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mrowzipan can't open my mouth. Wisdom teeth, I get it. You are coming.

mrpleasurenoni @xtremeice confam,No wonder him teeth black pass ur own

annaebaby Wisdom teeth<

terrylopez258 Getting Top Care for your teeth for less http://t.co/XncI6GD8

sam_davis10 To have a nice smile you have to have nice teeth..they cant be little or crazyy crooked. Just my opinion

Phenomenon8980 @IL0VEJUDiJAi @shaebaby07e That ain't even Tiara!! She don't got buck teeth!!

iloveoptiontwo @mawamari I'd rather have my feet hurt than my teeth. Haha. What's up Bai?

MARIJANE_SPEEDY ugh my teeth hurt

CyndiPortesDYKA Got a good mouth like she got no teeth. #teamfollowback

ImJustSayn_LG “@_SheeshitsNeesh: Wya niglet ? RT @ImJustSayn_LG: *sucks teeth*”> Shaun's , you home ??

Hard_Slammin What's the point in Wisdom teeth they don't give you wisdom, if they did my brother wouldn't be working in... http://t.co/43ijXfFH

thekoreankid_ My fucking wisdom teeth are coming in <<<<

Sia_Spacely I Dare Sumbody..Nd All Teeth Wud B Gone Ctfu. #KeepPlaying

_SimplyShen RT @ItzPoka: Lol [email protected] #DECEASED. RT @_SimplyShen Your teeth look like Tommy's from Rugrats tho..bald mouth trick”

Cool_Liam Look Teeth! http://t.co/FO9PUXLd


How do I get my teeth to a natural yellow color? by Jenny Bolton Q: My teeth are green and black, is there a special tooth whitening for black teeth, so I can aim for a goal of natural yellow color? i know its not white but it's better than black teeth - rite? Or do teeth colour does not matter?

A: Green and black sounds cool. Paint a star on your face and dye your hair multiple colors and hit the streets.

What teeth whitening product is most safe to use? by Person 5098 Q: I've heard that teeth bleaching makes your teeth sensitive. I want to bleach my teeth but I don't want to use some horrible product.

A: This is what I use every day...it sounds crazy, but I promise it works! I swish with peroxide...just about two teaspoons full because after you swish for a while, it really foams up and doubles in your mouth. I swish for about two minutes (I walk around and do other things while I'm doing this). If you decide to try this, just don't eat or drink anything for about 1/2 an hour. I just had a dentist appointment a couple of weeks ago, and my hygienist was like "wow, your teeth are really white!" All I do is regular dental care, and swish with peroxide. It's a heck of a lot cheaper than the strips/bleaching kits too! Plus, my teeth are never sensitive. It takes about two weeks to notice a real difference, but it works!

What teeth whitening and spot products actually work? by Laura Hughes Q: I've broken out in spots and none of the products I own actually work. Also my teeth arent as white as they could be so do you have any teeth whitening products you could recommend? I already use colgate teeth whitening toothpaste and that doesn't work at all. Thanks (:

A: If you need white teeth for longer time then you need to use whitening kit for your teeth. A complete teeth whitening kit can help you to reduce stains from your teeth and it can be used daily.

How long does it take for teeth to grow fully through? by ........................... Q: I'm 17 and I went dentist today and found out I still have a baby tooth in my mouth that is trying to come out but my adult tooth is stuck so it cant push it out. I've got to have a operation to get it out but the tooth is at the front of my mouth and i've always been proud of my teeth so it's going to ruin my confidence. How long will it take for the new tooth it take place of the baby tooth?

A: A dentist would construct a removable prosthetic device called a "flipper." It is made to look just like your regular teeth and will take the place of the gap until your permanent tooth grows in... which actually happens faster than you would think. No respectable provider would make you walk around without one of your front teeth, so be sure to ask about a flipper device next time you go in. Good luck!

Is laser teeth whitening better at making the teeth white as compared to the trays? by anastasia Q: I had the trays once but they didnt make the entire tooth white, as if the product didnt cover the entire tooth, it wasnt uniform. will the laser (i think its laser), the one time whitening be better at making the teeth all white?

A: It's a heck lot more precise, quicker, safer and better than chemical whitening. It's like the ultimate whitening product. The only issue is it's too darn expensive. if you are looking for the best teeth whitening, check out this site http://the-best-teeth-whitening-in-internet.blogspot.com/ You'll get a white and bright smile just in 1-2 days and it'll last for 6 months or longer.

How long for secondary teeth to come in? by autumn_rose117 Q: My 6 1/2 yr old daughter lost 3 baby teeth several months ago and there is no sign of new teeth coming in. She has no front teeth and can't bite anything. How long does it take? With her older brother, the new teeth came in right away, we could see the white poking through his gums as soon as the baby tooth fell out.

A: you may find Human tooth development timeline on the following link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tooth_development

How are you supposed to brush your teeth with whitening tooth paste so it works? by ay yay Q: When I brush my teeth I basically put the tooth paste on my brush, and brush all of my teeth, i brush the gums real good, the inside behind my teeth, and all around my mouth twice then I rinse. Does rinsing make the tooth paste less effective to whiten teeth?? If the tooth paste is tooth whitening, is there an amount of time you should let it sit on your teeth without brushing at all???

A: Really????? Read the instructions on the tube. Seriously? You can't figure that one out? There are more problems here than just yellow teeth.

What is the best teeth treatment when your fragile dead tooth turns gray? by plain_83 Q: I had a motorcycle accident 6 years ago which caused my upper front gum to break and bend backward towards my mouth. My two front teeth did not fall off, so the dentist pulled my teeth and gum back to the front and did root canal treatment to both of my upper front teeth. My teeth are supposed to be dead after that with no root canals, but one of them now has turned grayish in color (half of the tooth). I'm thinking of tooth crowning, but I'm worried that it might fall off, since they were fragile after the accident. What is the best treatment for me?

A: Internal bleaching. An access is created on the back of the affected tooth, bleaching gel is applied and sealed. The process is repeated until the tooth goes back to its regular shade. Ideally the tooth needs a crown or porcelain veneer since trauma and root canal both can significantly weaken the tooth structure.

teeth? ? by yessi Q: my dentist said i need braces but not know, later in the future.i want to know how long will it take for them to be fixed.I have two teeth's that are sordof pulled out a little and a has a little gap.

A: They work differently on people.

Teeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? by Annabell M Q: Whats the best way to whiten my teeth??? What type of products should I buy, Is getting it done professionally the best way? Is there anything like home remedies or something I can use? HELP

A: forsure. the over the counter stuff can be extreemly expensive, so there is something at home you can use! get a small tupperware and mix baking soda and a little bit of water untill its about the consistancy of your toothpaste and brush throughly with that. It tastes really bad but is very inexpensive and effective! You can look at my teeth if you want... http://www.myspace.com/lindsey_goes_rawr it was my little secret but i hope it helps you out!

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