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TeleNav Unveils HTML5-Based GPS App
By Jamie Lendino TeleNav, the GPS software company, has unveiled a browser-based HTML5 app that will deliver voice-enabled, turn-by-turn GPS navigation on almost any mobile device—and that other sites can call up with a single line of code. ...

TeleNav announces free HTML5-based GPS nav service
by Steven Sande Dec 14th 2011 at 12:00PM TeleNav is a large provider of GPS navigation applications for smartphones and in-car infotainment systems. Whether it's the AT&T Navigator app or Ford vehicles, TeleNav is behind the scenes. ...

Dec 14, 2011 (SmarTrend(R) Spotlight via COMTEX) -- SmarTrend identified a Downtrend for TeleNav (NASDAQ:TNAV) on July 27th, 2011 at $18.20. In approximately 5 months, TeleNav has returned 54.95% as of today's recent price of $8.20. ...

TeleNav launches free navigation web app, wants to put maps everywhere
By Eddie Fu on December 14, 2011 07:51 pm 0Comments TeleNav's making a bigger push into location services with its free GPS navigation HTML5 app. Like Nokia Maps, consumers will be able to access turn-by-turn navigation from any browser, ...

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Super_Keyword "telenav" Youtube video and Twitter's think. http://t.co/QFhoRxjQ #Super_Word

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TechGearGR Η TeleNav ανακοίνωσε την πρώτη HTML5 browser-based υπηρεσία πλοήγησης http://t.co/g3yhYrwW

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philippinetalks TeleNav Unveils HTML5-Based GPS App http://t.co/kZmuGrAq

nong2356 RT @PeteZeed: TeleNav ออกแอพนำทาง GPS ที่สร้างด้วย HTML5 http://t.co/ckBFjtnC// ใช่บริษัทเก่าพีธป่ะ


Can you use a GPS feature with an unlocked phone? by Beavis Q: I have a T-mobile phone, and want to unlock it for AT&T, and I was wondering if the telenav gps feature will still work with AT&T.

A: YES, the GPS receivers in cell phones work totally independent from the phone service you use. Sometimes you might need to update your GPS receiver (mostly every 72 hours) using wifi, 3G or hooking it up to a computer with an internet connection. But if the GPS software is on there, such as Telenav or TOM TOM it will work.

How to locate a stolen phone? by lpowell1119 Q: I was robbed and the thieves took my phone. My phone is a Nextel i880, which is equipped with the Loopt program, as well as the Telenav program, these programs allow your friends to track your location through the phone. However before I could get to a location to track my phone it was shut off. These programs are only showing my last location. Is there a way to use these programs to locate my phone while it is off? Customer service refuses to give me any information, they will only discuss the location of my phone with the police.

A: i tell u how to locate a stolen phone when u tell me how tell me how to find a drowing phone

Has anyone ever used their Blackberry Pearl 8120 with Telenav GPS Navigation system using the BT GPS Reciever? by mercedez b Q: Telenav is the most common used GPS Navigation system for cell phones. I had the Blackberry 8800 that came with the Telenav service already installed. But i got rid of it for the Blackberry Pearl 8120 the newest addition. I was on the Telenav website lookin for the application when i saw that they only had the Blacberry Pearl 8100 addtion available for the GPS service but you have to use the GPS Bluetooth reciever with the phone, unlike the Blackberry 8800 that already was bluetooth enabled for the navigation system. But on the [email protected] website it said that the BB pearl 8120 was Telenav GPS capable but on the website it doesnt show it as an option. So i would like to know do i just pick the 8100 option and does it work the same way since they are in the same Blackberry pearl series?

A: No but my friend has it and he did not like it at all

Is their something like google maps turn by turn navigation for iphone 4? by Bella Q: Hello I just got an iphone for the 1st time and I'm trying to find a good turn by turn navigation app. I had a droid and used google maps turn by turn navigation. So I would love something like that. Also one that doesn't cost a ton! I downloaded telenav but it doesn't reroute you if you go the wrong way also when I typed in the name of the park I was going to it couldn't find it.

A: The only app I've seen that does what you're asking is the TomTom app and it does cost a ton, unless of course you have a jail broken Iphone and the idea of downloading apps illegally doesn't bother you then you're in luck.

Telenav/Palm Centro question (AT&T)? by ShadowChimp Q: I have the Telenav program on my phone..... How do I set it up? Also, can I use any bluetooth headset with it? How do I sign up/subscribe to it?

Can you use navigation through Straight Talk cellphone service? by JasonD123 Q: Has anyone tried using a Navigation service (ex...Telenav, Google Navigator) through the prepaid cellphone company Straight Talk? I used to have it with Sprint but would it work on Straight Talk Service?

A: google will work and it is great!

T-mobile Tap TeleNav? by Wamy Wam Q: do I have to pay to use teleNav and google maps on my phone? How much? (I don't have internet neither) is that necessaryy?

A: I have the Tap. I don't have internet. It always asks me to make a plan to use it. P.S: I HATE THE TAP! lol it sucks..

Telenav Blackberry 8800 AT&T? by ZOYA Q: Hi All, Can you please comment on the performance of Telenav on Blackberry 8800 with AT&T service? Will the GPS work if I don't have network coverage or the cell phone signals are weak? Is it better to get a regular Garmin Navigation system or a telenav is good enough(it does cost $10 a month for unlimited usage)?

A: You can read the reviews here: http://reviews.cnet.com/smart-phones/rim-blackberry-8800-at/4505-6452_7-32329098.html http://review.zdnet.com/smart-phones/rim-blackberry-8800-at/4505-6452_16-32329098.html

How do you get free GPS or free maps on a Blackberry Curve? by Andy M Q: Is it possible? Does the phone come with preinstalled maps you can look at for free? How much does TeleNav cost?

A: Nothing in life is free. The maps program that comes with a BB is free as is Google Maps. However, you have to have a data plan to load the actual maps. Also, most service providers (like AT&T, T-Mobile) charge an additional fee for GPS service.

Telenav/Palm Centro question? by ShadowChimp Q: Can I use any brand Bluetooth GPS reciever with Telenav on my Palm Centro... or does it have to be the Telenav brand one?

A: Any brand receiver should work for you as long as it supports the Bluetooth connection.

working telenav on my blackberry? by Kyle M Q: i cant get telenav to work on my phone. what should i do to get it to work

TeleNav on the Samsung Highlight? by Melanie Q: i went to www.telenav.com to see if i could try the free trial with t-mobile but it doesn't have my phone there my phone already came with a telenav application and it says to visit www.telenav.com

A: Here is a forum that has just started for the samsung highlight. Its new but their are still people their. Post your question their and it may get answered also help spread the word so we can get some hacks to use theses phones to their full potetial. www.Samsung-highlight.com

samsung behold telenav? by .... Q: does the telenav program(gps on samsung behold) cost extra when you use it?

A: yes and its pay per KB too that is only if you didnt buy the unlimited data plan and they might charge you for using that nav program too

can u use other gps software for a at&t tilt other than the telenav at&t offers? by Hancock7886 Q:

A: Yes you can. Hope that helps.

does telenav cost money? by Alayna N Q: i own a nokia n95 and it has the gps application called telenav. i was wondering if it costs any money because it says that it needs to use to wireless data thing. i have a rogers basic plan. ( no data plans)

A: Yes, the Telenav service is $10 per month. It's not necessary in order to use GPS, but you do need some type of data plan for this feature. The Telenav subscription gives you access to a service that gives you spoken turn-by-turn directions.

blackberry telenav?do i have to pay? by bjork_fan339 Q: ok..i have a blackberry curve 8310 for at&t. at&t offers telenav for the blackberry curve. my question is..if i download the software,do i have to pay for the gps(telenav) on future bills? keep in mind my mom did not put NO data plan for our phones. thank u!!! the gps is built in to the phone...sorry for now saying that originally.

A: If you do not have data plan, it may not work. But it is free for 30 days, then you have to pay for it.

Hi I was just wondering if the att blackberry unlimited data plan includes telenav, MusicId, etc.? by Sneakyjester Q:

A: It doesn't include Telenav, but Google maps is a free app you can download that is pretty comparable (although it doesn't have turn by turn directions). Its $9.99 for unlimited routes if you wanted to pay for it. I'm not sure what MusicId is though...

Cheap Bluetooth GPS reciever (Palm Centro/Telenav)? by ShadowChimp Q: Where can I find a cheap Bluetooth GPS reciever thats compatable with my AT&T Palm Centro and Telenav? Any specific brand/model/website? The telenav brand one costs 100 dollars... im looking for something a little cheaper

A: I have the iGPS-500 $70.00 Works great with my Treo and all other PPC's/PDA'S I have had. http://www.google.com/products?hl=en&rlz=1G1GGLQ_ENUS277&resnum=0&q=pharos+bluetooth+gps+receiver&um=1&ie=UTF-8

Question about Telenav? by GroundZERO 63 Q: When you buy a map can you use friend locator unlimited times? What does friend locator do exaclty? Do you have to buy another map to keep a telenav account.

A: Friend locater is basically like having a tracking device but what sux is they have to have telenav too and they have to OK it for you to track them. as far as buying a map i have know idea what your talking about as long as you pay the 10 dollar monthly fee and have unlimited Internet you can use it as much as you want i had it it worked great for work but its cheaper in the long run to just get nav in your car.

Why is telenav not talking? by Chaolove M Q: On my phone, Telenav used to talk, but it didn't talk this time, I mean it still showed directions the screen etc. but it just didn't talk, no my volume wasn't all the way down, it was full, this was a motorola 1i i1 whatever its called... newest one, and if calling company thing has to do with it its on sprint, but its only been there for 2-4 weeks. Please help, i dont know whats going on and im scared i might get into a car crash.

A: Please ask this question in a different category -- probably Consumer Electronics. This question doesn't really fit with community service.

dose telenav cost to use it on my blackberry? by blake_crow09 Q:

A: 30 days trial version for free after that 10.USD per month www.telenav.com

TeleNav on Samsung Jack? by shyvicki Q: I currently have a Blackjack 2 but am planning on upgrading to the Jack when I'm eligible at the end of this month. I'm also wanting to get a GPS, but am wondering if the TeleNav feature is any good or if I should just get something like a Garmin instead. If I were to get TeleNav, could I get it now and still have continuous service when I get the new phone?

A: don't get the TeleNav. You should download google maps to your phone.. it uses the gps in the phone. I know it worked in my blackberry.

if the 3g iphone will have gps so rumors say it. Does that mean that it will be telenav compatible? by nycpride9 Q:

A: This site may be able to help ye .... http://buy-3g-iphone.com/

Any Idea how to get telenav for free? by Thank You Q:

A: I don't think you can get telenav for free. They wan your money! But you can download the free google maps app and it works fine. It will turn your GPS enabled cell into a navigation device just as well as telenav does and it is absolutely free except for any data charged your cell provider will impose on you.

do u have to pay monthly for the telenav gps navigatorv5.1for the blackberry curve? by tider89 Q: need help for the blackberry curve gps telenav if u have to pay monthly

A: to use telenav it is a monthly charge you either pay one price for 9 trips or 9.99 for unlmited trips. its a feature and can be added and removed at any time.

on blackberry phones, does telenav maps use the internet just to be on it? by Natalie D Q:

A: You have to connect to the telenav service to view the maps if that's what you mean. There are no maps stored on your phone( like other GPS systems). If you are using just the maps the googlemaps application(free) is much faster. But if you need the turn by turn directions telenav is really good.

how good is telenav GPS? by EpicRacer Q: i am looking into buying a smarthphone that uses telenav for its GPS. how good is this system? ive already seen that it costs $10/month for service from AT&T. is it worth it? would i be able to use other gps systems with my phone besides telenav? phone is an AT&T Tilt any tips appreciated

A: I'm not actually Familiar with AT&T's service, But in regards to GPS enabled phones, as far as I know, Sprint's Telenav or GPS Navigation, as I've seen it on the ad, it gives you turn by turn direction in anywhere you wanna go, if you have the PDA or smart phones, you'll be able to have 3D images of the roads and stuffs like that, and there's also a female voice that will tell you everything you'll need to do while driving, like. "Turn left on Edmund Halley Road, half-kilometer ahead." And not only directions on the road, it'll also give you nearest shops, ATMs, banks, or any establishments per your request. And I think Sprint hasn now a new plan for only $99.99/month for unlimited access for ALL services.

Why cant i get premium on my telenav / Evo.? by MCSGT Q: After my phone did an automatic update, it gave me Telenav instead of Sprint Navigation. Now, I want to upgrade it to PREMIUM, but it won't let me due to ERROR CODE: 1131. Anybody know how to fix this issue? I called Sprint. 4 times. They are clueless.

A: Hey there, I work for TeleNav and we are currently looking into this issue. I advise you to visit our website to follow up on any changes. (http://ourcommunity.telenav.com/telenav) Best, Chris

Is the telenav phone app free? by Nicholas Q: I have a Samsung Gravity T and I want to know if the telenav application is free

A: it is free if you have the everything data plan

is telenav maps free on your blackberry? by forrest h Q: i have this on my phone and dont now if i chould use it or not cuz i dont want to be charged... so please tell me if its free or not thank you

A: Call 611 and tell them to add the gps feature. Its 10 bucks a month for unlimited routes and 5 dollars for ten i think.

do i pay for telenav if i use it after free trial expires? by Dima K Q: hi guys... i have a SAMSUNG BEHOLD and my trial telenav expired and i wanna know if i have to pay if i use it rite now.... NEED ANSWER ASAP!!!

A: Yes you will pay. Most providers will leave the feature on your account at the normal monthly price. Some however remove it and you will pay for casual data usage which can get very costly.

on the blackberry curve, if i downloaded Telenav maps, will i be charged with internet on my phone? by Natalie D Q: i did not purchase internet on my phone

A: I don't believe the application will really even be able to connect. However, if it does, then you will be charged per kilobyte that you use. That can add up really fast, especially with mapping applications. If you are going to be using TeleNav often I recommend adding a data plan.

how do i cancel the telenav gps on my blackberry? by kd32 Q: i recently had gotten lost so i downloaded the free trial to find my way. now the 30 day trial is nearly to the end and i dont want to get charged so i want to cancel it before i get charge-

A: Call your service provider and have them remove the feature from your account. If by chance you have AT&T you can also do it yourself by logging in to your account at www.wireless.att.com and remove the feature yourself

if i download telenav to my blackjack, will they charge me? by Kathy B Q: if i download telenav to my samsung blackjack 2, will they charge me for it? i am using the telenav option in my applications folder

A: yaa they prolly will

How do you bypass Telenav on Blackjack 2? I hear it can be done, but how? by Casey C Q:

A: Any application using Microsoft GPSID API (TeleNav, Google Map, etc.) should be able to use the GPS on Blackjack 2.

I accidentally deleted telenav off of my nokia nuron. Is there any to replace or get the file back? by Joseph O Q: the main menu has an empty slot and i really just want to fill it in. It has 11/12 files on the main menu

is telenav gps free for the samsung highlight? by meeeow. Q: i have the samsung highlight (t-mobile)and it's already installed in my phone. so if if i started to use it, would it add more money to my bill or would it be free? anyone help?

A: It's not free. You can sign up for a 14 day free trial, but the full service is $9.99 per month.

Does the TeleNav Navigation Application on my samsung behold (t919) phone work for free? by sylvia Q: Or do I have to pay something?

A: it for free for 14 day after that you need to buy it but go to youtube.com/n1ck1216 he has a video on google map for freeeee

Does the Telenav App On a TMobile phone cost money? by 1976Pontiac Q: I just bought a Samsung Highlight and it came with the Telenav app on it..Is this app always free or does cost money after a certain amount of time? Thanks for your answers :D

A: Yeah there is a 14 day trial, but after that it's 9.99 a month

so i have the htc evo 4g for sprint and i noticed my sprint navigation app is gone and changed to telenav gps? by M Q: so i noticed one day when i accidently got rid of my sprin nav app i couldnt find it. it gave me the telenav gps navigator i even reseted my phone and when i did it says telenav gps navigator.. did anyone elses change? at first it said sprint nav but then it changed.. so did this happen to everyone else

A: I have the htc evo 3d and it doesn't have sprint nav so I think it was an update

What is the best GPS navigation software for the Blackberry Bold 9000 - Garmin or TeleNav? by gareth.maguire Q: I'd to invest in turn-by-turn GPS navigation software for use whilst driving. I don't want to invest in a separate GPS unit (cables, charging, updates... yuck) but am unsure as to the merits of the two competing software packages on the market. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks!

A: I know that they both use the same atlas, so as far as one having a better map, then they are the same. Why dont you try out google maps, its a free download.

I have a new q9h global is the gps locked only to telenav or can i use it with garmin xt mobile software? by Charles B Q: Just wondering if the Motorola Q9H Global is locked only to Telenav GPS . I would like to use Garmin XT Mobile is that possible. Oh by the way i have ATT. and my q9h is being used on the gophone plan.

A: charles .. if I am correct you will use bluetooth to sync your q9h to the garmin XT. If so then yeah you can use it .. will still use data though.

Why am I forced to use Telenav instead of Google Navigation? by Michelle Q: So I have a T-mobile Sidekick and I have the Google Maps app. Whenever I turned on Navigation, it used to ask if I'd like to use Google Nav or TeleNav, but now it just automatically uses Telenav, which I HATE! How do I change the default???

How to delete telenav app for boost mobile phones? by Kevin Q: There is a lock icon in front of the app when i go to it?

A: apps like that are called bloatware, software the carrier adds to the phone that can NOT be removed under normal circumstances. If it is an android you can root it and then remove the offending apps but rooting voids the warranty of the phone

How to get a Telenav account for samsung behold? by Erika Q: I have a Samsung Behold (T919) and I DON'T have a existing Telenav account.When I go on the Telenav website I cant select my phone. Its not a option...Help PLZ!!!

A: I think you should call customer service and why they don't have that option on their website.

Can I get the BlackBerry Bold GPS to work without subscribing to TeleNav? by strangefrogg Q: I understand one has to pay for the AT&T TeleNav service, but is the built-in GPS on my new Bold available to other applications such as geocoding on the camera and Google maps? I just downloaded TellMe, for instance, and it doesn't seem able to use the GPS. What do I need to do to get the GPS going without the TeleNav subscription?

A: Hi - you absolutely can use the on-board GPS on your Bold without paying for Telenav! (but Telenav offers different services...) If you use Google maps, fire it up and hit "My location" from the menu.. It'll tell you initially that it's found your location within 1000 meters or so. That's the location based on cell towers... Give it a few seconds and then it should tell you your location is accurate to between 2 and 10 meters, for example. That means the GPS has kicked in. (When you installed Google maps, you likely clicked a button that said you OK'd "My Location" to track you. If you didn't, you may have to just do a Google Maps re-install.) The big difference between Telenav and Google Maps is that Google Maps doesn't offer turn-by-turn navigation like one would expect by using an in-car GPS system that uses Telenav software. However, if you're driving your car -- and I would never, ever use a mobile while driving :) -- you can watch your position change every few seconds as the satellites track your position.

Is there a software you can get to access the GPS reciever data that is used with TeleNav? by Escape Q: ATT's new phones have GPS support designed to interact with the proprietary TeleNav Navigator software. This software comes with a 9.99/month pricetag for it's up-to-the-minute information on the fly. I want to know if there's shelf GPS software that can read the Long/Lat and use built-in POS and map software.

A: no there isnt why dont you pay for one

What happens after the TeleNav trial on my Behold is over? by Sonia Q: I know the TeleNav on the Samsung Behold has a trial, but after it's over does it just charge you without your consent or will it ask you if you want it?

A: Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind of evil against you because of me.

does telenav on the samsung memior use an internet connection or is it purely unassisted GPS? by STINKYPOOPMAN Q: i just got a samsung memoir, but i dont have a data plan. will the telenav application on my phone work without using and edge or hsdpa connection?

A: It has to use an internet connection for TeleNav to work correctly. Phones currently don't have the available capacity to store maps of the entire country (or the world) to use with GPS software.

How do i get telenav on my sprint phone? by Dat JeRzEe Boi Q: i have the HTC mogul from sprint and im payin the $20 a month for web and navigation... i was told i needed a gps receiver, which i bought, but now i dont know how to use telenav. Can anybody direct me on where to go? currently im usin google maps and it works ok, but no turn by turn directions. So can i use telenav or am i just spending the extra 5 bucks for nothing. i appreciate any help.

A: you should be able to go to the sprint sight and download telenav that was what i had to do with my 920

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