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balek RT @francoiswisard: [Blog] Le Waldgänger, testostérone numérique http://t.co/RUUHpq9K @balek #lecture

hanmireddy RT @DeccanChronicle: High testosterone prevents muscle loss during old age: Study | http://t.co/PWg40yVO

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jharm89 Too much built up testosterone, feel like raging, good thing its legs day.

francoiswisard [Blog] Le Waldgänger, testostérone numérique http://t.co/RUUHpq9K @balek #lecture

Foulkesaaay @RussHaworth The wife of Rolf Harris. She's a beautiful specimen. Google her pic and let your testosterone take over

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Hanan991 #previoustweet 7 uncles, 2 brothers and my dad& grandpa...way too much testosterone to handle in one morning. #Eidmorning #sheepslaughter

sndmcntr Testosterone Supplements: A Milestone In Providing Effective ...: Testosterone Supplements: A Milestone In Provi... http://t.co/GLO1ykyu

YetikaWistaria @space_info In a nutshell, something about hormone levels being different between the sexes. I've heard it's testosterone but not 100% sure.

bellakirk @fakecbrighty it won't. it will remain sparse, and you will forever be inferior to men with more testosterone.

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DazzlingDeviant Perfect Sunday morning. Community centre full of testosterone :( (@ Gladstone Park Community Centre) http://t.co/RLWqkZvs

WaseemBits RT @dr_zubyduby: RT @Roflindian A man is driven by testosterone, money, power and estrogen, in that order.


What will testosterone boosters do for my body? by Circus's 007! Q: I know it will raise my testosterone level and after raising the testosterone level what will happen to my body? BTW. TESTOSTERONE BOOSTERS IS NOT STEROID WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT IS THE NATURAL PILLS SOLD IN RETAIL STORES. So don't give me the steroid BS.

A: Positive side effects of using supplemental testosterone may include: * More frequent erections * Harder erections * Longer-lasting erections * Easier to reach orgasms * Increased interest in sex * Increased energy * Decrease in irritability * Increased happiness * Increased quality of life * Increased muscle size * Increased strength * Increased assertiveness/aggressiveness Natural Testosterone can also have the following negative side effects, especially if used for a long time or in high doses: * Depression * Mood swings * Nervousness * Decreased sex drive * Increase in body hair and facial hair (in women) * Decrease in breast size (in women) * Deepening of the voice (in women) * Acne * Hair loss * Breast growth (in men) * Breast pain (in women) * High blood pressure * Liver damage * Cancer * Sleep apnea Can contribute to diabetes If you have to much can cause damage to the liver and sometimes, it can even cause liver cancer It may also lead to kidney failure in certain human beings. Sometimes, it can also lead to enlarged prostate and cause pain, while urinating

What is the normal testosterone level in a woman-and yes woman have testosterone? by mn77 Q: does anyone know what level is normal? i asked this once but alot of people didn't know women actually do have testosterone, but yeah everyone does. I was just wondering what level is normal in women? thanks.

A: there is no industry-wide standard for what levels are normal. Some labs consider up to 200 a normal level for men and 70 a normal level for women, while some labs consider up to 1200 nanograms per deciliters (ng/dl) normal for men. Needless to say from a bodybuilding or athletic standpoint the closer to the upper level you are the better.

What are good natural testosterone supplements/stimulants? by Jack B Q: Could anyone recommend some testosterone stimulants/supplements for naturally producing testosterone, I am looking for a safe supplement to help promote muscle growth, lab engineered stuff is ok, like the stuff you can pick up at GNC as long as it is safe and not a "pseudo"steroid. Just looking for healthy alternatives for a hardgainer, so any supplement suggestions or products would be great!

A: 100% Whey Protein L-Glutamine Creatine

What testosterone work out supplement would be good for gaining stamina and speed? by Timbo92 Q: I have no clue what to get does anyone know of any good supplements? Is testosterone safe to take? Im a football player and I need an edge to get threw college ball I need a supplement to help me with stamina mostly/

What testosterone level is best for attracting women? by JettPlanee Q: I want to change my testosterone level that that that makes me most attracted to women, and most attractive. I read the avg level is 667.

A: A testosterone level of 667 is just going to make you extremely horny and give you dozens of erections during the day and night. I keep my testosterone level around 500-550 using testosterone injections and I'm so horny all the time all can think about is sex. However I would rather be horny than not have erections at all so to me it's a god thing.

Is taking a testosterone boosting pill bad for you? by ryanross555 Q: I hear people say "taking testosterone is bad" I didnt know you could take testosterone I thought testosterone was produced in the body. I have a testosterone booting pill called T-bomb II it says it boosts natural testosterone. Are these pills bad for me in any way?

A: No oral testosterone pill does much. They cannot contain what you really are after and testosterone cannot be absorbed via the digestive system. Only cream or gel on the skin or inject able works. The closest oral supliment that could help is DHEA a precursor to both testosterone and estrogen. You can buy it over the counter.

How much does testosterone fluctuate during the day? by Shamus Wang Q: I had at test testosterone test done it it was 200 points lower than the average male at my age. However the test was administered during the afternoon around 5:00. I've read that testosterone levels are higher in the morning. So does it fluctuate as much as 200points in a single day? Also I've had a little stress lately would that also be a significant factor in such a tremendous decrease in levels?

A: First of all don't worry about. Testosterone levels vary wildly during the day. It may even rise if you think about sex or are turned on by the sight or presence of a woman.(which incidentally also increase the amount of semen you produce).It's natural,makes you feel good and even makes your beard grow more rapidly,so you could get five o'clock shadow by lunchtime.

How to maintain muscle tone but keep testosterone levels low? by LKaM Q: Hi there, I'm a young male and have been doing resistance training for a few years. However, I'm reading that weight training can increase testosterone (and maybe DHT) production in the body, which is a good thing for the bodybuilder since it reduces bodyfat and helps build muscle, but is a bad thing for those concerned with cholestrol levels, cancer, and/or hair loss. My question is, are there resistance training methods (ie: low intensity, high-rep workouts, adding cardio to your workouts, etc) that would not stimulate the production of testosterone? Is it true that cardio helps lower testosterone levels? Basically, I want to maintain my muscle tone but keep those testosterone levels low. Is that possible? Thank you very much, all suggestions are appreciated

A: the source of your information is highly inaccurate. test and dht are both neccessary for the human body to function properly. how these hormones may cause certain illnesses, etc. has nothing to do with the levels of them. it has to do with how "your" body reacts to them and that is based on your genetics. take dht for example. it does cause hair loss but the level of dht is irrelevant. a person can have low dht levels and great hair loss, another can have very high levels of dht and no hair loss. it is how the androgenic receptor on the hair follicle reacts to dht and that is based purely on genetics.

Testosterone? by Justme Q: What can I do to increase my testosterone levels.

A: a natural way is to work out your legs, do some squats, that releases alot of testosterone.

testosterone? by Ms.Justice Q: why is testosterone important to society, economy, and the environment? i know it kinda sounds weird but i need help with it thx (write as much as possible)

A: its the essence of male competitiveness that makes males drive for more in order to get a self sense of satisfaction

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