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The line

Skip the Line
If you've got an idea or a deeply held conviction, if you're going to run on progressive values, and work hard every day to build something real -- skip the line. Don't wait. Even if they say you're too young, or that it's not your turn.

Vivendi Puts a Lot on the Line
... overseeing Vivendi's telecom, TV, music and videogame arms, and a €2 billion deal to buy EMI's recorded-music division. A successor for Mr. Esser is unlikely to be in the role before year-end. Until then, Mr. Levy is right in the firing line.

'The Voice' Recap: Let's Keep On Rocking
She pits rapper Moses Stone against country duo the Line to sing "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction." Guest coach Lionel Richie and his arrowhead mustache approve of Moses. "You've got the Voice!" he zings, giving everyone in the room imaginary high fives.

Health care on the line in Supreme Court case
The outcome of this case will test the court's perceived 5-to-4 conservative majority as never before. There is little doubt how important the next few days of high court will be. Health coverage for millions of Americans is on the line.

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anthonypainter @Michael_Merrick I've tried the hyper consumerism line and they just laughed at me. 'freestyling' - ie a moment when authority lifted and...

morrisota A line about burning books and the guy dominating Jeopardy doesn't guess Fahrenheit 451?

Transplant_Doc RT @Myeloma_Doc: HOVON 50 study in #myeloma does not support the general use of allogeneic transplant as part of front-line therapy (http://t.co/PQmmD9ZS).

itsss_danielle RT @henry_kunze13: Crossing county line on bike and getting the death stare by someone who doesn't like you then chasing them on bike #funday

takenbyniall_ RT @cr0sstheline: Cross the line if twitter has changed your life.

Boo1014 @snidey_UK. People say silly things on occasion. Poor man should quit while he was ahead. Now his future career is on the line.

DITUPAC3361 @hardball Romney is a tool and lackey of the Former Generals Industrial Complex and the Bushie Era Conservatives-he is toeing the party line

BHolbrook15 Looking down the line into game creek http://t.co/t0uReEaJ

Aariginale People be in the wrong line of business...as in everyone else's & not their own.

cosgrovc @jennyhuston Cool line-up cheers! (website seems to be down at the mo though..)

takenbyniall_ RT @cr0sstheline: Cross the line if you grew up unwanted.

TommyLove_21 Nigga's from The 3 pt.line, These nigga's don't rock right..

aldoferano On-line Poker Tips - Digg: This right here is the best website I have found online about real money poker. Give ... http://t.co/EsBZrJpA

Halrandir @Bonobos Hey Ninjas, any plans in the works for a line of vests/waistcoats? I'd love to see what y'all came up with for more casual use.

Feerie21 RT @un4gettableCBS: A detective's personal life crosses the line but will blind trust push her too far? Tune in TONIGHT 10/9c @CBS! http://t.co/Kt6ppjcO


When do they send out the National Guard? by deathofbaron Q: Okay, I understand what the National Guard does, but this question also branches out to the reserves as well. What I am confused about is that, when do we send out National Guard units to war? Like we send out Front line soldiers, then what's the point of sending out the National Guard or Reserves? I know this is kinda a confusing question but I could not find out the answer.

I'm in the mood for a fantasy novel. Will you assist me? by L'aigrette Sur le Toit Q: I'm sorry, but if you refer me to The Hunger Games I'm liable to backhand you :] I refuse to read that book. I'm thinking of something along the lines of the Chaos Walking or The Sight series. A young-adult novel-hold the romance - would be a nice change of pace right now. Thanks for any help!

what are the golden rules for mi so and la? by Q: is this correct? only answer if you know please. if mi is on a space so is in the space above if so is in a space la is on the line imediately above it if so is on a line mi is on the line below if so is on a line la is in the space immediately above is that right? its revision for my exam so please help x

A vertical line is drawn through a normal distribution at z = 0.50, and separates the distribution into two se? by Q:

what line passes through (7,3) and is parallel to the line y=2/7x-3? by Liliana M Q: Which choice is the equation of a line that passes through point (7, 3) and is parallel to the line represented by this equation? y=2/7x-3 A.7x + 3y = 2 B.y =2/7x+1 C.y =-7/2x-3 D.2x + 7y = 1

How can I activate the terrain layer on the Google Maps app on my iPhone? by worldpeace Q: How can I view the "terrain" view in Google Maps on iPhone? Google maps on the web, and the Google maps app on Android both contain a "terrain" layer which shows topology and contour lines. However, the iPhone Google Maps app only contains Standard and Satellite layers. Is there any way to activate the terrain layer on iPhone?

Will they ever come out with Splinter Cell Conviction For the PS3? by Q: I have read the book and it was pretty good but the story line for the game is was different so i want to try it but right now it is only for the X-box 360, will it ever be for the PS3

What is the name of the song that has lyrics that sound like "poop poop"...? by Q: Female vocalist... There's some more lyrics after that but i don't think they're in english... The singer just repeats the same line throughout the song & i think the last word is "yeh", & there's a saxophone. It's a fairly recent pop song maybe 3 or 4 years old, was on the radio a lot & there 's a music video. Also idk if this is true but i heard the singer died in a car crash shortly after recording it. Nope, not Super Bass. TYA

What is the scariest part of the Mindbender in West Edmonton Mall? by Kicky Q: I am kind of medium in terms of going on rides.. I'm mainly scared of the first drop, and of course the anticipation (waiting in line, going up the lift hill etc).. Is it really that scary? Should I close my eyes? Do you have any tips on how to keep my mind busy going up the hill (cause that's when I'll for sure be the most scared)...

Find the slope of the line passing through the points A(–8, –6) and B(7, 0).? by Q: Find the slope of the line passing through the points A(–8, –6) and B(7, 0). help?

What's the san gabriel biosphere chat line? ? by Q: anyone know the biosphere chat line!!!!

Thinking about doing some time in the army? by Q: I'm currently 17, nearly 18. I have an enjoyable stable job. Although sometimes I think I'd like to join the army for like JUST a year and serve on the front line, and after my year return back to my normal job and carry on as normal?

Footy Fans: Whats the worst chat up line you've ever heard? by Q: Heres mine: Baby, I'll do you like my homework. I'll Slam you on the table and do you all day long. (That was told to a woman by my friend) :)

on a number line there are three 5's one 6 and two 10's. What is the balance point of this data? by Q:

What is the slope of a line perpendicular to the line with equation y = 4x + 5? by Q: Option A: 4 Option B: -4 Option C: -1/4 Option D: -5

what are the dimensions of the prep lines in a kitchen? by Q: I am a design student and pat of my project is to design a kitchen. Does anyone know the dimensions or a site that I can use to find out how big those prep and cooking stations are?

Will the new Expo Line become the dominant form of transportation in Los Angeles, CA? by Q:

State one advantage and one disadvantage of designing a mix close to the maximum density line? by S135 Q:

For a new line of guitars with retail price at $349, what is the price Washburn nets (assuming half of the fin? by Laura J Q: Anyone help me out? I have no idea how to answer this.

How do I represent a paragraph I did on the myth of leprechauns physically any suggestions? by Q: I wrote a paragraph on leprechauns for school and I need to show the information physically it has to be unique or brings the information across I can't do diagrams I'm looking for suggestions along the lines of statues, structures or something like that

Two Virgin Cable Modems on the same line / contract? by Q: I have received a new virgin cable modem, but after small experiment connecting both old and new modems through Y-splitter both of the work at full speed. For example: my contract gives me 10mb and after some test each of my modems are pumping full 10mb from the line, So my question is how is this possible, and is it legal?

How to get the crotch lines? by chelslover_72 Q: The lines that go down from your lower abs to your crotch obviously.

Determine equation of the line passing (-1,6) with an infinite slope? ? by MISSUNKNOWN Q:

I took a PG test and both lines showed up but the positive line fade away after 3 min does this mean im not PG? by Q:

In the biomechanical analaysis of Usain Bolt's 9.58 wr, what is that blue line on the graph saying? by [email protected] Q: http://berlin.iaaf.org/mm/document/development/research/05/31/54/20090817073528_httppostedfile_analysis100mmenfinal_bolt_13666.pdf If you look at the graph on the top, there is that blue line throughout the graph. At one point the blue line goes above the 13 meter mark. Is that blue line refering to his top speed? So does that mean his top speed was above 13 meters per second (above 29 MPH)? Or have I understood the graph wrong? Thanks. If the link isn't working, please go to this website and click on the last link under the photograph in the releated content. http://berlin.iaaf.org/news/kind=101/newsid=53084.html

Do the Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Islanders tomorrow? by Q: The Penguins are coming in to the playoffs hot especially at home and with Crosby back in the line up and are making a push for division champions. NYI at home is the easiest game they have the rest of the way, is there a chance that they may let a favorable game slip or do they win? I REALLY value a good opinion on this, thanks. :)

ovulation kits which is the countrol line? by Q: which is the control line on the ovulation kit ?

What is the parametric vector equation of a line? by Q:

Why does the media / society think all black people fall in line behind the Black Panthers? by Q:

In Six Flags Great Adventure what is the music video shown on the TV on the Superman Ultimate Flight line? by Q: The music video is set at a party and a little kid is singing it. I forgot the title and band and need it for my ipod. :D PLease help. THanks. I tried google, didn't work. :(

What is your favorite app or feature on the iphone? by Class of 2011! Q: I'm getting an iphone within the next couple weeks (I'm paying for the phone and the data charges myself) and I am so FREAKING excited. Everybody is telling me it's top of the line. What is your favorite feature on the iphone? Favorite app? Thanks (: life decision here: black or white. White is different, but everybody has black

What does it mean to put a line through the number 7? by Q: that's it please respond

What is the farthest point you can see in your line of travel called? by Q:

VectorsFind the point at which the normal through the point(3,-4)to the line 10x+4y-101=0 intersects the line? by Q:

what do you think about the Princess cruise line? by Reba Q: tell me your experiences on this cruise line and what type of shows there were. I'm 44 and would like to know which one is best for my age. Crusing to Alaska

Are there any zero sequence components in the phase voltages of a delta connected load? by rabid_dog Q: My textbook says that there would be no zero sequence components in the line voltages of a delta connection, but they would be present in the phase voltages. How is that possible? Isn't the phase voltage for one the line voltage across two lines in case of delta?

Is the transmission return line on a 03 Pontiac Aztek at the top or bottom of the radiator? by Q:

Who are the politicians and celebrity restaurateurs that exhibit little regard for the damage they are doing t? by Q: I've seen the documentary "The End of the Line" but it has been a while and I need to know who is mentioned. Reply today, in the next hour or two would be nice.

Determine the values of x where the tangent line is horizontal for the function? by sagnikbaksi Q: I need help with steps : f(x) = 1 / [x^2 - 16] [x -5] the values of x where the tangent line to graph is horizontal are? thanks :)

does the bangkok airport link city line run 24 hours a day? by Lawrence W Q: I've heard conflicting info that it either runs 24 hours a day or just between the hours of 6am-midnight.

7day days after my first day of my last period and very faint line on the ovulation test? by Q: My last period was 20th march and first day today I tested and very faint line how long will it be for a possitive as my partner works away and need to time it right, Thanks helpful answers only please

Is there subway or bus line that goes from Penn station to the cruise ship terminals? by Q: I'm going on a cruise out of NY- Im taking a train that arrives at Penn Station, which i think is on 8th ave. The cruise ship terminal is (I think) 13th ave and 44th-47th. Is there subway line that will link me from Penn Station to the cruise ship terminals (or bus line), or is a taxi the only option? My friend told me its a 4 hour walk Thanks

How do i read the slope from a line? by Q: Co- Ordinate Geometry. Have a test on it tomorrow, been studying so hard i can see these equations everywhere. There is just one tiny part i can not figure out to know i can ace this test. I cant do the reading of the slope from a line. Here is my teacher's example. Y=x+2 Slope(m= -1) Help anyone?

A: m = (y2-y1) / (x2-x1) so y2-y1=x1-x2 y2=x2+2 y1=x1+2 x2+2-x1-2=x1-x2 x2-x1=x1-x2 so x1=x2 hence y2=y1

"I saw an angel from the corner of my eye" is the first line to what song by what artist? by llp Q: "I saw an angel from the corner of my eye" is the first line to what song by what artist? The song is played at the beginning of the second episode of the Citytv program "The Booth at the End" which aired in 2010 and I'm watching on Hulu. It is a male voice accompanied by acoustic guitar. The only lyric I can understand is the one above as the rest is obscured by dialog.

Why does Nike Park in Glorietta 4 doesn't have an e-Store where you can buy the shoes on-line? by Q: I know that some shoe stores have their own website where you can buy the shoes you want, why is this Nike Store or any Nike store in the Philippines doesn't have an e-Store (wesite) that you can buy from?

Christians, where do we draw the line at "women's rights"? by Q: It is getting to be that so many people want equality between the sexes that they ignore what the Bible says.

There is a poem about time with the fisrt line, "I'm always astonsihed when I hear people talking about time."? by Phillip H Q: Does anyone know the poem, author and totle of a poem with the first line, "I'm always astonished when I hear people talking about time."?

Are the Canterbury Rampage Pro 9 Stud Rugby Boots suitable for back-line players? by Q: I recently bought these boots, but only afterwards heard they were actually developed for front-row players. If I use other studs, will the boots be suitable for back-line players?

What is the slope of the line that passes through (4, -6) (4, 0)? by Q:

What was the line that rachel used in the tv show friends?? help!!? by Q: okay. . .she was newly pregnant with the baby and she was talking about it to ross it was something like rache to rossl: i dont want to tell my child that she was a side effect of our love and was not planned?? but what was the exact line??

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