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The happening

Letter: Roof garden is an oasis
It has been described as sterile, a wasteland, not happening and not in danger of ever happening, bleak, a sea of concrete. Untold hours have been spent by high-priced design talent and in meetings and hearings talking about what can be done to reverse ...

'Terra Nova': Netflix Move Not Happening
The Fox time travel drama starring Jason O'Mara and Stephen Lang hovered around the 7 million viewers mark for its 11-episode run. The show ended its season -- and time on Fox -- with 7.2 million viewers and a 2.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

Josie Natori tenders dinner for top fashion players
Totally the happening last week, dahlings, was the exquisite sit-down, five-course dinner, superbly chosen and taste-tested the day before by ultra-glamorous Ching Cruz, no less, held at Nuvo in Greenbelt 2. Naturellement, the hostess of the affair was ...

What's Happening in Georgia for March 28-April 7
See what's happening on Cane Pole Trail. Bring binoculars. (912) 496-7836. Free exercise class, 9-10 am Saturdays, Agape Church, 10600 Colerain Road, St. Marys. Exercise using only free weights and a mat. (912) 576-2008 or email [email protected]

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OptimusDPrime Me sitting on the toilet ain't quite happening. Been on here since quarter to, starting to feel piles coming on

jakepiper_ @HKSullivan its weird how I remember your mum coming up to us in primary school saying we got the Olympics and this year its happening lol

koum91 @KoastMC I could see the stoke thing happening n losing it or having a replay, woulda been typical. Gota get those wembley tickets now! :D

alexandrosmlx what the fuck is happening here? http://t.co/BGE9gtlB

stampurheart http://t.co/MoOvrLTm Happening on April 17th in Langley. Looking for some vendors for the... http://t.co/TTNy0T5J

hockingnmjulia RT @JoshCornfield: Happening now in the @phillydailynews room: Discussing the use of handjob and blowjob in tomorrows paper

ItsMe_Munia Ain't Ish Happening in "The Happening" #WackMovies

Kamilahqxras RT @SkyHelpTeam: @TomForster sorry to see this Tom can you tell us if the router is connected to the master socket whats happening Rob

CDR_JFTeotonio @thegoalkeeper Radio-Canada could replace the late Soirée du hockey by the Soirée du Soccer. I would definitly see that happening.

D_Williams26 Damn bruh. Why the hell is this happening? Should've did it when I had the chance. #Trapped

zoyahthawer RT @SFU: RT @eaglelooking78: The Indigenous Career Stories event is happening today at 3 pm in WMC above Tim Horton's. http://t.co/ZZg2gzjK

seleross No stadium for now. Recurring debate happening, once again, with anonymous friend: is oval worth the money for a 3-month season? I say yes.

LiveThruNature RT @letsmove: Happening @ 2:30ET: First Lady welcomes kids from across the country for 4th annual WH garden spring planting. Watch: http://t.co/Do631pPw

stampurheart http://t.co/MoOvrLTm Happening on April 17th in Langley. Looking for some vendors for the... http://t.co/jKUVgGgQ

Nicatoptions I've put myself on the map for @WWF-UK's #earthhour. See what I'll be doing and add yourself too! http://t.co/h83lkuSv #PandaMadeMe


Sometimes the speakers don't produce sound. Sometimes means: I happens maybe once or twice a month and once a? by Fausto P Q: Sometimes the speakers don't produce sound. Sometimes means: I happens maybe once or twice a month and once a day. I get in my car and it does not work. Then I leave my car, but when I come back it is working. I tried to turn off and on the radio, but that does not work. If you know of a trick I can use. I really don 't want to drive get out of my car then and back in to make it work.

Does anyone happen to know where I could buy the dress Kimbra wears in her music video 'Settle Down'? by Q: I surfed the internet for quite some time but was unable to find it anywhere. I think it's really cute and adorable and would love to own it. Thank you so much!

What is the story behind Resident Evil? by Q: I've played RE5 and I only understood half of it. What happened in Raccoon City, what's the Progenitor Virus and what exactly happened before RE5? Thanks in advance.

Have Chelsea got Barcelona in the next round of the CL if they both progress? by siRyan ★★★ Q: Didn't pay attention to the draw when it happened for obvious reasons, but I swear I heard that they have cause that Drogba shaking incident was apparently referencing the fact they will meet? If that's the case. Barca - Chelsea predictions over two legs? Cheers

What will happen when the Cons take over and discontinue my monthly shipment of cheese? What say you? by Heil Hussien Obama Q:

A: You might have to go to work. I know it's scary but lots of conservatives do it everyday

Do liberals not believe in "innocent until proven guilty" in the case of Zimmerman? by Q: The court of public opinion is already trying to convict him of being guilty when no one really knows the full story of what happened. If he is guilty, that should be decided in a courtroom with all the facts laid out, don't you think? Maybe he is, I don't know but neither does anyone else who wasn't there. Sound of ministry, I don't consider myself conservative nor do I align myself with any political group. I just noticed a lot of self-proclaimed liberals jumping to conclusion and joining in on mob mentality without all the facts.

What happens in the hunger games mockingjay ? by Q: im reading the second book and almost half way done. I heard that katniss chooses peeta. What happens ? I heard katniss gets pregnant in the fourth book ? True or False ? And that Gale is the cause of priemrose death and thats way she chooses peeta and finds her true love in him

List of events that happened during The Great Depression? by Q: I would like to have a list of events that happened during the GD. (If you can list them in ABC order) THX!

when you boil orange juice, you denature the enzyme responsible for oxidising vitamin c, whats happens now? by Q: when the enzyme is denatured, oxidation process is stopped, does that mean that there is no vitamin c left anymore? what happens to the vitamin c? Please explain clearly. CHeers.

What happened after our Lord Jesus Christ conquered the enemy? by Q: The Holy Bible says he died on the cross for are sins and then descended below and destroyed the enemy and rose again after the 3rd day to go into heaven with the angels. So where does evil come from nowadays, original sin? I'm a little confused since my friends talk about how their afraid of going to that place down there, but I don't think its there no more. Do you think it still exists?

Why were these movements important during the AR? by Tiffany Q: "Sons of Liberty" movement. Who were they and what did they do?. Why were they important to the American Revolution? Loyalist Movement - a brief description please? Also, why were these places important to the American Revolution? Philadelphia - what happened there in 1776? Valley Forge - What happened there? Boston, Mass - What happened there during Revolution? Thank you for your help.

The happening?? by clare m Q: Has anyone seen the trailor for The Happening by M.night shyamalan? Its stars Mark Walkberg. whats it about? it looks pretty good, and its a shyamalan movie so you know its good.

A: It is about a group of people who realize everyone around the world is killing themselves. I love Night and cant wait to see the movie. Wahlberg is proving himself to be a good leading man. here is the imdb link for a mre detailed description (as detailed as it gets with Night)http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0949731/

What is the best treatment for chronic pain? by Q: I know this is a crudely fashioned question. But I have nothing to lose asking it. I am 25 years old been in pain for 7 years...tried an enormous range of treatments. Wondering if there is anyone out there who has been cured of chronic pain, if so How did this happen? I find alot of the information out there to be doctors self promoting, or support group engaged in self pity. Very few real life examples of cured chronic pain patients that arent in the testimonial page of a website selling some product.

What happens if you passed the initial part of SOF like BUD/s? by Q: Or SWCC, I was watching surviving the cut and they made it through like 4 or 5 weeks and the episode ended but they told them they still had a lot of training. Do they continue to make cuts after this point. Say you pass BUD/s and then go on to the next part of schooling, do they continue to make cuts or what. How does it work?

the happening? by Ivanna C Q: did anyone one else notice that a lot of things they showed in the preview for the happening didnt even happen in the movie? like when that chick on the bench pushes a needle into her neck? same thing happened with the invisible, they showed that old guy in the hospital but it never showed him in the movie.. why do they do that?

A: Actually they did show everything in the movie that was on the previews. Thats just the problem though. The previews were better than that "god awful waste of a time movie." Dear M. Night, Please stop making movies that suck. you were on the right path with; the sixth sense, unbreakable, and ill even go so far as signs. But you've lost it. Your'e way too overpaid for putting out junk that a 4th grader can conceive and make into 2 hours of bad acting and horrible plot. You Suck. Your'e movies suck. Get a different job. Oh yeah, "I want my money back, you not talent douc*e bag."

The Happening ? by chelsey Q: I just rented The Happening, and if you've seen it, I got all the way to the part when he comes down stairs from that weird ladies house...then it stops, and it wont let me go to any other chapter. I tried to get the scratches out, but it still stops. I just want to know what happens in the end.

A: SPOILERS! SPOILERS! SPOILERS! The couple and child stay at and inside the house. The weird lady ends up wandering around outside and catches the toxin. She kills herself by smashing her head through a window--letting the toxin in the house. Husband retreats to the basement where he can hear his wife and the little girl in the spring house through a pipe. They decide if they are about to die, they want to die together and decide to meet out outside. Upon meeting outside--nothing happens. Enough people have been eliminated so the trees stop producing the toxic. The family ends up back together in Philly and the wife is now pregnant. Meanwhile we are shown news programs where it is being debated whether the "happening" was really the planet trying to punish mankind for polluting the earth or the result of some secret government program. The argument ends with if it was truly the planet, this toxin would be appearing other places. The last scene shows a park in France with two guys having a conversation. One becomes confused, people stop, walk backwards, the toxin has been released in France.

What ever happen to the ancient Egyptians? by Q: I said ancient.

Why have I been to able to see 3 planets in the sky for the past month? by Q: I live in Dublin, Ireland. For about a month nearly every night if I look into the sky I can see Venus, Mercury and Jupiter. This has rarely ever happened before. Why is it happening now?

What happened to all the clowns who thought Tottenham would finish above Arsenal? by Q: Arsenal are now 3rd Spurs have always been and will always be Arsenals b*tch

What would happen if Romney attacks the Deep South for being religiously bigoted? by Q: It seems like every moderate Republican has problems with the Deep South. What happens if Mitt Romney were to attack the Deep South evangelicals and protestants for being religiously bigoted against mormons? Would they still vote him over Obama? It still mindboggles me how Santorum can slow down Romney's nomination. And only for the reasons of religion, morals, abortions, guns and gays.

What happens to the colon if you don't expell the air during an air enema/air inflation? by Q:

After receiving a forward pass are you allowed to chuck the ball out of bounds? by Q: Say youre trying to gain yards and also stop the clock, is the runner allowed to throw the ball out of bounds? Not asking bout when the Qbs throw out when they see nothing happening.

What happens if I miss the court deadline for a speeding ticket? by Q: I got a speeding ticket around a month ago and I missed the deadline in which I was supposed to make a court date or something like that. I have a "meeting with the judge" tomorrow and I was wondering what was going to happen because none of my family or friends have any idea. Thanks!

What happens if you enter the united states after being in Europe for 2 years without a visa? by Q: My brother is a US citizen and never got a visa for Europe. He has been in Spain for 2 years and is thinking of coming back to the US. What could happen to him at US border control?

What are the chances of congress giving permanent residency to tps holders? by Q: I just saw it on the news their preparing the campaign and will be handing out the proposal in january 2013. Sinse it was granted to el salvador years back what are the chances of it happening again?

Why are today's celebrities fighting so hard for the gay agenda? by Q: What the hell ever happened to people like Anita Bryant?? Watch your language.

What has happened to the Yahoo Answers spell checker? It's telling me every word in this question, for? by Q: example is misspelled, but has no alternative spelling for anything. I don't think my spelling is that bad, do you see any misspelled words in this question?

What happens in secert life the episode tonight? by Q: I heard a lot of rumors saying she things shes pregnant. People thinks its bens but he's dating dylan ? I wont be able to watch the show tonight so will some on please tell me whats on the show tonight?

What happens to Jason Bourne after he swims away in the Bourne Ultimatum? by Q: He dives off the building and survives and swims away. What happens to him after?

Do dreams reveal what's happening in the subconscious, or do they prepare us for the future? by Lily Q:

What happen to the yahoo answers app on andriod? by Q: Is there anyway I can get it installed again?

what happen to the last 2 episodes of "the pretender" tv show? by Q: I was watching the pretender on hulu and I noticed the series ends at episode 18 in the fourth season, yet, according to the official website season 4 had 20 episodes. I did notice however that their were no thumbnail images of these 2 episodes.

A: I don't recall but I remember that show is was so good one of my favourite too bad it ended

Is there a difference in the inner entity who "makes decisions" and "lets things happen"? by Q: Are they one in the same mental entity? Than why do they seem to be different? I can think of a thing before it happens (metacognition) and just react to something happening (cognition)...is that all there is to the distinction?

Why was the UN building built? by Q: I would like to know what the purpose of the building is, and why exactly the HQ is in New York. And what exactly is happening inside the building?

I cannot access my Yahoo emails from the list in my inbox - can anyone help? by Q: This has happened within the last week, before then I had no problems reading my emails from my inbox.

Since GAME UK is down What will happen to the money on my gift cards? by Q: I have a joint amount of £70 on two gift cards, is their anyway I can receive this money or is it lost because of the company shutting down?

What happens when a movies budget is more than the box office? by sumitha_gavini Q: For example, when it takes 28,000,000 dollars to make a movie, but the profit is 11,000,000 dollars, what happens to everyone. Who suffers the lose, and how does everyone get paid?

What are webcam shows for adult that are offered by so many websites on the net? by Q: And what happens within the show itself?

Why do teen moms get offended at the truth? by Q: When you hear or read about teen parents its usually not very nice stuff. I did a project on teen pregnancy and the books I read were all saying the same stuff. Mean but true facts and statistics about teen parents. If you see my other question you see they are similar to this one. I just want to know why do teen parents get offended by what math and society says will happens to the majority (Not all) of teen parents and their babies?

How is a prosthetic arm connected to the body? by Q: I'm writing a novel, and I need to write down what happens. In the book, it's more like a bionic arm but who cares - same thing.

How does the lens of a tail-lamp filter out light that is not red? What happens to the other wavelengths? by Horlicks007 Q: Do the other wavelengths of visible light (purple, blue, green) stay inside of the lens?

What happened to the politics section on youtube? by Q: There used to be a politics section on youtube for videos regarding politics, but the section has all but disappeared now. Where'd it go? Am I missing something?

The Young and Restless, what do you see happening here? by Peaches Q: **Do you want to see Kevin with Chloe? I think they're toxic together. **With Gloria marrying Jeffrey and Angelina/Kevin coming to an end, will that be the end for Angelo/lina? **Isn't it time for Jill to have a male companion, she's too much of a busy body without a man in her life! **Do you think that Nikki forgave/believed Victor too quickly? Could she have something up her sleeve?

Why would people create the story of the Holocaust if it didn't happen? by Kiko Q: To me it seems like the evidence points to the Holocaust having happened, and I see no reason to deny it. But there are a lot of people who do, and I see it more and more in recent years. I can see why someone would want to deny the Holocaust happened: it is incredibly unpleasant to think about. What I don't understand is what reason the Holocaust deniers give to explain why the world would have made that story up. What motivation would there be to say Hitler and the Nazis killed millions of people if they never did?

Do you know anything about the possibility of an EMP happening and what are your thoughts...? by Q: on this? An EMP is Electro-Magnetic-Pulse. It can happen in two ways: An enemy dropping a bomb but having it explode in the air, or a extra strong attack of solar flashes. It a bomb was to explode in the air it would stop all electricity. This eventually would or could result in 90% of the nation dying out. Only those who are living in remote areas and are skilled in survival techniques would survive.

Why does my "back" button not work all the time. This has just started happening.? by Q: I have to re-enter the site I had been on. This is frustrating especially when you are in the ordering process and can not go back. This also happens with my e-mail. Why? I am a computer novice and do not know how to do any settings. Can someone please help me?

Was there anything special happening with the moon on 25th of March 2012? by Q: The Moon appeared to be red in colour and very big at the same time.

What are significant events happening in the France in regards to politics and economics? by devon d Q: I have no idea because I live in the United States. This is for an economics project. Thanks for the help!

why is it that weight loss doesnt seem to be happening in the stomach area? by Q: since i started training, mainly cardio, i have lost a total of 9kgs but the weight doesnt seem to be coming of the stomach area, is this normal? my starting weight was 95kilos i now weigh 86.

What are significant events happening in the US in regards to politics and economics? by devon d Q: I already have the war in the middle east. Any other ideas?

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