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scottaveli254 Forget Lunesta or a tempurpedic just read @DCBlack lame ass tweets #bestsleepofyourlife

mmounts11 This Tempurpedic bed my parents just got>>>

ashbash220 "I can make your bed rock, girl!" - › Uhm no you can’t. I have a Tempurpedic. http://t.co/QIoYODyu

Rachel_Ann77 @CaboChristy tempurpedic should be called tempurperfect!

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Celajandro RT @PenguinRubber: "I can make your bed rock, girl" Uhm no you can't. I have a tempurpedic.

passthat_GANJA I wake up every mornin with my back hurting. Thank you tempurpedic bed.

OffDa_Jett I Lay'em Down , TempurPedic !

MosTroSiTy_CoOp "I can make your bed rock, girl" Uhm no you can't. I have a tempurpedic. -__-

ItsYujin RT @lyvilovesbrenna: Go buy a tempurpedic. If you put a wine glass on it, it doesn't fall over

ilselBee91 I need one of those TempurPedic beds my back and neck are always killing me in the morning :(

blitzeneded RT @lyvilovesbrenna: Go buy a tempurpedic. If you put a wine glass on it, it doesn't fall over

wesklock37 what is this? tempurpedic rock edition? #nevinisms

lyvilovesbrenna Go buy a tempurpedic. If you put a wine glass on it, it doesn't fall over


Can I use any type of mattress on a tempurpedic adjustable frame? by thekatsmeow1969 Q: A local furniture store closed and donated their leftovers to our local thrift store. I picked up two tempurpedic adjustable beds but without the mattresses. I can't afford their mattresses so I'm wondering what kind of mattress I can use on it. Thanks! I'm getting mixed answers from different places online and locally. What kind of mattress do you use on your adjustable bed? Thanks.

A: Yes, you can use any mattress as long as it fits. I have a frame very similar to theirs.

how much is a kids tempurpedic mattress? by mike Q: Hi, im 12 years old and my mattress is not very good and i was wondering how much a kids tempurpedic mattress would cost?

A: If you are in CT.MA,RI go to Bob's Discount Furniture for the Bob-O-Pedic for half the cost of the Tempurpedic. The best bet is to get a plain mattress a bit on the firm side which is affordable. Are you paying for it?

I need a bed and I really love the Tempurpedic Celebrity Bed but it is too expensive, any alternatives? by Lauren M Q: I'm bascially looking for a memory foam bed of equal quality to the Tempurpedic for less money.

A: Definately try ebay!

What is the best type of tempurpedic pillow? by Questionere Q: I have the tempurpedic neck pillow. Im looking at the body pillow. I can't spend more than $200...Is the body pillow the best bet or is there a better pillow?

A: Well there are many different kinds of good pillows around. I will say that the Tempurpedic pillow is one of the best I've ever used. It has fantastic resilience and works well to align the spine. It is fairly expensive but it is definitely worth it. Here's some more info on it. http://www.viewpoints.com/Tempurpedic-Bed-and-Pillow-review-a1396

Has anyone had any problems using Tempurpedic matresses on a Murphy bed? by lfabans Q: Hi, A friend is going to put in a Murphy Bed in her studio and loves Tempurpedic style mattresses and she was wondering if there are any problems known with this setup. Also, are there any recommended mattresses for Murphy beds? Thanks!

A: There shouldnt be a problem with a tempurpedic style mattress on a murphy bed with the exception of the various thickness's of the mattress's available they come in 8 in, 10 in , 11 in and 13 in. Your friend will need to make sure the one she wants will fold up into the murphy bed and that it can accomodate the thickness.

What matresses have the exact same quality as Tempurpedic for less money? by 0vƎrC1ockeÐ Q: Exactly as the question says. My back is severely damaged and I am in need of a Tempurpedic mattress but can't pay the insane high costs that they charge on their site. I will also be looking for pillows as well. Thanks!

A: The only one I know of is a Tempurpedic on sale. Any others are knock offs without the quality, or Tempurpedic would be out of business

Where can I find sheets for my Tempurpedic matress that are not a ridiculous amount of money? by joojoobees13 Q: I have a King size tempurpedic and don't want to spend $200 or more on sheets. Does anybody have any suggestions?

A: bedsheets.com ??

Is Tempurpedic a really good mattress to get or is there better for less? by Mikie Likes It! Q: We are getting a big tax refund. Was considering getting the tempurpedic since it seems so comfortable. But it's about $2,000 for a queen I think. Is there something better out there for cheaper?

A: As you can see by the answers... It's largely a matter of personal preference. My brother had back surgery and raves about how much his Tempurpedic has helped him. His wife loves it too. The Tempurpedic materials, construction and warranty are all first-rate. I bought a mattress topper that seemed good for awhile, but soon lost all of it's memory foam characteristics and was just like any other piece of foam rubber. There may be some cheaper knock-off brands out there that are good, but there are some terrible ones too and you'd be taking your chances. There's an old saying "cheap pays twice" and I've found it to be true more often than not... You might be perfectly happy with any new high-quality pillowtop mattress with a high coil count and good warranty for less than what a memory foam mattress costs...

Is there a difference between Tempurpedic and other memory foam technology? by chaosity Q: Though our Tempurpedic mattress has been great for the last 20 yrs. it is time for a new bed. This is easier said than done as not only is there a whole new bed concept in the Sleep Number system but it seems that all mattress companies have come up w/their own brand or version of Tempurpedic's technology yet cost thousands less.

A: Tempurpedic invented memory foam that they refer to as tempur material. All other companies use a generic the best know of which is Visco. Tempurpedic is designed to relieve your pressure points. Visco and other memory foams are softer and do not provide the same level of support. Both are not 100% memory foam. If they were they would be too soft to support you. They have a certain number of inches of memory foam and a denser base foam. This is how they produce the support and feel they are looking for. Tempurpedic gives a 20 year limited warranty as well as a 90 ddays comfort guarantee. You won't get that with the others. As for the Sleep number bed my daughter and son in law has had one for over 3 years. My daughter loved it at first now she hates it. It is not comfortable no matter what number she sets it on. It also changes numbers on its own.

Tempurpedic? by Craig Q: I am currently shopping for a new mattress. At Macy's today I laid on probably every bed in there. None of them felt good to me at all until I laid on the queen size tempurpedic mattress. Now, I am not looking to spend $2500 on a mattress when I have heard you can get a "rip off" of a tempurpedic for half the price and it is literally the same thing. Does anyone have any experience with these off brand memory foam beds? Any suggestions. Thanks a lot.

A: My son has a knock off brand he bought at Wickes and it has been horrible. Within two years it started sagging horribly in the middle. The company will not stand behind it. Our Tempurpedic mattress is 5 years old and it feels as good as the day we got it. Shop around, we went to a Home Show in Anaheim, CA. There were many stores selling them there and the price kept getting beat isle by isle. We ended up savings $600.00 by the time we bought ours, and it is the true brand too.

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