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The gates

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FreydNot RT @ARooneyInHeaven: Why are the gates here made out of pearl? I miss the days when gates were made out of brass or steel.

dellytherapper RT @ItsTheMook: "I'm ballin out the gates im the arizona starter" delly the rapper

NFLeXpOrter but with Gates nagged by the foot injury early and the departure of Sproles, those were Rivers safety nets thatb were no longer available &

__ARROGANT Aw shit. RT @TDotStateOfMind: You bout to open the flood gates RT @MissAngieMST: @The_Coach_Buck what u gonna do to me ?

TDotStateOfMind You bout to open the flood gates RT @MissAngieMST: @The_Coach_Buck what u gonna do to me ?

CarinJK @billmaher he should have told the truth right out of the gates. He's going ☟

darkenedxstar Omg!!! Omg!! The ppl that I day next to in the foodcourt are hardcore nerds!! Talking about gates of he'll and power of Zhang? Chainfire

Kingpenguinrock RT @sundancemckid: #medicalfilms enema at the gates

SHOGUNIVIIX Jamaica , Amsterdam & The bahamas is where i wanna visit before i see the heavan gates.

stattkatze @wfryer Maybe the best sentence Gates ever said. Hope Academia hears him. Loud and clear.

Janetju96 Cardinal Gates Banister Shield 15' Roll Clear: The Banister Shield banister protection (for indoor use only) Kee... http://t.co/0iWwbHnP

shoegazer40 RT @sundancemckid: #medicalfilms enema at the gates

sundancemckid #medicalfilms enema at the gates

NFLeXpOrter struggled this year. When Rivers has Floyd and Jackson on the outside, coupled with Gates at TE & Sproles, he is most effective because the

Jaredcwood In the future can't wait to see if you open up the gates for me. #thisplaylistiskillingit


What really happened between Professor Gates and the white cop who arrested him? by Jason G. Q: Mr. Gates did not show the officer his ID. He told the officer to go away. Now, the officer had been called to investigate a potential break-in, and saw a man trying to get into the house. It's his job and his duty to investigate. And rather than comply with the officer, the law, Mr. Gates told him to go away and began insulting him. Mr. Gates could have settled down and explained to the officer that he was locked out of his house, and handled it in a calm manner. Instead, he resisted the officer, and insulted him. That is what caused the whole issue. The officer did nothing wrong in this situation. Someone told me this-did this really happen?

A: Not quite what happened, but it's got the 'Gates was a jerk' bit right. Here's the official police report on it: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2009/0723092gates1.html

Gates announced a major base in VA to be closed, is this revenge for Virginia starting? by Coffee, TEA or ME Q: the law suits to block obamacare? Its already been stated by Gates that the savings will not be passed back to the tax payers, but spent on other projects. So far this is the only 'cut' they have announced. Looks like revenge to me, what about you? I don't care either way, but I do think its more dirty politics obama style.

A: That's how Leftists like 0bama work,wonder what Missouri's punishment will be for voting for a Law to block 0bamacare. RWE

Is Bill Gates actually a cyborg from the future that assassinated the real bill gates years ago? by megnalon Q: For no reason other than to act cool. And Bill Gates is an eugenicist, bilderberg piece of trash.

A: yea the was somthing about nothing when I was thinking about it when I last saw the person over nothing much yesterday

What is the benefits of living in a gated community if the gates are always open? by getrd2go Q: I have been looking at houses lately and found that a "desireable" selling feature is being in a gated community...well, I have yet to drive to one of these gated communities and see the gates closed...there is no gate gaurd .... so what the hell is the point? **I meant What are not what is

A: Normally the gates are closed during the night and in most cases the residents in the community have either a gate code or a remote to open the gate. Gated Community have also deed restrictions, certain rules and bylaws, in most cases they will take care about the outside lawncare and the maintance of the community ameneties - which is included in your monthly association fee. Personally i am not a gated community fan but i understand that some people would like to have a certain life style and standard in the neighborhood.

What time to the gates open before a game at Yankees spring training? by Chris C Q: Im trying to get autographs and i would like to know what time the gates open for a 1:00 pm game.

A: 3 hours before the start time. So the gates would open at 10am.

How do I stop my horse from breaking through my gates? by Miss Lyss Q: I have a 19 year old broodmare I just bought. I have had her for a couple of weeks now. Yesterday she started breaking through my gates. She did it three times. She just walks forward until they give. I have wire barbed fencing and one gate is chain linked and the other is a long gate with big squares. Forgive me but I don't know the name of what type it is. Either way how to you get them to stop breaking your gates?

A: Id get electric wire and run it across the front of the gate when she hits it she will get a pop and get the hint .

Regarding the Gates incident: Is an officer required to provide identification if a citizen asks for it? by bradwelljackson Q: There is a great controversy, as you know, surrounding the arrest of Henry Louis Gates at Cambridge. What seems to be left out of this debate, at least in regard to my own experience of it, is whether or not the officer was obliged to provide Mr. Gates with his name and badge number. Well then, if an officer approaches a citizen in an attempt to investigate a complaint, is the officer required to provide the citizen with his name and badge number if he's asked for it?

A: An officer does need to give his name and badge - it will also be on the police report. Gates was an idiot to not recognize that the cops were just doing their duty in responding to a possible burglary. What - he expected them to believe that old people can't be burglars. Contempt of cop was what got him that ticket. I hate when people try to pull the race card instead of realize they were wrong!

What baby gates do you use and would recommend? by audiovisual Q: We have a large opening at the landing of our stairs (approximately 4 ft) and have been looking for a baby gate for that area. We also need two more standard size gates for other locations around our home. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A: My son is 14 months old and we have three very different gates up in our house. I’ve been happy with all of them. The first gate we got was Summer Infant # 07060, Sure & Secure Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate. We bought this for our hallway. It is a large opening (45 inches) and I needed something with an opening to easily walk through. I also didn’t want this to be a permenant gate that screwed into the wall in case I needed to remove it temporarily. This gate did the trick. It’s pressure mounted. I’m very happy with the gate. We’ve had in installed now for about 6 months. Here are the pros and cons. Pros: pressure mounted extra tall easy to get in and out of once you get the hang of it fairly easy to install spring relase so it closes on its own My son has not been able to pull the gate down even though he tries to shake it. Cons: When my son shakes the gate he does move it slightly on the wall. Although as mentioned above he hasn’t been able to pull the gate down. So it does hold up good. It was a little tricky lining up the gate when installing it. You can’t tighten it too much or the gate won’t open and close. The second gate we purchased was for the bottom of our stairs. We also have a large opening at the landing so we needed an oddly configured gate. We went with the Configure Gate by Kidco. We’ve had this mounted now for about 4 months or so and I love this gate. Pros: Very Sturdy Easy to get in and out of My son can’t budge this gate Mounts to the wall Can angle it to fit odd openings Cons: Expensive Some steps in the directions are a little unclear. It wasn’t hard to install it just took a little longer than it should if the directions had been written better. The third gate we purchased was for the top of the stars. We went with the Evenflo® Secure Step Metal Gate. We’ve had this gate up for about 2-3 months now and haven’t had any problems. Although, my son isn’t upstairs for too long, so he hasn’t really tried to shake the gate yet. The gate seems like it’s very sturdy. My husband and I have tried to shake it and it doesn’t move. Of course, since it’s at the top of my stairs I’m always keeping an eye on my son just in case. Pros: Installed quickly Seems to be very sturdy Has an indicator on the gate - Red means the gate is not closed properly. Green means it’s locked properly. Easy to open once you get the hang of it Cons: The gate can be adjusted to various sizes. There are two screws to loosen, slide the gate to the appropriate length and then tighten again. I can tell you that for us hand tighening didn’t work. You were able to fairly easily slide the gate which rendors it useless since you can’t lock it. However, once I got out our adjustable wrench and lightened the screw with the tool. The gate length is now locked into place and hasn’t budged. I see from the reviews on Amazon for this gate that two other people had the same problem, I had with the knobs not tightening properly. As I said once we tightened them with an adjustable wrench, we didn’t have any further problems. But, you may not feel comfortable with this and may want to avoid this gate altogether. My favorite gate of the three by far is the Configure Gate. I hope this helps. Good luck.

What is the space in between two gates on a driveway section at both ends called? by Kenny Q: Similar to how herders would let cattle into one part of the gated space, close the gate behind them, and then open the one in the front to allow access to the main kennel. What is the space called in between these two gates? It looks like a square, with a gate at the Western and Eastern part of the fences, like a two sided flood gate.

A: It's just called a laneway or a working alley. It can be square, but most of the time it's rectangular.

Christians: Does the fact that Bill Gates is an Atheist/Agnostic detract from the good he has done for mankind? by West Texas Wildcatter Q: Bill Gates has made over 100 billion dollars in his lifetime, and has already spent 48 billion and plans on spending around 68 billion to help cure polio, provide clean drinking water for people in Africa, provide food for the hungry, and also to provide bed-nets to help reduce the spread of Insect-borne illnesses. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated more money to philanthropic causes during its rein than the catholic church (3 billion dollars vs. 48 billion dollars). He also claims that he doesn't believe in the sermon on the mount, or any of the specific elements of any religion, saying that the moral teachings are important but the details are not true. He also claims that the human soul doesn't have anything divine about it, and he prefers to base explanations for existence off of evidence. I have heard some Christians who think that his lack of faith detracts from his philanthropy, and the fact that he is not doing these good deeds in the name of Jesus makes them less beneficial to mankind. What are your opinions on this, is philanthropy not in the name of Jesus not really that beneficial? Is the 3 billion dollars the Catholic Church has given to charities more beneficial than than the 48 billion Bill Gates has donated since the Catholic church based their good deeds off of Christ while Bill is partaking in his efforts simply to help peoples lives here on Earth? And another question.... do you think people like Bill Gates go to Hell? He says that the Sermon on the mount never happened but he donated his entire fortune to help out millions of people across the globe? Does his lack of faith keep him out of heaven? Sources: theses sources are interviews with Bill talking about religion... http://www.theamericanview.com/index.php?id=649 http://muxlim.com/videos/AlJazeeraEng/frost-over-the-world-bill-gates/ http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Believer%27s%20Corner/meet_a_few_atheists.htm Here's the link to his webiste about how much he has donated, and how much he plans to donate: http://www.gatesfoundation.org/Pages/home.aspx @No Chance Without Jesus: Bill Gates is the reason you can come on here and visit YA from your house. He invented the entire idea of a software company and risked everything he had because he believed it would work. Microsoft has a very high wage/benefits package for all of its workers, and the reason he made that much money is not because he is evil, but because he took a risk with a fantastic idea and worked incredibly hard to see it through. @Belixia: Bill Gates is using vaccines to help people in Africa deal with Polio. He also hopes to help fight malaria with vaccines. He has never helped people with abortions, its been about fighting pathogens. I'm having a hard time seeing how this is evil, and BTW, typing in all caps makes you look like a jackass. Just saying. @No Chance Without Jesus cont.: Bill Gates didn't rip anyone off, he provided an operating system that allwed these companies to expand into the personal computer market. He also is the first to create a company that solely sells software which was a big innovation for the time period. IBM used his software because it was better than anything they had ever made. He is the reason all of these other hardware companies are as successful as they are today. Until they came out with the DOS, most software was total junk and to hard to use for the general public. Belixa: You are about the most deluded person I have ever had answer a question on YA. You don't need to comment anymore, I've seen all I need to see to know that you are an incompetent conspiracy theorist who's commentary is worthless to any rational human.

A: Bill Gates has given more money to charity than anyone in American history. He's wealthy, he's rich, he has a lot of money, hooray! So what? Church people bad-mouthing Bill Gates need to get over themselves.

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