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The little couple

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t24ant @fatboyrowe Not too bad cheers mate. Back inn South Wales for a couple of weeks now and got a new little one on the way shortly!! How's you?

Slbry Good morning. past couple of days, the nights have begun to feel a little warmer. That means fog is nigh and winter around the next bend.

Brennan1214 @KissMyKouture4 Soooo somebody havent been eating the past couple days!! Im a little worried!! TDF

theajthomas Flooring installation is complete. Couple little touch up things tomorrow and the nursery is done! http://t.co/XDMlFtuF

topnewshub Hot! Andrew Luck: The Latest: Picked Over: Little Apple Upset?10/28/2011 Bio Scouting Video Reel a couple of Wed... http://t.co/R5ciCtMp

hotnewshub Hot! Andrew Luck: The Latest: Picked Over: Little Apple Upset?10/28/2011 Bio Scouting Video Reel a couple of Wed... http://t.co/gCrSKUfz

writingagoodbye The one couple that gave me hope that there was still some type of love in the world just broke up and I think I died a little inside ...

_NiggaWHAT_ My aunty is mad cause im not sad that the little couple lost their baby.... their midgets its was expected...

diana_maxu The little that I know of the life is counted taking a coffee, it´s understand taking a drink and it forgets taking one more couple.

cosmolovesoats i hate the little couple omg they r so dumb

itjeffyboy A couple little drops of rain and the freeway stops.

WhoAreYouDOEEE RT @RaissaMakaila: Iced gems are THE nicest little snack tbh they taste so good I keep a couple little packets in my bedroom lol

RaissaMakaila Iced gems are THE nicest little snack tbh they taste so good I keep a couple little packets in my bedroom lol

amandaanne_ this couple in USAA has the latest little girl, they a cute family.

ashleyrose020 @itsmeannelie we totally could have! I wish winona & kato were a little bit closer, if I come visit in the next couple wks we should see it!


What happened to the brown dog Bill had from the show The Little Couple? by Expecting Q:

A: They left a dog with one of their parents cuz he was too big for them to handle I think

where can i watch the little couple episode 8 season 3 and episode 9 season 3? by Brooke Q: i cant find it anywhere and if i do i have to do a stupid survey... anywhere where you dont have to?

A: Thought for sure youtube would have it - guess not I just looked

What did Jennifer Arnold from "The Little Couple" get her bachelor's in before she went to medical school? by Rae Elizabeth Q: I know she went to school at the Medical School of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine , but I would like to know where she got her bachelor's before going to medical school and what she got her bachelor's in.

A: Good question--I have been looking through many links on her, and they all start with her graduation in 2000 from John's Hopkins.

what kind of dog is bell or belle on the TLC show the little couple? by Anna Q: is small to medium, it lives with bills parents its light brown, looks like a pomeranian or a golden retriever anyone know? guess?

A: They never said what breed she is but she looks like a gulden retriever mix.

Does anyone know the brand of purse that Jen carries in the first episodes of The Little Couple on TLC? by purse lover Q: I love the purse and have tried searching designers on the internet to find something similar. It looks like a camel/yellow box satchel type, open top, with stitching around the bottom. It's very plain and classic. Thanks in advance.

A: I believe it's from coach because it has the little rectangular tag on the handle

Are Bill Klein and Jen Arnold from the Little Couple Jewish? by Ronda Q: I was wondering if Bill Klein and Jen Arnold from TLC's The Little Couple are Jewish.

A: no they are not hope i helped

When does the next season of The Little Couple start on TV? by Karen M Q:

A: I believe TLC's "The Little Couple" is currently on hiatus.

Are Jen And Bill From The Little Couple Expecting? by Juliet is the name Q: Hi I was wondering if Jen and Bill from the little couple are expecting?, I herd that they were pregnant, or something like that, and then I herd that it was just a rumor? Is any of it true????? (NO IGNORANT RESPONSES PLEASE!!) Thank you!

A: Jen and Bill are not going to have Jen carry a baby, so in that sense, Jen and Bill are not expecting. They were looking for a surrogate, but I don't believe they've found one yet. I think they were waiting until after their house is finished before children anyway. So, no, I don't believe they're expecting through a surrogate either.

On the show, The Little Couple, does it show Jen working in the hospital? by emt36i Q: I saw a commerical for the The Little couple show, it looks like Jen in arguing with another doctor. What is the name of that episode? What were they fighting over?

A: You see Jen working at the Hospital quite a bit. The episode you`re talking about was when the Hospital was conducting simulation seminars. Jen was among those "acting" out potential situations.

How Did the Little Couple Meet? by riss Q: How did Jen and Bill from the little couple meet?

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