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Tebow jets

Report: Tebow deal to Jets hits snag
The Jets agreed to send a fourth- and sixth-round pick to the Broncos for Tim Tebow and a sixth-round selection. NEW YORK (AP) -- Just another crazy day for the New York Jets. Hours after the Jets announced they had agreed in principle to acquire Tim ...

Jets fans on Tim Tebow trade: Just a publicity stunt (1:28)
21, 2012 - The New York Jets traded two draft picks to the Denver Broncos Wednesday for quarterback Tim Tebow. Fans in New York were spilt on whether or not the trade is good for the Jets. (/The Associated Press) Correction: Clarification: SuperFan ...

Tweets on Tebow
4:15: @nationallampoon: NFL Network reporting a snag in the #Tebow deal. Apparently Denver doesn't want to be turned into a giant pillar of salt. 4 pm @RXGumucio: #Tebow a Jet? I just don't get it. 4 pm @YouroneJones: #Tebow trade to jets reportedly ...

Tebow to Jets; Saints suspensions
UPDATE: According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Jets and Broncos have come across a hangup in the language of Tim Tebow's contract, and the trade could be nullified. Two big pieces of news broke at just about the same time Wednesday afternoon.

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Mandy_Bock RT @MikeKlis: Jets announced trade _ and th-e-e-e-e-n looked at Tebow's contract.

dianagram Typical of Jets as Sanchez doesn't check to see if receivers are open before throwing #nfl #tebow

GeorgieEastview Tebow on Jets? Me likey! I love my jets and sanchez! and with tebow the jets will be amazin!

TroyBankz Tebow to jets ?

GregRector1 @BMoSports214 nah trade him to Belichek,Bad Bill will find oh 35 different ways for Tebow to beat the Jets.....lol

ProducerWoods RT @JeffDarlington: Broncos source says Jets agreed to Tebow trade -- and it's their fault for not thoroughly reading contract. They contend trade should stand.

stevenmurphy19 looks like the jets scrolled down and said they read tebow's contracts' terms and conditions without actually reading it #chequePLEASE

manyecastil Nadie de los Jets quiere a Tebow, es lo que realmente tambalea si llegada Antonio Cromartie ya lo expresó en Twitter.

canttellmenothi If the Jets sign Tim Tebow they will go down In history for signing the worst two quarterbacks in the NFL in the same season

Zack_UM Not only are the Jets stupid for trying to acquire Tim Tebow but they're also too dumb to even review the trade contract before accepting it

MaticoFromNJ Sean Payton suspended for a season and Tim Tebow got traded to the Jets

capuletti442 @incarceratedbob Jets just announced a press conference for Thursday morning. They are giving Tebow Joe Namaths number.

ShoSmoove RT @AdamSchefter: Jets-Broncos agreed to Tim Tebow trade before Denver asked NY to pay back portion of bonuses and salary already paid to Tebow. No deal yet.

pourmecoffee If Jets get Tebow, he can hook up with only woman worthy of his virginity -- Lady Liberty. Together, they will rule o'er us for all time.

NotoriousToine RT @FauxJohnMadden: Broncos contend Jets read over Tebow's contract similar to how Mark Sanchez reads a defense.


Will Tebow and Sanchez fight it out for starting QB or, will the Jets trade Sanchez? by NO SPIN, JUST TRUTH!! Q:

A: Jets just signed Sanchez to an extension, so no, the Jets are not going to trade Sanchez. Tebow is not a good practice player, so no, Tebow will not start over Sanchez during the offseason. But during the season if Sanchez looks like he did last year.... expect Tebow to come in.

Broncos and Jets Game, what if tebow wins? by Zach P Q: Do you think teams are a little scared of tebow, not really of him but the embarrassment of losing to him? Its like they say theres no way this guy is gonna beat us cause hes so terrible then they put so much effort into making it not happen. But then Tebow hits a couple good plays and the terror of the nightmare comes and before you know it youre tebowed. But if the broncos pull it off they will be 500 staring down the chargers that tebow already has proven he can beat from earlier this season. The scary thought of tebow in the playoffs is looming with its ultimant terror.

A: Lets all take a step back here.. Tim is an NFL caliber qb if you people like it or not. I would be willing to bet that some of the tebow bashers out there thought that Ryan Leaf and Heath Schuler were NFL ready!! Sorry to bust your collective bubble here but Timmy has a difficulty that Elway did not. Elway had coaches who believed in him and supported him even though he had a penchant for throwig interceptions. Tebow has a coach and a HOF VP who happen to want him gone so they do not game plan to use his strengths but to show off his shortcomings. In spite of this he has a 3-1 record. Imagine what could happen if they featured his strengths or if they had benched orton earlier. On one side it could have been an unmitigated disaster(just like early elway) or they could be sitting on 3 more wins given who they have played to this point. I like Tebow for one big reason....he is proving his detractors wrong. Now if only his coaches would be as good. I dont and will never believe that the Broncos ownership is healthy in the mind. They hired John freakin Fox???!!!Really????!!!! He was 2 games over 500 in 9 years at Carolina. Why not throw truckloads of money at Brian Billick or Jim Fassel. Maybe even Bill Cowher.Any one of those guys has a better record than Fox.

Who else agrees that Tebow is "getting thrown to the wolves" by being traded to the Jets? by Türk Cöbäïn Q: here's my opinion on it, tell me if u agree it's one thing to not produce in a place like Denver, but at least the fans still loved him. In New York, if he messes up and doesn't become a good QB, the whole town will hate him..the locker room is already a mess in the Jets organization and they're gonna get under his skin the same way they're doing Sanchez..only difference is, Sanchez isn't the type of guys Tebow is. Tebow's used to being loved by fans and respected by teammates and coaches alike..I don't even have to describe the type of scrunity he'll face in NY, all I'm gonna say is, be prepared to see a new Tebow, one way or another..

did you know n. y . jets traded for tim tebow .... ? by Q: did the jets make a good move ?

Would Tim Tebow go to the jets? by Q: Hhahahahahahaahahhahah u guys are wrong hes a JET

So what is Tim Tebow going to do with the Jets? by Yes, I'm going to Scarborough fair. Q:

A: I would think run Wildcat packages, like they did with Brad Smith.

how much playing time do you think tebow will get with the jets? by Josh R Q: over/under 8 starts

If the Jets and their fans didn't get religion from Tim Tebow last night? by Q: Then why were they screaming "Holy S**t!"?

A: told ya Tebow would work his magic and the jets are pretenders. 16 fantasy points for me too

Tebow going to have the worst game of his career? by The NFL refs sucks Q: Revis is pretty much targeting him. Tebow can run the ball, but once the Jets stop the run, and force Tebow to throw, Tebow going to end up throwing picks. I say Kyle orton goes in by end of 3rd Q.

A: Don't know, don't care.

jets trade for tebow in jeopardy? by Q:


Who is the better QB - Jets Mark Sanchez or Broncos Tim Tebow? by Craziee Panda Q:

A: As much as I want to say Tim Tebow, Sanchez is more of a complete QB.


Should I start Tom Brady or Tim Tebow? by Q: Brady vs. the Jets or Tebow and the option attack against KC. Yes, I'm serious. Never thought I would have to even think about this but Tebow is project to score 8 more points then Brady in my league and I got a tough matchup this week, every point counts.

A: tom brady he can break out any week

POLL: Can you believe Tim Tebow is going to the Jets? by Q:

So it's come to this: start Tebow or Skelton in week 11? by Mr. Puma Q: Tebow vs. Jets or Skelton vs. 49ers? Thank you! In a 16-team league, better options are not out there in FA.

A: TEBOW NATION!!! Teams havnt found out away to stop him.He might be unorthodox but it doesnt mean shit in fantasy go with tebow

Tim Tebow to the Jets: Your thoughts? by Starhawke Coma Q:

Will Tebow beat Sanchez and the Jets Thursday? by Foster Knows Best Q:

A: Hahaha. I was thinking the Jets were gonna win until I remembered Sanchez was at QB. I've been worrying about Rex Ryan and Revis. Broncos all the way! @Jendeh How dare you

Imagine Tebow going to the Jets? by Q: We would have Linsanity and Timsanity both!

Can the Jets stop Tebow? by stvn967 Q: Do they put 8 in the box and shut down the run?

A: The Jets can't stop a nose bleed. No.

Who got punished worse, the Jets,the Saints, or Tebow? by Q: Lol at salty ass Lion fans.... Sorry our city is 10000000 times better than yours.

So it's between the jets and jaguars for Tebow, who gets him? by Q:

A: According to NFL.com, Bad Ass, it IS between the Jags and the Jets. The Jags have actually started negotiations with Tebow's agent as well. He'll be a Jag by Friday.

Who to start in Week 7? Philip Rivers (vs Jets) or Tim Tebow (vs Dolphins)? PPR League? by Q: PPR League. 6 Points for passing & running touchdowns. 1 point for 10 yards rushing, 1 points for 25 yards passing, 1 point for every completion. -2 points for interception or fumble lost.

A: Rivers tebow's ability is too questionable and with a QB as reliable as rivers starting tebow would just be too risky give tebow a few weeks just to see how he does.

What kind of a role will Tim Tebow play in the Jets offense? by Q: In other words, how often do you think the Jets will utilize Tebow? Will he be a backup mostly? Will he start over Sanchez? I personally think that they'll use Sanchez most of the time, but will bring in Tebow once or twice on a drive and use the option just to keep the defense off balance, kinda like Vick and Mcnabb a few years back? BQ: If Tebow does win the starting job, would you be looking forward to Tebowmania with even more hype since he's in NY?

When Tebow beats the Jets this Thurdays? by Morning_Glory Q: what excuses will they be next about him not being a good QB Tebow does it again Broncos 17 Jets 13

A: He will win.

Tebow vs Texans or Cutler vs Jets? by Rabbit Q: Alright, help me out Yahoo! Answers universe! I am heading into the Championship game of my Fantasy Football League and I picked up Tim Tebow on a whim. After thinking more into it, I am scared of what the Jets secondary may do to Jay Cutler. Tim Tebow is still rather unknown, but a possible viable option versus the Texans, and playing at home. So, who should I start... Tebow or Cutler? Remember, this is my leagues Championship game, so I need a good outing.

A: Cutler is by far the better QB. while Tebow has a good match up this week, you never know who's going to play or how much playing time there will be in a meaningless game at this time of the year.

How do Jets fans feel about Tim Tebow? by Darker Than a Samurai (SMC) Q:

Will the Broncos put a drubbing on the Jets tonight, and will Tebow school Mark Sanchez? by SK Q:

A: This will be Tim Tebow's breakout game Broncos' win

Did God favor Tim Tebow , and the Broncos over the Jets Sunday ? by Q: Or did God just Damn the Jets ? You have to admit , there was something strange going on near the end of that game

A: Yes, that explains it! God is too busy watching football to help starving children. It all makes sense now!

Jets fans how do you feel about Tim Tebow being apart of the Jets? by Camron D Q:

what do you think ' jets traded for tim tebow ? by Q: whats gonna happen with mark sanchez now that the jets got tim tebow *

Did the Jets trade for Tebow because Rex Ryan liked his "footwork"? by Q: God knows it wasn't because of his quarterbacking abilities.

Putting all your likes and dislikes(Jets, Sanchez, Tebow) aside,,was this a wise move for the Jets? by NO SPIN, JUST TRUTH!! Q:

A: This could either be a great move for the Jets or a complete disaster. If they want to put the effort in over the next few years to try and make Tebow a good quaterback that can throw the football downfield and 30-40 times a game (not Tebow's typical 20 or so in Denver) and then bring in someone that can install a more Walsh style offense with short passes and utilizes a mobile quarterback maybe the Jets struck gold. If they decide to turn Tebow into a all purpose guy, a Brad SMith times ten that can be a receiver, QB, runningback, maybe he could be successful. Maybe bringing Tebow in can push Sanchez knowing that a young QB is waiting if he plays like he did last year. Of course it could destroy Sanchez's confidence when he goes three and out and the fans start calling for Tebow. The Jets will have to throw out their playbook and take "ground and pound" to a whole other level (assuming they don't try to improve Tebow's throwing ability). As a Jets fan, I'm a little intriged by this move and hopefully, the dysfunctional lockerrom will improve. Here's another good thing for Tebow fans, our coach, Rex Ryan IS crazy enough to do what John Fox didn't want to do and allow Tebow to play. Bottom line, it's very likely Tebow is the starter at some point if Sanchez plays like garbage.

Tim Tebow To The Jets!!!? by Q: Im a Jets fan my whole life and is exciting to see tebow going to the jets better than sanchez right now whats your opinion on tebow mania heading to ny knida sounds like Linsanity what record will they have next season will they make the superbowl

Will Rex Ryan stop using profanity now that Tim Tebow is on the Jets? by The Chronicles of Reddick Q:

I need tebow jets jersey NOW? by Q:

Why did the Broncos trade Tim Tebow to the Jets for a 4th round pick, isn't he worth more than that? by Q:

Now that Tebow has been traded to the Jets? by Q: Has he officially joined the ranks of has been Quarterbacks? Esiason, Testraverde, Mirer, Brister, O'Donnell, Farve... They all went there to die. Farve may come back to the Bears...then, all you and Beardown would have to do is dye those green jerseys balck!

NFL: TEBOW TO JETS: Does their O-Line peform well in the Option/Wildcat!? by Eric B Q: Well, The media fracas has arrived in New York! Rex Ryan either succeeded in getting Tebow or failed, depending on how you AS A JET FAN perceive this trade! I am not a Jet fan, hence the following: Q 1. Can the Jets' Offensive Line do Tebow's style BETTER than Denver did last season? Q 2. Will the Jets' adapt to Timmy Tebow, or will Timmy adapt to the Jets? Q 3. What SPECIFICALLY must an offensive line do to perform successfully at a Wildcat/Option offense? My guess = wildcat/option lines need to be quick, agile, and A LOT leaner than say a ''traditional" NFL Offensive Line.

A: 1) No as a jet fan I have experienced first hand that our O-LINE is one of the worst in the NFL 2) Tim Tebow will have to adjust to the jets 3) Create open holes and efficient blocking

Will Tebow get exposed by the Jets? by roma1 Q: No Knowshon Moreno, no Willis McGahee, equals no chance for Tebow. Start saying your prayers, reading your psalms, and thumping your bibles because Tebow will know what it means to be exposed and what a real NFL quarterback needs to be. Two of eight passing, LOL!

A: There's nothing to be exposed because the general consensus is that Tebow isn't a sufficient NFL QB. The fact that he only had eight pass attempts throughout the entire yesterday proves that his team and coaching staff has no faith in him.

What best describes how the Jets will expose the Broncos and Tebow's true colors? by Q: 1) the sunrise exposes the earth to sunlight 2) the stripper exposes her happy place to a patron for a dollar 3) jerry sandusky exposes himself to 10 year old boys

A: 4) Rex Ryan is exposed -- again -- as guy who can't back up his big talk; 5) Revis is exposed as not equal to Champ's level of greatness; and 6) the NYJ defense is exposed as unequipped to deal with the Tebow-led read option offense.

Why does God Help Tebow and the Broncos but not the Jets? by kpslover007 Q: Are the Jets and NYC a bunch of sinners?

A: sorry but the jets are dicks their attitudes suck eggs

Who would you start? Tebow vs Jets or Palmer @ Minn? by Douce Q: With Vick out I need a QB this week and possibly going forward. Tebow has been putting up monster Fantasy #s and is at home, but faces the Jets and I think Rex could shut Tebow down.... Palmer is looking good and plays a suspect Minnesota D missing a couple Dbs, so it could be a big game for him... Im fighting for a playoff spopt right now, so I'm really only concerned about this week... Who would you start and why?

A: palmer!! palmer actually throws touchdown passes unlike tebow

Should I trust Tim Tebow against the Jets this week? by Q: I'm thinking no, not sure though. Matt Ryan is my other option at quarterback. Thoughts?

A: Tebow. He has been putting up solid fantasy numbers, even in ugly games. The Jet's could be on a hangover with the short week and being pummeled by the Pats.

Is Tim Tebow on the Jets some kind of publicity stunt? by Q: I think it's comical and now I'm interested in what happens.

Is Tebow going to the Jets to be a backup? by Q: Obviously not, so what does this mean for Sanchez?

If the Jets acquire Tim Tebow, will his fans still support him? by Q: I know the Jets are one of the most hated NFL teams and Tebow is a fan favorite.

A: Of course. The mark of being a bandwagon Tebow fan (myself) is to support him wherever he goes and wish him the best of luck.....unless he runs into my Panthers.

What are your thoughts of the Broncos beating the Jets with Tim Tebow scoring the winning touchdown? by Q: Of course there defense is great as well but who scored the winning touchdown Raiders fan? Stop hating already it's disgusting. Raiders Fan now you're boring me with the same rhetoric.

A: He should have passed the ball. But hey, I'll take the win.

Who else picked Tebow to beat the Jets? by Wind Rider Q: My yahoo picks score is looking pretty sweet right now thanks to Mr. Tebow. Or did everyone just jump on the bandwagon and assume the Jets would win?

A: I never assume the Jets will win. Eff the Jets. Being a UF Gators fan I always pick Tebow<3 Go Tebow (: I have to be honest though, I don;t think Tebow was ready for NFL. It ain't the same as college. lol

Report:The Broncos are expected to trade Tebow to the Jets or Jaguars by today,will it happen? by Q: http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/denver-broncos-expected-to-trade-tim-tebow-to-new-york-jets-or-jacksonville-jaguars-032012 He's expected to be dealt for a 3rd round pick The Jaguars make sense, but the Jets not so much.The Jets think Tebow could have a positive affect to repair their dysfunctional locker room. Tebow headed to the Jets!

Tim Tebow Traded to New York Jets Tim Tebow Traded to Jets, Sean Payton Suspended Without Pay Tebow 95 yard game winning drive against jets epic Tebow scores winning touchdown over Jets 11-17-11 HQ Stephen A. Smith Tebow Jets NFL football Tim Tebow to the New York Jets?! I Hope Not... Jacksonville Jaguars? - NFL Football - JRSportBrief Jets Coach Rex Ryan Curses at Fan Jets vs Patriots 11/13/11 NFL fined $75000 Tebow To Jets Tim Tebow Traded To New York Jets For Fourth-Round PIck Broncos defeat the Jets 17-13 Tim Tebow Game Winning Drive Denver Bronco's Tim Tebow Highlight Of The Night 2011 Game Winning Moment vs The New York Jets Tim Tebow and a Stout Broncos Defense whip the NY Jets Tim Tebow Heading to New York Jets Broncos Jets and Tebow Tim (The Rock) Tebow - NYJ @ DEN Highlights - 11/17/11 - 'Shut Up,... and Drive' Jets fan loses it after Tebow time Tebow Hands Jets 2nd Straight Loss Sports Podcast: Tebow (Jets), Peyton (Broncos), Saints Suspension (Sean Payton) TIM TEBOW TRADED TO NEW YORK JETS Tebow traded to Jets 10 secs after Manning becomes Bronco. Like it? Love it? Hate it? Tebow Time! Denver Broncos Upset New York Jets 17-13! Are New York Jets Out & Denver Broncos In? Tim Tebow Finishes the Jets Off! - Fan Friday in India!!! - YOUR Comments!!! Tebow scores winning Touchdown against the Jets. Sean Payton suspended for 1 year/ Tim Tebow traded to NY Jets TIM TEBOW TRADED TO THE NEW YORK JETS Tim Tebow = Winner!!! NFL - Denver Broncos Win Big Game Against NY Jets - Reaction Tim Tebow touchdown run Broncos vs Jets Madden- Tim Tebow Jets highlights Tim Tebow Traded To NY Jets! New Orleans Saints 'Bounty System' Backfires! Is This Fair Or Unfair? Tim Tebow Traded to NY Jets! NEW YORK JETS SIGN TIM TEBOW // BREAKING NEWS TIM TEBOW TRADED to NEW YORK JETS! Jeremy Lin WHO, Peyton Manning Broncos Thank you Tebow To The NY Jets?! Brady beats Tebow, Packers lose first game, Eagles throttle Jets,Colts get a win-The NFL Final Score Tim Tebow Traded From Broncos to Jets TEBOW TO JETS 4 A 4TH ROUND PICK,THANKS HOLMGREN Tim Tebow Drinking Game - 'Tebow Shots' (Sketch and Game Rules) ╬ Tebow Traded To the NY JETS.! 3/21/12 {Mic'd up } Tim Tebow New York Jets! Tim Tebow Game Winning Touchdown vs. Jets Tebow Mania New York Jets - Tim-ithians Church 316 are coming! - Necklace Infomercial NYJ Peyton Manning Goes to the Denver Broncos for $96 million. Tim Tebow Traded to NY Jets Tim Tebow Denver Broncos Vs Texans and Jets Saints Slammed, Tebow to Jets, Dallas Kill Lakers TIM TEBOW DOES IT AGAIN!!! -- Denver Broncos Defeat New York Jets 17-13 -- Report ★ Tim Tebow To The Jets or Jaguars?? | # Free Tebow Tim Tebow Traded to New York Jets Tim Tebow Traded to the New York Jets! Good Move? Mark Sanchez Done? Tim Tebow TD Run vs Jets TEBOW TO NY JETS - 'GOD BLESS TEBOW' by Trade Martin Breaking News on Tim Tebow being Trade to the Jets, And the Saints 'Bounty' Punishment!
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