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Autopsy: Drug THC found in Trayvon Martin's system
Martin's blood contained THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, according to an autopsy conducted February 27 -- the day after the teenager was shot dead. Toxicology tests found elements of the drug in the teenager's chest blood -- 1.5 ...

Colorado House passes bill on marijuana DUIs
The bill setting a blood standard for THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, will be debated later in the day in the Senate, where a Republican senator who changed her vote to support the measure earlier this year was absent.

Colorado House Passes Bill on Marijuana DUIs
The bill setting a blood standard for THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, will be debated later in the day in the Senate, where a Republican senator who changed her vote to support the measure earlier this year was absent.

Larry Robins Likes THC, HMNA, HCA, ITC and LPNT [Live Updates]
12:38: Robbins likes Tenet Healthcare Corporation (NYSE:THC), Tenet Healthcare Corporation (NYSE:HMNA), HCA Holdings Inc (NYSE:HCA) and LifePoint Hospitals, Inc. (NASDAQ:LPNT) which are four for-profit hospitals. These are trading at 7x earnings ...

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JamesSjw RT @BreakingNews: ABC News reports autopsy found Trayvon Martin had the drug THC in his system - @ABC http://t.co/NWoagUxW

THC_Prescribed RT @TrueSagittarian: #Sagittarius are unlikely to wait very long if they have to be patient.

Wodins RT @SooperMexican: Can't believe #Trayvon had THC in his blood... you know what his means right? Zimmerman shot him with marijuana laced bullets #BecauseRacism

dwayne_63 RT @SooperMexican: Can't believe #Trayvon had THC in his blood... you know what his means right? Zimmerman shot him with marijuana laced bullets #BecauseRacism

Its_a_Zach Treyvon Martin had THC in his system. While we're talking about things that are irrelevant to the case, I ate a hamburger once.

3zant Wow they found #Thc n trayvonn martin system.. Ok tht still dnt mean he shuld of gt shot..

TheAngieNC RT @SooperMexican: Can't believe #Trayvon had THC in his blood... you know what his means right? Zimmerman shot him with marijuana laced bullets #BecauseRacism

arishmaryshow ✌✔ ☁❀☆⁂☑youtube⁂wℯℯ∂.┱√⁂sℯવr¢h ('.') ☞ THC Bomb Strain Showcase THC Van Nuys: ☁❀☆⁂☑youtube⁂wℯℯ∂.┱√⁂sℯવr... http://t.co/AFVStjvk ☮✌

wolfiesgirl2011 RT @SooperMexican: Can't believe #Trayvon had THC in his blood... you know what his means right? Zimmerman shot him with marijuana laced bullets #BecauseRacism

xfranman @ExposeTheMedia @RhodesNews Understood. I thought I'd read others. But the source I saw I checked & says it was THC. Marijuana. Sorry

OHMIMIBABY Alittle #THC should be apart of the daily diet #FREEKUSH!

Renan_thc cheguei

___THC Buff Shopping Next Week

SirVelSkyWalker @SlimGleesh. NoBullShyt. But I Ain't On No geekin shyt wit it... Cause I Dnt Wanna Have tooo much THC In my system

HomerWhite RT @SooperMexican: Can't believe #Trayvon had THC in his blood... you know what his means right? Zimmerman shot him with marijuana laced bullets #BecauseRacism


How to lower levels of thc in system for drug test? by Q: I just need to lower the levels of the THC in my urine for a drug test, is there anything i can do that could help that? drink alot of water? piss alot more before my test? any suggestions are appreciated.

A: Put the pipe down and get some cranberry juice pills.

How can i detect THC in my urine without a drug test? by Cannibis Q: Im 16 and on house arrest. I hav been blazin it once and a while. In 8 days im off house arrest but they piss test when you get off. I need to kno how i can detect thc in my urine with urine analysis. If im clean ima gonna smoke sum more if not ummm then i b locked up. I want an answer from an experienced user, so dont say "dont do drugs"

A: well dude, without actually testing your urine i don't think there is much you can do to detect THC. I have been in your situation before. Just drink lots of water, gatorade is good too. You want lots of vitamins and antioxidants. But be careful, if your urine is completely clear, almost 100% water, they will know what is going on. THC is not water soluble, it only sticks to fat cells. so if you can make your piss like 99.9% h2o i think you'll be in the clear.

How exactly does the THC in marijuana effect your brain making you high? by Lan Q: I want like an in-depth answer. Also, what chemicals make up the THC?

A: i cant help you with the first one, if your in highschool just take health class, theyll tell you, they told me but i forgot, but the second one is Tetrahydrocannabinol i remember that one haha

What is the quickest and most effective way to get THC out of your body? by Cindy R Q: Just curious as to what methods one would take to make there body pure from THC, quickly.

A: it stays in your fat cells so the best way is to sweat it out.use a sauna it helps. it took me along time to be clean (3months almost).and thats with no exercise. to pass a drug test buy those drinks they sell at GNC ,but these drinks only mask the THC temporarily . so the quickest way is to stop smoking and doing exercise

How long would it take to get fully get THC out of my system? by Q: Im well informed on detoxing your system for thc, my only issue is Im 220lbs and I smoke every other weekend. Would I be good in a week or more?

A: Depends on how your testing. For piss test- drink A LOT of water and 1 week. Hair test? Your looking at 3 months

What is the quickest way to get rid of thc in my system ? by redskinsfan21 Q: I don't have any drug test coming up soon, but want to get rid of the thc asap. I'm a heavy smoker, I smoke daily. I'am about 5'9 and 155 pounds (about 8-10% body fat). I work out frequently, as I train in MMA frequently (pretty much everyday) How can I do it within a 3 week time frame ?

How long to thc lollipops take to kick in? by Q: If you have thc lollipops that have .5 grams of medical marijuana per lollipop how much should you eat and how long do you think it would take to kick in?

A: http://www.google.com/search?client=opera&rls=en&q=How+long+to+thc+lollipops+take+to+kick+in?&sourceid=opera&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&channel=suggest#client=opera&rls=en&q=How+long+to+thc+lollipops+take+to+kick+in%3F&sourceid=opera&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&channel=suggest Thank You Very Much , Hope It Helped You......

How long does THC stay in your system after eating it? by Q: If you never smoke or eat marijuana and have eaten around 4 cookies over the course of 4 days (each cookie having roughly a 2grams of marijuana), how long will it take the THC to completely exit the system?

A: I think it remains in your system for a week or so. It also depends on how fast your metabolism is to.

How long will THC stay in the system if only one blunt was smoked? by osakhomen Q: I just want to know how long THC stays in the system if only one blunt was smoked. Thanks.

A: i think it stays in your system for a month , but also it can stay in your hair for longer then that as it will apart of you , to clear out your system totally its best to give it 6 months , but for thc it should be about a month

How long will it take to get the THC out of my system? by Q: I smoked on July 7th. It was my second time ever. The first time was in May. I'm 6'1" 190 lbs with body fat of <10% and workout everyday. I've been drinking a gallon of water a day. When should the THC be out of my system for a urine test? Any suggestions to quicken it?

A: It's not in your system anymore. You could have passed a drug test 3 days after if you barely smoke, its only the heavy smokers that can last months. However, THC never leaves your system, it just becomes untraceable to urine tests.

Why purpose does THC serve to cannabis plants? such as to say how does it help ensure the plants survival? by Q: i just really wanna know why the psychoactive chemical exists. besides being fun to use and being helpful to terminally ill. why does the plant create THC?

A: Well, if people want cannabis they will propagate the plant, thus insuring its survival.

How long does THC stay in the bloodstream? by Ganja Babe Q: My friend has a blood test next week for work and thinks she can't smoke because it will show up. But I told her that THC only stays in the bloodstream for a few days, based on stuff I read online. I know it's detectable in urine for longer amounts of time. However, while researching online there were many people saying different things, so I was wondering if I could get a reliable answer? Thanks.

A: Actually, THC remains in the urinary system for only 2-3 days..in the blood system it can last for 2-3 months.. tell her to just wait it out.

How long does thc from edibles last in your body? by Brian35 Q: I wanna know if THC stays in your body longer if you eat edibles instead of smoking.

A: No, it doesn't stay any longer. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_long_does_THC_stay_in_the_human_body

How long will it take to flush get THC out of your system? by Skylar Q: Alright let's take out the factors of body weight and metabolism. Let's say it was a one pipe hit from pretty high grade stuff. How many ng/ml of THC is in one hit and how long will it take to clear out with regular drinking habits. Really because a lot of my stoner friends have said 5 days if it was only one hit, maybe you're not familiar with how much a toke off of a pipe is.

A: 2 weeks tops.

How long does THC stay traceable in your blood? by Q: I have just recently quit, back at the beginning of January, and have stayed clean but I'm probably going to have to take a blood drug test within the next year. Does anyone have a ball park figure on how long THC stays traceable in the blood? Thanks.

A: Any amounts that could be found are usually out with about week in the blood. Urine and hair are another story though.

How long will THC remain in my system if I only smoked a bowl and nothing before? by Bob Q: How long will THC remain in my system if I only smoked a bowl and nothing before? I actually did take just one small hit from a blunt the next night as well?

A: usually about 30 days.

How long can a home drug test detect thc? by Josh Q: If I smoke 5-6 times a week then stop how long will it be before a home thc test wont pick it up?

A: thc stays in the system for at least 1 month .. if the dose is more per use and more frequent..then longer.

How long will thc stay in my system? by Q: I am 6 feet and I weigh 170 pounds. I smoked pot with my friends a week ago and it was my first time. I am fairly skinny and I was just wondering how long the thc metabolites would show up in a urine test. Thanks!

A: Only several days if you're a first time user. Considerably longer if you're a hardcore stoner. Traces can be found in your hair for up to 90 days though. Good luck with that!

how long will thc stay in your system if you smoke once after getting clean? by sportguy900 Q: If you are a regular smoker and you quit smoking and your urine is clean. Then you smoke once or a couple times in one day, and stop again, how long do you think it will take to get the THC out of body?

A: i think it stays in for about 6 days

How long does it take to get THC out of my system? by Q: I am about 5'9 and 195 lbs. I have to take a drug test in 31 days how can I clear my system of thc and come out with negative results. I've smoked collectively about 7 times in my life.

A: See that search bar up there that says "search Y! Answers. This question has been asked hundreds of time in the passed year alone.

What is the duration of THC(Marijuana) contamination in the urine after 45 days of use? by Q: How long will THC stay in someones urine who would weigh approximately 210 lb's and measuring in at approximately 5'10", after using it for 45 days regularly then halting use? Would an Urinalysis Exam detect THC in this scenario after "exactly" 30 days of discontinuing use? Serious answers only please.

A: THC will not be detectable after 30 days. It can stay in the system for up to 30 days for heavy long term marijuana users. I smoked tons and tons of pot for years and had a clean test 30 days after quiting. drinking lots of water and cranberry juice will also help speed up the process.

What is the fastest way to clean THC out of the body? by Patrick W Q: I have a UA in a week and I need to clean the THC out, is it possible in a week?

A: find someone who doesn't smoke, tape a flask full of their piss to your thigh.

What is the quickest way to remove THC from your body? by Sean D Q: I need some ideas how to completely rid yourself of THC. Does working out help? Does sweating in a sauna help? Or should I just flush?

A: Well I'm assmuing your asking this question because you love to smoke marijuana. The most "common" way to remove it is drinking a lot of water. This way the water flushes the THC out of your system. I've never heard of the Sauna idea but I doubt it works. So keep drinking water.

What is the fastest method of removing THC from the body? by informme Q: Say someone had 10 days to cleanse their body of THC before taking a urine test, is there anyway it can be done? Other than detox kits. I have one but it says nothing about removing THC from the body, it is simply a generic detox kit that I picked up at the local vitamin store.

A: 10 days should be fine if you drinks lots and lost of liquids. drink like a gallon the day before. cranberry juice is supposed to be good but water should do the job also

How long can a saliva test trace THC in your system? by Ryan Q: Im 5 8" and I weigh 125 pounds. Im pretty skinny. I smoke on occasion and may soon need to take a saliva test for my job. How long will the saliva test, where the cotton swab your cheek be able to trace THC? -Thanks.

A: I am a toxicologist, and when I was in graduate school I worked for a large medical laboratory and we did TONS of drug testing, of all kinds.....like pre-employment, drug treatment center patient monitoring, ER Medicine Tox screens, ect. and I have never seen where employers were opting for this type of analysis. However here in the past week, I have seen this subject come up a few times. Most employers use a urine screen because for starters it is cheaper, it is non-invasive, and also because most drugs stay longer in the urine than in other bodily fluids, so it makes it more difficult for a frequent drug user to slide by. But in the case of your question, from what I understand, it should only be a matter of a day or two. The cells within your mouth are sloughed off so fast, and your salivary glands produce so much saliva each day, that it could not linger very long. Again the typical rules apply as I tell everyone about drug testing (no matter the specimen type-blood, urine, saliva): depends on your metabolic rate your health your build and mainly the method used by the testing lab such as (in house TLC kits, GC, GC-MS, TDX, standard Thin Layer Chromatography, ect.) You should be fine if you steer clear of the drugs for a but. Try and give it a week if you are certain it is a swab...if you are not, then give it as long as you can.

Can THC be found in blood after kissing or breathing in 2nd hand smoke from marijuana? by Nycole Q: I am just curious. I am dating someone who smokes pot. I was wondering if you kiss someone after they smoke can the THC chemical be found in blood stream. Also could it show up if you breath in the 2nd hand smoke?

A: not from kissing and second hand smoke shows up as such a small amount that it doesn't matter and it has to be a hair test. I had a friend who was on probation for smoking weed and he stopped smoking for the tests but still hung out with his friends who smoked. they could tell it was second hand and marked it as passed

How to naturally get THC out of your system? by Q: At college I smoked weed alot basically everyday and want the THC out of my system. Can THC is your system make your more paranoid because thats whats happening to me. I don't feel motivated to do anything. How can I turn this around?

A: I think TIME is the only natural way to get it out of your system, and if you stop smoking weed eventually the paranoia will go away, unless you have drug-induced psychosis, which happens a lot when your mom or dad has psychosis. Force yourself to go outside and do active things and you'll get back into a good routine.

What do I do to remove THC from my system quickly to result negative on a drug test? by spictacular515 Q: I have a random drug test thing now in my school and I need to know what remedies or whatever it may be that could quickly get THC out of my system.

A: I have bad news for you, you can't. They have a test that can tell if you have drank an excessive amount of water and/or detox. Stop smoking pot and youll be fine. Or hope ur school just uses a very cheap process of testing

How can i get rid of THC in my system naturally?In under a month? by Q: Im planning on applying for a job that you need to take a drug test.I weight 150 pounds skinny and lift weights alot..Is there any way i can get rid of THC with out the use of products such as detox in a month..if so details please.

A: Drink water. Lots and LOTS of water. Buy a huge water bottle, constantly drink out of it, and refill it as soon as it runs out. That helps, but it's not a guarantee. Sometimes it takes 6 weeks or longer, no matter what you do.

How long will it take for THC to get out of my system if i havent smoked in 78 days? by alex g Q: I know that there are many factor to how long it will take. I haven't smoked in 78 days, Im 20 years old, 155 pounds, less than 10% body fat. If i want to smoke a gram of kush how long before the THC is out of my system and i am able to pass a urine test?

A: Typically it takes between 1-2 weeks to up to a month for THC to be completely cleared from the system. As THC is mostly stored in body fat (if which your claim is correct, you have very little) so you should be fine within that time frame. To speed up the process drinking lots of fluids and exercising is a good way to ensure that it happens within that time frame. The variation in time is due to differences in metabolism. Of course, this is only for a urine test. Though much more rare, hair specimens provide an accurate map of how long the person has been smoking cannabis and when was the last time as THC is stored in the hair follicles. If that's what you're facing at any time I suggest a head shave. Good luck.

How long does it take for thc to get out of your system? by Q: If I smoked weed 1-2 a month, how long would it take for the thc to get outta my system?

A: About 3 weeks from last exposure and you should be safe. Drink lots of water as well

How long does it take for THC and Alcohol to leave your system? by Matt V Q: Last night I had 3 shots of Smirnoff and puffed 3 hits (about 5 seconds each) from a pipe. I rarely drink, only every now and then, and this is my second time consuming THC (I ate half a brownie once before). How long might it take for both substances to leave my body? I'm male, 5'11 and 205 lbs.

A: Alcohol - up to 48 hours THC - up to 4 days with the amount you have smoked

What will be my punishment for 2nd offense of thc in wisconsin? by Bob S Q: The first time i was 18-19 and I worked out a deal with the da, it got dismissed. Now they found thc in a disc golf park somewhat where i was. They charged me with criminal misdeamor thc possession and pariaphania. Im going to fight it. But what do you think I will get if found guilty? If so, im thinking about asking for expungment, what do you think?

A: Probation

How long does it take THC to leave your system for a piss test? by Q: I have a drug test coming up and smoked about 5 days ago. I've been drinking cranberry juice, a lot of water, workout on a daily basis and hit the sauna. How long would it take the THC to leave my system for an up coming piss test?

A: It's probably already gone.

How long does Marijuana or THC stay in the blood system? by Jordan M Q: I am having a blood test in approx. 1 month so I am wondering if a blood test will detect Marijuana, THC, or its by-product after that amount of time and when will it be completely out? I only had about .1-0.25g and it was my first time so will they be able to tell if i have taken weed? For the record it is not a drug test just a test to see if I can take some medication.

A: THC has a "half life" of about 7-10 days. That means half of it will be out of your system in that period of time. A heavy daily user will find it takes longer. You can google "thc half life" and get more details.

Is it safe to medicate my dog with THC butter? by sam destefano Q: He is 16 in human yrs, and refuses to eat. He has lost close to half his body weight, and suffers from arthritis. I know about the medicinal properties of THC in human subjects, but i have not seen much info on dogs and thc as medicine. I love my dog like family and refuse to put him down.

A: I say why not give it a try. I couldn't see it really hurting him in any way, and it's better to try and see if it helps then do nothing. Just try it a little at a time. Don't give him a bunch of it all at once.

What is the pathological reason people cant test positive for THC as second hand smoke? by ellion Q: I know that direct THC is stored in fatty deposits, but what happens when it comes to second hand smoke? Also why can or cant it be tested positive?

A: You can test positive if you are around it frequently but it's usually only seen in hair samples. The amount would be too low in urine samples.

How long does thc stay in your system when you are medium sized? by Porkchop Q: I smoked weed 4 times total in four days an i am medium size weighing about 190. And i wanted to know how long would thc stay in my body when i only smoked once everyday for four days. Can anyone help?????

A: About a month, depending on how much you have smoked before that because it builds up in your system.

How long can THC be detected in your blood? by LouLouxx Q: I smoked about a joint, or a little over that On January 3rd, i have a doctors appointment January 19th where they will be checking my cholesterol and sugar. If she finds THC in my blood, can she tell my mom? Will it still be in my blood?

A: They wont check you for THC unless your mom asked them for a drug test..I smoke a day before a urine and blood test, and nothing happened.

What is the evaporation point temperature of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC? by jenny v Q: I'll be suprised if anyone knows the answer to this to be honest. My question is this: if one has an alcohol solution with disolved THC in it, based on the point at which the alcohol will evaporate and the point at which the contained THC will 'boil off', is it possible to further concentrate the solution or extract the pure THC?

A: You can evaporate off the alcohol using low heat (in a double boiler) and a filter flask to pull a vaccuum. Evaporation is NOT always heat driven, low pressure makes liquids evaporate too. This will help avoid some of the breakdown issues mentioned by the earlier poster. Another option is acetone. THC has a much higher solubility product in acetone than in alcohols. If you're successful you'll be left with an oil that's difficult to handle but is VERY concentrated. I'm including a few links to some various extraction methods, some clinical work, and how to set up a simple vaccum filtration system. BE CAREFUL! Alcohol and acetone are highly flammable, and small mistakes equal big explosions! Never work alone, always wear safety glasses, and have fire extinguishers handy! You should also make sure you have an eyewash bottle you can grab even when you can't see. Good luck, and if it doesn't work you can always make brownies!

How long would thc stay in my system if I smoked only once a week? by Dj Q: I had to quit about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Since I don't wanna get to dirty again, I just wanna smoke a little; maybe one bowl a week, cause I really miss it. If I do this, how long would it take for my body to rid itself of thc? I'm 145 pounds and 5'4. I also plan to run as often as 2 or 3 times a week.

A: Dont believe the 30 day nonsense. At your body weight, activity level etc, if you smoke a bowl right now, in 7 days at the latest, you will pee clean.

How long is thc detectable for an oral/ mouth cotton swab test? by Q: im a moderate smoker (once or twice a week) on rare occasions 3. how long would it take for the thc to not be detectable in saliva?

A: 24 hours (that's erring on the side of caution)

What is the best way to get THC out of your system overtime? by Q: I know the average time for THC to leave the system is 30 days. I was wondering if there were any methods that would be able to reduce this time to something closer to two weeks? I know regular exercise and drinking extra water will speed the process, but are there any other methods that may help? I just lost my job (not related to the weed) and need a new one ASAP!

A: Prenatal vitamins, Niacin (but be careful and prepared to be uncomfortable for 15 minutes) and lots of water :)

How fast can i get thc out of my system? and can a routine physical test for thc? by T-Bone Q: Okay well i might have this job offer coming up and i don't know if they drug test or not. I've been off for about two and a half weeks so i'm almost clean. If i smoke one small joint how fast can i be clean again? Also i'm getting a school physical soon, can they randomly test for thc without consent?

A: I got some bad news for you T- Bone...nowadays they do drug testing using the hair follicle method. Most employers went to this method, because the user can't get away with sh!t. If you smoked some weed today, it would be detected up to a year from now.

what happens if you test positive for THC in a work related drug test? by bi guy77 Q: I have to take a drug test to get a job and i am doing everything i can to get it out of my system. But what do work places do if you test positive for THC.

A: If you test positive on a pre employment screen they won't hire you. If you test positive on a random test they will fire you.

What is the best and most quickest way to remove THC from the bodies system? by KelseyFacee<3 Q: I have to take UA's and I have THC in my system and I need it out now. Please don't say bleach or drink a lot of water because that is not true. THC is fat saluable not water saluable so please, I need some actual help on this. This is very important and I know I shouldn't have smoked also.

A: It is stored in your fat cells. You need to start working out A.S.A.P. You need to burn as many fat cells as you possibly can until you take the test. and YES you should drink a ton of water, because that flushes out the toxins you are burning in your system. If you are chunky, really get to working out. Just start running, doing crunches, squats. Eat very lean and light meals like spinach and salads with dressing that is a vinagrette. Vinegar also cleanses your system and causes you to pee out any unwanted toxins. The combination of burning fat, drinking excess water, and consuming strictly fat free and detoxifying foods will have you pissing clean within just a couple days. Do NOT use a detox pill or drink!!! If you are too lazy to do this, your only other option is to get clean pee (fake or real), put it in a container strapped to your midsection, wrap glove warmers (found in hunting section of walmart) around it, and take the temperature until it is anywhere from 95-98 degrees. You must have :a thermometer, glove warmers, clean pee, and a holding device for the urine strapped onto your body. The thermometer is necessary- if the urine is not a natural body temp (which it definitely will NOT be by just being strapped to your body) it will not show up on there thermometer which is set to take temps above 90 degrees, and you will be required to take it again in the same visit without being able to leave the office.

What is the lowest thc content in marijuana? by Myesha Q: I just want to know what is the lowest thc content that marijuana has. And what is the highest. And how do u know how much thc content is in it. If there is a way to tell at all.

A: The lowest is 0.3 Found in a Rudderelis in Russia. The seeds are eaten for food as a high protien porridge (like oatmeal), it not smoked. Ditch Weed is very low in THC. It grows in ditches and along the sides of highways in IA. I used to live there. My dogs used to pee on it. If you were to smoke and get high, you were getting high on the dog pee. Millions of plants grow all over IA. It is a useless weed. The THC content was much lower in 1970's. It was about 4.5 percent. You needed a lot to get high.

How long does it take for THC to completely leave your body? by Q: What's the maximum amount of days it takes for THC to be flushed out of your system- fat cells and all?

A: The time it takes for Tetrahydrocannabinol to leave your system varies on you height and weight, and may take up to 4 weeks.

How to reduce THC content in system the FASTEST? by Q: I am wondering what is the QUICKEST way to remove THC from your system? Please do not say drink water because if you are educated you will know that water does not remove THC, it only dilutes your urine. Will taking amphetameans(Increased Matabolism) and starving(Reducing Fat) be the quickest way? I am looking for quick, efficient ways to remove enough THC (Below 50 nanograms in urine) in 2 weeks. Note: I am here for answers, not ranting about how People shouldnt smoke or take drugs.

A: Abstinence. Reducing fat will reduce the size of fat cells, and is the only safe way to speed things up, but it won't speed it up by much. Amphetamines will add insult to injury, test-wise. If the upcoming test is for a job interview, and you'll be doing any writing, use spellcheck and check your capitalization. Good luck!

THC??????????????????????????????????? by Natalie Q: Can you get THC outta your system in 2 weeks being a frequent smoker, if so, how?

A: Yes, you use niacin and b2 and you take it everyday about 4-5ish days before your test (not sure how much but take the most that it says is safe) and you stop a day before the test to keep them from finding niacin (which is a fat burning vitamin kinda) and be sure to exorcise a bit n drink lots of water good luck go to this site for more info http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2788754/fool_proof_official_results_for_beating.html?cat=5

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