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nacho1114 The Teleprompter is arriving / landing in the USA shortly. It was in Cannes France serving honorably.

EFlatNRaiseMeUp Doc I just got messed up....I just found out that there is a teleprompter app that will turn the pages for you and scroll while u preaching

aww_nice Teleprompter! RT @thekelliejane I'm going to totally try to not freak out about public speaking tomorrow...

osPatriot Dear @BarackObama, Is it easier to lie with or without a #Teleprompter? Please smile if you're lying. #TeaParty #tcot #gop ☭ #p2 #1u #OWS

juanmartinr_ RT @fbalatti: Me gustaría que un día a Santo le corten el teleprompter. Creo que se infarta ahí nomás

riemsdork is it really that hard to read a teleprompter?

Markettafkx Flex Undercamera-19 Teleprompter / Preview Monitor - 19": The below the lens prompter was designed for use with ... http://t.co/POQFdxdP

elijahmayo RT @PeterHambyCNN: Romney is reading off a teleprompter, for the record. Gasp.

Agents_of_Info I prefer to be bothersome instead of annoying. Barack Obama reading from a teleprompter and still not completing a full sentence is annoying

Angel_Falcone Why doesn't #obama pray? It's impossible to read the teleprompter with your eyes closed. #ifollowback

alfredomora Teleprompter Apps For The iPad #ADEdu http://t.co/VYfP4lQ1

UberTotenkopf @Hellraisinbgrrl Damn right I am...Cue teleprompter...Let me make myself clear...ummm...errr...ummm...it's not a class war...

999draW @marclamonthill Not only the economy...policies in general, direction, lack of leadership, too much golf, vaca, and the teleprompter.Geez!

fbalatti Me gustaría que un día a Santo le corten el teleprompter. Creo que se infarta ahí nomás

deftcom Ozero tools: Air Force One, The Canadian Bus, The Beast, Golf Clubs, Potable Podium w/POTUS Seal, Teleprompter, Blackberry, Paper Shredder


Why does Michele Bachmann read from a teleprompter and actually stare off camera at it? by ed e Q: She did this for an entire speech such that it became an SNL skit. But c0ns have acted as if it is a crime when Obama simply uses a teleprompter in just the way prior Republican presidents have. Why the contradiction? Could it be that c0ns just look for any little thing to spin for casting Obama in a negative light while they take major mistakes from their candidates and make excuses for them?

A: The difference is that Obama is actually saying something intelligent---prompted or not---he makes SENSE. She, on the other hand, prompted or not, is bats----t crazy.

Will President Obama's teleprompter tell him to tell the American public to declare swine flu a pandemic? by Sociopath Q: I'm somewhat concerned about the possible spred of swine flu in the U.S. Will President Obama's teleprompter tell him to say that the country needs to proclaim this a pandemic?

A: Hopefully it will tell him to move back to Kenya!

How will Obama's teleprompter tell him to respond to massive defeat tomorrow? by James Q: Will Obama's teleprompter blame it on racism? Diebold voting machines? The Chamber of Commerce? Dick Cheney? Who will TOTUS single out for all the blame?

A: They will have a new Bogey Man to blame for everything. GRIDLOCK.

Why does Obama's teleprompter continually tell him to only take 13 questions in press conferences? by Community Organizer in Chief Q: It also didn't tell him each part of that NY times reporter's question, so he had to write it down. What is it with the teleprompter lately?

A: He has a list of pre-selected reporters who submit their questions ahead of time. He has a clock telling him how much to stall to not take any more questions than the pre-selected ones. The whole thing is completely scripted.

What is this wierd teleprompter meme from the repubs? by threegooofs Q: Something about Obama cant speak without a teleprompter. Jeez- the guy is more articulate and rational and well spoken than Bush by a long shot in interviews. Yes, he has a halting speech pattern, but that is because he clearly THINKS before letting things falll out of his mouth. I guess republicans cant handle complex compound sentences?

A: If they can focus on his verbal pauses, they don't actually have to listen to anything he says. These are the same people that point out your spelling mistakes (real or imagined) without actually answering your question.

How does one address a letter to the Office of the Teleprompter of the United States? by friend to all Q: Is it Dear Esteemed Telepromoter Or The Honorable Teleprompter I hope someone will know the proper protocol! How does one address a letter to the Office of the Teleprompter of the United States?

A: Your Most Technologically Advanced Teleprompter...

How hilarious will republican speeches be when they stop using a teleprompter? by Godless Heathen Q: So apparently cons have a major problem with Obama using a teleprompter, even though every politician has used on since its invention. So are we going to assume now that republicans will stop using teleprompters because their voters have such a problem with it? Can you imagine? Notes written on hands and the most insane stuff being said.......... Huh guess it won't be too different from normal after all.

A: They're funny enough with them.

How can I turn my laptop into a teleprompter? by FRANKIE G Q: I'm looking to record a speech on my webcam and I'd like to use my laptop screen as a(sort of) teleprompter. Does that make sense? I'd like my general outline to run on a timed slide show display of pages in large font while I'm speaking hands free. Obviously I'm not tech savvy. Would power point be good for something like this? Any friendly tips would be very appreciated. Thank You!

A: Use PowerPoint. Record auto-timings while doing the script and then run that. Though it might be hard to keep up with it. You might consider using a PowerPoint remote to control the slides moving along. They are small and not particularly noticeable when using.

Whats the difference between using a teleprompter or written notes? by Back Q: Almost all presidents use aides when making speeches what difference does it make whether that aide is a teleprompter or whatever

A: It's not that he's using a teleprompter occasionally, or if he's doing a huge speech. But that he can't speak to small groups in a personal manner, walk away from the teleprompters and podiums and actually speak from his heart without having every word scripted that is the issue. Remember, even BIDEN is teasing about the teleprompter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-BL46iWf4g Admit it. You all can dish it but you can't take it. It's just lighthearted joking. If you can't take a joke about a teleprompter, what can you take a joke about?

How is Obama using a teleprompter any different from Bush using his note cards? by JessicaL Q: Aside from the fact that it looks better for the audience to be able to look him in the eye.... What's the difference between Obama reading off a teleprompter and Bush reading off note cards and having gaffe after gaffe because of it?

A: Not much...they are just hating...

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