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The amityville horror

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arinn1892 gue streaming met RT @zhulametz: pinjem donk bun,, senin bawa y,, hihihi RT @arinn1892 #nw The Amityville Horror o_O"

zhulametz pinjem donk bun,, senin bawa y,, hihihi RT @arinn1892 #nw The Amityville Horror o_O"

arinn1892 #nw The Amityville Horror o_O"

thunderkiss_65 I'm at Rave Motion Pictures for The Amityville Horror (1979) (2525 Sand Creek Rd, Brentwood) http://t.co/fmEbezQh

Namzerz Watching The Amityville Horror....damn sounds scary....

Beeerettt Watching the amityville horror where's @alexaraeeee

2nd_thought_ Watching the amityville horror

wcgaps_andy @montistempe listening to Christopher Lutz speak about what really happened during the #amityville horror.

SoundEquipment Make Music: The Amityville Horror http://t.co/NzY5uvGS

itsianpoake Was just told by @VohnJincent that the remake of "Amityville Horror" was good. I'm almost a little disappointed honestly. #Purist

6degreesofhell The best part of the 1979 Amityville Horror: the puking nun in the street.

courtthayer The Amityville Horror w/ @alliphillips14 #katchem & #killem #lol.

falsebinary Contrast that (if you dare!) w/ the original AMITYVILLE HORROR, which uses 2nd-rate PSYCHO strings (& Rod Steiger) to hilarious effect.

LiriaRD assistimos horror em amityville e across the universe

mooviemaniac The Amityville Horror The Lost Tapes Part 1 / 13 FULL HD-WATCH ONLINE FREE-HD QUALITY http://t.co/0oYmy3cm


Is it true that marilyn manson is paying people to spend the night in the amityville horror house or has? by *Britt* Q: I heard that he paid people 1 million dollars to people who spent the night at the amityville horror house in the basement. Did he ever pay people or does he still do it?

A: Sign me up. an easy million dollars

is the blair witch project scarier than the amityville horror? by Isabella Q: so me and my friend are having two guys over and we want a scary movie, and we cant decied between amityville horror and the blair witch project. which one is scarier?

A: I definitely think so... of course, I love both films. Amityville is a more traditional horror story, but Blair Witch I think is more effective when the right viewer (someone who can handle the shaky camera and actually can allow themselves to get into the story)

Does anybody know a website where i can watch the full movie amityville horror made in 2005? by sammmyyyy Q: I want to know a website where i can watch the full movie amityville horror made in 2005?

A: http://www.watch-movies-links.net/movies/the_amityville_horror/

What's your biblical opinion of the Amityville Horror? by ♥ ä r † ë m ü § ♥ Q: Okay, so I've read the book and watched the movie, and they both say that they're real. I've done some research on the topic, and I've found that in the Bible there are Demon "Ghosts," and that could be the explanation for all of the things that happened to the people in the house, but I want to know other people's biblical opinions on it. Do you think the Bible can prove the Amityville Horror to really be true, like the books and movies state? Let me know XD thanks

A: I did not read the book and I did not watch the movie because I know that demon powers are real. I have lived in Africa, and I have seen first-hand just how demon powers can destroy a person's sense of self, and life. Many of the the people of Haiti worship demon powers because they dedicated their island to Satan. Just look at what has happen there. The same thing is true of many African peoples of whom I am a descendant. Also as the world gets smaller and smaller, many of us in developing countries are starting to imitate what the demon worshipers do and look at how our lives are being changed for the worse. People are killing their own children and even eating other human beings to name a few of the horrors now taking place. We are not the people who came to this land to worship God freely, and demon powers are rampant here today.

About to watch the AMITYVILLE HORROR w/parents what sexuality happens? by Ella S Q: is it going to be akward to watch the Amityville horror with my parents? Like what exactly is shown?

A: If you are watching the original 70s version, there is a scene where the couple have sex, but I don't remember any nudity... stardust

WHat are some good scary movies like the amityville horror? by Ryan Q: I really like the Amityville horror(2005) and was wondering what some other movies That are similar to this are. or other scary movie that i would also like.

A: well theres saw series

What are the kids to George in the Amityville Horror? by jdufbdsfjucd Q: In the 2005 Amityville Horror with Ryan Reynolds who are the kids to him? They always call him George or act like hes not their father so what about that family how are they all related?

A: I only know the original version of the film. They're his stepchildren. From Wikipedia for verification of my statement: George and Kathy married in July 1975, and each had his/her own home, but they wanted to start afresh with a new property. Kathy had three children from a previous marriage, Daniel, 9, Christopher, 7, and Melissa (Missy), 5.

How much money did the Lutz family make on the Amityville horror? by megan Q: I am doing a speech on the true story behing the amityville horror and can not find anywhere how much money the Lutz family made off the books and movies

A: http://www.geocities.com/inhell_2000/amityville.html?20055 http://www.dailyraider.com/index.php?id=3069 http://www.ghostvillage.com/legends/2005/legends36_04122005.shtml http://www.myusm.com/usm389123.html

Is the movie Paranormal Activity similar to the 1979 Amityville Horror? by Lil Dude Drinks Pennyroyal Tea Q: Like, is it more of a ghost film that scares you with what you can't see? Or do they have ghosts you can actually see like with most horror films in recent years? The Amityville Horror is my favorite horror film, so I'm just trying to see if I'd like P.A.

A: its not exactly like amityville horror, because the movie is not really about ghosts, theres some stuff that scared me when i saw it, but ya its weird i dont want to spoil it:) *by the way amityville horror is one of my favorites as well:)

How can i build a amityville horror house from boxes ? by [email protected] Q: I want to make a eplica model of the amityville horror house,ive noticed its not a thing thats been done on google or any other site that i can find for that matter does anybody actually know where i can find some good plans?....if not maybe some ideas of what to do for the windows and shape of the house???.....any help on this would be appreciated .

A: http://www.amityvillefaq.com/truthboard/viewtopic.php?t=34 Scroll to the bottom of the page. I think this will help.

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