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The debt

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G_Cesano BCE must warrant debt :Anyway, France knows that very well, USA as well, Germany is pushed in the corner

BobRamsay RT @Barnaby_Joyce: Congratualations Wayne you have borrowed another 2.4 billion for the week AOFM gross debt now 218 billion. But it is not a problem, hell no!

piotrusz7 @zoemavroudi Of course!The ONE inescapable fact is that this whole situation has been engineered 2 create an UNREPAYABLE debt burden on u..

SystemsWiki http://t.co/pGqs1RMr #stwg Jim In the "Money as Debt" video it talks about the economy trying to pay back principal + interest from a...

Derek_Spillane Podcast: Jobs Report, European Debt and the Flat Tax http://t.co/J5ytTRMR

Nenaml83 Extra Credit 2nd Edition: The 7 Things Every College Student Needs to Know About Credit, Debt & Ca$h: Every stud... http://t.co/THpvXF2y

srpatterson How to Choose the Best Student Bank Account - [hana-code-insert name='LoanModificationConnection' /] Although it is... http://t.co/nExBGYlE

redingtontweets [email protected]: #Pensions VIDEO OF THE WEEK - Foresight in Hindsight - #US #Debt Ceiling http://t.co/PWF6iMPK via @redingtontweets”

EllieRiley_TW @princesscharlie oh right cooolio! I'm skintos! Still in debt from the first one x

surfsalt G20 ends in disarray as Europe stumbles on through debt fog http://t.co/nJfZNvTk via @smh will the euro comes to grips with this mess?

HowtoPayDebtOff Pay Off Debt the Creative Way http://t.co/qdAwFwfq #debt

HowtoPayDebtOff What debt settlement companies are trustworthy and have the best rating? http://t.co/vU8qX3yo #debt

Jettieaqa The Man Who Outsmarted Debt - A Timeless Tale: The tale of the man who outsmarted debt is so remarkable that you... http://t.co/nXd5ZPXU

rogerchisnall #LiesThatAlwaysWorked "Debt, banking and the economy are very very complicated, best if you leave that to us." The Govt

StudentDebtScam Let's hope STUDENT LOAN DEBT is like the McRib sandwich -- for a limited time!! #mcrib #mcdonald's #obama


Im going to the army soon and just found out i have bad debt, will i be kick out? by Berserkmon Q: I just recently found out that I had 3 bad debt that went into collections, can I be kick out of the army? It total less then $2000 I dont know why but my recruiter did a background/credit check it didnt show up. I didnt hear from it for years and dont really even remember it, they are 3-4years ago. I can pay it off, but is it bad enough to get me kick out? What should I do? How come it doesnt show up when my recruiter check? I could of taken care of it, but now I am leaving in a few days, will I be kick out during bct? Do they check while in bct? I can pay it off after i get out of bct or ait. Help from a military personal plz.

A: If you have any type of security clearance, I would recommend telling them about it. As long as you tell them and explain it just showed up, it shouldn't be an issue.

The national us-debt has reached $15 trillion today!? by arepo Q: ...and the last debt ceiling was increased to $16.694 trln. At such rates, will it be sufficient until the next elections? http://www.brillig.com/debt_clock/

A: That is one of the consequences of an economy only growing at 1.5%-2.5% GDP and 9% unemployment. Spending is only half of the equation in a budget deficit. Even if spending remained at the same level, or was reduced, if revenues produced are reduced at a greater rate, it would still result in Treasury needing to issue enough debt, to cover the deficit.

Is there a way for me to transfer debt to another person? by jason j Q: If I loaned this person money. Is there a third party organization that will collect the debt this person owes me. I am sick and tired of waiting for payments and getting late payments. If I could just have a third party where this person pays their debt to it would be nice. I took out a cash advance on the credit card to loan this person money. I wanted to know if there are any companies who will take the money I loaned and will be the new creditor for a fee.

A: Unless you have a written loan agreement or IOU, you just gifted the money to this person.

Why do Republicans suddenly think the economy is great? by GaiBaan Q: They are attacking OWS suggesting that things are great in the US and that the people protesting just need to take a job. The Republicans have suddenly lost all their complaints against government spending and the debt which the protestors of OWS are also complaining about. I'm shocked at this drastic change. Are things suddenly rosy with the Republicans? Why would they not acknowledge that the US has serious economic and government spending issues?

A: Who exactly are you talking about? The only republican that isn't an idiot is Ron Paul and he has a plan to cut 1 trillion $ in spending in his first year in office and wants to phase out the federal reserve.

Is it common for a child to pay off the debt of a parent? by meg Q: I have around $35,000 saved up and was considering giving my mother about $25,000 to help pay off a mortgage that she has joint ownership of from a previous marriage (she is the only one making payments on it btw) and some credit card debt. She can barely make ends meet. I'm not inquiring about the morality of helping a parent out or not; I would like to know how people in similar situations deal with this issue. I don't make a lot of money myself (roughly $3,000/month) and I have my own major expenses to worry about but it would give me great satisfaction knowing my mother is in a better situation.

I have alot of debt. Can I still join the Air Force? by Jyro Q: I have a car repossession, delinquent apartment debt, and a credit score of 512. Can I still join the Air Force?

Why doesn't our government do what they should have done all along to solve the debt problem? by der_bingle Q: Tax churches!!!!!!!! Big difference between a church and a charity.

What message should America's liberals take from the Greek debt crisis? by Joe in texas Q: Should we keep spending until our Debt to GDP ratio is as high as Greece's

What major country has the largest national debt? by Serenity NOW! Q: I see that Japan's debt as a percentage of it's GDP is 204%. Greece is 137% and the U.S. is 99%.

A: GDP is not a measurement of equality. In Japan when the economy is doing badly the people are doing better.

The SOL has passed, can the debt still be resold to collection agencies? by Pat A Q: A debt I had is past the sol, no longer on credit reports, and has been sold to 5 different collection agencies. I continue to send a validation letter and they do not respond. What can I do to stop this harrassment! I have reported them to the FTC but nothing happens.

A: nothing will happen, you have to ask for validation that the debt exist, if you don;t they will keep seling it

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