys? by TonyRockaroni Q: It's that time of year again, where I give my opinion on the live shows of American Idol. Tonight, the top 24 guys gave it their all, and here's how I rank them: 1. Joshua Ledet Holy CA-RAP! Hands down the best performance of the night. Mantasia could definitely win American Idol season 11 after a performance like that. He has arguably the strongest voice in the competition, and is very gifted to put on a performance like that. 2. Colton Dixon This guy has a lot of potential. He proved that he should've been in the top 24 last year instead of Brett Lowenstern like I said last year. His rendition of Paramore's "Code" was incredible, and there is no doubt in my mind that he cluld even be the winner this season. 3. Heejun Han Wow, this guy can sing. He had a great performance tonight, and there should be no reason on this planet why he should not make it into the top 12. He proved that he is a force to be reckoned with, and really surprised me, cause he's the only Asian guy that I can remember that's actually been very consistant and amazing. 4. Jermaine Jones Bringing Jermaine back was 100% the right decision. The gentle giant has so much potential, and he has one of the most unique voices in the compeition. He has the heart, the soul, the passion, the talent, and the voice to go very far in this compeition. 5. Aaron Marcellus Aaron really did a great job with his rendition of "Never Can Say Goodbye", and he he is a genuine entertainer. I think he has a lot of potential, and I do not have any idea why he didn't make the top 24 last season.  6. Reed Grimm Reed is this season's Casey Abrams. He's original, consistant, creative, and has a lot of potential. He proved that he's a real musician, and he should go far in this competition without any problems. 7. Jeremy Rosado Jeremy has a very soft voice, and he had a great performance. It was graceful, beautiful, and soulful. However, his voice isn't that strong, and he might be in trouble because, although he did great, many of the other contestants were better than him. 8. Adam Brock I know Adam has a lot of heart, but he didn't deliver a performance that was outstanding. Over half the contestants had a better performance than him, and I think his dream might be short lived. 9. Eben Franckewitz I was really worried that he'd be like Justin Bieber, but he wasn't as bad as I expected. It was a different song choice, but I think he could've done a lot better than he actually did. I felt like he held back, and I think it cost him the chance to move on to the next round. 10. Creighton Fraker I felt like his performance was too short, and it when the song picked up, the growl didn't fit well with the song and the middle was just average. Also, it felt like he was screaming more than singing, and it wasn't really that good 11. Phillip Phillips Phil has a very unique voice, but I felt like his performance was kacking. It was a bit dull, sort of forgettable, and he went off the melody a bit too much. However, he did show quite a bit of talent and he could advance to the next round. However, if he dkes, he had to start playing to his strength. 12. DeAndre Brackensick This performance reminded me of Brett Lowenstern's performance. He cared more about whipping his hair back and forth than the quality of his singing. There was too much falsetto, and it felt like he was struggling. The first part of the song was also very forgettable. If he makes it through, which I doubt, then he better stop whipping his hair like he's Willow Smith and actually put on a performance where he doesn't struggle or thst seems forgettable. 13. Chase Likens Well, he did show us who he was; a crooner who's singing seems more like talking. His performance was lame, unoriginal, karaoke, and it honestly felt more like talking than actual singing. A beautiful mess? That describes the song pretty well, mostly the mess part. His permance was forgettable, and I think America will soon forget him once he goes home this Thursday. So there's my rankings, but I seriously doubt that they'll be the actual rankings. American Idol, to me, has become a biased popularity contest, which was evidenced by Scotty McCreery wrongfully winning last year. And if DeAndre and Chase advance to the next round, I will be disappointed. Do you agree or disagree with my opinions and rankings? @Hot cocoa Yumm Just barely, but yes. The main reason is because of Phil's song choice. It didn't fit him that well. We already know that six guys will advance to the next round. Here's the five that I am praying for to make it: Colton Dixon Joshua Ledet Heejun Han Reed Grimm Jermaine Jones Here's the guys that I think would be best for the sixth spot: Jeremy Rosado Aaron Marcellus Adam Brock Phillip Phillips (I think he deserves another chance) I wouldn't be too bothered if Eben made it, but if Creighton, DeAndre, or Chase makes it, and one or more of the first five guys don't make it, I will be furious and disappointed that America chose to make American Idol a popularity contest once again instead of a singing contest.

A: I definitely agree that Jason Ledet will make it..he was given a standing ovation and there was a roaring crowd..I have no doubt that Jason will get voted though and that he is the best singer. I do like Colton Dixon and he should make it I like Heejun Han a little bit better and I would put Heejun Han in 2nd place and Colton Dixon in 3rd I love Jermaine Jones he sang this ''Dancing with my father'' wonderfully, he has a rich baritone voice but I wonder if he is a good fit for American Idol...I am absolutely sure he is a great artist but he would be a better choice on the voice or on America got talent and I believe he has a career in singing ahead of him. I do believe Jeremy Rosado is not bad..he has a good voice There were no bad singers at all. Eben for a 15 year old was good and he does not at all sound like Justin Bieber..He looks like a slim version of the boy who plays the kid in ''Two and a half men''. He reminds me of that boy who acts in two and a half men from looking at him..just slimmer and he has a good voice and he can sing..,as can all of them which is why the bar is really set high this year..there are simply no bad performances. Some people will like Deandre but I don't like it when a guy sings like a woman. It is a talent to do what Deandre does and he is a good singer but I like a guy to sing like a guy and a woman to sing like a woman and not sound like a man...but he can carry a tune and he is never out of pitch..so he is good even if it's not my cup of tea to hear high singing like that in a guy... Chase I like him and to me he does look like a young version of Blake Sheldon and not like the guy Steven Tyler looks like and he will be an ok country singer..he is a good looking guy but his performance was not that good..he will not get that many votes..but he could turn into another Blake Sheldon one day if he sang a bit deeper...he reminds me of him look wise..he is tall and he is a country kind of guy.. I believe Reed Grimm is good but for a 26 year old he often acts like a very immature guy when he talks or when he does other things apart from singing...He is an artist and he can play the drums ..and he can sing..he just has to have this weird expression on his face that I don't really care for..but he is definitely a great singer and a good drummer...as I say...nobody there is really bad...they are all good enough to deserve a career in music if they are passionate enough about it..this year those guys set the bar higher than it was last year...for sure and higher than it was for a while! x

Who is your Top 3 for American Idol Season 7? by Sarah Q: My 3 favorites in order are: David Archuleta, David Cook, and Brook White. But i think that the top 2 will be David A, and David C and the winner will be David A!! He's got the best voice of anybody on the show!

A: David A, Michael Johns and after that it really doesn't matter. Maybe David Cook but I don't like his attitude.

Which American Idol winner has the best pure voice? by The Knowledge Doctor Q: Just a fun question about Americas most popular show. Which American Idol has the best pure voice? Not considering looks or charisma. Not considering stage presence or critics favorites. Who do you think has the best pure voice of the American Idol Winners? Please rank them. (and if you wish to add a non-winner as I did, please do so) Here is my opinion; 1 = Clay Aiken ~ SEASON 2 (I know, I know, he didn't win, but I think he is the best singer 2 = Kelly Clarkson ~ SEASON 1 3 = Carrie Underwood ~ SEASON 4 4 = Jordin Sparks ~ SEASON 6 5 = Ruben Studdard ~ SEASON 2 6 = Fantasia Barrino ~ SEASON 3 7 = Taylor Hicks ~ SEASON 5

A: (Most of these weren't WINNERS) Blake Lewis!!! ♥ Carrie Underwood Kelly Clarkson Josiah (future winner) Chris Daughtry Fantasia Barrino

Laarni Lozada is the PDA Season 2 Grand Star Dreamer? by Hannah Q: Yes! Laarni Lozada (previously Losala) is PDA Season 2 Grand Star Dreamer. Congratulations Laarni, really you are my bet among the six top scholars. I am even crying because of the announcement that really you are the WINNER. Keep up your good voice and good attitude. We love you.... from Hannah of Bacoor Cavite

A: I like it that laarni won, if only to spite abs-cbn and those elitist and judgmental scholars (like inaki, bea and miguel) for the way they treated laarni the whole time! I have been pitying the girl since so i voted like a hundred times! Here's the honest word however. I dnt think laarni's talent is all that special. she doesn't even have that voice that i can mentally reconstruct in my silence. it's just not distinctive and the quality is just wanting. So she can belt. Big deal! So can most of the existing female singers! And she can't even do it well enough at this time.. Thing is, when she gets better and perfect her belting style, she will just be one of those belting divas whose glory have been short lived and have never figured into lucrative careers. Where is Dessa or Ella Mae Sayson now, for instance? Here's another problem with laarni: she has no star quality. Im not saying she's ugly, but she just doesnt have that star quality charisma that is a requisite of showbiz staying power. Sarah Geronimo is a good contrast, who, albeit not star-pretty, has that undeniable charm oozing off her... My prediction is this: Laarni's glory will last her two years tops for being commercially inviable. And I am being generous at that! Especially that she hasnt really seemed to have earned the liking of those cannibals in the network. Those people who will populate hell for being greedy and condescending. Let's just hope her emotional fits do not furthermore decrease her glory time as i have the impression that she will, in the course of her career, be fond of invoking a profusion of excuses for mistakes and/or poor exercise of discretion she will likely commit, which will of course be further reason for those who dont like her to not like her more. But thank God, she won! Feels like i've physically slapped the pda-abscbn people, and of course those humbug scholars like inaki, bea and miguel, to my visceral satisfaction!

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