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Texas a m football

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mohsinjee AMERICAN FOOTBALL • Watch Texas A M vs Oklahoma Live Stream Free NCAA Football Online TV Link: Enjoy Texas A M v... http://t.co/5PQoxWKu

mohsinjee AMERICAN FOOTBALL • Watch Texas A M vs Oklahoma Live Stream Free NCAA Football Online TV Link: Enjoy Texas A M v... http://t.co/Bmt7smoT

CbeMubarak No. 7 Sooners host Texas A&M after rare home loss: http://t.co/1Gcv1UKb #home

Oleneta74 No. 7 Sooners host Texas A&M after rare home loss: http://t.co/LqZfuqNs #home

myafn_sports College Football: Texas A&M @ Oklahoma LIVE on AFN|sports. Saturday 8:30pm CET, 10:30pm IRQ, Sunday 12am AFG & 4:30am JKT

ExpeditionTime College Football Game Day here in Norman Oklahoma. Countdown about 12 hours until kickoff Texas A&M at Oklahoma University 2pm CT on ABC TV.

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RaiquanJenkins #Bama over #LSU, #ND over #Wake, #Arkansas over #S.Carolina, #OK State over #Kansas State, #Texas A&M over #Oklahoma. College Football<3

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Beaulahary Texas A&M Aggies Football Player in Training 11'' x 14'' Print: Remind yourself of the days when dreaming of pla... http://t.co/LgdUoYkT

secollegesports Son of West Texas A&M football coach starts at QB for LSU - http://t.co/r5SSbnjK http://t.co/4LZyRvnR

truesoccer Free livestream Oklahoma Vs Texas A&M Betting Odds 05-11-2011: http://t.co/D4oBhtT5 http://t.co/9dI2LKYn

desttorsipi Watch Texas A&M – Oklahoma Live 05.11.2011 http://t.co/ZNI3Fe69

oklocal Big 12 football: More recollections about Texas A&M - http://t.co/d12pVoVJ

AggiesSpyder [Dallas Morning News] A&M, Oklahoma State to meet for Big 12 soccer title http://t.co/BUnUrl5a #Aggies


Texas Football Drops From 7th To 21rst .....? by It's About Time !!! 24 - 20 Q: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/football/ncaa/polls/ap/ According to the latest A/P Poll the Longhorns have dropped 14 spots and I'm just curious as to whether you think they were dropped too far? Fair is fair and they got their asses beat badly at home but polls as well as writers are fickle for various reasons and I personally think they were dropped way too far just for 1 loss. Yes they were assaulted at home but that happens ... sometimes it happens a lot (especially for my Georgia Bulldogs ie the Florida Gators) and it shouldn't make a team drop so far unless the writers or coaches didn't think they were that good in the first place which makes one wonder ... why did they rank them so high to begin with? Dropping 14 spots for 1 game is too far which is one reason I don't like polls to begin with. Tell me how you feel ... Thanks and thumbs up to all who answer ... just give me time to get back and read the answers. Austin ... not a bad point but 14 spots? If Alabama was beaten at home by 24 or more by a sub par team ... would you drop them 14 spots as well? How about Ohio State if they had lost to the Ohio Bobcats? I'm not saying there is a Texas bias one way or the other but 14 spots is just too far. Thanks! Is it possible they were placed so far down that they won't be able to get into the title picture so that the Boise's, TCU's and others might get a shot? I'm just asking so don't get your sphincters all tight OK??? (smiling) Da Coach : That's much more reasonable ... thanks!

A: They just did that to screw Oklahoma from moving up after beating the Horns next week.

College football Texas A&M? by sheena708 Q: Why did A&M's coach Dennis Franchione resign? We are Texas Tech fans, that is why we dont know already :)

A: Because he did not win the big 12 championship or 1 bowl game during his 5 year tenure. The website thing was merely ammunition for the AD to fire him. If A&M had been more competitive, winning a Big 12 or National title in the last 5 years..the website thing would have been no big deal. Oh, I feel so sorry for Dennis...he no longer has to show up to work, yet he is still being paid millions.... I chose the wrong profession..

Is It Hard To Get Into A&M (Texas)????From California?? by Abhinav Q: So.......I live in CA. And I want to do petroleum engineering. There are close to NONE PET schools in CA, the only being Stanford..I can't hope to go there haha. But, I am worried about A&M too. I have a GPA of 3.29 in Sophomore year and a GPA of 4.2 in Junior year with AP physics (4 on test), APUS( 5 on the test), AP ENGLISH (3 on the test), and AP COMPUTER SCIENCE (4 ON THE TEST). Yeah, I screwed up Sophomore year a lot. And I just listed the AP tests if that helps at all, and I know it doesn't help that much. But bottom line is, my GPA will suck if I average it out. I have done an internship at Intel and have more volunteer work than needed though??? Do extracurriculars count a lot in Texas????Football????? Cause I have not played any school sports, just leagues, which don't count sadly....... And I will take the SAT in one month, and then 2 more times after that. Do I have any chance? And will it be hard for me?

A: Wow. You are very well rounded. I am also a current A&M student. I am pretty sure you will get in. Like previously stated. You will bring diversity being from out of state. Your AP score are very good! And yes, they do look at those. And with your internship and volunteer work... wow. It really does show you are dedicted to your education. What any college is looking for is "how is this person going to give back to our campus? How will she reflect upon us?" Don't worry terribly about your GPA. They like well rounded students, as is seems you are, and will factor your gpa into that. I really hope you get in. Aggieland is the best place on earth!! And as far as difficulty?? I don't know cuz i'm not you. But your main thing will prolly be time management. There are a lot of distractions out there no matter what college you go to. And its easy to sit at home and say "no i wont do that. I'll study." And its another thing to have temptation shining in your face. I'm talking about wasting time. But good luck to ya friend! A&M is something that can only be experienced :)

How can I get my speed up for football? by hlllo Q: I'm coming to the off season for football and I run a 5.4. I played defensive line. I want to play middle linebacker next year. Any one got some good advice to get faster, quicker, and stronger. Stats: 5'9 220, bench 280, 40 yard 5.4, shuttle 4.95, vertical 22, 10th grade. Texas Football

A: rob convenience stores on foot

In Texas, which football team has more fans? the Texas Longhorns or The Texas A&M Aggies? by . Q: There both big schools with large alumni basses, I just wanted to know who had the bigger football fanbase?

A: Texas no question

Is the Pac-10 ready for some good ole' Texas Football? by Tech Golfer Q: Texas Texas A&M Texas Tech OU OK State I thought Baylor was out? I hope they join us thou bro

A: You forgot Baylor And to answer your question Arizona and Arizona St (the two teams that would be in a division with the old Big 12 teams) sure better because Texas/Oklahoma are alot tougher than UCLA. Edit: From what I've heard the 6th spot is between Baylor and Colorado

What are the team colors of these Texas football teams...? by Adina L Q: Texas A and M, Rice Owls, and of course.... the Longhorns.

A: Texas A&M - maroon and white Rice - blue and white Longhorns - brown/orange and white

Is it possible to walk-on to University of Texas football team? by Carl.e Q: I am about to be a sophomore in college and I am transferring to UT soon. I've played football all my life and i'm really good, have a great work ethic and have major potential. However, I haven't played since I graduated in '09 due to family issues and last min deciding on a college close to home. Is there a realistic chance of me being able to play for the longhorns if I train extensively?

A: Yes Tx like all other schools has a "walk on" program. So it is possible. The reality is that a walk on is usually no more than a "practice dummy" meaning you attend the practices, put in the hard work, but rarely if ever get real playing time. Mack Brown is known however for putting in several strings of backups in blowout games near the end of the game. Im not trying to discourage you, just being honest. If you are really good, and bust your butt enough to get recognized by the coaches, there is always the chance you could get put on the roster, and maybe even offered a scholarship. Slim chance but possible.

Why does it seem like Oklahoma football is better than Texas football? by Tony C. Q: I'm a longhorn fan but it seems like although OU doesn't have the type of recruiting classes that UT has they seem better prepared than Texas and their players develop better. OU's coaching staff seems to know how to shut us down but we can't do anything with their good teams. What gives? I know we're young this year but I'm talking about since Mack and Stoops arrived.

A: OU got calls today. In your house!

Bus ride to the Texas A&M vs Texas Football Game in Austin on Thanksgiving!? by *competitivedancindieheart* Q: My grandfather, cousin, and I are Aggies and are trying to find a bus to ride on to Austin that will take us there and pick us up. We would like to leave from College Station or Houston. Does anyone know of anything like this that we could tag along to? If so please help! THANKS!

A: Honestly, I have not heard of anything like that. Call A&M and ask them. That will be your best bet. Me, I will be at home, cooking the bird and drinking a cold beer while I root on my Horns... : )

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