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The talented mr ripley

'Death of a Salesman,' With Philip Seymour Hoffman
That Mr. Hoffman is one of the finest actors of his generation is beyond dispute. His screen portraits, whether in starring roles (like his Oscar-winning turn in “Capote”) or supporting ones (“The Talented Mr. Ripley,” “Boogie Nights”), are among the ...

Stars back domestic violence drive
Ahead of the London launch, the star of The Talented Mr Ripley and Sherlock Holmes said: "I've worked closely with Jeremy for a number of years, travelling to Afghanistan in 2007 and 2008 to document life-saving activities on Peace Day.

Victoria and Albert Museum to Examine Costume Design
Roth, whose portfolio includes “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” “Midnight Cowboy” and Mike Nichols' current Broadway production of “Death of a Salesman,” admitted she is more comfortable working with actors who are interested in developing characters than ...

Great villains of cinema
(Paramount Vantage 2007) Matt Damon in "The Talented Mr. Ripley": He put the sociopath in social climbing. (Paramount Pictures 1999) Kevin Spacey in "The Usual Suspects." (Grammercy Pictures) Laurence Fishburne in "What's Love Got to Do With It": Not ...

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virtusolutions 'Death of a Salesman,' With Philip Seymour Hoffman http://t.co/fOErx9Pa

TootyMcNasty Im pretty sure im watching the talented mr ripley right now #8amskyrim

Meyer_Lori LEARN THIS PHRASE: The Talented Mr. Ripley http://t.co/qufdz6Yk

SneakerJunkie20 Killin shit the ever so talented Mr.Ripley

karen_bradberry @rebekahwho Memoirs of a Geisha,(tho' book is better), In the Mood for Love, L.A Confidential, Fargo, The Talented Mr Ripley,

CYflyguy Killin shit the ever so talented Mr Ripley

Shannon_Lee2 Spring Inspiration: The Talented Mr Ripley http://t.co/HmYi0iaU

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Shannon_Lee2 an adventure in reading: BOOK: The Talented Mr Ripley by Patricia ... http://t.co/FCzvqoFC

kendvia the talented Mr Ripley!!

theguddness the talented Mr Ripley!!

ZackMorris46 I never finish the talented mr. Ripley, I always turn it off after the first part of the boat scene so it's a happy ending. @Dramajunkie09

drinab Watching The Talented Mr. Ripley..such a weird movie but yet I love it

RavennaZane I'm still awake... õ.õ Watching The Talented Mr Ripley.

SincereVega @WeedyBoyDetect watching "the talented Mr Ripley" lead to dwnldg "my funny Valentine" now im chopping it up. #beats .. You?


Help with talented mr ripley? by Heather S Q: What was the author trying to show us. in the fact that She is writing to us in the mind of this crazy obsessed guyy. was she putting sympothy on him? What should the readers feel? any help or comments or even othe r questions would be great thank you!!

A: She definitely didn't have sympathy for him. She wrote it in a way that the reader would understand how sick this person was. He appeared "normal" but would to crazy sick things to "fit in" because he had no personality or Identity of his own.

Question about the Talented Mr. Ripley (novel)? by ub40iz Q: 1.) How is Ripley depicted? Describe him through his toughts and actions, 2.) On the surface the main character is a normal guy, but in this extract he presents a double nature, i.e in the way he becomes Richard Greenleaf. a.) Establish when Tom Ripley is himself and when he is Richard Greenleaf. 2.) What compels Ripley to take on another person's identity? 3.) What impressions of Ripley does the reader ger from the extract? .4.) Tom Ripley could be called an anti-hero, which means that we as readers are seduced by his characters but at the same time repelled by his actions.

A: The Talented Mr. Ripley (1955) is a psychological thriller novel by Patricia Highsmith. This novel first introduced the character of Tom Ripley, who would return in the novels Ripley Under Ground, Ripley's Game, The Boy Who Followed Ripley and Ripley Under Water, known collectively as the Ripliad. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Ripley http://www.bookrags.com/The_Talented_Mr._Ripley : Includes The Talented Mr. Ripley summary, character analysis, themes, style, historical context, critical overview, essays, media adaptations, compare and contrast, topics for further study, and sources.

doesnt the end of the movie the talented mr. ripley imply he wiil get caught after killing peter kingsly? by Q:

A: No, he grows older and moves to France, check out the sequel, Ripley's Game with John Malkovich, also there is a whole series of books, by Patricia Highsmith, good reads

I can't decide over these two movie choices: The Green Mile or Talented Mr. Ripley? by ~ITS ~ ☺♥SEXY♥☺ ⌂TIME⌂ Q:

A: Green Mile

Those of you who saw the Movie,"The Talented Mr. Ripley", a question about a character? by Butterflies in my Stomach Q: I cant remember his name, but the main character who Mr. Ripley impersonated, I found him interesting. Have you ever met anyone, or have anyone in your life, who is similiar to that character in personality?You know all the Men and Women love him,but shouldn't because he isn't a good and decent person. You know a total narcissistic person, that everyone loves,but who has a violent ,uncaring or unstable side. I think I have met a few and thank good I have not let those people in my inner circle. How about you?

A: I've come across a few narcissistic people...

What was the piece of music played on THE TALENTED MR RIPLEY at the San Remo Jazz festival? by gadget_gal606 Q: This is the scene Dickie (Jude Law) tells Tom Ripley (Matt Damon) that he knows Tom has been putting on act all along.

A: Four by Guy Barker/Pete King/Iain Dixon

Clothes worn by Dickie Greenleaf (Jude Law) in "The talented Mr Ripley"? PLEASE HELP!!? by Q: Hi does anyone know a website or shop of some sort where i would be able to buy clothes of the same style as Dickie Greenleaf (Jude Law) from "The talented Mr Ripley"? They were sort of a late 50's to 60's style, Italian silk shirts and what not. If you are not familiar with the movie, i found this website which has a picture, and collage of clothes on it which show the kind of vintage style im looking for: http://fashionfinder.asos.com/mens-outfits/dickie-greenleaf.-72638 Thanks.

A: My first stop would be wikipedia or google for a quick reference. I actually had a similar question not even 5 days ago, but I couldn't find the answer. If it's possible, try getting help from someone with more knowledge/experience/expertise, like a professional if it's possible. This can be pretty important. I saw a forum with this online, but I didn't have time to read it all. Try checking it out. I want to help out more, but I'm not 100% sure about the answer. Sorry I'm not much help. I hope you found your answer! Good luck

what are some philosophy questions one would ask about the movie "Talented Mr. Ripley"? by stephaine l Q:

A: Maybe: Why did [Matt Damon's character] feel he needed to embody Dickie's life rather than his own?

Is the talented mr ripley a good movie? by Q:

A: It has five talented actors in it (Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Cate Blanchett and Philip Seymour Hoffman) but as for an entertaining story, it falls a bit flat. I found it kinda boring. Here's how it rates on RottenTomatoes: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/talented_mr_ripley/

Films similar to 'The Talented Mr. Ripley'? by Thomas Q: Similar in terms of Film Noir-esque murder coverup plots by a single individual (in the vain of 'Crime and Punishment') with farcical logistics, cunning and (preferably) youthful protagonists, and a visceral degree of suspense. Films excluded from recommendation (as I have seen them) include: - A Place in the Sun - Strangers on a Train - Dial M for Murder - Diabolique (1955) - Plein Soleil - The Talented Mr. Ripley - The Man Who Wasn't There - Insomnia (2002) - Secret Window - Match Point

A: http://www.sanmovies.com/movies/Alfie_2004 this is a good movie you can watch it online

In The Talent Mr. Ripley, what is the opera song when Tom is getting ready for Italy? by harry Q: In the Talented Mr. Ripley, what is the opera song playing when Tom Ripley (Matt Damon) is getting ready for the voyage to Italy and is getting picked up by Greenleaf's driver?

A: on the road again

Would the brief nudity in The Talented Mr Ripley(1999) be scarring for a kid around 10 should he/she watch the? by Q:

A: Great movie and no, nudity shouldn't be feared, if anything kids should probably see more of it. It's not teaching them bad lessons and it should help them mature mentally. It won't destroy their innocence, don't stress.

why Matt Damon suck Jude Law's toe in Talented Mr. Ripley, The? by way Q: in Talented Mr. Ripley, The why Matt Damon suck Jude Law's toe when Jude Law sleep i don't get it

A: Matt Damon's character was obessed. Toe suckage goes right along with that. Perhaps it has something to do with the desire to consume every part of his being. Plus Jude Law is hot.

Talented Mr. Ripley thematic question? by Q: The theme of the double, the model, and imitation--the double as ideal model to be imitated--points the way to an understanding of Tom's murder of Dicky in TALENTED MR RIPLEY. The doubling motif also turns Tom into something of an automaton: he kills by his own volition but, like a machine, he does not "start up" his actions but is driven by a force beyond him, one that he cannot mandate (which does not make him any less responsible for his deeds), and that is put into play by the doubling itself--and that is clearly sexual, we know, precisely because Tom's denial of his own sexuality is absolute.

A: Class issues: Tom comes from a modest background, but aspires to the good life that Dickie and his friends have. While Dickie is happy enough to include Tom into his circle of friends, it is with the unspoken understanding that the relationship will last as long as Dickie likes, and as long as Tom can keep him amused. Tom is never welcomed as an equal, and this unequal relationship helps to fuel Tom’s desperation and, perhaps, his deep-seated anger. Homosexuality: It is not stated in the story whether Dickie or Tom is gay, yet Dickie’s relationship with Marge appears to be platonic due to Dickie’s lack of romantic interest. At one point in the story, Dickie becomes overly sensitive to a comment from Marge that Tom is in love with him. He angrily confronts Tom about this, reminding us of the Shakespearian adage about protesting too much. Whether or not the characters are meant to be gay, the attitudes portrayed in the book reflect the 1950s historical setting.

The Talented Mr Ripley - I don't get it? by Jellybeans Q: I just watched the movie the Talented Mr Ripley and I just don't get the ending. What happened? Did he kill that guy? or was he just obsessed with him too? or What the crap!? Ergh!! I JUST DON'T GET IT!! Can someone please explain the ending to me. Thanks

A: Tom kills Peter because he knows that his identity will be revealed sooner or later. Also, Tom kills all of his lovers because he doesn't want them to find out who he really is inside (a bad person) because then they wouldn't want to be with him and/or they may turn him in. Read up on Tom Ripley in this article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Ripley

Opinions of the movie "The Talented Mr Ripley" w/ Matt Damon and Jude Law? by TheHogwartsJaguar Q: Is it worth a watch?

The Talented Mr. Ripley? by Scott D Q: In the Talented Mr. RIpley what is Matt Damons real name. First he pretends to be Tom Ripley, then he pretends to be Dickey. But other then an employee of the theater he worked in, who was he?

A: They never say. They have to give the character a name, so they use the one you think he is for the majority of the movie: Tom Ripley. Part of what makes him creepy is that you don't know his name. It's the everyman thing.

i was watching the talented Mr. Ripley and came across a song? by bellagiohj Q: i fell in love with the italian song that jude law was singing in that jazz place "tu va fa l'americano" and i was wondering if there are other songs that are similar to the type of this song. PLZ if u have any suggestions help me out!!

A: "Tu vuo' fa' l'americano" (=tu vuoi fare l'americano) by Renato Carsone & Nicola Salerno, writers of canzoni napoletane You might like their "Mambo italiano" as well, which is also rather well-known. You might also enjoy: "Via con me" and "Azzurro" by Paolo Conte "Angelina Zooma Zooma" by Louis Prima And quite possibly Dean Martin songs like "Volare" and "That's Amore." If you're looking more for the Italian feel and not necessarily the code-switching and light upbeatness of those songs, check out Gino Paoli. He wrote some of the most enduringly famous Italian songs of the 50s/60s ("Senza Fine," "Il cielo in una stanza," "Sapore di Sale").

What is the song called in "Talented Mr Ripley" where Jude and Matt sing in Italian? by cookie_2112 Q: It goes something like "Americano, Americano, Americanooo... something something whiskey and sooodaaa..."

A: Tu Vuo' Fa L'Americano

Anyone seen the movie the talented mr. ripley? by Q: What is it about Dickie’s personality that Tom plays into?

A: Tom Ripley comes to enjoy the opulent lifestyle Dickie has afforded him through their fun times traveling and sightseeing together. Dickie spends loads of money lounging on beaches and soaking up the atmosphere in jazz clubs. Dickie is charismatic, outgoing and handsome. But Tom becomes envious and obsessed with Dickie, most likely in a sexual way, as well, since Tom is either gay or bisexual.

Talented Mr. Ripley Song? Or Music? What's the name of it? by Willie Black Q: What's the name of the song/music that plays on that Old Big DVD just when Jude Law's father asks him to go Rome and that Matt Damon stops in the middle. It's old style song and very thrilling music it is.

A: dcdc

In the movie, The Talented Mr. Ripley i don't understand the ending. Why did he kill Peter Kingsley? by Q: In the film, Tom Ripley and Peter were clearly very very close friends, maybe even more. but in the end when they were traveling by ship he smothered Peter Smith-Kingsley (Jack Davenport) with a pillow. Why?? I don't get it.

A: He did so because of the woman he talked to just prior. She knew him as Dickie, while Peter knew him as a friend of Dickie's. Obviously on a small ship like they were on, there would have been interaction and he would've been found out. He was able to kill Peter easier since he was travelling with him, so he did so. Thus, even when he wanted a way out, and thought he may have had a way out... it always seemed easier for him to continue killing and thus continue lying... which is why he is such a twisted person through and through.

Contrast and compare The Great Gatsby and The talented Mr. Ripley? by mel s Q: hi, i need to write an essay by tomorrow on the comparative text The talented Mr Ripley (film) and The Great Gatsby (novel) any help would be greatly appreciated

A: The main characters long to belong to the idol rich society. In Mr. Ripley the main character becomes (through murder) the person he idolizes. Be sure to come back and tell us how you did on your paper!

In the movie "The Talented Mr. Ripley" does Matt Damon actually sing "My Funny Valentine"? by Q: And does Jude Law actually accompany him on the sax?

A: Matt Damon does do the singing-it is credited on his IMDB page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000354/ and Jude Law's page says-"Learned to play saxophone for the film The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)": http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000179/bio

who loves jude law in the talented mr ripley? by Q: god! wat a beautiful, charming man! i loved him in the film!

A: OHH MY GODD! :) When i first saw him in that movie i freaked out..he is so freakin' GORGOUS/HOT/SEXY in that movie!

How can i get Jude Law's hairstyle like the one in the Talented Mr. Ripley? by dan w Q: So i have straight blonde hair but i really want to style mine like Jude Law's swooping blonde hairstyle in the talented mr. ripley? any ideas

A: If you go to a hair salon with some pictures of him in that movie they can probably do a good job of copying it.

What are your thoughts on the movie "The Talented Mr. Ripley"? by Music Man Q: I love this movie! Discuss.

A: I thought it was outstanding.Matt Damon was downright creepy as Tom and Jude Law was so suave and beautiful as Dickie.One of my favorite movies.

Did anyone watch The Talented Mr Ripley? by ♥Mrs. Rivers♥ Q: i did the other day and i just couldnt figure out what was wrong with mr ripley! was he gay? bipolar? psycho? idk maybe you can help me?

A: He was a gay serial killer. Who liked to cuddle with the people he killed. That was a really good movie, though!

The Talented Mr. Ripley - Movie compared to the book? by Ivan P Q: Hi, my prof told us to read The Talented Mr Ripley, and to expect a quiz about it. It will just question us on the events, characters, Ripley's motives, and how the author garnishes interest in the character. Well, I didn't get a chance to read the book because I am absolutely DRENCHED in homework, so I just watched the film instead. Comparatively speaking, does the movie hold true to the book? Is much changed?

A: I saw the movie first and then read the book. I was struck by how faithful the events and characters of the movie were to the book, but the book (as one would expect) had more information about Ripley's motives. Still, I think this is one of the few times when watching the movie will give you a pretty solid grasp of the book for exam purposes.

Characterize Dicke from the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley? by Q: How would you describe him?

A: Not much to describe : A Princeton pass-out and son of a wealthy shipbuilder. Dickie doesn't work and is in Italy, living off a regular fat allowance from his wealthy father. He likes to party and have fun with girls and is no mood to give up this opulent lifestyle. He is also portrayed as a person who gets bored easily with people around him.

Is tom in The talented Mr. Ripley a sociopath? by Q: Is tom(matt damon) and Dickie(Jude law) both sociopaths or are they narcissists?

A: Tom is definitely a sociopath/psychopath Dickie possibly has a narcissistic personality disorder.

Do you think that Dickie Greenleaf (from the Talented Mr. Ripley) was a jerk? by upwardbound1 Q: I saw the movie a long while ago and I didnt recall that Matt Damon's character is gay. That changed a whole lot from what i recalled from the movie.

A: LoL...That's exactly what I told my boyfriend when I was talking about this movie. I didn't remember him being gay, but I think he was because of his obsession to be Jude Law.

Similarities between 'In Cold Blood' and 'The Talented Mr. Ripley'? by Q: I'm trying to draft an english essay, and I'm completely stumped. Although I've got some good points already, if anyone could help I'd be really grateful! Here's the question; 'Discuss to what extent the authors of 'In Cold Blood' and 'The Talented Mr. Ripley' exploit narrative an literary techniques to manipulate the sympathies of the reader?' Quite a mouthful!

A: How are Highsmith's and Capote's styles of narrative (story line) similar, and how do they use literary techniques (flashbacks, foreshadowing, character inner monologue, descriptions of place, first or third person narrator)? How does the use of all of these influence the reader? It's a basic 5-paragraph exercise: statement / styles of narrative / PH's literary techniques / TC's lit techniques / restatement of points leading to summation. You can do a comparison/contrast on this, as well.

What hair styling product does Jude Law use in 'The Talented Mr. Ripley'? by Dav Q: I like the hair style of the character Dickie Greenleaf (Jude Law) in 'The Talented Mr. Ripley' What hair styling product does Jude Law use in this film? And where might I acquire it? Thanks!

A: im not sure where u can get it from because im from another country.. but he just uses hair gel...

does the book the talented mr ripley ends with the word "meglio" ? by Cass Q: I do not intend to spoil the book, I just read an e-book and wouldd like to know if it's complete.

A: yes, scroll down http://normblog.typepad.com/normblog/2007/03/writers_choice__3.html

Is the movie The Talented Mr Ripley a good movie ? worth a watch ? by Q: Also what kind of movie is it ?

A: Its a psychological thriller and you wont be disappointed. Good Movie.

what is the mozart piano sonata played by Ripley (matt damon) in the talented mr. ripley...Not on soundtrack? by Q: what is the mozart piano sonata played by Ripley (matt damon) in the talented mr. ripley...I don't think it's on soundtrack?

A: I never saw the film, but are you sure it's Mozart? I'm looking on iMDB right now and it says: Jude Law learned to play the saxophone and Matt Damon learned to play the piano for this film. Damon's training enabled him to recreate the proper keyboard fingering; however, the music heard in the film is played by Sally Heath (the Bach) and Gabriel Yared (the Vivaldi).

Does anyone think The Talented Mr. Ripley is good utilization of picture values? by Q: although it is boring, has anyone seen it?

A: I saw it. I liked it. It was not boring. I like John Malkovich.

What films are there like Fight Club and The Talented Mr Ripley? by Jamamama Q: Thanks.

A: V For Vendetta Watchmen American Psycho A Clockwork Orange Fight Club Donnie Darko The Usual Suspects American Beauty Basic Instinct Body Double

At the end of the Talented Mr. Ripley, do you think Tom Ripley gets away with it? by Kel Kel Q: Do you think Tom Ripley gets away with murdering his boyfriend and continuing to pretend he is Dickie Greenleaf, or do you think he ultimately gets caught? Do you think Tom Ripley enjoys sex with both men and women, or just men? Thanks!

A: no

What is a good website to find a synopsis of The Talented Mr. Ripley? by cccc Q: Sparknotes, Cliffnotes, and eNotes don't have it... So anything other than those would be good. thanks

A: imdb.com help http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080423055521AA9LjQ4&pa=FYd1D2bwHTHzJLJvEe84QyIvudgvH.EJrqQ4bPq5rDddxA--&paid=asked&msgr_status=

What is the opera Matt Damon attends in "The Talented Mr. Ripley"? by madhoseur Q: He goes to see it when he is pretending to be Dicky Greenleaf, with a woman named Meredith. Just before intermission, one male character shoots another male character. It resembles Tom's murder of Dicky character in the movie and it appears to hit home with Tom.

A: The opera Tom Ripley attends is called Eugene Onegin (pronounced "ON-ya-jin"). It is based on a book of the same name, written by Russian author Aleksandr Pushkin. Piotor Illych Tchaikovsky wrote the operatic score. The scene that affects Tom is between Onegin and his friend Lensky, with Onegin doing the shooting. It is presumable that Tom would have known the opera and its plot, as it has been fairly standard operatic repertoire since its premiere in 1879. He may also have read the book, leading to his emotional response to the scene.

What personality disorder does Tom Ripley show having obvious signs of in The Talented Mr. Ripley? by faceofffoollax Q:

A: yeah ofcourse!

What type of saxophone did Jude Law play in the movie Talented Mr. Ripley? by Vera Q: Was it a Soprano, Alto, Tenor, etc? Which one?

A: Alto, far too small to be a tenor sax and not straight like a soprano sax.

How does The Great Gatsby and or The talented Mr. Ripley relate to today's society? by mel s Q: Also, how do they both address different aspects of the American Dream?

A: Yup!!!

Where can I buy The Talented Mr Ripley ebook by Patricia Highsmith online? by Gamar Q: I have looked for a while. Please help!

A: If you have already tried amazon.com and ebay.com and had no good results, you may have to go to a bookstore. (You can always call ahead at the stores and libraries, of course.) They will probably still have copies there, as well as copies of the entire series of Ripley books, of which there are six or seven... now Patricia Highsmith is deceased, so there will be no more. If the bookstore doesn't have copies, just ask them to order some for you; they should be prepared to do that, and also to let you know when the book(s) arrive. All else failing, there is always the library, where at least you can read the series for free, even if you only check them out for a month at a time. Libraries usually have books that are hard to find other places; if your local library doesn't have it, again, ask them to order it from another branch and they too will let you know when it comes in. Good luck... they are very good books!

Are there any differences between the movies Purple Moon and the book The Talented Mr. Ripley? by Laura Couch Q: The movie Purple Moon is based on it and it's from 1960. They seemed the same to me, but I have to write a comparative essay.

A: Hi Laura. Look down these results for help with that: http://www.google.co.uk/search?gcx=w&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=differences+between+the+movies+Purple+Moon+and+the+book+The+Talented+Mr.+Ripley :)

What is the piece played in the movie "The Talented Mr. Ripley"? by Allison R Q: It's at the part when Tom Ripley is leaving his apartment and getting into the car that the Greenleaf family has sent for him...early on in the film.

A: d'you mean that classical piece? there you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rTZ6Wreh2c it's the bass aria "mache dich mein herze rein" by johann sebastian bach.

Why does Tom Ripley cut his hand in The Talented Mr Ripley? by Q: Towards the end of the movie "The Talented Mr. Ripley", Matt Damon's character Tom cuts his hand on purpose as he talking to Marge. She's on to him about the whereabouts of Dickey and Freddy. But I can never figure out why he purposely cut his hand in the movie. Does someone know the ligitimate reason?

A: believe he was going to hurt her, but when he was talking to her, he was getting too upset and frustrated, and where he would have made his hands into fists, he then cut himself. Then again, he wasn't totally sane anyway, so there could just be no explanation that we would know of.]

Is there another movie based on the talented mr ripley that casts Jude Law as tom ripley? by briteeyedleo Q: Someone told me there is another movie based on the talented mr ripley that casts jude law as tom ripley and there is an entirely different cast.I wanted to know if that was true and if so what was the name of that movie.

A: Nope, but there are other movies about Tom Ripley with different casts. "Purple Noon" - Alain Delon plays Tom Ripley "The American Friend" Dennis Hopper plays Tom Ripley "Ripley's Game" John Malkovich plays Tom Ripley "Ripley Under Ground" Barry Pepper plays Tom Ripley none feature Jude Law as Tom Ripley though

The Talented Mr. Ripley The Talented Mr. Ripley [Trailer] Fiorello & Matt Damon & Jude Law-Tu vo' fa' l'Americano Tu Vuo' Fa l'Americano - The Talented Mr. Ripley (HD) The Talented Mr. Ripley Trailer The Dark Room of Past The Talented Mr. Ripley (5/12) Movie CLIP - Run in at the Opera (1999) HD The Talented Mr. Ripley (Trailer) Accidental Murder - The Talented Mr. Ripley (4/12) Movie CLIP (1999) HD The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) (JJprods) The talented Mr Ripley The Talented Mr. Ripley (11/12) Movie CLIP - Dickie's Rings (1999) HD The Talented Mr. Ripley (2/12) Movie CLIP - Everybody Should Have One Talent (1999) HD The Talented Mr. Ripley (8/12) Movie CLIP - Just a Coincidence (1999) HD The Talented Mr. Ripley (7/12) Movie CLIP - Freddie's Suspicions (1999) HD The Talented Mr. Ripley OST - Mischeif The Talented Mr. Ripley - Tu Vuo' Fa l'Americano The Talented Mr. Ripley (10/12) Movie CLIP - A Great Friend to My Son (1999) HD The Talented Mr. Ripley (12/12) Movie CLIP - The Silent Promise (1999) HD My Funny Valentine The Talented Mr. Ripley (3/12) Movie CLIP - Peeping Tom (1999) HD The Talented Mr. Ripley OST - Italia My Funny Valentine - Matt Damon (The Talented Mr. Ripley OST) The Talented Mr. Ripley - Peter Smith-Kingsley - 'Mad World' The talented Mr Ripley - Inara George - Turn on/off The Talented Mr. Ripley (9/12) Movie CLIP - You've Broken My Heart (1999) HD My Funny Valentine Music Video (from the Talented Mr Ripley)sung by matt damon) The Talented Mr. Ripley (1/12) Movie CLIP - Tom Ripley? (1999) HD The Talented Mr Ripley Trailer Vhs The Talented Mr Ripley The Talented Mr. Ripley OST - Ripley score The Talented Mr Ripley The Talented Mr. Ripley OST - Track 4 - Lullaby for Cain The Talented Mr. Ripley THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY The Talented Mr Ripley Gwyneth Paltrow interview for The Talented Mr. Ripley The Talented Mr. Ripley (6/12) Movie CLIP - Cruel Chance Encounter (1999) HD The Talented Mr Ripley The Talented Mr. Ripley - Tu Vuo' Fa L'americna.mp4 'The Talented Mr. Ripley' at Round House Theatre The Talented Mr. Ripley in 5 Seconds The Talented Mr. Ripley Trailer [HD] New Men - The Talented Mr Ripley the talented mr ripley - italy ENG sub ITA Talented Mr. Ripley OST - Crazy Tom Proust by Gabriel Yared with Matt Damon from The Talented Mr Ripley The Talented Mr. Ripley Music Video The Talented Mr Ripley audiobook part 1 Talented Mr. Ripley OST - Stabat Mater (Opera)
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