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The amazing spiderman

'Amazing Spider-Man' Character Concept Art; Rhys Ifans Talks Playing a CGI ...
Take a look at some early character designs for 'The Amazing Spider-Man', and see what Rhys Ifans had to say about playing Curt Connors/The Lizard.

EXCLUSIVE: Gameloft's Barnabé Anglade On Creating THE AMAZING SPIDER ...
When Gameloft first announced The Amazing Spider-Man for our mobile devices, it looked like quite the spectacle. Now that the game is finally released, you can find out just what went into the development process, how close they worked with Marvel ...

The Odd Marketing of The Amazing Spider-Man — Spinning a Web of Receipts
Summertime is blockbuster season, and with it comes the usual onslaught of promotional tie-ins. Naturally, The Amazing Spider-Man has generated its share of interesting merchandising partners.

The best summer movies from 'The Amazing Spider-man' to 'Brave' that pack a ...
My 10-year-old son is an avid movie buff, so I've had the opportunity to see many of the newest films and think about which ones share the best leadership stories.

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Nraliaad Feels like going to watch The Amazing Spiderman.Anyone?

rebeccakiki Watched The Amazing Spiderman twice! Last nite with adrian. This afternoon with Mc Wilkins.

samsomera Was it me or was the amazing spiderman just.. Good? Nothing great, just.. good.

music_lala RT @kutipanfilm: "We all have secrets: the ones we keep... and the ones that are kept from us." -The Amazing Spiderman #kf

S2RDO7262 "We all have secrets: the ones we keep... and the ones that are kept from us." -The Amazing Spiderman #

SamSkyles12 Amazing Spiderman was the best out of all the movies #superheronerd

RyanPhuong The Amazing Spiderman was so good!!! http://t.co/9GOSB8Zf

donditriantito @BerInfoBandung jual jaket THE AMAZING #SPIDERMAN 2012, cekidot gan! :D http://t.co/tuY8olLD #FASION

megalegado The Amazing Spiderman Round 2 later with @glendaozaeta @Markdg3 :) #break

Firdausekaprata Ayooo ! RT @helvylavenia: Ayo kita nonton hari selasa RT @FDLYH: The amazing spiderman RT @Firdausekaprata: ada film bagus ga ?"

kandidabunyi RT @benakribo: Udah pada nonton the amazing spiderman belom? Gila. Keren bgt. Sedih emosional juga.. Beda bgt sm yg awal dulu!!!

LiteralTrash the amazing spiderman was....well amazing lol. way better than the old ones

tateleclair6 @alexanderwillis @panda_mage so we went to see spiderman instead! It was amazing, hence the title.


How come amazing spiderman ps3 version isn't on redbox? by Q: I really want the game but I wanted to try it out first. I go on the red box site and there is no ps3 version. It's on wii and Xbox though. I research and there is a ps3 version at the store but not redbox why?

A: Sometimes it just takes a while for certain titles to be released. Redbox has made it easier than ever to rent movies and games. With kiosks (red cubicle structures that allow you to drop off or pick up videos) at almost every street corner, Redbox has become one of the most popular video rental options around today.

What song was playing during the skateboard scene in the amazing spiderman? by miLo Q:

What are the controls for the amazing spiderman game for ps3? by Q: Like what is the web rush button and all that.

A: The Amazing Spider-Man PS3 controls are as follows: R2 - WEB SWING\ R1 - HOLD TO WEB RUSH or TAP to QUICK WEB RUSH\ TRIANGLE - INTERACT / DODGE\ CIRCLE - HOLD TO WEB GRAB or TAP to Web Shoot\ X - Jump\ Square - Attack\ R3 - ROTATE for CAMERA CONTROL and PRESS to RESET CAMERA\ L3 - ROTATE to MOVE and PRESS to "BACK TO WALL"\ The D-Pad toggles the Mini-Map\ L1 - Web Retreats\ L2 - HOLD to TAKE A PHOTO (You must first unlock the camera ability early in the game)\ SELECT - CELL PHONE\ START - PAUSE. The Playstation Move controls are almost the same except 1) T = R2 2) MOVE BUTTON = Attacks 3) Right on D-Pad TAKE A PHOTO.

Which issue of the Amazing Spiderman am I thinking of? by Carl L Q: There's an issue of Spiderman where he gets captured and put into some machine that has his hands encased. The villain wants to use Spiderman's blood to regain his own youth. Spiderman destroys the machine by shooting web into the part of the machine holding his hands. I'm not sure who the villain is, maybe Vulture.

A: Just search through the suspicious issues.

What are your thoughts on the amazing spiderman? by Q: Does it look good or decent and how about the new actor?

A: It looks lame but I like the actors better than the old one.

How do you unlock the classic red and blue suit for the amazing spiderman game? by Q: Ive seen like atleast 3 people that made a video with it but how do you get it?

Do you think the amazing spiderman will be better than the avengers? by ezio Q: The new movie looks great! And spiderman is marvels most popular character(that's not a personal opinion its fact he sells the most and is marvels icon). Don't get me wrong avengers was almost the perfect movie and is in my top 3. But this spiderman looks great and its trying to be as true to comics as it can which is kind of rare with super hero movies lately

A: No way in hell. this is just a remake of the original. but avengers was ORIGINAL. it was a new story line. nothing can beat avengers and iron man ;)

How to Watch The Amazing SpiderMan movie online streaming free? by Q: i would like to watch it online, preferably a good stream link would be good, like putlocker,torrent,videobb or anyother etc. and i wouldnt like links where i have to do some annoying surveys..i Heard that this movie is very good informative. I want to see the movie please please..

What is the song in the theatrical trailer for The Amazing Spiderman? by Q: The one that gets louder during the text sequences, you know? Was it made just for the trailer? I really like the sound and I'd like to use it in one of my videos. Thanks!

A: Just the trailer I think...but if you have sound recording equipment or software you can copy it.

where can i find amazing spiderman comics from beginning to end online for free? by Q: I see alot of free manga but no marvel and Spiderman is my fav so I want to read every comic from the start

A: Yo can get all the the ones up until the art style change (Around 500 monthly comics or so) on piratebay.org, the rest come in sections and seperated stories. If you want a truly enriching Spiderman storyline though, start reading Ultimate Spiderman. It takes everything about spiderman and makes it amazing, even more so then it was.

What kind of glasses did Andrew Garfield wear in The Amazing Spiderman? by Q: I just saw the new 2012 version of Spiderman and I was wondering what is the brand/name of the kind of glasses that Andrew Garfield wears? Here's a picture: http://www.bonlook.com/sites/default/files/Andrew%20Garfield.JPG Thank you!

How to unlock the web rush punch on The Amazing Spiderman Game? by trombonist01 Q: I completed the story and the game is 73% beat and the punch upgrade is still locked. My screen says upgrade available but I can't use it because of this.

I've for pre-release tickets to The Amazing Spiderman, at what time should I arrive? by Q: I won pre-release tickets for Spiderman this Monday, a day before the movie comes out. Unfortunately, there is a disclaimer that says the theater is first-come first-serve, so there are no spots guaranteed. What time should I arrive at the theater to guarantee myself a spot, the movie starts at 7:00 pm.

Where can I start reading "The Amazing Spiderman" comic books? by Q: I recently started reading some DC comics but i want to read the amazing spider-man. which latest issue is the best for me?

A: A new story arc just started a few weeks ago so you can probably start there. It's either issue 673 or 674. I dropped it during the previous story arc because Slott's writing doesn't do it for me. Plenty of people like him though, so give it a shot and see what you think.

Is The Amazing Spiderman better then the 2002 movie? by Q: Is it worth watching, paying money to see? i watched the 2002 movie Spiderman, with tobey maguire, kirsten dunst and james franco, and LOVED It, the actors were amazing, it was shot really good, is the new one more of the same? thank you!

A: looks to be darker and more plot driven. im still a lil sketchy about the 3D but overall im gonna say it'll pull an A-

What's the difference between spiderman and the amazing spiderman? by Q: Is it just a remake?

How is the new Amazing Spiderman any different from the last ones? by laneigh Q: They just made 3 recently! And this one has similar events as the first one with Tobey Maguire! True, Andrew Garfield is pretty hot, but why are they making a whole repeat one?? (besides $) is there a different story?

A: Well, for starters, this one is "Amazing," and the others were not. But truthfully, there is quite a bit of difference in this new one and the previous three. There is no Mary Jane Watson character this time around. Instead, the film focuses on the relationship Peter Parker has with his first love Gwen Stacy. Peter's persona is going to be changed around a bit as well. As far as his abilities go, the film makers have decided to do things like use the classic mechanical web shooters Peter originally invented in the comic books, rather than have his webbing be part of his biological structure and shooting straight out of his wrists. In essence, it's based on the more classic archetype of Spider-Man more than the Sam Raimi productions, which were more or less an amalgam of the last 30 years of Spidey. IMHO, the second of Sam's flicks was the best and the third was just a complete disaster. As a fan, I'm looking forward to the new reboot.

How would Amazing Spiderman be in the Avenger 2? by Q: In the avengers nick fury was African American so that means it takes place in the ultimate universe of Marvel. But amazing Spider-man takes place in the mainstream Marvel universe. So how and why would Spider-man cross universes?

A: The Marvel movie-verse is only inspired by the Ultimate Universe, the movies take both certain things from the main universe and the Ultimate universe. But I doubt that Spider-man would be in Avengers 2 because Sony still owns the movie rights and Marvel owns the movie rights to Avengers.

The Amazing Spiderman Movie ? by Q: What was the game Peter was playing on his phone when he was in the sewer waiting for The Lizard ? ..

What do you think about the amazing spiderman? by Marcelo S Q: i saw the new movie! That's really amazing! Andrew Garfield is better than Tobey Maguire. What do you think?

A: The Amazing Spider had more humour but less action compared with the previous Spiderman films. I would say that I enjoyed the film just as much as the others but it could have done with a lot more action! Otherwise it was awesome :D And I agree with you Andrew Garfield did play a better Spiderman, he played the 'nerd' sooooo well! (And he was easier on the eyes for me, he's a real good looking guy!)

Difference Between The Amazing Spiderman and The Spectacular Spiderman Comics? by Q: So Difference Between The Amazing Spiderman and The Spectacular Spiderman Comics? I know TASM is pretty much the main current story line of Spiderman but i'm in the process of reading every Spiderman comic in chronological order. So it confuses me, is the spectacular Spiderman actually canon and if it is, how do I know when to read each issue of it chronologically synced to TASM?

Does Marvel collect volumes of The Amazing Spiderman by other artists as they did for JMS? by Q: I know of the collection of books of The Amazing Spiderman that were written by J. Michael Straczynski and drawn by John Romita Jr. to have been encased in 5 large books titled "Amazing Spiderman by JMS Ultimate Collection" books 1-5. I was wondering if there were collections like this for the other writers who have worked on The Amazing Spiderman as well? Also is the Marvel Masterworks series a reprint collection of past issues?

A: They do have other collections, but I don't know if they are split up by the writer like the JMS run or just a group from a particular time. The Marvel Masterworks is a collection of old comics in one book.

Is the amazing spiderman goin to be a hit with the new fuethers? by Q: So amazing spidey is goin to use artificial webs this time..do u guys think with that the amazing spider man is goin to be like a video game?

A: Yep, probably. I mean, the more advancements done; the better the movie will be, just as long as the plot is good, too.

Can someone explain Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spiderman? by Q: I know she was before Mary Jane but in the new spiderman, how does gwen stacy, played by emma stone, know peter parker is spiderman? In the second spiderman, mary jane finds out that spiderman is peter parker. So in the comics did gwen stacy always know about his identity?

A: He tells her. She is the love of his life and later a driving force (on par with Uncle Ben) in forming who he is as a character. He makes a mistake and never forgives himself for it. I'm keeping this spoiler free (even though it is an OLD spoiler) so as not to mess up any possible surprises if the movie follows suit. Look at the link below if you want to see what the mistake was :D http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gwen_Stacy

Did anyone else hate the movie amazing spiderman? by Q: I thought it was terrible

How early should i get to the theaters for the midnight premier of The Amazing Spiderman? by Q: Me and my girlfriend are planning on going to see spiderman at midnight. The theater is fairly popular. Should I order the tickets in advance online? How early do I need to get there also. Thanks in advance

A: Order in advance. it could get chaotic in premiere nights try to be there by 9-10 pm in case you want to buy food and drinks

Should I get random Amazing Spiderman comics or go by episodes? by Q: I was at a comic store and there were the Amazing Spiderman comics. The first episode was a thicker comic that costed $22.50. All the episodes were together, one after another. Then I went to a different area and I found Amazing Spiderman series that costed about $2.00 for a comic and was much thinner. All the episodes were all mixed. What should I do? Just pick up random comics to read or go by episode after episode?

A: First of all, they're called "issues" not episodes. An episode is a TV show. Use the word episode and you'll come off as an ignorant newbie. Not to sound harsh or anything, that's just the way it is. Words mean things. Anyway... The thicker ones are called Trade Paperbacks, or TPBs. They collect a story arc. There are sometimes also hardcovers, which collect an even larger number of issues into one book. The individual issues are the story which gets collected in the TPB or hardcover. Some people like the single issues because they get the story right away, others like to wait for the trade to come out so they get the whole story all at once; like watching an episodic TV series versus waiting for the DVD. Spider-Man is a consistent seller so there's little danger of them not coming out with a trade. On the very off chance that a comic book will increase in value (unlikely in this day and age) it's the first print, single issue one which will do so, which is another reason some prefer them. Also it can be fun to track down missing issues. So all that being said...it depends on your personality, really.

What is the plot of the amazing spiderman? by Q: How is it different from the first spiderman movies to come out. Its confusing as i dont really read/follow comics.

A: It's not really going to be different that the first Spiderman movies. It's basically a remake of them but with different actors and since it's newer there will probably be better animation, etc. I'm really looking forward to it, actually. Wasn't a huge fan of the the first movies, contrary to the public reviews.

Any ssues of Amazing Spiderman from 1962 to Present in Book Form? by D Q: I'm wondering if there is any books out there that have the original Amazing Spiderman Series from 1962 to now (or very close to present). I'm interested in reading Spider-man from the start and I'm having trouble finding versions that are not remakes or spin offs from Spiderman other comics. Thanks

A: essential Spider-man are large black and white books reprinting the amazing spider man from '62 onwards. There are about 20 issues a book, starting with amazing fantasy #15, then amazing spider man #1 onwards. by now they are well past the 200th or 300th issue. these are a great/cheap way to read the Original series. If you wanna spent a little more, there is the amazing spider man omnibus, that reprints the comics in full color, and slightly larger size for about $80 a piece, they hold about 30 or 40 issues a piece.

What is the difference between "The Amazing Spiderman" and "Ultimate Spiderman?"? by nateg48 Q: What are the differences between the 2 universes? I'm asking because of the new Spiderman game, Shattered Dimensions. I don't know that much about the comics, but for some reason, I'm seeing the "Amazing" and "Ultimate" universes as really similar. What are the differences?

A: there is no "amazing" universe lol there's earth 616 (the official universe) and earth 1610 (the ultimate universe) read about the differences here http://marvel.wikia.com/Earth-616 http://marvel.wikia.com/Earth-1610

What is the content of Ben Parker's letter to Peter in the Amazing Spiderman Movie? by Kenji Q: Ben Parker's letter to Peter in the Amazing Spiderman Movie Hi Craziee Panda, Yes. It is, I thought it was a letter. Didn't realized it was phone message. That was towards the end of the movie. What was it? Thanks.

Is the amazing spiderman two players? by Q:

How Can I Find Atomic Mix Lab Who Made Music For Trailer of Amazing Spiderman? by Q: For the new upcoming amazing spiderman movie the trailer music was done by atomic mix lab but I cant find any information on them? is it a company that makes trailer music? how can i find them? Do they have a website?

A: nyimak gan

Is the Amazing Spiderman linked to the old Spiderman Movies? by shadwlight69 Q: I am very confused over The Amazing Spiderman movie? Is he suppose to be Peter Parker? Its the same story line as the movies that just came out so is this suppose to be some sort of a prequel thing?

A: The Amazing Spiderman is completely separate from Sam Raimi's Spiderman series. Andrew Garfield plays Peter Parker, and Emma Stone plays his first love Gwen Stacey. You can probably google the movie to find out more about what the storyline is.

Do you need the playstation move to play the Amazing Spiderman video game? by Q: I plan on buying the amazing spiderman for the ps3, but I don't own the ps move. Will this matter?

How can i get midnight showing tickets to the amazing spiderman? by Q: So im assuming that there is a midnight showing for the amazing spiderman. How can i get tickets. When should i get them. Can i get the tickets in the morning. NQ ur an idiot you just ruined it for me thanx a lot loser

What marvel film will be previewed after the amazing spiderman? by supreme.mugwump Q: Anyone have any ideas for what marvel film will be previewed after the amazing spiderman?

A: None. What are you talking about?

Where to watch the amazing spiderman online? by Q: I wanna watch the amazing spiderman 2012 on the internet, the one that is streaming.. Thanks!

A: In hell of course! Piracy is illegal and puts people out of jobs. Go watch it, you freeloading pirate. You have access to the internet, so you must have money to spend at the cinema.

What vilains are going to be in the amazing spiderman movies? by Q: So i saw the first one at the midnight showing and it was pretty good. Does anyone know whats vilains are to come in The Amazing Spiderman movies?

How much is the Amazing Spiderman comic series worth? by Q: I just found some of my old Amazing Spiderman comics, and heard somewhere that they could be worth something since they're still in mint condition. I have the first edition too, so is it worth something?

A: If it is a genuine first print of "The Amazing Spider-Man" #1 from 1963 then yeah, it's worth a lot. But there were several reprints of that issue. http://www.e-bigs.net/freetool.php - use to determine condition http://comicspriceguide.com & http://comicbookrealm.com - use to determine value You also might want to look into getting them "slabbed" - comics-speak for graded by a company such as the CGC and sealed in stiff plastic so they don't degrade. Use http://the-master-list.com and/or http://comicshoplocator.com to find a comic shop near you that has a contract with the CGC so they'll send it in for you. It costs money of course, but with books like that you'd earn your investment back.

What is the amazing spiderman issue 44 worth? by Q: An original copy of the Amazing Spiderman issue 44, the one with the Lizard on the cover. What's it worth?

A: have a look here, http://www.comicspriceguide.com/ .

Does the amazing spiderman and regular spiderman comics have the same villains? by Q: hi i was talking to my friend and he said the amazing spiderman is a different universe than regular spiderman comics...is this true? i know theres the amazing spiderman, ultimate spiderman and spiderman 2099 but any others? also if so does amazing spiderman have same villains as regular spiderman? no this is not about the movie, just the comics. Sorry i should have stated that

Can the Amazing Spiderman video game have two or more saved games? by Q: Can someone please help me? I have recently 100 percented the new The Amazing Spiderman video game, but I have two achievements left. I played most of the game on Super Hero, but I had to change the difficulty to human 3 times. So, I didn't get the achievements for beating the game on Hero and Super-Hero. I know I won't get the achievements if I go back and replay those levels. But, can this game have several saved games? If yes, can I start a new save game, beat the story, and then get those last achievements? Please help me.

Spiderman (2002) Vs The Amazing Spiderman!?!? by SHades Q: Which Film do you think was better and why?? I think The Amazing Spiderman was much better. More true to the comics, better action, and superior story. AND better acting.

If Spiderman didn't get his powers until college why is he in high school in "The Amazing Spiderman"? by Q: how is that possible? Time paradox? it you thinks about it makes your head hurt! >.<

Who saw the Amazing Spiderman and what did you think of it? by Q:

A: It was good, maybe the best one yet.

Where can i watch The Amazing Spiderman? by Q: OMG I NEED ANSWERS NOW!!! I have been waiting for such a long time to watch this movie, and my mom won't let me watch it!!!! If there is any website i can watch it on please give me the website address. BTW PLEASE DON'T SHOW A WEBSITE THAT MAKES YOUDO SURVEYS AND STUFF, PLEASE I'VE BEEN WAITNG FOR A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG TIME TO WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A: torrent it. it may be really bad quality if its only out in theatres right now, but once it gets to dvd it will be good quality.

is there is any sex scene in THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN? by Q: i know.it's strange to ask but.i was planning to go for this movie with my family......so plss can anyone tell me .......................last time when i went to see FINAL DESTINATION 4 with my family i really got..fired...........so this time i don't wanna get grounded......so plsss help me please give me answers those who saw this movie plese don't give me any idiotic answers

A: No, there never are. Wait, how can you get grounded for the content of a movie? That doesn't make sense. Your parents are ridiculously unfair. They didn't know what the rating of the movie was when they bought the tickets?

What song is playing in The Amazing Spiderman when Peter and Gwen are on the roof (or maybe in her room?)? by Nick Q: It's not in the soundtrack (this song had vocals and wasn't purely instrumental). The lyrics had something about opening your heart. I know this isn't much to go on, but unfortunately it's not in the soundtrack and I couldn't take note of the lyrics on my phone mid-movie. :(

Is The Amazing Spiderman better than the other Spiderman trilogy? by Q: For those of you who have seen it today, is it better than the other ones? Im still going to see it though.

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