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The 3rd Birthday

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godders45 Congratulations to my friend Leila who had her new baby boy on Friday - the same day as her other little boys 3rd birthday!

ellie_judd_ RT @JamieLaing_UK: My birthday tomorrow people... 23 years old, 3rd of November!! Hell let's get a lot of love going... I love the Birthday xx

dannisofia1 All the fireworks in the sky for my ruby rings 3rd birthday!#bestkidintenstreets http://t.co/N3WZVfUB

niamhalice RT @Broganxxx: Wishing my cousin Brooke-Faith the happiest 3rd birthday!

KitKatt224 the next 4 weeks i am gunna run like every night, gotta fit in my prom dress on the 3rd of december for ma dad's birthday bash! ;)

Broganxxx Wishing my cousin Brooke-Faith the happiest 3rd birthday!

charkers @charlieashcroft @Mildo38 smell you later fellas. Sis is celebrating her 3rd birthday of the week first. Duty calls.

KatherineCory @SheDraws thanks, it's my birthday tomorrow :-) I was just thinking of that lovely meal we all went too in the 3rd year! x

Purpleella @christinemosler @nickicawood I want to come over to the silver side , first though I have a robot 3rd birthday party to execute, help !

ikrarrandri Dari jam 12.00 - 15.30 baru bisa matiin bossnya the 3rd birthday -.-

Michael2755 Had the best feed for my lil nephews 3rd birthday . . :) Happy Birthday #LaDainian

KellyBlue2 Happy Birthday to the love of my life.....Aiden Hunter. Have a perfect 3rd Birthday. Mommy loves you.

my_lavish_life Tryin to decide what to do for my birthday weekend...goin out Dec 3rd..birthday on the 5th but I want to spend it in the city!

jaeJuicyy Haaaaapppyy MOTHERFUCKING 8th birthday to my bad ass little brother KASEEM JOHNSON the 3rd I love him so much ! My #1 baby *:

Agnes_Egg RT @ncrystalicious: Having 2 hours lessons with a world 3rd professional Latin couple on my birthday is one the best things I've done... http://t.co/lo8IpS2i


I have a neighbor that is having an adult cocktail party to celebrate her childs 3rd birthday.? by char-leem Q: Am I wrong to think this is the stupidest, if not, then a most dangerous gatering with a small child present. Has anyone ever heard of this type of birthday party? What do you think???

A: I think it is wrong to throw an adult party if it is for a child - give me a break is she self centered.

Circus themed 3rd birthday for my daughter? by Q: I want to throw a circus themed birthday party for my daughter. I'm just looking for any suggestions others may have for games, decorations, etc. I'd like to keep as economical as possible so any good homemade decoration or game ideas would be great. We are going to get a bounce house and have face painting. Other than that I'm not real sure. I just decided on the theme so I've got a lot left to plan. Thanks for any advice.

A: You could set up different booths with games for the kids. A face painting booth, bubble blowing booth, set up a kiddie pool with rubber duckies or fish. Let them fish for ducks and have small prizes to give everyone. For all of the activities that you have set up a booth for it. You can also set up a booth to serve the food at. Hotdogs, popcorn and nachos and cheese. You could make some tickets and give each child so many tickets to play the games with. After their tickets are gone they can go and play at the bounce house. I would only give a certain amount that way you can make sure all of the kids get a chance to win a small prize while playing. You could do it also with just playing games and no prizes. They will still have fun. http://www.birthdaypartyideas.com/html/circus_party.html has loads of different ideas for circus themed parties. Good luck and have fun.

How can I entertain a bunch of adults at my sons 3rd birthday party? by Missy154 Q: It will be my sons 3rd b-day tomorrow and the only children there will be him and his about to be 2yr old sister. How do I keep everybody entertained and not end up being bored. Thanks!

A: When it's not your son's b-day, how do you entertain your adult guests. Have a b-b-q perhaps, your son is only 3 and will tire easily once eveyone fones over him, the b-day song, blowing out the candles, eating the cake and ice cream (of coarse after the b-b-q) opening his presents, then before you know it he's having a nap along with his lil sis. Besides, are the adults family or close friends?

Is there a place inside the Disneyland Park where we can eat & celebrate my daughters 3rd birthday at? by stephanie Q: we're going in june & i just needed to know if theres a place inside the actual park where my family (13 people) can actually sit down with decorations, eat lunch, & have a cake for my daughters 3rd birthday? none of us have ever been to disneyland before

A: Where to Get the Best Discount Disneyland Tickets Home » Disneyland Discount Tips » Discount Disneyland Tickets It’s not easy to get cheap Disneyland tickets. The prices are usually pretty set. However, there are special deals and promotions from time to time so if you can plan your trip around those, you can save some money. TIPS: Don't buy your Disneyland tickets at the park itself. That is the most expensive place to get them. If you're in a hurry, go to FunFamilyFavorites.com: You'll get discount pricing and be able to print them on your computer right away. Buy tickets to several parks at once and save big. The CityPass includes a 3-day Disneyland Parkhopper ticket plus 1-day tickets to Universal Studios, San Diego Zoo, and SeaWorld. You'll get a 30% discount over buying all those tickets individually. Buy a Whole Year. A premium annual pass is $459 which is less than the cost of three 4-day passes. So if you think you'll visit Disneyland a few times this year, consider it! There are no blackout dates, parking is included, and you'll get discounts at some restaurants and hotels. Available at Disneyland.com. Birthday guests don't get free admission anymore. That deal ended Dec. 31, 2009. Groups of 10 or more people under 18 may get discount Disneyland tickets. Call (714) 956-6860 to find out prices. Safeway or AAA. Sometimes you’ll see Disneyland tickets for sale at places other than Disneyland, such as Safeway or AAA. Generally these prices are not discounted, but you might find it more convenient to pick them up along with your groceries, and AAA sometimes throws in free parking or other perks. eBay.com or Craigslist.org You could try searching for discount Disneyland tickets on eBay or Craigslist.org but I don't recommend it. Usually the tickets are partially used and there's no way to verify how much is actually left on the ticket until you're at the gate. Even if there are days left on it, it's against policy to share tickets. And if there are no days left, you will be denied entry to the park. Imagine explaining that to your kids! Teachers can get discount Disneyland tickets from TSA Special Member & Insurance Services, Inc.. You’ll save about $4 more per ticket than if you’d bought them through the Disneyland website but you’ll pay a $2.50 processing fee per ticket. Costco. If you book your hotel through Costco, you can also get tickets as part of a discount package deal. You can book this through their website or call their travel agency at 1-877-849-2730. You can upgrade your ticket after you've started using it. For example, say you have a 3-day Park Hopper ticket and halfway into your trip, you decide that you would like to stay an extra day. Go to the Disneyland gate and upgrade to a 4-day ticket before it expires. You'll pay only the difference in price between the 3 and 4-day ticket, instead of paying much more for a one-day ticket. Thank you Julie from Alberta, Canada for that tip! Don't miss the using your Disneyland tickets tips!

My daughters 3rd birthday is at the end of January and I am looking for ideas for a cute cheap birthday party? by Q: Im stuck, she doesn't need alot and with Christmas just a month before her birthday she is getting a ton of toys babies especially. Im just looking for some cheap but cute ideas for her birthday party.

A: Hi Jessica, I had the same dilemma when my twins were toddlers. Their birthday is right after Christmas. Decorate the birthday room with her favorite colors: Pink and Purple go great for little girls. Here's some ideas: Finger Painting: Be sure to protect the area that you plan on providing this sometimes messy activity, but the kids will love it. Supply appropriate finger paints, plenty of colorful paper, aprons, and any other decorations that they can use creating their own masterpieces. Musical Fun: Not only can you play games that are centered on music, but you can allow the toddlers to create their own music. Toddler birthday party ideas are about getting creative and making it fun! Put out plenty of musical instruments that your little one likely has such as drums, xylophone, and tambourine. You can also create your very own musical instruments by putting out some plastic containers and any other noisemakers. This can keep them busy for hours and they will have tons of fun! Playground in Your Own Home: Even if the weather won't cooperate for the kids to go outdoors, bring the playground to them. Have your very own pit of balls for the kids to play in, an indoor slide, and a rocking horse for them to play on. The key is to keep the kids busy and have fun. I would make a cupcake tree. Of course if you want her to blow out the candles, get a small cake just for her. The others would just love their individual birthday cupcake. Get clear party bags for both girls and boys: If there's a dollar store near you, include little tokens for each. They will love to see through their gift bags. Hope you all have a great party. :))

What would be a good party plan for my daughters 3rd birthday? by Silent Voice Q: I want to give my daughter a party this year for her third birthday but not sure what to do to keep the kids occupied. Most of the guests will be 3 or under and obviously their parents will be there, but what do you actually do for a three year olds party? Surely theyre too young for the traditional party games, im planning a teddy bears picnic style lunch for them, but other than that im stuck, my mind has gone blank. I will have some friends doing face painting. Any suggestions will be greatly appriciated!

A: Maybe you can try some simple crafts like drawing with chalk, gluing shapes on construction paper to make a picture or icing their own cookie or cupcake. For the goodie bags you can make a game out it: Make a wall using cardboard or some sort of divider so the kids can't see the other side and attach string to a stick with a paperclip and on the other side, someone can attach little presents in bags and the kids can "fish" up little presents to put in their goodie bag. If it's warm enough, you can maybe let the kids play outside in the water?

Does "The 3rd Birthday" require that you play the previous games in the Parasite Eve series? by Luke Hatfield Q: The 3rd Birthday sounds like an interesting game, and I'm considering getting it. But do you need to play the previous games in the Parasite Eve series, as well as read the original novel, in order for the games story to make sense?

A: having played part 1 and 2 and knowing how deep and kinda complecated the storylien is ..yeah i would highly recommend playing the first 2 sure part 3 takes place years later..but you wont understand what is REALLY going on..i also seen the original japanese parasite eve movie..which is based off the book..its nice back story to how Aya has her powers. sure you could try and read cliff notes about hte movies book and first 2 games but it just wont be enough in my opinion.

I am looking for a unique goody bag for my son's 3rd birthday party.? by Melanie B Q: I am looking for a unique goody bag/gift/token for my son's 3rd birthday. Having an older daughter who has been to many birthday parties, I am just tired of the same old bags full of candy and useless trinkets that are junk. I am looking for something that each child can use as opposed to just eating the candy and throwing the toys away. Thanks for you help!

A: Personalized sippy cup or water bottle Personalized insulated tote bag filled with lunch snacks Personalized piggy bank Personalized t-shirt Bunch of squirting bath animals for the tub Bath foam, toothbrush and toothpaste

My daughter's 3rd Birthday Party is Disney Princesses. What kind of decorations would be best? by Mary K Q: My daughter's 3rd birthday party is next weekend, and i still need to get the decorations. She wanted princesses so that's what we're doing. It's going to be outside because I dont have air conditioning and my house is just too small to have people inside. How should I decorate?

A: Activity Ideas: -Give each "Princess" a nametag with her name on it. Only write it out "Princess ____" and put their name in it. -Make rice crispy treats, and use a star cookie cutter to cut them into stars. Put them on a popsicle stick to make magic wands. Then let the girls decorate them! -Alternative: Buy some paper & glitter, and allow the girls to create & design their own magic wands. -Give every girl a tiara to wear when they enter. Decorations -Decorate the room to be like a tea party. -Decorate the room to look like a ballroom. -Play Disney music -Give away Disney princess favors in a goodie bag to each girl. I got many of the ideas from Target.com, where you can also get tons of Disney Princess party favors & decorations for good prices. To read more & get other ideas, go here: http://www.target.com/b/sr=1-2/qid=1250178018/ref=sr_ilm_2/191-8946199-8616749?ie=UTF8&node=16345561 And then click on "girls parties" and then "Disney Princess". It's a great party theme, hope it turns out well!

Should I serve dinner at 3rd Birthday Party? by Mrya Q: I am planning my sons 3rd birthday party for the afternoon 2-5 time frame. Should I serve dinner or would finger foods and snacks be okay? There would also be cake and ice cream.

A: Finger food should be more than enough try to make peanut-butter and jelly mini sandwiches, ham and cheese , turkey roll ups, cheese and crackers and fruit and veggies whit dressings. If you want to just do it the easy way just order cheese pizza for the kids and meat pizza and salad bar for adults. He is only three try not to stress your self to much and make sure that you also enjoy the party.

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