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SHAYesBreeZzy RT @Travee_Porter87: The Cali Trio: @KSTiLLS4 @tonyjefferson1 and @Br3nnanClay bout to put n work today against Texas A&M. Boomer Sooner! #chasefor8

GuidoGuida AUSTRIA: BC Vienna signed G Mirza Ahmetbasic (Abilene Christian '06). Gussing released C Edward Johnson (Texas A&M-Kingsville '06)

DaNekMinnit New blog post: #6 Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M http://t.co/arS8maRm

TheFortKnox RT @Tamu: Texas A&M takes on @UofOklahoma today at 2:30 pm. Where are you watching the game? #Whoop! #BTHOou #gigem #tamu

MicahDelaney #Purdue and #Wisconsin ??? #Texas A&M vs #Oklahoma okok fine... the more important thing is #LSU and #Alabama lol

JSamsel71 RT @Tamu: Texas A&M takes on @UofOklahoma today at 2:30 pm. Where are you watching the game? #Whoop! #BTHOou #gigem #tamu

BootsOnBlonde RT @GuyOnPoloHorse: My gameday predictions. Kstate > OSU Tech > UT Texas A&M < OU Arkansas > South Carolina Michigan < Iowa Florida < Vandy Alabama > LSU

alsterxmonster First off why is a Texas a&m fan at an OU campus your. Second off, you forgot to take your tag off #smh http://t.co/6GosXBoZ

White_Mamba1 Heading to norman #tailgate come on sooners beat texas a&m

hannahtrum RT @Tamu: Texas A&M takes on @UofOklahoma today at 2:30 pm. Where are you watching the game? #Whoop! #BTHOou #gigem #tamu

TheCFBNotebook Texas A&M @ #6 Oklahoma (-14) Sooners are still mad about their loss 2 weeks ago, Bad timing for Aggies who will lose 2nd straight 38-13

SHAYesBreeZzy RT @Travee_Porter87: There is another game today besides LSU/BAMA. OU vs. Texas A&M is the best game happening today. GO OU!

SHAYesBreeZzy RT @SoonerSportscom: OU vs. Texas A&M at 2:36 p.m. CT on ABC. Boomer! http://t.co/wniQPdbD #Sooners #BeatAggies

markmoravits RT @SoonerSportscom: OU vs. Texas A&M at 2:36 p.m. CT on ABC. Boomer! http://t.co/wniQPdbD #Sooners #BeatAggies

blondiee09 Today I'm enjoying my day off by going to the OU vs Texas A&M game #collegefootball #gameday


What are the 20 different sports that Texas A&M has won Big 12 titles in? by Todd Q: I was online at tamu.edu, the website for Texas A&M University, and they said that A&M has won 20 different sports titles since they have entered the Big 12 in various women and men sports. What I don't know is what sports they are. I need help!

A: Baseball : Conference champs - 1998, 1999, 2008 Football : Conference champs - 1998 Men's tennis: regular season conference champs - 2000 Conf.Tournament champs - 1998, 2000, 2001 Women's basketball : regular season conf. champs - 2000 Conf. Tournament champs - 1996, 2008 Women's golf - Conference champs - 1998, 2006, 2007 Women's soccer - Regular season conf. champs - 1997, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Conf. Tourn. champs - 1997, 2001, 2004, 2005 Softball - Regular season conf. champs - 2005, 2008 Conf. tourn. champs - 2008 Women's swimming & Diving - 2007, 2008 Women's tennis - Reg. Season conf. champs - 2003 Conf. Tourn. champs - 2004 Women's indoor track & field - 2007, 2008, 2009 Women's outdoor track & field - 2007, 2008 20 sports titles doesn't necessarily mean 20 different sports.

What's the best way to pay for an MBA at Texas A&M University ? Need Financial Aid Help ? by Joe A Q: I went to Texas A&M University and graduated there. I graduated debt free and never had a loan. I was wondering if someone could give me some financial aid advice. I need to know how to finance my Executive MBA at Texas A&M University it cost $ 58,000 dollars for 21 month program. I would really appreciate some help on this guys.

A: Graduate students can borrow a maximum of $20,500 per year in federal student loans. I would definitely take advantage of a federal loan because the interest can be deferred while you're in school, and if you qualify for subsidized loans, the interest is paid by the gov't during your school term. Definitely talk to the financial office about other graduate school financing. Also, they may offer special grants and/or scholarships to grad students. Also, are you working? If so, your HR department may offer tuition reimbursement ... esp. for an Executive MBA. Good luck!

Do you think a can get into a good college like Texas a&m with a 3.2 gpa for aerospace engineering? by Justin Q: I live Texas. The admissions said I need at least a 3.0 gpa, but how competitive is it to get in? I'm just scared that I may not get into any college for aerospace engineering with a 3.2. I'm a freshmen in high school and I predict my possible overall gpa for my highschool year.

A: your questions are a pain in the tookus... quit it.... http://answers.yahoo.com/activity;_ylt=Ajwj6wFtr_of3ppAZhiR6mTsy6IX;_ylv=3?show=FCosluLtaa&link=question#yan-questions-answers

What do I have to do to get my drivers license when I'm over 18 years old in TEXAS? by Q: Hey. I'm soon to turn 18 years old, and I just have a couple of questions. I've heard rumors that I don't need any drivers education, I can just take the written test and the driving test, and if I pass, I get my license. Is this true? I live in Texas.

A: Hello Lise Breivik Here's a step-by-step guide on getting your Texas Driver's License: http://driving-tests.org/texas/how-to-pass-texas-dmv-test/ I also suggest you study the official Texas Driver's Handbook which is available online from here: http://driving-tests.org/texas/texas-drivers-handbook-online/ (please note that it may take a few minutes to load - depending on the speed of your Internet connection). I hope this helps. Good luck!

What are the requirements to get into the Gateway Program at Texas A&M? by Emily Q: I am trying to figure out if I will be admitted into the Gateway Program at Texas A&M University and would like to know what the requirements are. I am also hoping to relieve some stress by knowing sooner rather than waiting for the universities decision! Thank you in advance!

A: the details r found in the univ's website. we americans must stop this type of stress. it wont help us in our future job/family/child rearing. pl take care

How hard is it to get in Texas A&M Masters degree program for Electrical Engineering? by alex_e_george Q: How hard is it to get in? At Texas A&M, and UT.

A: Hard! A+M is one of the best Engr. schools in the US. Longhorns would be easier but I'm not sure they offer many different Masters programs.

How do I reduce my property tax in texas when I'm not a resident? by carreviews Q: I have property in Texas and it's killing me to pay property tax on it every year and I'm not a resident. How can I reduce it?

A: You can't. TX has a homestead exemption that reduces your assessed value for tax purposes by $5,000. However you must live in the property to qualify for it. Unless your property is over-valued compared to similar properties in the district, you are stuck with the property tax bills as they are. If you feel that it is over-valued you can appeal the valuation to the tax appraisal district. TX has a strict schedule that you must follow. File one day late and it will be automatically denied. The appraisal district can give you the details for filing the appeal. I lived in TX for many years. Finally had to leave and sell off my rental properties due to the insane property taxes there. TX likes to brag about not having an income tax but my combined income and property taxes in MO are 30% less than my property taxes alone in TX were.

How much does it cost to be in a sorority at Texas a&m university? by Casey Q: I know they vary, but if you have an idea. Especially if you are currentlybin a sorority at Texas a&m. Thanks!

A: $400 to $800 a semester. It's on their greek life website.

Where would students from Texas a and m and blinn college go to get seriously drunk? Any camp grounds? by Mike g Q: Where would Aggie students and blinn students go to get seriously drunk. My friend and I are transfering into Texas A and M, and want to know where the hot spots are. We like to also know where there are place to go camping, that allow alcohol.

A: What, you didn't like my last answer over in the Dining Out section? I saw one of your other questions, and to answer in advance, there are no gay clubs in College Station.

I'm in south texas on the gulf, should I catch a boat to Jamaica? by Wilford Brimley Q: I want some really good ganja yo.

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