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The royal wedding

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Tennilleuea Knit Your Own Royal Wedding: The most unique tribute to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton--instru... http://t.co/vz4d1R7C

teshparekh A Royal Indian Wedding at the Renaissance Hotel { Trusha + Anjan } – Bride’s Pre-Wedding Ceremony by Raleigh Indian W… http://t.co/JtFg0ZBz

RealityStarTV Marriage isn'ta drive-thru Susan Swarbrick: IT was billed as Hollywood's answer to the royal wedding: US reality... http://t.co/2IYvLaTb

Kateduchofcamb I think I'm gonna put on the Royal Wedding while I clean my room http://t.co/FnWBEXNa

tranglinh72 i'm here to attend My friend wedding in laos. uncreditable.it looks like the royal wedding http://t.co/KYLy82Zz http://t.co/sz0wXbwJ

missNicki_bayb @gailaa lol....then how many days after that for the royal wedding..

RoyalRegency #New #Grand Duchess #Save The Date #Postage #Stamp! http://t.co/3mrfvYoy #wedding #royal wedding #bridal #bride

lovaticliarisaa @TheUnbrokenGirl yes because it's in europe haha,did you see the royal wedding?

yessicarahel How did Sarah Burton, Kate Middleton's wedding-dress designer, keep the biggest fashion secret of the decade? Answer: http://t.co/myllBcQU

attiliopolo London 2011 and the royal wedding! #travelphotography @natgeotraveler @lonelyplanet http://t.co/2pM0AETa


haleysuby19 RT @IQuoteFunnyStuf: I've lived through the death of Micheal Jackson, a royal wedding, & Osamas death. My lifes a hell of a history book.

IQuoteFunnyStuf I've lived through the death of Micheal Jackson, a royal wedding, & Osamas death. My lifes a hell of a history book.

daisyburnside my status from 6 months ago 'omg..how funny would it be if osama bin laden bombed the royal wedding?!' Wtf is wrong with me

SamHeartBieber I've lived through the death of Michael Jackson, first black president, Royal Wedding and Osama's death. My life's a freaking history book.


For those who saw the royal wedding of prince william and kate in the tele or wherever? by Q: So i got a dvd of the recent royal wedding and just shuffled through it, planning to watch it later. But i couldn't spot Prince Harry's 'Best man speech', although i did catch Kate's brother's speech. Wondering if anyone could tell me when exactly did Harry give the speech? On the ceremony or after it?? If you could be more precise( like after a particular song, or after the vows etc) it would be very helpful. Thanks so much!!!

A: The *speech* you refer too wasn't a speech at all but a reading from Roman's - Catherine's brother did the reading - not a speech Speech's are left for the reception - not the wedding

How long after the Royal Wedding will Kate Middleton announce that she is pregnant? by Cindi Q: I'm curious to know, will it be a few weeks after or months or even years after next month's Royal Wedding that Kate Middleton will announce is pregnant.

A: The day after the wedding!

What's the difference between an ordinary and a royal wedding? by Oh Kay Q: What makes Royal Weddings special. What difference is, in what they wear, or say, or do, rather than in a ordinary wedding. Who is invited to Royal Weddings? How are Royal Weddings decorated?

A: MONEY! lol watch any disney princess movie and you'll see a royal wedding.

How is the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate important to the whole world? by One Q: How does it affect our lives? Why is it important to us even though we're not Brits? Why should we care? Why should the whole world rejoice because of this grand event that only they should celebrate? No offense. This is just for school. It's an essay. I am very fascinated with the Royal Family and I didn't take my eyes off the television during their wedding was aired. Is it important because it's part of History or something? Please explain. And please don't say anything rude. Answers are much appreciated :)

A: It's not and it doesn't. Their wedding is just as important as a wreck on the interstate. You don't know them, don't know anything about them, and will probably never meet them, but you just HAVE to stop and take a look. It's a spectacle.

When does the royal wedding start in chicago? by Ashley Q: I want to watch the royal wedding live but I'm not sure when it starts. I live somewhere in chicago, can someone help me quick?

A: Ceremony starts 11 am UK which is 5 am American Central Time. Coverage starts well before that as the royals and other guests arrive, check your tv guide it's on all the main networks.

Why is America covering the Royal Wedding so heavily? by ♦♠♥♣ KIЧ ‡WITH‡ GÛÑS ♣♥♠♦ Q: I like to wake up and surf through multiple news channels in search of interesting topics and to actually, I don't know, watch NEWS. It seems every news outlet is covering the Royal Wedding of two people in and from another country. It's like going to McDonald's and asking for a Big Mac only to be served a Whopper from Burger King. I have no issues with the Royal Wedding and I understand some people are interested in the union of these two, but should this wedding really outweigh all of the other news in the country? I would prefer one or two channels devote their programming to the wedding, but everyone has.

A: Cause americans are sheep to the slaughter kissing the royals asses usually.. in fact they buy anything the cia controlled media has to say.Hell i bet they would buy hans underwear and jump like monkeys if cnn told them to.

How much of the Royal Wedding will be shown to the public? by Loux Q: What parts of the Royal Wedding will be actually shown to the general public? Will everything be shown along with the reception or just the church ceremony?

A: Too much of it.

The royal wedding - any one fancy a slice of the cake for 133 dollars while we wait for an operation? by Black flag Q: This was an awful display of wealth infront of UK citizens , some of whom can't even afford urgent healthcare and live in poor housing conditions. It was also a defiant display against democracy when 152 protestors were arrested for planning a protest in London against the oppulent display of wealth at the Royal wedding. Seriously, UK citizens don't need a monarchy and they don't need 2.4 million of their taxes spent on security around the wedding. Puck off and leave the UK monarchy free!

A: I think that you are not aware of the truth about healthcare in the UK. In the USA, there are many people who are denied access to healthcare. While it is true that there are waits for treatment in the UK, if you have a medical need for urgent care, you get it. Have a look at the two links below. I hope you find them to be of interest.

I Live in Oklahoma so what time will the wedding start here? by Pete Q: I live in Ok and would like to know what time the royal wedding would be here?

A: Starts at 6am eastern, 5 central, 4 mountain and 3 pacific...I know this 'cause my gf says she's waking me to be up with her...at 3am.

How can I get an appraisal for some buttons/cuff links? from the royal wedding of princess diana and charles? by Witt Q: they are cuff links or buttons, they are gold and carry the royal coat of arms on each, there are 12 in total, 6 large and 6 small and are in a beautiful navy blue case with silk lining gold trim and the inside reads, "Royal Wedding HRH The Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer 29th July 1981" I couldn't find anything to compare them to as a commemorative. Any help.

A: Not here. You need to take them to an appraiser, who obviously won't want to work without seeing them or at least a photograph. Since it sounds as though they might be real gold, you should take them to a jeweler first to confirm that. Then, a dealer in royal memorabilia would be your best bet. This one deals in antique items, but since your buttons sound a little "upscale" as far as royal memorabilia is concerned, you might at least be able to get a good referral to someone who could help.

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