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MeadowFisher @Percy_Harvin I have you on my fantasy team and I traded for you in my Madden league. Here is to the best slot receiver ever to play in Purp

BCSFootballNews #cfb League Office Announces Week 8 ACC Football Players of the Week http://t.co/trlLARe4

PurpleTea88 RT @FanGirlyall: @PurpleTea88 lol I can get my Majestic People Who Like Soup Hero League to help us hunt them down (even if Fang is in the superhero league)

UnicaMissy .A district attorney out for a conviction.. .A new lawyer out of her league.. .A young boy who knew too much.. THE CLIENT - Jhon Grisham

SuCk_mY_SwaG23 @BrianMoee But he the best active player in the league but I respect that tho !

DanRajczyk RT @TheLeagueQuotes: Under an hour until one retweeter is randomly selected to win The League Seasons 1 and 2 DVD box set. Retweet for your chance to win!

OhhErrol Am I high or are the Leafs actually 1st in the league?

p_raph 'The Radical Camera,' a History of the Photo League, Opens at the Jewish Museum: http://t.co/M93qfKt4

hockeydraws RT @TheLeagueQuotes: Under an hour until one retweeter is randomly selected to win The League Seasons 1 and 2 DVD box set. Retweet for your chance to win!

FanGirlyall @PurpleTea88 lol I can get my Majestic People Who Like Soup Hero League to help us hunt them down (even if Fang is in the superhero league)

CasAlles722 @ashleynabb and @CasAlles722 made The League tonight. #TutuSwagg

BeyondthePitch 5 hours until the AFC Champions League Final Jeonbuk Motors vs Al Sadd .. will be speaking with @JohnnyDuerden who is at the match

Its_LO Cam Newton leads the league in passing yards as a rookie..in a league with Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers etc... Too real

hockeydraws RT @TheLeagueQuotes: Hundreds of retweeters so far. Retweet by 11:55 EST to win The League seasons 1 and 2 DVDs. Winner announced at midnight! #anticiperection

Marty2634 @StarburyMarbury Have you seen any good movies recently? Which NBA Teams would you play for if you Join the League again?


Do you follow the championship? by Mythical Creature Q: if so what do you think of the league overall ? to be honest I prefer it to the premiership ... more competitive, although the quality of football is of a lower standard I give you that.

Name the team and year when a Major League team was never shutout..? by Walt Q: I know of at least one.

What was the Delian league? by Josily Q: Detailed in three or four sentences. I don't get this topic and I might have to write an essay on it.

A: The Delian League was an alliance of Greek city states set up in 477 BC in the aftermath of the defeat of the invasion of Greece by Xerxes in 480 BC - 479 BC.Its purpose was to provide for a common Greek defence against any further invasions.However Athens - leader of the League and by far its most powerful member, used the forces and resources of the league for its own ends,and essentially bullied all the other members into a position of subservience.This meant that the Delian League effectively became an Athenian empire rather than an alliance.

Will other clubs other than Real Madrid or Barcelona ever win the Spanish La liga? by Alin Ibrahim Q: La liga is a two horse race, will any other teams apart from those big two ever win the league in the next 5 years or so?

Top 3 players in the Premier League on current form? by KS Q: by top 3 i mean who are playing top football, not just scoring goals. i would go for, in no particular order: van persie, david silva and luis suarez. so what are your opinions? i say Luis Suarez, because if you look at most of the goals liverpool has scored, Suarez has been involved some way or another. I'm a liverpool supporter and i say we will struggle to scored if suarez gets injured or something (god forbid)

I get to dress a guy up as one of the little girls from the Lullaby League on Wizard of Oz. Please help me out? by Manda Q: My name's Manda and I'm 19. So long story short I won a bet with a guy and the agreement was that if I won he would have to let me dress him up as one of the little girls in the Lullaby League from the Wizard of Oz and he would have to be my maid for a day. So how do I dress him up as this? and also what should I kae him do in this as my maid? Thanks

Isn't it ironic that some of the founding members of the English defence league are of Irish-Catholic heritage? by Eclipse Q: I mean it doesnt look good does it? they are claiming to defend english the very people who oppressed them and accused them of being terrorists, and now they are going against people who are also oppressed (Muslims) and by that supporting english culture, people, language and religion..You would have thought they would support the Muslims in how they are being discriminated and treated because the Irish were treated the same, well still are some of them so why the hell are they supporting EDL? perhaps they dont know their Irish roots.

Why did its structure and membership weaken the League? by Anastasia Q: please help! i need to write a frickin essay! lol and i dont know what to write because my teacher dowsnt really teach! anyway, please help mee! thank you! :)

A: Assuming you mean the League of Nations: Major powers weren't members from the beginning. USA opted out at the beginning and was never a member,,Russia,which had become the world's first Communist state,wasn't initially invited,and didn't join until 1934 (as the USSR),and Germany wasn't allowed to join until 1926.Japan and Germany both left in 1933,Japan in protest at league criticism of its invasion of Manchuria,and Germany as soon as the Nazis came to power (Hitler saw the League as an instrument of the Treaty of Versailles,a treaty which he wanted to overturn).The USSR was expelled late in 1939 for aggression against Finland,and Italy had left in 1937 All this left Britain and France as the only 2 major world powers that remained members throughout of what was supposed to be a global organization.This gave them a lot of influence which they often used in their own interests;when the League wouldn't bend to their will,they ignored it and made deals that bypassed the organization,but were unwilling to use force to back up the League as an international organization. The League was thus inherently weak from the very beginning and throughout its existence.

Is there a way to watch the Champions League on Xbox Live? by Toushiro_Q8 Q: I know there is ESPN on xbox live, but it doesn't have champions league.

What effects did the U.S refusal to join have on the future of the League of Nations? by ....... Q: What effects did the U.S refusal to join have on the future of the League of Nations? I need TWO effects!?

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