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Terry fator

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Jorge_A_Arango I'm at Terry Fator Theatre for Terry Fator (3400 Las Vegas Blvd. S, Las Vegas) http://t.co/dhi42BjC

KelvinLocklear Setting in the Terry Fator show in Vegas it time bead home

yrulumow Terry fator discount tickets http://t.co/4e19wEjv

DougKeel Does Terry Fator know you got out of the box? #HandlingHecklers

Northburn http://t.co/ZiWGIga9 - Terry Fator - This is brilliant :)

Kaleyusk Terry Fator: Live from Las Vegas (Special Deluxe Edition): Special deluxe edition includes behind-the-scenes fea... http://t.co/3E9VVqQ0

garcon59 I favorited a @YouTube video http://t.co/Ar1j2J2R MDA Telethon 2008 - Terry Fator

MrStuntinHard Terry fator.!! At the oquendos.!

LTrainUVA Just saw Terry Fator in Vegas. Great show. Talented guy. Awesome day with the Mendozas. Cold, so pool was quiet. On to Milos for dinner

LoveVegasPR Terry Fator joke in Absinthe lmao! @RyanMarquardt

kepasa29 ©cuco | Terry Fator - Achmed the Dead Terrorist http://t.co/UvWdWKOQ vía @cucodevenegas <- humor del bueno! 8)

maureenmurimi In my next life, I think I would really love being a Ventriloquist #Terry Fator # Jeff Dunhum...

thisweekads Terry Fator: Live From Las Vegas (Exclusive) (Widescreen) - Offered By: Wal-Mart-com Category: Home - New... http://t.co/4NvuYgP9

toydude337 Terry Fator Live From Las Vegas DVD FREE SHIPPING #YARDSELLR http://t.co/Jx7Jtaa9

theweeklyads Terry Fator: Live From Las Vegas (Exclusive) (Widescreen) - Offered By: http://t.co/ZQxSmQH2 Category: Home Publish... http://t.co/QTX32qak


What is the name of the very last song played in the final by Terry Fator in America's got talent? by Berg Q:

A: Roy Orbisons "Crying" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0NxhP9GSeo

Does anyone know the name of the western yodeling song that Terry Fator sings with his puppet Walter? by Hope B Q:

A: Pickles and the cucumbers by Henry Dauschford

Ever been to see Terry Fator? by Sierra B Q: I'm going to go see Terry Fator in Vegas next week, and was wondering if he meets people after the show, and if he does do you need something in order to meet him?

A: Wonderful show. U will like it!

Is Terry Fator's ventriloquist show OK for Kids? by Mathew Mapplhaw Q: Is Fator's Vegas show raunchy like Jeff Dunham's is, or is it tamer and appropriate for kids? Please tell me generally how much language and sexual/black humor there is in his show. Thanks!

A: I have not had the pleasure of seeing his Vegas show myself, but friends have. From friends and many reviews, it's my understanding his show is family friendly (let's say a PG-13 rating.) This, only because the show contains some mild 'sexual innuendos,' but nothing raunchy, etc. He is bringing them in by the droves and reviews have been fantastic. According to most, not only a family friendly show, but one of the best shows in Vegas.

what were the songs terry fator sang at las vegas? by <3fashion_forever<3 Q: Ok he is just soooo amazing so I made my dad buy the new dvd showing him live from vegas. I cant stop replaying it over and over it again.So now I want to listen to the songs and put them on my walkman can you write all the songs he sang at vegas? Please and soon and as fast as you can. Please I will love you forever!And wroship you.LOL


Does everyone get to meet Terry Fator at his meet and greet? by Sierra B Q: after his show does everyone who paid for a ticket to be there get to meet him afterwards?

are the side seats in the terry fator theatre okay? by Just1dring Q: If I sit on the sides in the Terry Fator theatre, will I be able to see the show okay?

A: Yes. Have fun!

Does Terry Fator still do Michael Jackson impressions? by Pubie Puberson Q: I saw a thing on Netflix where Terry fator was doing Michael Jackson impressions. My lebian girlfriend suggested that the show was taped before Michael passed away. Can anyone confirm this? Has anyone seen a recent show where Terry was doing MJ imprerssions? I think it would be in bad taste considering.

A: Terry doesn't do MJ any more.

Who do u like better Terry Fator or Prince Poppycock? by Daniel Reyes Q: Terry Fator (season 2) and Prince Poppycock (season 5) these two are my favorites and in my opinion these two are the most memorable contestants in Americas Got Talent history these guys were ridiculasly popular who is more popular of the two? and who is your favorite ?

A: Terry Fator, but I like prince p too.

What song would you like Terry Fator to sing? by KingOfSports Q: What song would you like Terry Fator to sing? I think Terry Fator is great and I would like him to sing Trace Adkins's Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.

A: Party In the USA by Miley Cyrus...... that would be hilarious for him to make a miley puppet

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