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Tebow broncos

Tebow, Broncos stun Steelers
After a week of discussion about whether backup Brady Quinn should replace Tebow, Broncos vice president and resident legend John Elway saying Tebow needs to “pull the trigger” and nearly everyone giving the Broncos no chance of winning, ...

Tim Tebow, Broncos set for rematch vs. Tom Brady, Patriots
By Lindsay H. Jones Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow hugs New England quarterback Tom Brady after the Patriots' 41-23 victory in Denver. More photos from that game. (AAron Ontiveroz, The Denver Post) In the moments after the Patriots thumped the Broncos ...

Tim Tebow and the Broncos stun Steelers in OT
Tim Tebow found Demaryius Thomas on an 80-yard touchdown pass on the first play from scrimmage in overtime, as Denver stunned Pittsburgh 29-23 Sunday in an AFC wild-card game. Tebow passed for 316 yards on only ten completions. (Jan. ...

Tebow, Broncos to meet Patriots in Foxboro
The Steelers jumped out to a 6-0 lead thanks to a pair of field goals, but Tebow and the Broncos came back with a 30-yard touchdown pass to Eddie Royal, capping a five-play, 80-yard drive early in the second quarter. Denver extended its lead to 14-6 ...

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Fairy_Tayl The Broncos/Tebow bandwagon is worse than the 2008 Tampa Bay Rays bandwagon.

Tony_Raimundo You know what fuck tim tebow and the broncos troy ben and hines ward all got 2 rings so fuck tim tebow i hope tom brady fool on that nigga

reebeckuhh @jaredchacon .... RT @CNN: Tim Tebow leads Broncos to overtime win - passing yards bring up biblical number: http://t.co/oDWekMtc

sbnation Before we move on, let's take a complete look at the wild Wild Card Weekend: http://t.co/2MEbR5c1

kzep Tim Tebow Leads Broncos to Overtime Win Over Steelers in Wild-card Game http://t.co/1zX3aZaS

JacquieInPearls Tim Tebow & Thomas lead Broncos in to win in the playoffs! 80yd touchdown! http://t.co/7UUj1sqM

chompx3 @TWB88 Hi Tom. I'm Ipswich based. Town s/t holder & enjoyed Tebow lead the Broncos last night. Saw TT at Wembley 2010. Sanchez is ok.

KatieMoody11 I really ain't a saints fan much but I still support them! But I will support them Broncos and of course tebow💓💓

Djayy_Green Weak ass Tebow got the 8-8 Broncos to the second round of the Playoff's. Can't even hate. The dude jst wins. I hope they win the Super Bowl.

Searched_Words New Popular Keywords: john 3 16, tim tebow, cadillac ats, broncos, beyonce baby, ... http://t.co/U2tMoUDQ #SEO

TheIrishOak @TimTebow check this story out Tim!! http://t.co/LIUDS93E

LucilleGarner AccuScore: How Tebow, Broncos can upset the Steelers http://t.co/ttpw7H1s

alemaopizoni O @everaldomarques enlouquecido na narração do TD que deu a vitória aos Broncos contra os Steelers. Espetacular! http://t.co/xpskPiPM #nfl

m_covington Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow uses 316, 31.6, 3:16 as guiding number in OT victory over Pittsburgh Steelers http://t.co/KUZD74dn // crazy!

JJn9 Here we go with #Tebow lovers and haters! Aren't there 11 guys on the field for the Broncos? Or just #Tebow , I dunno maybe I'm nuts.


Why Would the Broncos even draft tim tebow as a first rounder when they not even gonna use the guy? by Ramon P Q: Kinda a dumb idea for the broncos and its starting a lot of controversy as who starting qb

A: It's the politics of coaching. Tebow was McDaniel's guy, but now that Fox is there, he's going to have a VERY hard time seeing the field. Kind of sad, really, since I though he had potential.

If Tim Tebow leads the Broncos to a Super Bowl win this year, what word would you use to describe it? by Steve915 Q: Also, what are the odds that you would give that this will happen? How much would you be willing to bet if someone gave you the odds that you assign to this happening? (I don't think it's going to happen, but if it did, it would rank as the most fantastic sports story of all time. Given the Bronco's record, it IS possible, they haven't been eliminated yet.)

When is Tim Tebow going to stop getting all of the credit for the Broncos 6 game winning streak? by Q: I guess since Tebow is winning all of the games, lets get rid of the offensive line, the runningbacks, and the entire defense. Maybe even the kicker Matt Prater. Oh wait, wasn't that Tim Tebow that kicked the game winning field goal? or was it? I don't know but either way, the Broncos shouldn't waste their time on anyone else because clearly Tim Tebow should be the only one on the team

A: Tebow fans aren't gonna want to hear this, but here it is. In their losses, only 1 of their losses did the opposing team score less than 20pts. In their wins only 2 teams scored more than 20pts. You have to give it up for the bronco defense. Offensively they aren't built to outscore teams. Even the tebow faithful have to admit his passing numbers are horrble. Defense has made the difference, and tebow has gotten the credit.

Anyone know where I can buy a Tebow Broncos authentic jersey online or a snuggie? by More Cow Bell Q: My daughter wants one for her Bday. Academy Sports does not carry them yet as they said there is no market yet. Who does Rodgers play for? LOL Alright found a Jersey at http://www.fansedge.com/Tim-Tebow-Navy-Reebok-NFL-Premier-Denver-Broncos-Youth-Jersey-_-1850143197_PD.html?froogle=64-22046

A: try the broncos website

If the Broncos were to use Tebow in Wild Cat would they have to list him as the 2nd string QB or diff postion? by MASTER YODA Q: Because isn't there a rule if you put in your third string QB that the starter can't return til the 4th quarter. Not sure of rule but pretty sure something like that. So if Orton and Quinn are first and second they couldn't use Tebow and put the starter right back in.

A: your exactly right thats why i think orton will be released or traded before training camp so yhe others tfree can develop dont forget about brandstater.

Is there anywhere online to watch the Tim Tebow Broncos-Bears NFL game? by Q: CBS is showing Oakland-Green Bay where I live which sucks A huge THANK YOU to the dude who posted that link which got taken off.....I got it...THANKS man!!!!!

A: Game is on Fox, not CBS, in Chicago.

If Tim Tebow and the Broncos win the Super Bowl, will you believe in God? by d_vader Q: They are an 8-8 team playing first against the Pittsburgh Steelers and probably have to face the Patriots (who already crushed them during the regular season) and either the Packers or Saints in the Super Bowl (if they make it that far). Really though, the odds are stacked agains the Broncos. So if they win will you believe in Jesus? Just curious...

A: Fuck Tebow, there is no way that will happen and I'm from DENVER

Does Tebow & the Broncos have any shot vs. the Patriots? by Q: I would love for the Broncos to beat New England by my brain says no way. I remember my brain telling me no way Buffalo beats the Pats and i was wrong. What do you think?

A: I'm a Patriots fan, but also a big Tebow fan, and honestly I think it's very possible. For whatever reason the Broncos own the Patriots. I'm nervous for the game.

Will Tim TeBow start the broncos next year? by Q: if so im for it because i hate Kyle that idiot... throws right at Corner Backs sure we need a better offensive line but still how can Tebow throw a 70 yard pass or rush for 50 yards no problem... i say tebow

A: Indeed. However coach John Fox said that there will be no grantee that Tebow will start. It will be who ever is the best in his eyes. FYI Kyle Orton will be traded.

How did the Broncos and my beloved Tim Tebow do today? by Q: Broncos played today, right? I've been sick with a cold and stuff so I took a loooong nap and only slept and did some homework through the day so I haven't seen anything. How did they do? I'm not a Broncos fan or anything but my beloved is there so I care. I cheer for them and all that but once he gets traded or whatever, they lost me. I'm a Ravens girl.

A: They lost a close one, 36-33. Sorry I couldn't bring you any better news, especially seeing as you are sick. I hope you feel better, Princess. Perhaps that is why Denver didn't win, your strong connection with Tim Tebow enabled your illness to effect him. The coach chose not to play him. That is kinda touching, in an unintended consequences kinda way. http:[email protected]

Is Tim Tebow and the Broncos for real? by Q: A field goal in the last seconds to tie, a steal when Bears were steaming to the end zone then a 51 yards kick to win it all, Is the Broncos just lucky...or what?

A: pretty good considering the bears defense is very good....tebow will develop and go on and haters will have only his religion to pout about

Do you think Tim Tebow would have led the Broncos to victory today over the Raiders? by Q: I think Tim Tebow maybe would have only lost by 30 instead of the 45 they lost by today. LOL. Nice team ya got there Denver.

A: Yes, I think so, well, maybe not a victory, but they should have given him a chance to loose slightly less the dink Orton did! Orton & Josh need to go back to High School football!

Can you support Tim Tebow even if your not a Broncos fan? by Q: Im not a broncos fan and i like tim tebow. so how do i support him.

A: You can absolutely support Tim Tebow!! I'm not a Broncos fan either, but he's one of the best QB's in the game.

Will the Broncos be better off starting Tebow at Fullback and making him do WildCat Packages? by Q: Orton needs to start and Tebow needs to start at Fullback. Tebow could get 5-6 rushes a night and probably 3-4 passes. Tebow as an athlete and football player is good. As a QB he is sh1t.

A: He's not mad, just logical. That would work, but I think TE might be better. He'd be a tall, lanky FB, which wouldn't be pretty. Possesion-WR, or TE. Or coach...

Tebow good or bad and should the broncos get QB for next year? by Q: Im a broncos fan I dont like tebow at all but with him we are wining game but he cant throw it so do u think we should get a QB in the draft

A: Bad. Right now, all Denver winning games is doing is 2 things. 1. It is giving Denver fans and tebow fan boys the hope that he will ever be a good QB (which he most likely wont be) 2. Its getting you a worse draft pick

Should the Broncos consider moving Tebow for now to Fullback? by Q: He would be great as a wildcat Fullback. He could dominate the middle by running up and doing some wildcats.

A: Your right. Don't listen too all these fools. Tebow is a huge guy and would be a great full back all around whether it's running or blocking.

Will Tim Tebow lead the Broncos to the superbowl or just deep into the playoffs? by Q: He is amazing, dreamy, hot....and he is blessed because he keeps winning. Timmy please marry me.

A: No, they'll miss the playoffs.

Is Tebow good for the Broncos? by Q: Do you think that the Broncos are winning now because God is on their side with Tim Tebow at the helm? BTW - Anyone against Tebow is going to hell.

A: Tebow is the 12th man on defense and the 12th man on special team. He inspires everyone to play their best.

DO you think the Broncos won today because Tebow is a Christians and God helped them? by Q: Do you think God helped the Broncos win today because Tebow is a Christian and God helped them

A: Alternative explanation: They were playing the Dolphins who are one of the worst teams in all of football.

Should the Broncos consider moving Tebow to Fullback? by Q: His greatest strength at UF was running up the middle for short-yardage. As a Fullback Tebow could easily do some wildcat plays.

A: Fullback is a dying position. With his size and strength however, he'd make an excellent TE; if he can catch the ball and block well. That's certainly where I'd plug him in on the offense; perhaps using him in the Wildcat from time to time to mix things up.

How badly will the Pittsburgh Steelers destroy Tim Tebow and the Broncos? by Q:

A: Tebow will be puking blood after Steelers get done with him.

Will Tebow and the Broncos beat the Patriots? by Q: I just can't see it happening, but then again I didn't see the Bears losing last week in the final minutes. I will definitely be watching though! I am a Texan's fan so I will be hoping the Broncos pull off another victory to better position us in the playoffs.

A: The good thing is with Brady, they can put up a ton of points and make it hard to keep up. But, with Tebow, you never know. This game worries me as a Pats fan. When the secondary is stock with WR's, you have to be very concerned. Especially, if the Pats don't get a pass rush and contain Tebow.

Do you think TIM TEBOW will start as QB for the denver broncos? by mc BeAsT alot Q: i think he will start and he should he has shown everybdoy he can change his throwing motion and has improved very fast! and he is competing with brady quinn i'm pretty sure so do you think he will start as a rookie for the denver broncos and please no comments about how tebow sucks and stuff because he is one of the greatest qb's EVER!!!

A: Tim Tebow is a great player, but I highly doubt that Josh McDaniels will let Tebow play his first year. That being said, there must be something McDaniels sees in Tebow because he traded almost all his Day 2 Draft picks for him. This is a good oppurtunity for Tebow because he won't be pressured right into the NFL like he would if he was in Jacksonville. I think if you give him time to work on his mechanics, he will prove himself to be an elite NFL qb.

Why are people so hyped up on the fact that Tim Tebow and the Broncos beat a team they were supposed to beat? by Feelz™ (Gonorrhea ♥ Rice) Q: It's the Miami Dolphins for crying out loud. Geez you would think these people thought they won the Super Bowl or something. *Smh*.

A: Because they desperately grasp at some meager success they can attribute to Tebow.

What best describes how the Jets will expose the Broncos and Tebow's true colors? by Q: 1) the sunrise exposes the earth to sunlight 2) the stripper exposes her happy place to a patron for a dollar 3) jerry sandusky exposes himself to 10 year old boys

A: 4) Rex Ryan is exposed -- again -- as guy who can't back up his big talk; 5) Revis is exposed as not equal to Champ's level of greatness; and 6) the NYJ defense is exposed as unequipped to deal with the Tebow-led read option offense.

If Tim Tebow leads the broncos to a superbowl, will they create a movie about it? by GT Q: BQ: What would be a perfect title for the movie?

Do you agree with the Denver Broncos decision to part ways with Kyle Orton in favor of Tim Tebow? by Q: First the Broncos get rid of Jay Cutler then Brandon Marshall and now Kyle Orton. Is Tim Tebow ready to be an elite Quarterback? I am not so convinced after watching him play last year. The NFL is not College, where you are playing against less talented players. The NFL is the best of the best, and 300lb linemen often out run Quarterbacks and put damaging hits on them.

A: No, they should have kept Orton.

Isn't it funny how Tebow haters are all of a sudden calling the Broncos defense good? by chi4life™- Pay #22! Q: When Tebow wins games its, "He deserves none of the credit the Broncos defense did it all." I'm sorry but I never heard that in the beginning of the year. In fact, the Broncos defense gives up the 4th most points in the league and are in the middle of the pack in almost all defensive categories. Tebow doen't get good numbers, but he wins games. He is a proven WINNER and you can't take credit away from him for that.

A: Thank you! When Orton was QB, the excuses were "oh its not all Orton's fault... the defense is piss poor blah blah blah" News Flash: The Broncos still have that same defense. Have they played better? Absolutely, but lets not get carried away. Tebow makes plays when the game is on the line.

whos a better qb for the broncos kyle orton or tim tebow? by Q: I have always thought that drafting tim tebow was a waste of a first round pick... but the last few games i feel like he has shown some impressive skills. Orton is underrated and is unathletic but he was headed 4 a probowl season until he got hurt. tebow makes mistakes orton usually doesn't... If u were the broncos head coach whoever that will be. who would be your choice 4 qb?

A: it is Tim Tebow.

Will Tebow and the Broncos six game win streak end to the Patriots next week? by Q: I think they would come out short by 7.

A: I believe so, if the Pats get the lead, it's hard to see Tebow scoring tons of touchdowns and winning. But then again, it is Tebow.

How would Broncos fans react to Tebow being benched in the second half? by Q: Denver needs to pass the ball if they want to make a comeback of any sort, and Tim Tebow clearly doesn't have the ability or pocket presence to throw the ball downfield. Kyle Orton at least has SOME throwing ability. Not that it's gonna happen or anything...I feel like they want to see what Tebow can do here. Will there be riots in the streets of Denver if their beloved savior is riding the bench for a while?

A: they would be upset.

Why would Broncos draft Tebow in first round and not play him? by Q: retardedddddd, he can play QB. he has already made some nice plays, like that deep ball against dallas, and last year the game against the raiders, etc, why don't they play him?

A: The Packers took Aaron Rodgers in the first round in 2005. He sat on the bench until 2008. The Broncos are going to wait until Tebow is ready to start, which he isnt now. Give him another season or two to get accustomed to the NFL game.

Any other Broncos fans find Tebow frustrating to watch? by Q: I do. Even with his past four wins it has been painful. Is Tebow going to get better? Nice little score he had there. I just wish he could pass like that more than once per game.

A: Well I have been a Tebow fan since before he ever went to the Gators. However, I still find the play calling and lack of organizational support more frusterating. I mean, it's a tough position for anybody. Even the best QBs look bad at times. Today's game is a great example, Denver came out and ran six straight times before Tim got a chance to pass. Most teams you see come out with a quick WR screen or something so the QB can settle in. Denver doesn't seem to be doing any of that stuff. Further, the Broncos aren't that good overall on offense. The best WR caught 5 passes for 74 yards and a TD in St. Louis. I guess in the end you just have to trust Tebow. There is no doubt he's a winner: he's one more games that Orton won over the course of nearly a season and a half. Further, as some have pointed out, Tim lost basically an entire offseason due to the lockout.

when will tebow be ready for playing time on the broncos? by Q: tim tebow was put on the broncos but i dont think he has played 1 game so far. when will he actually play seeing how they said he was going to be a quarter back?

A: He is probably going to play this weekend. He isn't going to do very good because being a good athlete doesn't mean he is a good QB. Its going to take him years of hard work to change all his mechanics so he could become a good QB.

Why did Broncos draft Tebow instead of Jimmy Claussen? by Dave Q: Tebow is all hype as Claussen is a polished skilled QB. Is Josh McDaniels a fool?

A: Josh McDaniels is a fool. Tebow and his management did a great job in promoting his "good guy" image. Tebow has an elongated motion which is a little slower than that of Byron Leftwich and he doesn't get as much juice on the ball. Ballhawking safeties and corners will take advantage of that split second differential IF Tebow ever does throw an NFL pass. Tebow's college stats are also misleading as he played in the Spread. Using Tebow's numbers to justify the pick would be like using Eric Crouch's numbers. Tebow was also able to run in college, which is something he won't be able to do in the NFL. Unlike in college NFL linebackers are faster and bigger than him and he won't be able to find holes like he did in the Spread. He also played like crap at the Senior Bowl. Claussen is a doucher but he's a better pro-quarterback than Tebow. He has a crisp delivery and has run a Pro-Style offense. He can change protections and read defenses much better than Tebow did. Don't blame Notre Dame's season on Claussen as he did fairly well and played his tail off. I also hate when people say he was a winner in college or vice versa. That doesn't translate to the pros. Football is a team game and although the quarterback is one of the most important if not the most important position, wins and losses can't be placed solely on a QB. Guys like Aaron Rodgers and Matt Schaub didn't play for the most successful college teams; yet they produce in the NFL. So in a nutshell, Josh McDaniels is an idiot.

Do you think Tim Tebow will start QB for the Broncos this season, if lockout is over? by Q: I'm a die hard Broncos fan! I think Orton is not good enought Tebow needs to start

A: John Elway loves Tim Tebow. The Broncos are going to go with Tebow win, lose or draw. Tim Tebow has proven everyone wrong at every level he's ever played at and I think he will do the same in the NFL.

Why don't the Denver Broncos start Tim Tebow as QB? by Q: Trade Orton (free agent at end of year). The Broncos need to know what Tebow is capable of. I'm a Broncos fan and I want Tebow to start TEBOW! Tebow has only played 4 regular season NFL games.,

A: LOL :D Now since Kyle lost 1 game, bandwagoners start shifting to Tebow :D

Broncos start Tebow - "talent" decision - good or bad move? by Ethan Q: I think it's a good move. As a Broncos fan, I think he should be the starter for the rest of the season. We need to know what he's got so we know what we can do for next season. We didn't draft him for nothing. He is either going to be our QB of the future or a complete bust and we need to start him. I think he's going to do pretty well.

A: Good decision, their season is long over so they might as well see what he can do against teams that are trying to stay alive in the playoff race.

How come God favors Tim Tebow and the Broncos? by Q: This isn't fair. What's the point of competing if Jesus wants the Broncos to win. Friggin' God is rigging the game. What a son of a b he is. Stupid God.

A: well its obvious that God prefers a prayer compared to cleavage pom poms and lyrca and men with beer guts sticking out with logo's on their belly's

Why do people keep saying Tim Tebow and the Broncos will win the Super Bowl in 2012? by "The Man of the Hour" Q: Because we all know the Lions will win it when they will beat the Broncos in the Super Bowl.


How come Broncos fans give all of the credit to Tim Tebow and none to their defnse and running game? by Feelz™ (Gonorrhea ♥ Rice) Q: We all know the Broncos are winning in spite of Tim Tebow due to their defense and running game right?

A: Well, Tim Tebow has a strong relationship with God, you see. After Tebow hands the ball off, God parts the defense to give the runningback a path to run through. And when Tim Tebow is not on the field, God gives Tim Tebow the power to control the defense. It's pretty amazing if you think about it.

Does tim tebow/broncos actually have a shot at beating the steelers this sunday? by No Fear Q: Really? Big Ben is not 100% Mendenhall is out with torn ACL

Tim Tebow will start today for the Broncos. Good choice or bad choice? by Ajay Q: I personally think its about time the Broncos start developing a their future QB. But, I don't think Tebow will be a permanent starter in the league. I think Denver will go for Carson Palmer of the Bengals because the Bengals are planning to release the franchise QB at the end of the season.

A: He is not a franchise QB anymore and Orton is hurt if you didn't hear. They have no other option but tebow or a player who is worse.

How about those Denver Broncos with Tim Tebow? by Q: Tebow 5-1 as Broncos starter I think that Denver could go 10-6 and fight the Raiders for the division title

A: I am a Denver Broncos fan all the way, and even more so with Tebow! I honestly think with Tebow as starter the team COULD beat the Raiders. go Broncos!

do you think tebow can lead the broncos to a winning record ? by Q: i am not a broncos fan, but a huge tebow fan...and i do belive tebow can lead them to a 8-8 or 9-7 record...if the team is behind him !

A: Probably not this season but I think he has the potential to be pretty good with a good draft by next season

What do you think of the maneuvering of the Broncos to pick up Tebow? by Too Cool For Me Q: IMO the Broncos should have kept their picks that they got for trading down, still drafted Thomas, and filled needs with the rest of the picks they got. We had TWO second round picks! Maybe shore up the O line? Get a middle linebacker? What is your plan for Tebow? Let him sit for two years while he learns how to throw like a NFL QB instead of a sissy?

A: I just asked this myself in Yahoo Answers too. He went before Clausen (sp?) who remains to be even drafted. Although Clausen could be taken later on. As for Tim Tebow I think it was character that drew the Broncos to this Florida star. Obviously Tim's supposed ''odd release" didn't dampen the mood of the Broncos to go for him and perhaps they see something in Tebow that the other two Bronc backups in Quinn and Brandstater don't have. He seems like a class act and maybe that's what football needs, humble guys without the mysogynistic mental-bent that a certain QB out East that wears a certain dark colored uni has at the moment. They should let the fresh talent start above Quinn and Brandstater. No offense to Quinn/Brandstater but they've had their shot.

i thought all the yahoo answers users were saying the steelers were going to kill tebow and the broncos? by Q: well whats going on? the broncos are up by 7, and the steelers defense is actually getting beat by tebow? some people are gonna have to do some explaining if this game continues.

If Tebow and the Broncos beat KC next week, does this mean Tebow is better than Aaron Rodgers? by Q: Kansas City ended the Packers' winning streak last week. If Tim Tebow and the Broncos beat them next week, does this mean that Tebow is a better quarterback than Aaron Rodgers, who is the prime candidate for MVP? Tebow has engineered five 4th-quarter comeback wins. Tebow for MVP?

A: If you used Skip Bayless logic then yes he is better than Arodg, In reality no flippin' way.

How many Raiders fans are Tim Tebow and the Broncos going to make cry? by Q: Sorry cousins across the Bay. Broncos are going to take the AFC West. Go Broncos!!! Go Tebow!!!

A: #RealDreamTeam

How long will Tebow be the answer Broncos' Fans? by Q: Tebow is fun to watch and all the reactions of people who are not Broncos fans/Tebow fans is hilarious to see but lets get serious for a second. What are the Broncos going to do ultimately in the future for the QB position? Tebow has not shown much promise to become a passer at all. If he can wonderful but what is the future for Broncos' QB position?

A: Until the end of this season.

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