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The bachelorette

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CarolinaOgliaro RT @FitChickNYC: Love it! RT @runnernyc: Love it. Italian bachelorette party running the marathon http://t.co/dDUZKVFk

FitChickNYC Love it! RT @runnernyc: Love it. Italian bachelorette party running the marathon http://t.co/dDUZKVFk

runnerNYC Love it. Italian bachelorette party running the marathon http://t.co/yEJal052

PardisKianoush @jdeeley7 Jusstttinn! Were you the stripper from the episode where Ivy had her bachelorette party? .. Busted!

Shantelljtsqh Get the Right Bachelorette Party Supplies http://t.co/kzxj2aj8

karlynekara @FmariedyYes ofcourse. 28 so by now dapat naa naka napilian..haha apil nlng kha the bachelorette.. Filipino version.lol

karlynekara Yes ofcourse. 28 so by now dapat naa naka napilian..haha apil nlng kha the bachelorette.. Filipino version.lol

MrsLeahBieber Omg. The Bachelorette. :O

TuneCHICK_ I think I'm gonna be a bachelorette for the rest of my life . Lmao

overSawYanez http://t.co/4ljpuPZV Mike Tyson In The Hangover | Bachelor Party in Las Vegas

vegaline73 @ly79 en jij natuurlijk ook vel plezier, met the bachelorette kijken of iets anders!

_Mirrie_ @emvege24 Yep, nog 6 afleveringen van The Bachelorette kijken... Nog 10,5 uur kijkplezier dus!

miajjang Watching the Bachelorette, this show is seriously messed up haha

AmandaTillenius Läser tjejtidningar och kollar på The Bachelorette och är galet kär <3

Mackenzie7675 Pipedream Products Bachelorette Party Rhinestone Tattoo, Pink: Make the girls last night out an unforgettable on... http://t.co/wvCfUKYQ


How do you plan a bachelorette party and a bridal shower? by Shawn Q: I'm maid of honor in a friend's wedding and have been assigned the duties of planning both a bridal shower and a bachelorette party. I have no idea what the hell to do either, or when I plan them, etc.

A: The bridal shower is very simple. Choose someplace to hold it, maybe someones home or a room in a restaurant. Arrange for food and drink. Discuss who should be invited with the bride. Get invitations and invite them. Get a few simple decorations if you wish. Show up to the shower. Done. I would recommend holding it a couple months out from the wedding. Don't invite people who aren't invited to the wedding. Consider keeping it to close friends and relatives. People who don't know the bride very well aren't going to feel like showering her with gifts. The bachelorette party depends on what the bride wants, those are much more variable. Speak with her directly and see what she has in mind. My only recommendation is to have it a week or two before the wedding so everyone is well rested for the actual wedding, don't hold it the night before.

What are good bachelorette party ideas where an underage bridesmaid can be included? by ME Q: I am the maid of honor for my sisters wedding and I need some ideas for the bachelorette party. There are 4 bridesmaids (including myself) and our younger sister is only 13 and I want her to be included in the party too. The wedding is in 9 months, but I am trying to get ideas now to make planning that much easier. Any suggestions would be awesome!

A: I went to a bachelorette party that was a Mani-Pedi-Margi-Marti Party. It was at a spa that allowed us to bring in liquor, and we had margaritas (Margi) and martinis (Marti) while we had our mani/pedis. We had one non-drinker (pregnant BM) and she enjoyed her spa time just as much as everyone else. Another I went to was at a "paint your own ceramics" store where you each pick out a plain piece of "unkilned" ceramic and paint it. We each painted a picture frame and gave it to the bride, but you could certainly paint and keep your own. The most recent one was for an underaged bride, so most of the BMs were also under 21. The MOB and MOG were also invited (I am a friend of the MOB, so that's how I ended up there) so the activities were VERY tame. We went to an amusement center where they have mini-golf, arcade games, laser tag, bumper boats, batting cages, go-karts, and other fun stuff. I was a little skeptical at first but everyone had a good time in the end. We even got the groom's mom to play Dance Dance Revolution.

Am I supposed to provide favors to the bachelorette party guests? by Caitlin Q: I was asked to plan the bachelorette party last minute because the person who was originally planning it backed out and didn't provide me with what she had already planned or any contact information. I live 1800 miles away from where the bachelorette party and wedding are taking place and will not be arriving until the day of the party. It was mentioned to me that I need to provide favors to all of the guests at the bachelorette party.....Do I need to provide favors and if so what type of favors would be appropriate?

A: I don't think it is necessary to provide favors at bachelorette party...but you may consider some girls' night out favors like purse valets, perfume bottles if it is a must.

What is bachelorette etiquette when it comes to one person planning a party? by Meg Q: My friend is planning a bachelorette party by herself. Is it okay for say that everyone that rides the party bus must pay 10 bucks in order to help her pay for the bus. We need transportation like a party bus, but how does she make it clear to everyone that they need to pitch in.

A: Assuming that you all will be drinking, present it like the bus is the designated driver, and its not free. Plus, parking will be easier parking 1 bus, rather than 10 cars. Plus, if you go someplace where you have to pay for parking, this will just help that. So, they can either pay a few bucks to ride the party bus, or drive themselves and not drink or risk a DUI.

What bachelorette should i chose is harvest moon animal parade and why? by Collin Q: I am restarting and i want to see what bachelorette would people think is the best!

the Bachelorette??? by ☆ Love Q: Dionna picked JESSE! WHAT the heck? I was so sure Jason was going to be picked! Do you think she made the right choice? Why or why not?

A: Dude, Dianna has to be kidding me. I woke up this morning hoping Jason was going to be picked and watching the show tonite brought me to tears. Jason is this perfect guy with this awsome child and she just couldnt see how amazing he was. I'm just like blown away and I just can't get over it either. I really hope she is inlove with Jesse because I would hate if later on in her relationship with him she realized that he isn't the one. Also, I can understand she went for the total opposite of what she looks for but that's just a risk she had to take. I can't say that I'm happy with her decision. I wish more hapiness to Jason than to her but I hope she's happy too.

The bachelorette? by pink.zone Q: I totally forgot about it yesterday does anyone know where i can watch it?????

A: abc.com full episode player

THE BACHELORETTE????? by live.laugh.love. Q: So I've been catching up with this season of The Bachelorette today and I just got done with Week 4. When is the next episode coming out? Week 5? I've searched the abc website and cant find it and I've searchced hulu.com and cant find it either. It's the one where they go to Iceland. One the website then it said it's on Monday @ 8 but was the Week 5 yesterday or next monday? Please let me know! Thanks. ***Sidenote: Who do you like the best? :)

A: It will be aired next Monday. I like Frank--seems to be down to earth, level headed and non-controversial. Justin reminds me to much of Vienna in last season. Kasey--what's with his voice? He talks like he has a sore throat and puts his words into rapid fire. I miss some of what he says. And why would he get a tattoo? You can't wash it off! Idiot!!

The Bachelorette......? by ♥J.N.F♥ Q: The premiere of the bachelorette was last night, what were your thoughts on it??

A: So far its been kind of boring. I watched it but I wasn't really interested. Im going to give it another shot to grab my attention. If it doesn't I will be moving on.

the bachelorette ??? by Wagglet3 Q: my mom decided to cut off our tv for the summer, which means im missing the bachelorette. can anyone tell me who has left? who do you think is going to be picked? has jake gone home (he's my favourite). i havent watched since week 2. who dont you like? i dont like Wes, i think he's on it for publicity for his music and i dont like Tanner P., he creeps me out :P

A: tanner f. and brad (geek) got out along with david and juan and mike. kypton got a 1 on 1 date. mike and mark got a 2 on 1 date. jake (also my favorite) is still in (yay!) tanner P. and wes are still in.

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