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Tennessee Volunteers

The Tennessee Vols will open fall practice Friday. Thursday evening, Coach ...
Tennessee Head Coach Derek Dooley opened fall camp on Thursday night with his annual pre-camp media briefing, and for the second consecutive year, the Volunteers will open the season with every player that signed a National Letter of Intent on campus.

Tennessee Volunteers Football: Analyzing Tyler Bray's Strengths and Weaknesses
Tyler Bray is the most important player on the Tennessee Volunteers. The junior quarterback has shown a ton of potential in his two years, but he's not without his faults. Here are his strengths and weaknesses. The California native used to sport one ...

Tennessee: DT Dante Phillips joins Vols
Dante Phillips, a four-star defensive tackle who initially signed with Florida in 2012, has officially joined Tennessee, the Vols announced via their official Twitter feed on Thursday afternoon. Phillips, a 6-foot-6, 330-pounder from Venice, Fla., was ...

SEC Preview: Tennessee Volunteers
Bryan -- Five and seven seasons are not common for Tennessee football but that was the record in 2011. The Volunteers won just one game in SEC play. The team lost six of their final eight games including a 10-7 setback to Kentucky in their season finale.

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Tennessee volunteers crochet afghan patterns please???? by justamlracle Q: I need help finding a pattern to make a Tennessee Volunteers crocheted afghan. If you can please helkp me it would be appreciated. Thank you, Tonia

A: Check at the Lionbrand "Find A Charity" link http://www.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/lionbrand/charitySearch.cgi?key=3524

does anyone have a Tennessee volunteers crochet afghan patterns please? by Dewanda B Q:

A: no but you might try dover,tn 37058 as a search there is lot s of them there

1998 Tennessee volunteers ratings? by desten m Q: could someone please give me the 1998 tennessee volunteers team ratings from ncaa football 07s historic teams roster.

A: Try asking in the video games area.

What is the Tennessee Volunteers Fight song by Ryan R Q: i dont know if i spelled it right but i know that its called rockey top and if i can get the instrumental

A: Yes, it's Rocky Top. Now I will eternally have that song in my head. That is completely unfortunate. I found a link with the lyrics for you though. What a redneck song. http://www.mamarocks.com/rocky_top.htm

who thinks the tennessee volunteers have chance of being ranked by the end of next season? by Cole G Q:

A: nobody.... @Newton...Did you really sell your son?

Ncaa football 07 1998 tennessee volunteers ratings? by desten m Q: could someone please give me the 1998 tennessee volunteers team ratings from ncaa football 07s historic teams roster.

A: you can find it here www.immakingthiswebsiteup.com

Do you think Tennessee Volunteer Basketball Fans should where a coonskin cap in memory of Fess Parker? by Detroit Lions Fan Q: With the news of the passing of Fess Parker (my condolences go out to the family) I would love to see all the fans wear a coonskin cap as a tribute. Fess Parker is best known as portraying Davy Crockett and I feel it would be a fitting tribute. Davy Crockett did lead the Tennessee Volunteers to help defend the Alamo.

A: i agree completely

who led a troop of 17 volunteers from tennessee to fight the alamo? by Q: I forgot my social studies book at school, which of the following was them? James Bonham, James Bowie, General Co`s, Davy Crockett, Enrique Esparza, Susanna Dickenson, James Fannin, Moses Rose, Santa Anna, William Travis 10 pts best awnser!

A: Davy Crockett. They all died there.

Who thinks the Tennessee Volunteers are gonna beat UCLA Monday night? by PammyO Q: GO VOLS!!!

A: They had better win. If they can't beat a cupcake like UCLA, what are they gonna do when they start playing SEC teams?

Do you think the Tennessee Volunteers should be considered one of the Elite Teams in the NCAA? by John Derek Q:

A: if the guys keep winning the next few years then yes...not yet tho..and bruce pearl will lead them there

What do yall think about Eric Berry ( The True Freshmen) Tennessee Volunteers Conerback? by Volunteer fan 4 life Q:

A: i think hes good ebough to make a difference of defense GO VOLS

Isn't it time that the University of Tennessee Volunteers fire Phillip Fulmer? by Brandon ツ Q: I think it is..... Look at the past five years: 1. We Underachive in bowl games 2. We have the best facilities in the nation 3. We have the best fight song 4. We have top 5 recruiting classes 5. We have the money, there is no excuse WE HAVE LOST NATIONAL RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FLORIDA STILL OWNS US EVEN WITHOUT SPURRIER!!! No offense, but maybe we need to stop recruiting West Coast QB's . Also, stop playing "quality" non conference oppents like Cal and UCLA and play cupcakes like Idaho. Everyone else plays all cupcakes. utsports.com For the idiots that doubt the history and facilities, look at the Media Guide and History page.

A: I've thought that before too, but I'm not so sure that sending Fulmer packing is the way to go. I don't know what the hell needs to happen, but right now Florida owns the SEC East without a doubt.

What's wrong with the Tennessee Volunteers? by john_mckinney08 Q: Why isn't Tennessee firing at all five cylinders and how long is it going to take them to become a good "competitor" again?

A: Phillip Fulmer is not a good coach. He has been fortunate over the years to have had been surrounded by some great players.

Where can i buy or find a #14 authentic Tennessee volunteers jersey? by desten m Q: I have been looking for an authentic(sewn on numbers and just like the players wear) #14 jersey for months now and have had no luck at all. I even called Volmall.com and requested it but they still so not have it. I have found a #10 and a #27 but i really want the #14 one for obvious reasons. Someone please help me if you know any information about how to go about getting or finding one. Thanks, Desten

A: Eric Berry's hard to come by. Everywhere in Knoxville has been out pretty much all season. They sell out as soon as they get them in. Since our bowl game will likely be EB's last game as a Vol, why don't you just get his NFL jersey :) then if you still want to get his other one after the season you can. :) I was able to get a white #14 jersey, but I took it back because I wanted orange.

Who thinks that the Tennessee Volunteers Men's basketball team has a chance at a championship next season? by Bryon Q: If not the Vol's, then who do you guys think will win it all at March Madness? and how far do you think the vols will go?

A: Oh definetely, they have a chance. Matter of fact im a huge Kentucky fan and i pick Tennessee to win the SEC East this year. They are bringing back Chris Lofton, Wayne Chism, Ramar Smith and Duke Crews. This team is going to be explosive. Bruce Pearl is an amazing coach and he is hungry for something other than a sweet sixteen, Tennessee will be the surprise out of the SEC this year, and they will be fighting with my Wildcats for the East title. Its going to be a very exciting year.

I need to find the site for tennessee volunteers junior club? by brenda here Q:

A: go to the website

What is the Win/Loss record of the Tennessee Volunteers football season of 2007? by Matt Q:

A: 6-3(3-2)

Do the Tennessee Volunteers drink Gatorade? by Zach Q: Because that stuff was made by the Florida Gators and those two schools hate each other. and yeah....anybody know?

A: They didn't tonight cause they got whipped!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Gators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will the Tennessee Volunteers team disband after being utterly demolished by the Cal bears this weekend? by ™gotzIlla Q: Sweet Niblets! Why don't yall quit playing football and come watch Hannah Montana with my little sister? Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Doggies!!!!!!! he does? oh my bad i didn't know that. OMG this is so wrong. OMG. Idaho = A state that nobody cares.

A: It would be entertaining, but SEC fans are a little too delusional to go that far. And i like how they point out the broken finger. Seems the fragile Boy Wonder has some kind of injury to explain awy his lack of production every year. ( this is the Guy that got creamed by Notre Dame two years in a row, for Petes sake). *Aside from Boise St, and spuds, what the heck has Idaho ever had to brag about? (Militias, Skinheads and KKK rallys?)

Who did UT (university of Tennessee, volunteers) lose to in the elite 8 in 2009? by Q: Also what year did UNLV win the Ncaa tournament? men's basketball, not women's

A: UNLV won in 1990. Tennessee lost to Oklahoma State in the First Round of the 2009 NCAA Tournament. In 2008 the Volunteers lost to Louisville 79-60 in the Elite 8. 2008 was Tennessee's most recent Elite 8 appearance.

Does anyone have a clue how I can make a Tennessee Volunteers birthday cake.? by Misty P Q:

A: depending on how big the cake will be (how many people are you trying to feed) just make the cake and decorate the top with the logo (i think it's just a big T, right) make the background one of the school colors and the T the other color

Is it time for the University of Tennessee Volunteers to Fire Philip Fulmer? by Brandon ツ Q: I think it is..... Look at the past five years: 1. We Underachive in bowl games 2. We have the best facilities in the nation 3. We have the best fight song 4. We have top 5 recruiting classes 5. We have the money, there is no excuse WE HAVE LOST NATIONAL RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No offense, but maybe we need to stop recruiting West Coast QB's . Also, stop playing "quality" non conference oppents like Cal and UCLA and play cupcakes like Idaho. Everyone else plays all cupcakes. FLORIDA STILL OWNS US EVEN WITHOUT SPURRIER!!! utsports.com For the idiots that doubt the history and facilities, look at the Media Guide and Hisory page. history not hisory

A: After 2008, his contract ends. I want cutcliff to coach this team and get them back to championship form.

Who will win: Tennessee Volunteers or Wisconsin Badgers? by Q: I think it will be a good game, but I really don't know who has a better chance at winning today. Give me details of why you think that ____ will win. I also got some ppl goin' to the game and I wanna know if it was worth their money. Thanx for ur input.

A: smokey will chew the badgers head off

Who likes the University of Tennessee Volunteers, still? by Rakkety Tam Q: Are the Vols still tops in YOUR book, even though they lost to LSU?

A: Fans of UT are fans of UT. Any fan who no longer likes a team because they lose a game wasn't really fan to begin with. The only real impact on the fan base would be on very young impressionable minds with no real other allegiance that may have formed a fanship of the team by watching them in the BCS bowl they would have been in had they won. If you don't have a hometown team to root for as a kid you tend to create fanship with whoever is popular and visible in big games (which is why there are so many Cowboy and Yankee fans all over the U.S.).

Who was the starting quarter back for the Tennessee Volunteers in 1999? by skeeter46 Q:

A: Tee Martin

What hotel will the Tennessee Volunteers Football Team stay at for the Chick-fil-a Bowl? by PinkPinkPink!!! Q:

A: Motel 6, across the street from the Waffle House.

Is this the year that the Tennessee Volunteers will finally beat the Florida Gators? by Q:

A: They certainly have a better chance this year. I'm not certain Muschamp is the best choice for the Gators but then again he may wind up winning three national championships. Even so, I think Muschamp is a better coach than Dooley and Florida is an inherently easier place to recruit to than Tennessee so whereas this year the Vols may have a better chance of winning I wouldn't call them a favorite.

How good do you guys think the tennessee volunteers....? by Q: will be as soon as they get rid of crompton and their 4 star 6'6" qb out of cali comes in?? tennessee has alot of other players that are "good" they just have trouble at the qb position

A: They are very average except for Berry. The Gators just aren't as good as advertized.

What do you think about the Tennessee Volunteers softball team? by *Kal-Wal* Q:

A: I like the Ohio St team better, but I love to watch all the colleges play. Its real softball the way those girls wind up & scorch the ball in the strike zone.

What is the worst season at the University at Tennessee Knoxville The Tennessee Volunteers? by taylor k Q: What is the worst season record

A: In the modern era, 1977. They went 4-7 in their first year under Johnny Majors as coach. They have had worse, but you'd have to go back before 1910 to find them.

Tennessee Volunteers are going to be horrible at football again? by Q: Lane Kiffin is going to USC???!?!?!?!??!?!??! wow what a loser you go to tennessee and then make all of these promises and then bails on them when he had all of these violations and now hes going to USC i hope he fails so miserably that washington state destroys them like 40-0 so what are your thoughts on this and who will be the coach at tennessee

A: Funny thing will be he gets there and they get hit by the NCAA for all the cheating they've been doing.

Does anyone know how much the Tennessee Volunteers vs Ohio football game is going to be on pay per view? by kimberlysj79 Q: It's this Saturday 9/22 and I have Comcast. Thanks! Yes, they play football on pay per view.

A: On my TV, they have all the weeks programming. So you could use your preview guide on the TV and scroll ahead to saturday, and click over the game. It will tell you the cost. At least that is how it works on my cable.

Who thinks Tennessee volunteers are back? by Q: Alright I have been following them because i always liked Lane Kiffin even though he gets in trouble alot but going 7-5 in the SEC isnt to bad and almost beating alabama and florida isnt to bad either so does anyone else think that there going to be a power house like they were in 2 years?

A: Not yet! Better than last year but still rebuilding.. 2011 sounds about right. Crompton is much improved but he was god awful, now he is merely bad Kiffin and the SEC and NCAA have many issues, I'm not sure Kiffin can run a clean program Didn't some Tenn. players get arrested for armed robbery? That is an indication that the program is while on its way to PROBATION!

Where can I find University of Tennessee Volunteers Seat Covers? by Austin S Q: I've searched and searched but still can't find any. I've found the towel covers but I want actual seat covers to cover the entire seat. If any one can find Floor Mats that be good too. Thanks

A: http://www.sunfanshop.com/Tennessee-Volunteers-Seat-Covers-_108134725_PG.html http://www.amazon.com/Britax-Marathon-Convertible-Car-Seat/dp/B000BS5IEO http://lmgtfy.com/?q=University+of+Tennessee+Volunteers+Seat+Covers

What is a reasonable expectation for the tennessee volunteers this year.? by Q: They are still so young, But they played hard under coach Dooley last season. I think they have a legit chance of beating Florida this year, but anything more than 6-7 wins would kinda surprise me. To be fair, if we beat Florida that's like 4 wins itself. Just saying.

A: better

Who has a stronger schedule in college football Tennessee Volunteers or Ohio state.? by liv2rac Q: I live in ohio and im a tennessee fan every says the buckeye are so good but i think there schedule is weak, I think the whole big 10 is weak. There only hard game is like usc. I want to hear your guys is opnion, also wat would you give Ohio states scheulde on a scale to one to ten

A: Tennessee I mean the Big Ten's a joke as a conference. And have a lot of prove adding one decent opponent to their schedule doesn't really mean anything to me. They still are playing an extremely weak schedule teams like Youngstown State, Troy, Northwestern, Ohio. Are you kidding me and their supposed to be National Championship contenders? With all the the talk and hype around them they should at least have a schedule to match. The SEC is definitely the stronger conference, granted I think the conference is overrated but still way stronger the Big Ten. And Tenneesee still plays Florida, Auburn, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky and UCLA. Their weakest opponents are NIU and Wyoming which aren't even close to as terrible as Youngstown State or Troy. OSU Schedule - 6

Where can I find orange adult Tennessee Volunteers overalls? by missbiz85 Q: My father-in-law said he had some a while back and it seemed like he loved them, so I'd like to get him another set maybe for Christmas. I found some online but they were orange and white checkered and the ones he described were all orange, kind of like the ones prisoners wear. I've check search engines and ebay.

A: Check your county jail systems. They might have a gift shop.

Can the Tennessee Volunteers beat Kentucky this Saturday and become bowl eligible? by Steve Q: I am very confident they can.

A: Well history says that no matter how bad a Tennessee team is, they always beat Kentucky. I think Tennessee is playing better football so I think they will win and get to 6-6 and go bowling.

Can anyone tell me who sings the song about the Tennessee Volunteers Football? by Sissy Q: The song is new and it is a guy who has a deep voice. Its not any of the Kenny Chesney songs. Please help. Thanks ahead of time.

A: could be taylor hicks "nineteen"

How are the 2009 Tennessee Volunteers going to do? by Joey H Q: They have a new coach, but how solid is he? Looks like they have some good recruits, but will that help this year?

A: They will upset the Gators, and then Kiffin will walk over and slap cheating Urban Meyer.

what do the Tennessee Volunteers have to do to right the ship? by chris Q: I'm a diehard UT fan and was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what the helll happened against UCLA and what needs to happen to make sure it never happens again. We have alot of potential/talent but played like a collection of 5 year olds last monday. I need help!

A: There's nothing wrong with the ship! It's one game and they will have a fine season. When teams travel to a stadium and play other teams that are considered the underdog sometimes they are over confident and get beaten. It happens. As bad as the UCLA qb played in the first halp he played much better in the last half. Tennessee didn't do anything wrong other than losing a game.

How did the Tennessee Volunteers get to be so god awful at football? by Q: They did a serious power-slide to the bottom of the SEC. It also doesn't help to lose to LSU, who tried their best to lose last weeks game. Do you think they are going to right the ship in the near future, or will they be relocated to the sun-belt conference?

A: For years, Phillip Fulmer was a great recruiter, but his on-field coaching skills were questionable, at best. That finally caught up with him when he could no longer pull in the great recruits he once did. Now Derek Dooley is having to basically rebuild from the ground up. I don't know if he can do it or not, but he's not exactly off to a good start not being able to count the number of players he sends out on the field TWICE in a row. Tennessee actually got away with having only 10 men on the field against UAB on the last play, which is not a penalty but an obvious disadvantage, though they managed to win that one. I guess everyone knows what happened last Saturday. Incidentally, an almost mirror situation is happening right now at Georgia. It's kind of ironic they're both playing this week as I'm typing this. Everybody goes through bad times. I can remember a time every single SEC team has been bad, except for Florida. They should be due up fairly soon.

Does anyone know where the Tennessee Volunteers got their name? by ♥tamara♥ Q: Why are they called the Volunteers and who is their mascot?

A: The Volunteers (or Vols as it is commonly shortened to) derive that nickname from the State of Tennessee's nickname. Tennessee is known as the "Volunteer State", a nickname it earned during the War of 1812, in which volunteer soldiers from Tennessee played a prominent role, especially during the Battle of New Orleans.[2] Smokey The costumed Smokey Mascot. The costumed Smokey Mascot. Smokey is the mascot of the University of Tennessee sports teams, both men's and women's. There is a live blue tick hound mascot, Smokey IX, which leads the Vols on the field for football games. There is also a costumed mascot that appears at every Vols game, and has won several mascot championships. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tennessee_Volunteers_football

Have the Virginia Tech Hokies ever played the Tennessee Volunteers in football? by Yay! Q: I live in Southwest Virginia and half the people either like Tennessee or they like Virginia Tech...They always argue about who would win against each other. Some of the Tennessee fans say that they played Tech at one time and creamed them badly...Is this true? Will they ever play against each other in the regular season?

A: They played in the 1994 Gator Bowl. Tennessee won 45-23. Other than that, their only games were in the 1800s and early 1900s. Being that the Vols are in the SEC and the Hokies are in the ACC and there is not a rivarly between the schools, there's no reason to schedule them for a regular season game.

Tennessee Volunteers football games of the past? by Alex P Q: Have the tennessee volunteers every lost a football game by 41 or more points?

A: best answer please

What website can I find a Adidas Tennessee Volunteers book bag? by Aay baby :) Q: I am looking for an Adidas Tennessee Volunteer book bag can anyone tell me a website to find one thanks :)

A: secsports.com

How will the Tennessee Volunteers fare when they host the South Carolina Gamecocks on October 31, 2009? by Q: South Carolina Gamecock Fan Here. Will Tennessee win or lose when they face South Carolina? I think South Carolina will Spook Lane Kiffin and his Tennessee Volunteer Football Team. Happy Halloween!

A: It's really hard to say because we pretty much don't know anything about this new Vols team. After the first few games we'll be able to predict it much more accurately, although I'm not really sure how UT will win any games putting Crompton back into QB. Things are getting anxious here in Knoxville. Sadly enough, I would predict SC to win.

Where can I find Tennessee Volunteers T-Shirts or shirts in Michigan in stores? by Q: I am a big fan of Volunteers but I moved to Michigan and I don't know where to get them in stores, not online. All of the stores have Detroit Lions, not Tennessee Titans or Volunteers shirts.

A: You should be able to find some at your local mall :)

tennessee volunteers? by Q: i'm a huge vols fan and needless to say the past few years have been rough. i have read that tennessee is supposed to be on the way up with a more experienced o-line, best WR's in the SEC and a great qb in tyler bray. what are your thoughts?

A: 3rd Saturday in October, Bro... Need we say more.... Hope you guys are undefeated when you play us.....

Tennessee Volunteers? by Bobby_55 Q: tennessee volunteers. how do yall think they will do this year under lane kiffin? i think they might make a bowl but itll be like a rebuilding year

A: I think they've done a pretty good job recruiting since Lane Kiffin came in, picking up some great talent, including Bryce Brown. Despite how bad Kiffin was with the Raiders, I think he'll make a great college coach someday. Even though Chavez was a good def coord, Monty will do just as well, especially with his son alongside. I look for them to make a bowl just outside of the BCS bowls with around 9 wins. However,, they're gonna have to have someone step up and lead the offense and solve the QB situation.

Tennessee Vols football 2012 preview Football Pre-Camp: Richardson-Hunter Derek Dooley on Tennessee's new football building Breaking News 2012 Tennessee Football Vols Are Bad Ass They 'Gonna Cut You Down' Tennessee Vols football 2011 University of Tennessee Volunteers Football Center Mack Crowder 2012 GO VOLS! Justin Hunter Tennessee Vols 2012 NCAA Football 13 - NCAA Football 13: Herschel Walker Heisman Challenge: Week 5 vs Tennessee Volunteers 2011 Tennessee Vols Football Highlights Tennessee Volunteers Tennessee Volunteers Montage Tennessee Volunteers 2012 - Redemption Tennessee Vols 4 Years of Heartbreak FeelsLike98.com owns Clay Travis - UT Locker Room After Beating Vandy Tennessee Volunteers Music Video Is It A Tennessee Vols Myth? Condredge Holloway - The Artful Dodger Tennessee Vols - Live Wire Phillip Fulmer Era Tennessee at SEC Media Days 2012 Heisman 11 Mod Tennessee Volunteers Orange and White (Madden 08 PC Mod) 2012 Tennessee Volunteers Football Season Intro Vols' spring practice - April 4, 2012 Tennessee Vols hype video #6 Georgia vs. #9 Tennessee 2002 Tennessee Volunteers Men's Basketball Team on the Loose at ESPN: Doin' the Dougie & Swiperboy Raps! Tennessee Football 1969 'The Year of the Championship' Cordarrelle Patterson JuCo Highlights (VOLS) 2011 NCPA Semifinals - Liberty University Flames Vs. University of Tennessee Volunteers 2011 NCPA Prelims - University of Tennessee Vols Vs. East Tennessee State University Buccaneers Tennessee vs. South Carolina Highlights Tennessee O vs Florida D 2011 Tennessee Vols must eVOLve Tennessee D vs Florida O 2011 Mic'd Up: Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt Tennessee Baseball Coaches Mic'd Up Tennessee Vols vs Kentucky Wildcats 26 YEAR STREAK ENDS!!! College Football Picks-Tennessee Volunteers-30n30 SEC Media Days: Tyler Bray 2 Georgia vs. #6 Tennessee 2001 Postgame: Derek Dooley - DISH O&W Game Tennessee vs. Mississippi State Highlights Baseball Highlights - Northern Illinois - Game 1 Alabama vs Tennessee 1966 2011 Arkansas Highlights against Tennessee Volunteers (Joe Adams Amazing Punt Return) Tennessee Football: We Are One The Tennessee Volunteers dismantle the Ole Miss Rebels Tennessee Vols @ Alabama Crimson Tide, Week 8. (Pregame Hate) BRING IT! Tennessee Vols vs Florida Gators - All My Life 1998 Tennessee Vols The Greatest Game
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