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Tesla model x

Tesla Model X all-electric crossover unveiled and detailed
On the eve of February 9th, 2012, it was in Hawthorne California that the public first saw the Tesla Motors Model X electric crossover vehicle. This lovely vehicle has the look of other premium crossovers such as the Acura ZDX or the BMW 5 Series Gran ...

Tesla Model X to get 'Falcon' doors
9, Elon Musk's people will unveil the Tesla Model X, apparently featuring something called “Falcon” doors--a handy bit of cross-branding with Musk's SpaceX Falcon rockets. From what we've been able to glean, in an attempt to make it minivan-easy to ...

2014 Tesla Model X Said to Have Doors Like a “Falcon”
The “year of the Tesla Model S” is upon us, but the company is kicking off the year by introducing a new car – the Model X. Tesla's plan has always been to start with a roadster, follow with a lower-cost sedan and then build out the lineup from there.

Tesla Model X Crossover Teased
We still have to wait until July for the first Tesla Model S sedans to go on sale. Even so, that's not stopping the automaker from announcing a new model that the company has been working on, alongside the Model S, called the Model X. Based off the ...

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Wobke #Tesla Unveils Model X Electric Crossover. SUV? Minivan? http://t.co/pN9738B8

EthernetSource Tesla Model X: Electric, all-wheel drive, and crazy folding doors http://t.co/aCyY7K0F #tech

EthernetSource Tesla Model X: Electric, all-wheel drive, and crazy folding doors http://t.co/GNV8tvPW #tech

teslaitaliait Ecco a voi la #Tesla Model X #teslamodelx http://t.co/atq10ICA

x_mediajourn Tesla Motors Intros Model X Electric Minivan/SUV #media #journalism http://t.co/SyocZYMR

x_businessnews Tesla Motors Intros Model X Electric Minivan/SUV #businessnews http://t.co/qX5blWH5

automerken - Autonieuws - Elektrische crossover voor zeven personen - de Tesla Model X: Tesla heeft - geheel volgen... http://t.co/VndWkk53 #nieuws

AutoNieuwsNL Elektrische crossover voor zeven personen - de Tesla Model X: Tesla heeft - geheel volgens haar belofte - een ni... http://t.co/jIp3eH8P

topnuz (USA) Tesla Motors Intros Model X Electric Minivan/SUV. Via Mashable - http://t.co/tOQruayq

gulfmotoring Preview Ride: Tesla Model X Prototype http://t.co/30FyCbwz

ThomasLouis81 RT @mashable: Tesla Motors Intros Model X Electric Minivan/SUV - http://t.co/9VTl7IV9

Roozty Tesla Model X: 4x4, 40 mils rekkevidde, 7+2 seter og 0-100 <5 sek: http://t.co/QuS4CmHh (via @MiljoBil @gronnbilnorge) #elbil

x_technews Tesla Motors Intros Model X Electric Minivan/SUV #technews http://t.co/Xpv7IluC

bordimitrov RT @TeslaMotors: Tesla presents Model X. #modelx http://t.co/1Uwu2LEg

KiwiEV Tesla Model X has lowest center of gravity in a 4WD. Comparatively the Porsche Cayenne will feel like a van full of furniture.


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Was WTC7 Brought Down by HELICON WAVE PLASMA TECH? :X? by Q: Did Tesla Plasma Induction/Interferometry like HAARP/CERN Bring the WTC Buildings Down? Tesla technology is a poorly understood and rarely discussed topic today due to the fact that it provides the basis of many modern weapons, shield, and propulsion systems to include the so-called "free energy" models. You can easily see why there are many corporations willing to pay good money and spend lives to keep secrets in their graves. However, the evidence is becoming increasingly clear to persons around the world, both alive and dead, that the official 9-11 explanation lacks detail, coherence, sensibility and merit. A more rational and detailed explanation is needed, and herein it is provided. The question at the top of this article is rhetorical in nature and for your entertainment only. The following passages should explain in fair layman's detail how a plasma created by using either of the two most commonly discussed "Doomsday Weapons" on the Internet, "HAARP" (the enlarged and phased Marconi antenna arrays around the globe) and CERN's LHC (Large Hardon Colliders, machines which accelerate matter and create a plasma in hopes of converting one metal into another, and creating a mesh of small black holes) may have generated Extremely Low Frequency HELICON STANDING WAVES which effectively MACROWAVED (notice I did not say MICRO) the World Trade Center, bypassing the outer layers completely and interacting with the steel inside. If there was gold inside the buildings during the 9/11 attacks, well, that is another matter entirely in the world of nuclear physics. The gold inside the buildings had the capacity to become far hotter than any amount of steel or even JP-8. Gold is the purest, most conductive, remotely excitable element we know of and it interacts with other masses of gold over very vast distances and reacts to electricity in surprising ways in the laboratory. In fact, it could almost be considered magic, if you knew how fantastic the properties of this beautiful metal. But magic can be used to destroy. Gold was recently discovered to have amazing electromagnetic properties. It is one of the scarcest atoms in the universe, occurs only one particle at a time at the moment of neutron plasma fusion (binary star fusion), and thus you understand the need for so many particle accelerators around the world. They are trying to do alchemy, to create precious metals. But these amazing machines, so dangerous to operate that robotic assistants are needed during the cooldown period in order to spare human beings dangerous amounts of radiation, generate terrifying side effects, some of which are poorly understood. For example, some people believe that the recent earthquake in Japan could have been generated by a quasar inside our planet. They believe this quasar was generated within the last five years by large hadron colliders or a similar technology such as HAARP, which is effectively a cyclotron contained by the van allen belts and capable of accelerating plasma to great speeds and striking a target, or simply energizing an area to the point where avalanche occurs and the area destabilizes. If you know diodes you know the concept of avalanche -- Tesla understood this well, and he nearly broke our poor planet into halves with a miscalculation. There has been a lot of dispute regarding thermite and high temperature accelerant at Ground Zero -- but I want you people to know that the story could be even weirder. Where gold, iron, and steel are present, there is absolutely no need for accelerant of any kind. Phased pulsed low frequency energy beaming is all that you need in order to overcome the surface of a metal and heat it until it reaches its own "avalanche" point. Then the whole construct comes down on everyone's heads. [Projekt Thor was an alchemy thorium to gold project the Nazis were working on. They needed all that gold for their fusion experiments and I wouldn't be surprised in the least to find collusion on this matter between Berkeley and CERN. WOW. Anyway USA has a Project Thor and it's pretty much a VSMPD, "Varied Specific Magnetoplasmadynamic Thruster". In order to get this large spacecraft through the Van Allen Belt, HAARP must be used to partially disable the magnetic field of the earth unless a method of local shielding can be achieved through nanoplasma or another application.] In case you missed the whole point of this in the last silly paragraphs, let me state once again: if you can create a remotely-based Helicon Wave transmitter, you can destroy anything you want as long as you can heat it up inside. We live in the age of waves, the age of Aquarius, and the whole world is crackling with electricity. Some of it is high frequency, like the gamma bursts above thunderheads, and some of it is low frequency, like the groanings of the earth and moon. why does everyone here spew the official story back at me inste

A: You always go for stupid rants?

Have you been able to see the Tesla Model X live stream reveal? by Q: I can not find out where to see it, I have gone on the website but the page is just white and blank. I thought it was overloaded too, thanks. Yeah, I have been on a page that had an error I have never seen before.

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