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The monkees

The Monkees' Davy Jones, TV's original idol, dies at 66
Davy Jones, “the cute one” among TV's “The Monkees,” died of a heart attack Wednesday in Florida. He was 66. Much of what you've seen on TV having to do with music, from the co-ed covers of “Glee” on back through the creation of MTV itself, ...

The Monkees go from boy group to 'band of brothers'
The Monkees started out as a fictional band on a hit 1960s TV show, but the actors went on to be part of a real band, even outselling the Beatles and Rolling Stones. Now, 45 years later, three of the four members are getting ready to hit the road again ...

Kasabian pay tribute to Davy Jones by singing The Monkees theme song as they ...
By Alanah Eriksen Kasabian paid tribute to Davy Jones last night by singing the Monkees theme song as they accepted the gong for Best British Band at the NME Awards. The Rewired group beat off competition from Arctic Monkeys, Biffy Clyro, ...

The Monkees singer Davy Jones dies at 66
(AP / Peter Kramer) From left: The Monkees Mike Nesmith, Davy Jones, Peter Tork, and Micky Dolenz pose with their Emmy award at the 19th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards in Calif., June 4, 1967. From left: The Monkees members Davy Jones, Peter Tork, ...

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GUNSMITHBEN I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/ljDMhk44 The Monkees - What am I doing Hangin' Round?

LewciferCWA RT @FARMAZAN: The monkees did some great music in their time. It wasn't all tv show stuff!

dusty_trinkets RT @Lord_G_Almighty: Davy Jones of The Monkees is here. Let's just say he's now a believer.

marrkoni 'The Monkees' star Davy Jones dies in Florida at 66 http://t.co/Eus5ILD9

Cmontakeiteasy Star Collector - by The Monkees #nowplaying

WashingtonViews RT @BBCWorld: Look back at the life of singer Davy Jones from the #Monkees, who died in his sleep in Florida aged 66 http://t.co/oK5H3UhO

WhiteHotFaerie RT @mrjamesob: Unlikely that this nugget of trivia will be beaten today. Mike Nesmith of The Monkees inherited a fortune from his mum who invented Tipp-Ex!

nenashi_kusa Daydream Believer よりWe're the monkees のオープニングの方が懐かしい

WilliamNV Jimmy Hendrix opened for the Monkees. http://t.co/HwCIl1vp

adamvanho RT @BBCWorld: Look back at the life of singer Davy Jones from the #Monkees, who died in his sleep in Florida aged 66 http://t.co/oK5H3UhO

vappuvilke R.I.P Davy Jones. I <3 The Monkees. :'(

KarlreMarks Phrase of the week: The Monkees were America's answer to The Beatles. They should use that for The Who.

Le_paysan #RIP Davy Jones, singer of The Monkees http://t.co/nMk35eAb

katehillsdon Smallgirl and I did the Monkees walk on the way to sch today. RIP DJ

odysseyFM RT @johnrobb77: Why the Monkees were genius- they made fun an art from | Louder Than War http://t.co/1V6PGlqS


What are all the instruments used in the song "Daydream Believer" by the Monkees? by Q:

A: Maracas. Electric Piano, Brass, Strings. Drums. Tamborine. Hand claps. Finger snaps. Surprisngly no guitar.

I'm trying to find this clip with Davy Jones from the monkees? by Shocking Q: Its the little music clip thingy, where davy jones is shirtless with jeans a cowboy hat, he's swinging and playing with the little kids too. I haven't been able to find it so could you PLEASE tell me the name of the song the were singing in it or a link to it?

A: It's the song Saturday's Child in the episode where Mike gets a job at the toy factory. (I'm pretty sure the episode's called Monkees vs. Machine) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COGQ3LBskR0

Why do people hate The Monkees? by Under The Stairs Q: I always see haters, but never fans. They're one of my dad's favorite bands.

A: Those people who say that are snobs. True, The Monkees didn't play their own instruments on their early recordings but that didn't mean at least some of the members couldn't actually play those instruments themselves. It should be pointed out also that many groups at the time didn't play their own instruments on their recordings. One of the most notorious were The Beach Boys. I can often hear Hal Blaine and Glen Campbell playing on their recordings instead of the band members themselves. Yes, The Monkees did record songs written by others but again, so did many other artists. If The Sex Pistols (who were just as much a fabricated group as The Monkees) can be in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, then The Monkees should also be there. Besides, I've always enjoyed their music more than I have the music of The Sex Pistols.

what song did massive monkees, southern movement, and beat ya feet kings dance to in the season finale? by chicka chicka Q: when shane picked the 3 crews to dance together.. it was by a bunch of people, including snoop dogg, but thats all i know

A: The Song is called I Do (Represent) & it's by Lil' Jon, Snoop Dogg, & Swizz Beatz. If you want to find it, I'd look under Lil' Jon on itunes.

Would The Monkees be considered Classic Rock? by . Q: I've been wondering that.

A: Yes. "Classic Rock" basically means bands & artists who originated between 1960 - 1979. {pre-1960 is "Rock 'n' Roll"} It's an 'umbrella' term, and includes : Prog-Rock, Folk-Rock, Blues-Rock, Pop-Rock and Acoustic

What songs have been used in movies from the group "The Monkees"? by Kings and Queens Q: I know there's a movie with one of the songs by the monkees i cant remember it. it isn't a old movie but im not sure what it's called.. so just any movies that have any songs from the monkees. someone please help! no, it isn't the shrek song its some other song i can't think of.

A: Last Train To Clarksville can be heard in A Very Brady Sequel

Here is something for all you fans of The Monkees and Frank Zappa? by Q: The older people in here who used to watch the Monkees TV show probably have seen this already. Frank Zappa and Mike Nesmith pretending to be each other on The Monkees show in 1968. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgNxuNaYHsk BQ: Favourite tune by The Monkees?

A: yes seen it many times Michael God I had so many favorited songs of theirs. but of the hundred or more songs i have of the Monkees, I'll let my fingers do the walking over my albums, of there's yes Michael I have all there [Monkees] music on vinyl plus a box set. Last Train To Clarksville. take care dave

Should chimps and monkees be given the right to vote? by Gator Q: they are related to us, and appear as intelligent as the average voter joe- El Stupido already did look in the mirror- that is why he wears a mask

A: From the looks of voting I thought they did vote

What is a favorite song of yours performed by the Monkees? by ¿¿¿¿¿¿ Q:

A: I like "Daydream Believer"

Where can I find all the sheet music of the songs done by the Monkees on the internet? by RBLee Q:

A: Depends on which instrument you want pianofiles.com may have them Good luck.

What member of the Monkees, a holdout for nearly three decades, rejoined the other geezers for a 1996 album? by Midnight Lace Q: 1st correct answer gets the points.

A: Michael Nesmith

Is it true that in 1967 the first Boy Band , The Monkees outsold both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones? by Phil A Q: And they had the legendary Jimi Hendrix as their opening act ?

A: The first boy band was The Osmonds, who started 8 years before the Monkees. Yeah, "I'm a Believer" was the best selling single in 1967 and their album, More of the Monkees, out performed the Rolling Stones' Between the Buttons and the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper (although that only counts 1967 and if you look at all-time sales, both of the other two albums have sold MANY more copies than More of the Monkees) And they did indeed give Hendrix his first national touring opportunity that same year.

The Monkees: Were they serious or were they a false group? by Kristen Q: I know there was a tv show so I was wondering if their songs and group were just for that or were they really a group who did tours and things?

A: The Monkees was a pop-rock quartet created in Los Angeles in 1965 for the American television series The Monkees, which aired from 1965 to 1968. The primary members were Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith, and Peter Tork, who were the public face of a music production system under the supervision of Don Kirshner. At the start, the band members provided vocals, and were given some performing and production opportunities, but they eventually fought for and earned the right to collectively supervise all musical output under the band's name. On their third album, Headquarters (produced by Chip Douglas and issued in May 1967), the four Monkees wrote and played on much of their own material. Nearly all vocals and instruments on Headquarters were performed by the four Monkees.The album shot to No. 1, but was quickly eclipsed by a milestone cultural event when the Beatles released Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. After the television show was cancelled, Rafelson directed the four Monkees in a feature film, Head, originally titled "Untitled." The film was executive-produced by Schneider and co-written and co-produced by Rafelson with a then relatively unknown Jack Nicholson. Rumors abound that the title was chosen in case a sequel was made. The advertisements would supposedly have read: "From the people who gave you HEAD." [5] Nicholson also assembled the film's soundtrack album. The film, conceived and edited in a stream of consciousness style, featured oddball cameo appearances by movie stars Victor Mature, Annette Funicello, a young Teri Garr, boxer Sonny Liston, famous stripper Carol Doda, and musician Frank Zappa. It was filmed in Screen Gems Studios and on location in California, Utah, and The Bahamas between 19 February and May 17, 1968 and premiered in New York City on November 6 of that year (the film later debuted in Hollywood on November 20). Head was not a commercial success, in part because it was the antithesis of The Monkees television show, intended to comprehensively demolish the group's carefully-groomed public image. Rafelson and Nicholson's "Ditty Diego-War Chant" (recited at the start of the film by the Monkees), ruthlessly parodies Boyce and Hart's "Monkees Theme." A sparse advertising campaign (with no mention of the Monkees) squelched any chances of the film doing well, and it played only briefly in nearly-empty cinemas. In commentary for the DVD release, Nesmith said that by this time, everyone associated with the Monkees, including the four Monkees, "had gone crazy." They were each using the platform of the Monkees to push their own disparate career goals, to the detriment of the Monkees project. Indeed, Nesmith said, Head was Rafelson and Nicholson's intentional effort to "kill" the Monkees, so that they would no longer be bothered with having to deal with the matter. Tork said in DVD commentary that everyone had developed such difficult personalities that the big-name stars invited as guests on the show would invariably leave the experience "hating everybody." Over the intervening years Head has developed a cult following for its innovative style and anarchic humor, and the soundtrack album (long out of print, but re-released by Rhino in the '80s and now available in an expanded CD version) is counted among their most adventurous recordings. Members of the Monkees, Nesmith in particular, cite Head (the first Monkees album not to include any Boyce and Hart compositions) as one of the crowning achievements of the band. The highlights include the Goffin/King composition Porpoise Song. which i recomend you find its a great song

when the beerd guy faled to kill all the other talking apes and monkees how come the statute of libertys just? by Q: sat there in the water??? i mean the guy was all mad and stuf but the head part was just sitting there not doing anything. EVEN THO ALL THE APES WERE KILLED! what was the point??? wat a dumb ending

A: That's when he discovers he's not in the past or on some different planet, but that he's in the future of New York City. By the fact of there being apes ruling the planet, the apes have evolved, persisted and won in the future. It may very well be dumb, but before declaring a classic movie ending dumb you might want to brush up on your spelling of basic words, like: beard, failed, statue, liberty, stuff, and so on. "monkees" is the name of a TV band in the 1960s. Only one question mark is needed at the end of a question.

Is the Jonas Brothers TV show on Disney a re-incarnation of the 1960's TV show "The Monkees" TV show? by Gardenfoot Q: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Monkees Hey kids, this is WAY before your time, this is from your Grandparent's time. So don't get upset.

A: I guess one could make that sort of an assumption - though, I don't really think the word re-incarnation is accurate enough. Yes, it's no secret that TV programmes (especially ones targeted at children) have been made about music bands - it's been done for years. The Monkees was definitely one of the first, which could be considered one of the founding programmes of the idea. But there have been many. Miami 7, for example - the programme in 1999 (and 2000 in America), focused around the pop-band S Club 7. And of course now the Jonas Brothers' own take on this classic concept. I don't think it would be fair to say that the Jonas Brothers' "version" is a direct re-incarnation, as for one thing the band was formed before the TV show, unlike The Monkees. But, I do think it fair to say that it follows a similar concept, a timeless concept - a children's TV programme about a band. Whether the programme creates the band (The Monkees), or the programme brings the preexisting band to the world's attention (Miami 7), or the programme is simply made to heighten the careers of the band (The Jonas Brothers). I guess at the end of the day, it's just a twist on a classic concept. All children have to live with it, we did with The Monkees (well actually it was Miami 7, for me) and now the little nippers today have to live through The Jonas Brothers TV show. I think this is more of my opinion on the subject - but, I hope it has helped.

What are the lyrics to "I'd go the whole wide world" by the Monkees? by alantz06 Q:

A: Whole Wide World When I was a young boy, my momma she said to me: There's only one girl in the world for you And she probably lives in Tahiti Or maybe in the Bahamas where the Caribbean sea is blue Weepin' away in the tropical night because nobody's told her 'bout you I'd go the whole wide world I'd go the whole wide world just to find her I'd go the whole wide world I'd go the whole wide world to find out where they hide her YEAH! Why am I hanging around in the rain out here Tryin' to think of a girl Why are my eyes fillin' up with these lonely tears When there's girls all over the world? Or is she lying on a tropical beach somewhere Underneat the tropical sun Hiding away in the heat wave there Hopin' that I won't be long? I'd go the whole wide world I'd go the whole wide world just to find her I'd go the whole wide world I'd go the whole wide world to find out where they hide her [repeat] YEAH! I'd go the whole wide world [repeat to fade]

Where can I get an autographed poster of the band called the Monkees? by RBLee Q:

A: Bla... believe me, I've tried... eBay would seem like your best bet, or you could try writing them... I got Micky's by writing to him, he's really nice... I got Davy's when he came and did a concert here... I've tried to write Peter with no reply... and Mike's pretty much hopeless when it comes to autographs... unless you want to buy one from his website (yay expensiveness) www.videoranch.com... but yah, I'd take a look at prices on ebay... good luck :)

Which one of the Monkees was an Eagle Scout? by lucysmom Q:

A: It's Mike Nesmith! quote: This episode marks the third mention of The Boy Scouts on The Monkees; the first two occurred in Episode No. 7, “The Monkees In A Ghost Town”, and No. 39, "Hillbilly Honeymoon" (a.k.a. "Double Barrell Shotgun Wedding"). A nod to The Girl Scouts is made in No. 15, “Too Many Girls” (a.k.a. "Davy And Fern"), and in No. 24, “Monkees A La Mode”, Michael reveals to have been an Eagle Scout in 1961. From http://monkeestv3.tripod.com/season2/coffin.html

what is the best way to trim my monkees nails? by paul m Q: he keeps tearing up my scrotum.

A: with a nails trimmer? ask a professional

What is the song that is played in the beginning of the Monkees (it isn't the theme song)? by Darst Q: There was a song that Micky was singing, it only showed him, too, and it was pretty fast-paced. The color of the picture that was on camera kept changing to colors like red and purple and stuff like that. I can't find it and I don't remember any lyrics. Micky was singing pretty fast, like I mentioned.

A: Could be "I'm a Believer" OR "Pleasant Valley Sunday"

What is your favorite song by The Monkees? by *~*love*~* Q: If you don't have one or never heard of them (cause their from the 60s) please don't answer!

A: Valerie. I love her.....Vaaaaa.....aaa...aaa..aaaaaaa... larie. Great hook.

I am looking for a catalog number for an old Monkees Greatest Hit cassette tape released back in 1987.? by Q: It was a greatest hits tape released through Colgems. It is not Best of the Monkees or Barrel Full of Monkees. It was a white tape with yellow sticker. The first track was Hey Hey, We're the Monkees and the last one on side one was For Pete's Sake. Side two's first song was Pleasant Valley Sunday and the last track was Listen to the Band. I had it for 10 years until it broke.

A: http://www.weboshawa.com/monkees_cds_and_the_monkees_cassettes.htm This is not exactly what your looking for, but it is all I could find. They had no listing for a greatest hits in 87.

Were The Monkees real musicians or just actors? by jay u Q: I like The Monkees. I think they had some cool songs. Some people claim they really didn't play any of the instruments. If that's the case, why wouldn't they? I mean, they had concerts where they played live. They obviously were musicians, unless they pretended to be playing while on stage!

A: They were the real thing. They had some great music too.

Need help finding a collector for Monkees magazine? by stewieis^ Q: My mom collected every single The Monkees magazines for the band except for one. Where could I find a collector that might want to buy the collection?

A: Try selling it on Ebay.

What are the names of the four guys of the Monkees singing group? by Q: what is your favorite song that they sang? Give the words to their theme song as well if you can. :D

A: Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork, Mickey Dolenz, Davy Jones, God I love these guys and the music came along at a period in my life when the 70's were in full swing, I loved listening to it and had an original cassette that I wish I still had. My favorite song of all time is Pleasant Valley Sunday, but as all the rest of us who really listen to the music Auntie Grizelda was a good one too. I always loved Daydream Believer too. But, my all time favorite song and one that comes with a cool story is The Last Train To Clarksville. In the late 1970's early 80's or there about, The local train station located in Hopkinsville Ky. which is in fact 20 miles from Clarksville Tn. was shutting down and the passenger trains to and from Hopkinsville to Clarksville were going to end forever. My grandfather and grandma and all of my family immediately loaded up onto the train and one of the family drove to the station in Clarksville to pick us up. The whole time we had the radio playing on the train, and the song? You guessed it the train was flooded with the Monkees greatest song of all time. So, I was actually ON the Last Train To Clarksville!!

Is it true that Peter tork of the monkees has asperger's syndrome? by pridesister Q: I have read on the internet that Peter Tork of the Monkees has asperger's syndrome and want to know if it is true.

A: yes, it's true: "Tork announced that he has Asperger's Syndrome, a mild form of autism, in a May 2008 interview" http://www.astrotheme.com/portraits/5kYZ2k7amU3F.htm

Why does the IWC worship technical wrestlers and spot monkees? by Kevin Nash ηWσ Hollywood Q: Also why does the IWC praise wwe's youth movement when every single young in the wwe is bland and boring? BQ: Why does the IWC overrate ROH when it's boring as f*ck?

A: Because that's the kind of wrestlers they enjoy to watch and they praise it because they think it will help get away from the boring main event.. which it won't BQ:Never seen ROH so i cannot say

What instruments did the members of the Monkees play? by :-D Q: I need to know what instruments each band member played.

A: I may not know all the Instruments they play, as most band members can play more than one instrument, but I know SOME that I've Neeon them play: Mike Nesmith - Guitar Mickey Dolenz - Drums Davy Jones - Maracas, Tambourine Peter Tork - Bass, Box Piano, Banjo

any one remember the monkees singing their theme song in spanish? by Q: I am hoping to find the album were the monkees were singing in spanish. any one else remember this and know what album it was?

A: Yes! The Spanish version of their theme was on their album 'The Definitive Monkees', although it is only on the limited edition one with two discs. I think it is the first track on the second disc. I have it on my CD and love to sing along (:

What is the episode of the monkees when peter gets a girlfriend? by nelson_desiree Q: I know it is called ''one man shy'' i just need to know the episode number

A: Season 1, Episode 13

What is the chord progression for the song 'I'll Love You Forever' by the Monkees? by Paul S Q: Does anybody know the chord progression for the song 'I'll Love You Forever' by the Monkees?

A: Intro: A-C#m-Bm-E (2x) A I love you this year ...............C#m I'll love you next year ............. Bm And than forever ...............E I'll always need you ...............E+5 I'll never leave you ...............A.........Amaj7....A7 I'll love you forever ................D..................Dm..... And if you ever change your mind ..........A......................F# Think again and give me time ......................Bm For you're my first love ....................E... You are my last love ...................A..........E You're my forever I love this feeling My heart is beating A mile a minute No other woman Has ever been So deep inside in it And when the sun shines on our love That's when I thank the Lord above You're my first love You are my last love You're my beginning And when the sun shines on our love That's when I thank the Lord above You're my first love You are my last love You are my everlasting love You're my first love You are my last love You're my forever

How old were the monkees during the second season of their show? by Q: Davy Jones, Mike Nesmith, Micky Dolenz, and Peter Tork ages?

A: Davy - 22 Michael - 25 Micky - 22 Peter - 25 That's on average because obviously they would have filmed over birthdays and such but the show was filmed in '67 and they were born respectively: '45, '42, '45 and '42.

Are the Monkees the geekiest band in the history of existence? by Q: I mean, the tambourine was considered a valuable instrument with them! I know they had some good hits, but they were nerds. With a capital N. Anyone agree?

A: Sure they were geeky, especailly looking back at them, but behind all their bubble gum hits, where some pretty awesome songs. Last Train To Clarksville, Autie Grizelda, the Porpoise Song...

What kind of monkees make the best pets ? by jimmy s Q: Im intrested in keeping a small monkee as a pet. Which kinds are best for this ?

A: Davy.

Does anyone know on what episode of The Simpsons with the Monkees reference? by DJ Q: There's an episode of The Simpsons when Marge goes to therapy after having a flashback involving a Monkees lunchbox?

A: It's 'Fear of Flying' season six.

whats a website that i can download the monkees tv show on? by Q: my daughter really likes that old show the monkees and i thought it would be cool if i could download it on to her itouch for her birthday. do you know of any sites that could download the monkees tv show? i dont care if its free or not. itunes doesnt have them i dont think.

A: here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9SQqpKw8nk&feature=related

Can someone help me find a myspace code for a Monkees song? by luebkesan Q: I am looking for a myspace code so that I can add the Monkees song "Circle Sky" to my page. Can some one help me?

A: Best I can suggest is you look for the song on http://imeem.com and put a flash player on your page. The song might be one of your favorite Monkees songs but is not on their Music page so it not likely to be available on MySpace for simple adding to your page

What episode of south park has the monkees in it? by britt Q: I know that season 2 episode 10 has the song I'm a Believer in it, but I'm looking for an episode where it actually has pictures of The Monkees in it. Here's a picture of the episode: http://www.monkees.net/PicFrame.php?Image=jpg/SPMONKEE.gif thank you!

A: "Conjoined Fetus Lady" (Season 2, Episode 5) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conjoined_Fetus_Lady The picture of conjoined twins that Kyle's mother shows to the boys from her book "Freaks A-Z" is actually a picture of Mickey Dolenz and Michael Nesmith from the band "The Monkees."

What are your thoughts on the passing of Monkees star Davy Jones? by Mr Winky Q: I find it quite sad, I was a Monkees fan. Yes it was announced about 30 minutes ago that he died of a heart attack

the MONKEES????? by ~hip*hip*hurray~ Q: I have a verbal bet going on, my friend says that BOBBY SHERMAN was a member of the singing group. (60's) the MONKEES, I say he was not!!!! anyone know for sure?????

A: No he was not, Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith, Davy Jones, and Peter Tork.

The Monkees? by angel 1 Q: Anybody out there used to love to watch the Monkees tv show?

A: Yes. I used to watch them like clockwork when I was a kid. I have a TON of Monkee memorobelia that I've collected over the years, though I didn't start collecting until the mid or late '80s when they had their anniversary reunion. I've got lots of rare items as well. Unfortunately, they're not near as popular as they were back then, so their memorobelia has become scarce. I still enjoy them today, though I don't believe their reruns are currently on tv :( I have all their albums on cassette, along with the records, some of them being imports (Australian and Chinese), not to mention I have their pink 45 record "Heart and Soul" that came out back in '88. :D I grew up watching them and still love 'em today. I just can't believe that they tried to remake the Monkees, calling themselves "The New Monkees" - gimme a break! They made 1 record, then they flew the coop - lol. I'll stick with the original Monkees, thank you very much! Can't beat the originals!!

the monkees.........................? by !Luv My Mutt! Q: what do you think of the monkees? i love them! they were the best thing ever!

A: I'm not ashamed to admit that I was a big fan of the Monkees back in the day.Recently a movie about them happened to come on at around 3am lol...and it was pretty good. I had never heard of it.It told quite a bit about what went on behind the scenes that one would have never guessed. Davy Jones, of course, was my favorite Monkee. "Daydream Believer" is still one of my favorite 'guilty pleasures'. I recently discovered that the writer of it, John Stewart, who lived in the same city as I do, passed away in Jan. of this year at age 68. May he R.I.P.

RIP Davey Jones,66, of the Monkees? by Q: http://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/02/29/davy-jones-monkees-heartthrob-dies-at-66/?partner=rss&emc=rss http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOfsPSXqJDc&feature=related

A: Jack Sparrow wins this time

Davy Jones of The Monkees died today, do you have a favorite song? by Beatle fanatic Q: He died from a heart attack at the age of 66. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRNFus7Pbp4

Davy Jones of The Monkees died of a heart attack at age 66, although I never cared for The Monkees' music--? by Damn! Q: OR the show, he seemed like a nice guy...what a shame...Very sad event...excuse this for being off topic except Davy was a man... Comments?

Does anybody remember the Monkees TV Show and music group? by Shawn J Q: I used to watch that show all the time when I was young back in the early and mid 1980's it was shown on Nick at Nite. The Monkees was actually a music group and they had a Television show as well it was a comedy show. I used to like the Monkees better than the Beatles as a music group too. I have there greatest hits! I'm going to also buy there DVD episodes.

A: I love The Monkees! I wish Nick at Nite would start showing their show again, and Emergency!

Were the Monkees and Davy Jones one of the first CIA Monarch butterfly mind control psyop experiments? by Sir Titus of Avalon Q:

What was one of your favorite songs by Davy Jones of the Monkees? by Susie Q Q: Davy Jones died today of a heart attack at his home in Florida. My favorite song was I Want To Be Free. Alex --- I wonder if someone will say who cares when you pass.

Do people still watch the monkees on tv? by TOOTAl2 Q: I watch the monkeys on antenna tv.

Davy Jones once of the Monkees died today. Do you remember him? by Sharon S Q: I always loved the Monkees and he was my second favorite behind Mickey. Do you have any memories of him to share or thoughts?

A: The Monkees were a manufactured band to counter or cash in on the Brit pop music invasion of the US in the 60s, and he was an ideal member - for his Britishness, his accent (close enough to Liverpool) and his cuteness. He was a child actor in the UK soap opera Coronation Street. I am old enough to remember Mickey Dolenz as a child actor too, in the kids' TV show Circus Boy. Mike Nesmith was a real musician. I used to enjoy the Monkees on TV and they did some good singles - especially I'm a Believer.

Davy Jones of The Monkees dies at 66,Daydream Believer. THE MONKEES - Daydream Believer (1967) The Monkees - She David (Davy) Jones Last Performance The Monkees Live DayDream Believer June 16 2011 The Monkees TV Show (Open and End Credits) The Monkees TV show [episode:Here Come the Monkees] part1 The Monkees TV show [episode:The Monkees Blow Their Minds] part1 The Monkees - I'm a Believer [official music video] The Monkees - Daydream Believer ( 1967) Monkees TV Intro Theme Song The Monkees TV show [episode:The Monkees Blow Their Minds] part2 The Monkees - Pleasant Valley Sunday Davy Jones: Monkees star dead at 66 The Monkees TV show [episode: I Was A 99lb] part1 Biography: The Monkees - Davy Jones The Monkees - You Just May Be the One Monkees Lead Singer Davy Jones Dies Davy Jones from The Monkees died Wednesday at the age of 66 Davy Jones: Monkees star dead at 66 RIP David 'Davy' Jones of The Monkees (1945 - 2012) The Monkees TV show [episode:I've Got a Little Song Here] part1 Cast of Outnumbered Perform The Monkees - BBC Children in Need 2011 The Monkees - Words (Remastered) The Monkees Live: 22, Nice To Be With You The Monkees - Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow Tribute to Davy Jones of the Monkees by SLAMABAMA 'Daydream Believer' The Monkees - 'Pleasant Valley Sunday' - ORIGINAL VIDEO - HQ Writer Treva Silverman on 'The Monkees' - EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG The Monkees TV show [episode:Here Come the Monkees] part2 the monkees profile today show.mov The Monkees - Last Train to Clarksville The Monkees: Last Train To Clarksville, 1967 WFLD Channel 32 - Lunchtime Fun - 'The Monkees' (Commercial Break #3, 1982) The Monkees TV show [episode:Monkees on Tour] part1 WFLD Channel 32 - Lunchtime Fun - 'The Monkees' (Commercial Break #1, 1982) Last Train to Clarksville - the Monkees Expert RBDLC THE MONKEES - I'M A BELIEVER - 1966 (HQ-856X480) Davy Jones The Monkees 1945 2012 Nickelodeon - The Monkees (Opening Break, 1986) MONKEES Singer DAVY Jones Dead at 66 - February 29, 2012 WFLD Channel 32 - Lunchtime Fun - 'The Monkees' (Commercial Break #2, 1982) The Monkees - Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow THE MONKEES DAVY JONES DEAD: 1960s Monkees Front Man Davy Jones Dies At 66: ENTV Davy Jones of The Monkees Has Died The Monkees Theme Song The Monkees - Theme Music The Monkees TV show [episode: I Was A 99lb] part2 The Monkees. Daydream Believer. Tribute to Davy Jones. (1945-2012). The Monkees TV show [episode:I've Got a Little Song Here] part2 The Monkees Singer Davy Jones Dies at 66 My Thoughts and Tribute RIP
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