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The patriot

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RonPaulSigns Just added myself to the http://t.co/39zTaHSk twitter directory under: #carson_city_nv #ronpaul #revolution #patriot #teaparty #const

Derek_Brown_07 Rainbow 6 Patriot announced to release in 2013. It adds a new aspect to the first person shooter. #Patriot #XBOX #PS3 http://t.co/ckp39PKV

junerenner @slicedsky ~ I stand with Mark Block because Herman Cain is a Patriot & a successful leader N the business world ~ unlike O & Mitt!

livewithtnrebel @Tamiko_Oleksiak ty for being an American Patriot and if it wasn't for great Americans like yourself. This wouldn't be the great country

mskiernan44 RT @christomlin: My view tonite at the Patriot Center... But a whole lot more people:) http://t.co/UPe1pc0y

luv4bluejay RT @christomlin: My view tonite at the Patriot Center... But a whole lot more people:) http://t.co/UPe1pc0y

Dillon5542 @salomedevries just started the patriot

Margeryvbk 16GB MicroSDHC Class4: 16GB MicroSDHC Class4; The Patriot Signature Series Class 4 MicroSDHC flash memory cards ... http://t.co/bLVGnDF5

NYKnicks1988 cant wait till sunday to watch the Giants kick some serious patriot butt....!!!

jeremymullings Patriot Madness was live doe!!!!! got robbed in the dunk contest though lol

AntoniosTsk ''the duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its #government''...how timely is that for #Greece...it's never too late..

ChuckNellis Patriot friends, I am tweeted out for the day! Good night, talk tomorrow and we'll fight the good fight together. Y'all rock, g'nite! :D

kyliehaduck10 RT @GoLeopards: DANA MOYER!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1-0 LEOPARDS IN THE PATRIOT LEAGUE WOMEN'S SOCCER SEMI'S!!!!

amcmulin007 @JoAnneMoretti Repeal the Patriot Act. I won't fly, TSA should be repealed, Create sensible legislation to end crony capitalism,

colinkalmbacher @jasonepowell They support drug legalization and slashing defense spending as well as revocation of the Patriot Act.


What exactly is the patriot act, and is it government terrorism? by Chillin Q: From what I've heard it's like governemnt terrorism completely violating rights.... Im more unedcuated on the patriot act than I am educated. Thanks for the help if you choose to help.

A: 99% of what you have heard about the Patriot Act comes form people who have never read it for themselves. For example - most of the issues with the Act that people claim are unconstitutiona and 'taking away our freedoms' were nothing more than the application of law enforcement techniques used to fight organized crime being applied to terrorism. And it also removes the distinction between supporting domestic and international terrorism. Now - any act where you are knowingly assisting, providing financial assistance, false documents, or any kind of material resource to anybody planning to commit a terrorist act is illegal - no matter whether or not the act occurs in the US or not. Below is a link to the text of the Act. You should be able to scroll down and find the links to any topic that concerns you and read for yourself what the Act says (then compare this with what the people who are relying on rumor as a basis for their opinions say). It should be fairly easy for you to discover that most of the people criticizing the act have no clue as to what they are talking about.

How many Patriot fans knew the Colts were in the same division before? by Phoenix Trite Q: Around here i've come across alot of Patriot fans, yet when i bring up the good old days when we were the bottom of the crapper in the division they seem to try to stray away from the conversation. heck most people think the colts-pats rivalry started a few years ago.....

A: I remember it well.... being the laughingstock of the NFL, for so long.... and yes, I recall the Colts being in the same division, before they reorgaized things... that 1-15 season still stings..

Who was the last Patriot to have mulitple 100 yard receiving games in the playoffs and in what season? by Kat Q: Jabar Gafney has had 100+ yard receiving games in each of the first two playoff games for the Patriots. Who was the last Patriot to have mulitple 100 yard receiving games in the playoffs and in what season?

A: Deion Branch had two straight games with 100 receiving yards in the 2005 playoffs. in the AFC championship game at pittsburgh he had 4 rec., 116 yards and a TD. then in the super bowl vs the eagles he had 11 rec.and 133 yards. he had no TD but it was good enough to win him the super bowl MVP.

NFL: Why have the Patriots struggled on D as of the last few seasons? by Vic Q: Bill Billichick was a pretty good defensive mind when he was with the Giants as D-Coor. I believe when LT was there winning SBs and he also built one of the best defenses in the last decade during the Pats SB runs. Why is it his defenses have struggled as of the last few seasons, is it the lack of players left from the early years, he's lost the genious or what?? He's got some good players in Wilfork, Mayo(though overrated) and McCourty so why the trouble?? Since 2009, that lack of D has come back to haunt the Patriots in playoffs when they're offense faces a good D and can't move the ball and the defense, as Bart Scott said, "... can't stop the nosebleed!!....". What's the problem?? Can he fix it??

the patriot ? by wwechampcena Q: the whole world was watching as colonists defifed an empire. In shock the world saw how england lost it's hold on the colonties. Explan how the revolutioaries as chacterized by the south carolina militia made it possalbe to gain in dependence

A: the french were on their side. not because they liked the amercans but they wanted revenge on britain. the americans forced the british to the seas at yorktown. the british thought they could escape by sea but the french had the best navy at that time and held the sea so the british had nowhere to run

Why do most Liberals still support Obama when he is the same as Bush? by Marc82 Q: I don't see how any honest liberals could still support him, he expanded Bush's Patriot Act instead of repealing it, he supports Bush's wars by escalating the Afghanistan war, and not withdrawing from Iraq like he said he would. He has no excuse when he has had almost 2 years with Dem majorities. Sure looks a lot like Bush to me, how can you still call yourself Liberal and support Obama?

A: The honest ones don't. Only the idiotic and the dishonest ones do.

What happened to the Jeep Trailhawk I heard about in 07? Did it ever become some kinda production model? by IGotASuiteOnThe2ndLevelOfHellUIn Q: What happened to the Jeep Trailhawk? I swore Chrysler said it was going to be a production Car. Did it become something else like a Patriot or Commander?

The Patriot? by HOLA! Q: Okay, so in the Movie the patriot, what were those things Gaberial had carried that got him in trouble? And who was the person that killed Thomas?

A: He was a dispatch rider(messenger) carrying correspodence between American Generals in the field. He was considered a spy by the Dragoon Col. because he did not recognize the colonial army as an army and therefore although he was unioformed, he was not.

Did the patriot act help capture Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden? by Reggie<3 Q: Or was it created because of these acts of terrorism?

How long was the Patriot Act? by Carina Q: How long was it and what are two provisions? What is one provision that is constitutional, and one that is not? And why?

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