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Thanksgiving Day

Essay: A rookie Thanksgiving Day cook takes over the kitchen
It is Thanksgiving morning. As you read this, the bird, a fine 16-pounder, is coming to room temperature on the counter. The green beans have been topped and tailed, and my fingertips smart from peeling smoking-hot chestnuts for the stuffing. I've ...

With much at stake, Redskins seek important Thanksgiving Day win over Cowboys
The Washington Redskins' game Thursday against the Dallas Cowboys has most of the elements of a big game. It's a spirited rivalry being played on the significant stage of Thanksgiving Day, with a national television audience looking on and plenty at ...

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2012 Route & Lineup Schedule Includes Carly ...
The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2012 route and lineup schedule get going on the morning of Thanksgiving Day. While there will be plenty of great balloons and characters appearing during the event, some of the featured guests will include Carly Rae ...

Thanksgiving Day: Saints and pilgrims
ST. FRANCIS of Assisi had nothing to do with the Pilgrims, the Mayflower or the Indians. He lived around the turn of the 13th century. The first Thanksgiving Day, which we celebrate today, was celebrated more than 400 years later in 1621, according to ...

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alamurphala So many choices on this Thanksgiving Day http://t.co/QmMoJibz

npngACE buenos días! To honor #Thanksgiving we christen all #headlesschickens to #headlessturkeys for the day. Plenty running on #USDJPY & crosses!

GranitePr Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of our friends, clients and associates in the USA! #Thanksgiving

loveaholllins RT @Melissa_Ochoa: Before I get busy in the kitchen, just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Hope everyone has a blessed day with family & friends💗

Bissy_A Also, I'm very thankful for having all of you every day to tweett your Life. Love you all and Happy Thanksgiving <3

TracieEngland @EmmettSullen I hope you have the day off! And have a great Thanksgiving!

WPXIScott Your Thanksgiving Day forecast: http://t.co/nC7jo89e

JamesAntonaros How many Thanksgiving dinners are you having this year, the most I ever did was 4 in one day…man was I stuffed #fb

emma21_x Happy Thanksgiving to all my American tweeples!! Hope you all have a nice day!! :)

ZeynepKamil @Ronn_Moss Happy #thanksgiving to you Ronn ..have a nice day xx

rbelinch Thanksgiving day!!! 🍗🍖

TomoMiranda Happy Thanksgiving Day♡*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*♡ http://t.co/OqSAVLy0

craftsforum Posted on the forum: Happy Thanksgiving Day: Hi,everyone,Happy Thanksgiving Day. Best of all is it to preserve ... http://t.co/3s0PnBne


Josemgallardo74 @MickieJames Happy Thanksgiving Day to you from Spain!!! Have a nice day!!!


What's the name of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade theme music on NBC? by wile_e2005 Q: What is the name of the music they always play during the intro and pre-commercial bumpers for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC? It's some kind of marching tune, and I am going to use it in a video of some sort as a parody. Can anyone help me?

A: IDK but I knwo the tune your are talkingabout ...... try macysparade,com or nbc.com maybe they can help Happy thanksgiving http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmykFRHFUXU

Is One Direction going to be at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2012? by Megha Q: I want to go, but I really wanna know if One Direction is gonna go because I've been hearing people say that but I'm not sure. And another question, do you have to buy tickets for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?

A: Megha, really no release yet that they will go or not, but in that date they have no in live. So maybe ……................... http://ticketfront.com/event/Macy%27s_Thanksgiving_Day_Parade-tickets

Thanks give some ideas about gifts on Thanksgiving day for my teacher? by EverPrettyDress Q: I have not seen my college teacher for three years, she is my favorite teachers help me a lot. now i am an marketing manager so i want to visit her on thanksgiving day. what gift is prople for her? now matter how much money will cost. help!!..:P

A: A beautiful card and a beautiful scarf wrapped in shiny gold paper with a lovely ribbon on it. Go to a store where they wrap gifts and they will do the most amazing job for you.

Where is the best place to park for the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade? by tiger032_98 Q: I need to know the best place to park and the best place to view the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day parade (i.e. close bathrooms and food, not too crowded).

A: There are several parking Garages and lots in the area. Near the Library. Near the Hotels on 19th, on Callowhill st. Then their is on street parking in BreweryTown. A short walk from all locations to the Parkway.

Are you doing anything special on Thanksgiving Day? by Gangsta4Life Q: I'm just going to have some friends come over and eat what they normally eat on Thanksgiving Day.

A: It will be the first thanksgiving that my girls and i will be spending together alone. we are picky, light eaters so will be eating what we normally eat. nothing spectacular, but still special for us.

Are you doing anything special on Thanksgiving Day? by Gangsta4Life Q: I'm just going to have some friends come over and eat what they normally eat on Thanksgiving Day.

A: I'm kind of dreading Thanksgiving this year, because only 6 people will be at the table, and I'm staying in town. I do look forward to football and the parade and the pumpkin pie every year!

How bad is the traffic in Breezewood PA on Thanksgiving Day? by Kdub Q: My husband and I are traveling from DC to Akron, OH on Thanksgiving Day for the first time. Will the travesty that is Breezewood, PA be horrible on Thanksgiving Day...as it is on the Sunday after Thanksgiving? We can take I-68 to I-79 instead but that adds 30 mins to the trip. Is it worth taking this detour to avoid the frustration that comes with waiting at stop-lights in Breezewood?

A: Allow extra time.

what is the best time for shopping on thanksgiving day? by dolly Q: what is the best time for shopping on thanksgiving day?is it during the day or before it? when i can get best deals on everything?

A: Most things close around 2pm here on Thanksgiving Day if they are even opened. We have a local mall that opens at 1am on black Friday. Everything else opens at 4am ish.

What are some good ideas for a by-yourself Thanksgiving Day? by dally_kun Q: I'm a college student and I live too far from home to go there for Thanksgiving Break. I live in a theme house, and everyone else in the house is going to relatives' houses for Thanksgiving, leaving me here all by my lonesome. :P This is my first time spending Thanksgiving alone, and I'd like to still make it somewhat festive, so what are some ideas in terms of food or events for a fun by-myself Thanksgiving Day?

A: There's a month til Thanksgiving, I bet in that time you will be invited to spend the holiday with a friend or family there in your college town. People from church always invite stranded college students over. If not, you can volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. But the best thing would be to find other people like yourself who are alone, and get together for a potluck meal. You could be the one to organize it.

where are the cameras for macy's thanksgiving day parade? by JessicaLovesMichael Q: I am traveling to new york and would like to know where the cameras are setup for the macy's thanksgiving day parade so i may be able to sneak a shot in on one of the news camera. Thanks.

A: They pan all around.

Do any hotels on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade route have private balconies? If yes, which ones? by Wendy H Q: I am planning a trip to the 2010 or 2011 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I would like to find a hotel on the parade route that offers rooms with private balconies from which we can watch the parade.

A: The route for the parade has been changed recently. http://411newyork.org/guide/2007/05/06/macys-thanksgiving-day-parade-in-new-york/ With that said, book a hotel on or close to the correct route. http://gonyc.about.com/od/thanksgiving/a/parade_hotel_2.htm

What was the coat that both Miranda Cosgrove and Miley Cyrus had on @ the 2008 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? by Tucker Q: What was the coat that both Miranda Cosgrove and Miley Cyrus had on @ the 2008 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? My daughter loved it and it has shot to #1 on her Christmas list. Who sells it and for how much does it retail? Thanx.

A: Hi, I just found it here, it's a new Juicy Couture coat: http://www.shoppingthetrend.com/celebrity/Actresses/Miley-Cyrus/Thanksgiving-Day-Parade-Get-Miley-Cyrus-white-coat-Tory-Burch-boots.html

Where is a place that I can volunteer at on Thanksgiving Day? by Dreamer Q: I live in Southeast Texas. I am looking for a soup kitchen to volunteer at on Thanksgiving Day in either Orange, Texas or Beaumont, Texas. I have searched online and I am having some problems finding places to volunteer. If any knows of such places please let me know.

A: I would suggest contacting the Southeast Texas Food Bank, Inc., in Beaumont. They are located at 3845 Martin Luther King Rd; their phone is 409-839-8777.

what stores will open on Thanksgiving day? by lagjan Q: We will embark on a long drive on Thanksgiving day from San Francisco to San Diego. Typically we will try stop every two hour at a shopping center or outlet malls to do some shopping. Besides grocery stores, gas station and fast-food joints, where can we make some short stops to make the trip less boring?

A: Walgreens CVS Walmart Kmart

what stores will open on Thanksgiving day? by Q: We will embark on a long drive on Thanksgiving day from San Francisco to San Diego. Typically we will try stop every two hour at a shopping center or outlet malls to do some shopping. Besides grocery stores, gas station and fast-food joints, where can we make some short stops to make the trip less boring?

A: i know kmart and sears. possibly barnes and noble. alot of lil gas stations and i know in my area the grocery store will be opened

What is the worst thing that happens to your Thanksgiving Day? by Merrick Q: One Thanksgiving Day my mom manage to burn the turkey into charcoal.

A: Getting FAT---I still have the 7 pounds from last Thanksgiving, not kidding. I'm afraid

How can I watch Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with a Roku 2? by Trev Q: I have a Roku 2 internet television and I want to be able to watch Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.Any suggestions?

A: Not on it. It is on normal broadcast TV (not available live online), so you can watch it there. It likely will be on CBS and NBC (unless you live near Detroit where WDIV is your NBC station, in which case you get the Detroit parade).

Which stores or malls in Miami should I go to on thanksgiving day and Black Friday 2010? by Marsi C Q: Hi I'm going to miami for thanksgiving and black friday which stores should I visit? On thanksgiving day we are planning on going to dolphin mall and Miami international mall. And on Black Friday we are going to target, Wal-mart, westland/westfield mall in Hialeah. Any suggestions which stores should we go first? Any ideas are appreciated this is our first thanksgiving and black friday shopping in miami

A: Walmart Kmart Sears JC Penney Bath & Body Works Dollar General Big Lots

How do you get to be in the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade? by eclipse_girl18 Q: I know a couple people that get into the thanksgiving day parade to hodl the balloons how do you achually get to do that? Do you apply? Thanks

A: If you know people who are doing it why don't you ask them?

Should the Lions be banned from Thanksgiving Day football? by On My Own Q: These clowns are horrible. 0-11, come on! They have NOT earned the right to be on Thanksgiving Day or on any national tv game, including sunday and monday night football. There is nothing good in Detroit. The football team sucks, the city sucks, it all sucks. They should be banned until the city and football team get their act together.

A: hmm think about it..... 0-11?!?!?!?!?!?! yea they should be! They Suck!!!!! Big time

Which restaurants will be open on Thanksgiving day in Temecula/Murrieta California? by one point Q: Does anyone know if any restaurants in the Temecula / Murrieta California area (even fast food) , will be open on thanksgiving day? Thanks for your help!

A: try checking chinese or other oriental restaurants.. they're usually open on holidays .. i'm not sure of any other restaurants that are open. http://national.citysearch.com/search?context=generic&query=chinese&cslink=cs_topbar_search&searchOpt=cs http://sandiego.citysearch.com/search?context=restaurants&query=chinese&streetAddress= hope this helps.. happy turk-day!

would you have liked to see a Nascar race on Thanksgiving Day? by It's Slime Time Q: there was talks that if the race had to be postponed once again today, that it would be added to the chase on Thanksgiving Day, and the Homestead race would just get pushed back one week later. how many of you would have loved to see a Nascar race on Thanksgiving Day? i mean we already have the Macy's Parade, the football game, and the big family thanksgiving dinner, how exciting would it be to have the Nascar race on the same day? I'd be up for it.


Do people line up for KMART Thanksgiving Day sale that starts at 7am? by tweetys_01 Q: I am wanting to get the Sony Blu Ray DVD player that is on sale for $180 and I was wondering if people wait outside for the store to open on Thanksgiving Day like on Black Friday. If they do what time should I get there? Thanks in advance.

A: You better believe it! I like to go to the day after Thanksgiving sales too. A group of us ladies gets up at 4:30 a.m. and goes to another ladies house for coffee and rolls and we look thru the ads and schedule where we will go when depending on when different stores open and we have a large vehicle we fill up a couple of times and have to have one ladies husband come and unload it and take it home so we can keep shopping without having to return home. We spend about 16 or 17 hours on the road between our town and several towns close to us.

Will Walmart be open on thanksgiving day before black friday? by Awesomeness180 Q: It would defeat the purpose for a 24 hour walmart to be open on thanksgiving day thru black friday.

A: Yes, it's open on Thanksgiving day 24 hours as usual. Its Black Friday prices start at 10PM Thursday.

What is there to do on Thanksgiving Day in the Detroit Area? by babiswtness Q: I know there is the Thanksgiving Day Parade in Detroit, MI. Any other events that are opened? I am looking for something to do during the day when my family comes to visit. Like a museum or a zoo, etc? Thanks!

A: Good luck with that. Try Belle Isle, its on the lake and its very pretty.

how long does it take for the macy's thanksgiving day parade balloons take to inflate? by ottismomo100 Q: the macy's thanksgiving day balloon's start inflating the night before but how long does it exactly take to get them inflated?

A: The other answerer is quite correct. It all depends upon the total cubic footage that each individual balloon holds. Then, you have to consider that these "Character balloons" are not composed of one, single "envelope." They have different sections (arms, legs, head, etc.) which are inflated separately. The ground crew also must deal with any adverse weather conditions, in particular, wind, in securing the balloons to the ground overnight and transporting them to the parade site the next day. From start (unloading, laying out, checking over each piece), through inflation, to the end (securing), it can vary from a couple of hours to several hours. If you would like more information, please refer to the website below. Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

why do americans and canadians celebrate thanksgiving day in different days? by PAKAL2012 Q: and what does mean for americans and canadians this? is that true thanksgiving day didn't exist until USA became a free county and also is it true if thanksgiving day is true then after that meeting with protestant christians the natives were destroyed by europeans in north america?

A: Thanksgiving is celebrated differently due to the different customs. Canadas thanksgiving didnt start like america's. Thanksgiving was always around since the first thanksgiving just never an official holiday like it is now. And yes. The american pilgrims came to america and made friends with the natives. Promising health and prosperity to each other. Then about 100+ years later they stole their land, killed them, some enslaved, and the survivers where forced to live on reservations which was small area of land set aside for the natives.

What are some good Thanksgiving Day carols? by Rex Feral Q: After dinner my family & I want to go Thanksgiving Day caroling? We want to spread some Thanksgiving Day cheer around the neighborhood but we don't know any good carols. We are tired of singing "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Thanksgiving" over and over.

A: Is this Deja Vu , or what? Didn't I just answer this question? Seems I've been here before.

Can anyone tell me how to find a picture of the uniforms the Cowboys and Jets will wear on Thanksgiving Day? by tacticaltexan Q: I'm looking for definite pictures and proof of what uniforms the Cowboys especially, and the Jets will wear this year on Thanksgiving Day when they play in Texas Stadium.

A: Below are two links to what the Cowboys definitely will wear and what the Jets will most likely wear. The first link is the Dallas Cowboys uniform, specifically Terrel Owens. The second is the Jets, and it is actually Joe Namath's jersey.

For Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade how do the get the floats down the street through power lines? by mrjoefran Q: For Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade how do the get the floats down the street through power lines and such if there’s a bunch of stings attached to the floats?

A: Power lines are underground, but street lights are removed for the event (just like for the president's inauguration day).

What time does the Thanksgiving day parade start? by Lilah Q: I live on the west coast in Oregon... what time does the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade start?

A: Where I come from, the TV shows all parades going from 9:00 till noon

How will my 6am flight on Thanksgiving day be? by zerocool Q: I am flying from south florida to dallas at 6am thanksgiving day. Will it be busy? I've never flown on thanksgiving day before and was just wondering so I can figure out when I should be at the airport. I am flying FLL to DFW

What color eyeshadows should I wear on Thanksgiving Day ? by Preeya Q: that represents the theme and colors of thanksgiving day and turkey?

A: I'm planning on wearing a gold/bronzy brown look with a reallyshimmery gold color, you should wear browns, golds, dark greens, tans, those colors are perfect for fall and especially for a cute Thanksgiving day look.

What steps should I take in order to lose 16 pounds by Thanksgiving Day? by Nαtαlie Q: I'm 5'4" 1/2 and currently weigh 146 pounds. As you've probably figured out, I would like to lose 16 pounds by Thanksgiving Day, which would have me at my goal weight of 130 pounds. Of course, I would like to lose weight the healthy way with exercise, eating healthy, etc, but I don't know where to start! Just in case you're wondering, I'm 14-years-old.

A: Ration out your food consumption. Use actual serving sizes, not just until your plate is full. Start jogging everywhere you go. Whether its up the street of simply to the mail box. But dont starve yourself. Not eating enough will make you gain weight, not lose. And cut of desserts. Give yourself one dessert night a week. And a really good thing to do is eat more veggies and less meat.

What are ALL the things that people eat on Thanksgiving day? by Emmmm Kayyy Q: What are ALL the things that people eat on Thanksgiving day? I mean the main dish is obviously turkey but what are the sides (ALL OF THEM) that people eat on thanksgiving day?

A: Mashed potatoes Mac and cheese Green bean casserole Turkey and dressing Greens Cabbage Salad Rolls *some people serve refreshments before dinner is served. Corn Yams Cornbread

Where can i volunteer to feed the homeless around the Los angeles area on thanksgiving day? by Justin Q: im a united states army soldier looking to volunteer some time to feed the homeless on thanksgiving day, any recommendations??

A: Finding Volunteer Activities During the Holidays http://www.coyotecommunications.com/stuff/holidays.shtml How to Find Volunteering Opportunities http://www.coyotecommunications.com/stuff/volunteering.shtml Provides a plethora of links and a lot of specific ideas beyond "the usual." Includes instructions on how to find specific volunteering opportunities (with animals, with children, just for one day, etc.).

What do you think about Sears being open on Thanksgiving day? by Gus Q: I refuse to shop there on Thanksgiving.. I think the employees deserve, at the least, Thanksgiving day and Christmas day.. What do you think?

A: I hate it, I remember when I was a kid, that some places were not even open on Sundays. I understand that some people like it because they can make extra money but, if I was the owner of the store it would be closed at noon on Christmas Eve and all day on Christmas, and closed on Thanksgiving. I do not shop on holidays those are reserved for my family and friends.

Do you send out cards for Thanksgiving Day? by Regina Q: I was planning my Christmas cards this year and thinking I'd buy them during a Thanksgiving sale on this website I like--But then I realized, I might need to start on Halloween if I want to get Thanksgiving Day cards! What do you think? Thanksgiving Day cards?

A: No, but I might start someday. I always see Thanksgiving cards in the store so someone must be buying them. I do send out Halloween cards though.

What comes in a Traditional Thanksgiving Day basket? by strawberriesilove Q: I was just wondering what items traditionally come in a Thanksgiving Day basket, let's say one given by area food banks?

A: we made them at church one year. we put... turkey (the size of the turkey depended on family size) dressing (stove top) cans of sweet potatoes, corn, green beans cranberry sauce rolls pumpkin pie mix the local community service also gave them milk, flour, sugar, eggs and fruit.

Where can I volunteer on Thanksgiving Day in Chicago? by Breanna Q: I would like to serve food somewhere on Thanksgiving Day or help out in some way at a food pantry/soup kitchen type of place. Where are some good locations in Chicago to do this and are any of them open to people that haven't gone through a special orientation yet? Thanks!

A: Salvation Army joint...free food!

What is traffic like in Chicago on Thanksgiving Day? by Joshua B Q: I'm thinking of spending Thanksgiving Day in Chicago, but I'm not from Chicago and so if traffic is going to be crazy I don't want to risk it.

A: If you can avoid driving on Thanksgiving Day DO IT!! If you can't, stay off the interstates. If you can't do THAT, bring a good book on tape or something similar and try to travel super early or extremely late. It took me over an hour to 2 miles last time I made the mistake of driving on Thanksgiving Day. The traffic is generally horrendous. Best of luck

In Philadelphia, where is the best place to park when going to the thanksgiving day parade? by BernBabyBern Q: My husband and I are planning to go to the thanksgiving day parade in Philadelphia this year. We are told that the best place to view is by the art museum. is this true? if not where is the best place to view? And more important where is the best place to park that is nearby? Any and all tips or advice would be so much appreciated.

A: Viewing the parade near the art museum is a good bet, but there won't be much for parking in that area. Why not take the train into downtown to Suburban Station.

What is your annual Thanksgiving Day schedule? by Smiles Q: For my family, we wake up up to watch Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, then we have a huge Thanksgiving meal with all of our relatives over...and they usually end up watching football by the evening. My mom, sister, and I watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and The Mouse on the Mayflower.

A: Well, usually its spent at my parents house with my family (or at least most of them). Last year it was only my parents, my husband and I with our two kids and my brother. The year before both my sisters were there. This year, I think my husband and I are going to have a small thanksgiving at home alone with the kids. I get up early, watch the parade with the kids (or bits and pieces of it), start preparing what needs cooked, cook our thanksgiving meal, eat, and then lounge around in comfy clothes for the rest of the evening.

What are some good Thanksgiving Day carols? by Rex Feral Q: After dinner my family & I want to go Thanksgiving Day caroling? We want to spread some Thanksgiving Day cheer around the neighborhood but we don't know any good carols. We are tired of singing "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Thanksgiving" over and over.

A: O Butter Ball , O Butter Ball, how golden and delicious and Grandma Got Run Over By A Turkey Walkin' home from our house Thanksgiving Day. You can say there's no such thing as Stove Top And she should have gone the other way.

Where can my boyfriend and I take an overnight trip to on Thanksgiving day? by Nikki Q: My boyfriend's birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year, so instead of doing the family thing we've decided to take an overnight trip somewhere. We live in Los Angeles so we want to stay somewhere semi-close so we don't waste too much time driving. Considering that most things will be closed on thanksgiving day, we want to stay somewhere that we can enjoy just hanging out in the room with a nice view. Anyone have any ideas?

A: When I first moved here I went to Santa Barbara with my parents on Thanksgiving. It was nice because everything was empty. There were some restaurants open and, of course, the bars were open. People like to get away from their family on holidays it seems. The mission in Santa Barbara was open and completely empty of people except for a homeless man that followed me around trying to show me lingerie ad pics of women. My parents still think that is funny.... The weather was gorgeous and the drive was nice because the roads were empty. Most hotel restaurants will be open on Thanksgiving.

How good is this idea to commemorate Thanksgiving Day? by cracio Q: I am tired of planning events or special shows with students at school for Thanksgiving. I am thinking of having a talk or a forum with a fellow teacher and students get the chance to ask questions to us about Thanksgiving Day traditions & facts.

A: I think that's a good idea. Make sure to bring up both sides perspectives (ie.Native Americans & Pilgrims , Thanksgiving vs. National Day of Mourning).

How full are flights from Charlotte, NC to London Gatwick on Thanksgiving day? by Andrew Canada Q: We are leaving from Charlotte on Thanksgiving day. I was wondering how full these flights are if anyone has taken one. Yea I know thanksgiving is an american holiday, but it is a birthday present too.

A: Thanksgiving Day itself is not very busy—much less than a normal Thursday. The holiday definitely has an effect. The day before Thanksgiving is quite the opposite.

What is your favorite thanksgiving day dinner consist of? by luvmeeluvmenot Q: I'm hosting my first thanksgiving day dinner and I can't remember what is usually on the menu besides the basics. Is there anything I'm forgetting? Is this enough? Turkey Stuffing Cranberry sauce Mashed potatoes and gravy mac n cheese green beans yams with marshmallows pumpkin pie It just seems like there use to be more food than this...even though this is plenty. Anyone want to recommend a dish? I am open to suggestions! Oh, and what is your must have dish for thanksgiving dinner?

A: Mine soudns like yours but through in broccoli cassarole Happy thanksgiving http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmykFRHFUXU

When does the thanksgiving day sale in america start online? by nene Q: I would like to order an hp laptop computer during the online thanksgiving day sale which takes place in tha USA, Can anyone tell me, when does this sale open to online customers, im interested in knowing?, thank u

A: There is "black friday" which starts anywhere from midnight the night of Thanksgiving through the next day. Then there is "cyber Monday" which starts the following Monday.

how many airplanes flies out of SJC on the red eye on the night before thanksgiving day? by Joe K Q: Im making a reservation for a flight that takes off from San Jose as 6:10 in the morning on thanksgiving day. What are the chances of there being a huge security checkpoint waiting line at such an unorthodox hour if I were to show up just an hour before the flight?

A: The night before Thanksgiving day is considered as the busiest at all airports. Since your flight is 6:10am, you may miss most of the hell. I would suggest to give yourself an extra 30 minutes.

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