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Giggs named Team GB skipper
Manchester United winger Ryan Giggs will skipper Stuart Pearce's Team GB side at London 2012.

Team GB raise expectations
'Team GB raise expectations' on Yahoo! Eurosport UK. Britain's women's basketball team have raised their expectations after making rapid progress in the build-up to the Olympic Games in London.

Athletes' fury at Team GB 'farce' sparks selection overhaul for 2016 Olympics
This follows the large volume of appeals by disaffected athletes overlooked for Team GB in several sports, and has been triggered by the exclusion from the Taekwondo team of world number one Aaron Cook in circumstances that brought allegations of bias, ...

Team GB Paralympic cycling team give cycling tips in Newport
Read the latest Wales stories, Team GB Paralympic cycling team give cycling tips in Newport on ITV News, videos, stories and all the latest Wales news.

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BigFourZa "@SkySportsMobile: Manchester United's Ryan Giggs has been named Team GB Olympic captain."

staciechick RT @BarclaysLeague: Giggs named Team GB captain: The Manchester United midfielder is one of three over-age picks in Stuart Pearce's ... http://t.co/E8sx4h8o

pjcadden RT @IanHunt77: At Team GB footie HQ. Craig Bellamy refuses to discuss speculation linking him with a move to Cardiff...or away from Liverpool generally

alexplested RT @SkySportsNews: BREAKING NEWS: Stuart Pearce names Ryan Giggs as captain of Team GB Olympic football team - full details on #SSN

ShaunEB1327 #MUFC player, Ryan Giggs, has been named as Team GB captain for the Olympics! :-)

twter2 Giggs to lead gold rush: Manchester United midfielder Ryan Giggs will captain the Team GB football side at the 2... http://t.co/4rFpWQ0K

darrenbradshaw1 RT @MENnewsdesk: Ryan Giggs to be captain of Team GB football team at London Olympics http://t.co/YtHo6mZX

DaveJBurgess RT @FootballFunnys: Breaking news: (Name Removed) is the new captain of the Team GB football.

nickkzx RT @TEAMtalk: FULL STORY: Manchester United midfielder Ryan Giggs will captain Team GB at the 2012 Olympics. http://t.co/QG38KqRA

EMM4_GR4C3 RT @101greatgoals: News: Ryan Giggs is named as captain of Team GB Olympic football team

jakenn_ RT @ManUtd_UK: #ManUtd Ryan Giggs to captain Team GB at London 2012 Olympics: Veteran Manchester United midfielder Ryan Giggs i... http://t.co/uPWSpRRW

tomlh_ RT @Now__Football: Ryan Giggs to Captain Team GB. http://t.co/LgAxR922 #MUFC

jamessenibi RT @SkySports: Full story on the appointment of Man Utd's Ryan Giggs as captain of the Team GB football side for the 2012 Olympics. http://t.co/kN4Hh6KU

Jo_McJam RT @ScottyBoyGooner: What a disgrace Ryan Giggs captain of Team GB. David Beckham put all his heart and soul into bid. Giggs puts his things in others wives

OtafiBlog Giggs named Team GB captain http://t.co/cyaW0uPe


Why is the UK olympic team called "Team GB"? Shouldn't it be "Team UK",as GB doesn't include Northern Ireland? by Irish 313 Q: Olympics: But NI isn't part of GB, it's part of the UK? The UK is made up of GB & NI.

A: It's a good point. The men's curling team is from Scotland so maybe that's why they did it. I did a little research and apparently they were allowing people from N. Ireland to choose. The could either go to the Irish team or to Great Britain.

Who's gonna play for Team GB/England in the olympics? by Q: who is going to be part of the squad for Team Great Britain/Team England?

A: which sport r u talking abt. athletes frm engalnd,wales ,scotland and northern ireland will be there

my doubles gb team is locked for ps3. read for more details? by joey Q: Me and my friend just started a gb team we just became eligible to play because it takes 12 hours. We were about to find a match and it said my gb team locked why is that if we havnt broked any rules???

A: post this on the damn game battles forums foo

MW2 GB TEAM-i need a mw2 gb team for ps3, msg me on psn if i can try out- bustuhnuut? by Q: i need a mw2 gb team for ps3, msg me on psn if i can try out- bustuhnuut

Why doesn't team GB enter a football team in the olympics? by Ben Q: Great Britain ya damn fool

A: There isn't a UK/GB football association. Football was codified in England in 1869 by the newly formed Football Association. The Scottish, Welsh, Irish Football Association (not to be confused with the Football Association of Ireland) were formed later and nationals from those counties compete against each other. There isn't a UK wide body for football. It would be very difficult to get everybody to agree on the representation. In the early years of the Olympics Amatuer football in Britain was a strong sport alongside the professional game but amateurism (in terms of a high standard of play) nearly died out as the professional game became so strong. The Olympic sports all used to be amateur only. As all the best players in Britain were professional, (because the professional system in Britain was so extensive), the amateur sides in Britain were relatively weak. The other British amateur associations couldn't be bothered with it. Up to 1972 GBR were sending the English national amateur side but they usually performed poorly, but after that they didn't bother. Of course professional players are now allowed to compete., and FIFA have said that organizing a GB side won't compromise the separate association status of the UK home nations within FIFA. With the London 2012 games coming up there is a lot of talk about trying to get a GBR team. No-one knows whether they will actually pull it off.

can you buy the team GB olympic football shirt? by Q: Saw the British olympic teams football jersey in the football and was wonderring if you can buy one? also if you can where could i get one

A: the shirt bale had on goes on sale in 12 days ..

Only Team GB medalists shown on BBC even if Chinese olympians get 3x the number of Golds?Can it be weirder? by Toots Q:

A: yeah, the BBC that British Channel, paid for by the British Tax payer, showing the British Medalists ... what a shocker and to Nikki G ... it's 12 Medals from 10 Events in the cycling :-D 7gold 3silver 2 Bronze

Why does Andy Murray have to play under GB team? by Sherlock Q: Granted, Scotland do not have many players at a world class level, but then arguably, neither do England. Is there a reason for this and should we (Scotland) at least be allowed to win or fail regardless of professional ranking?


What do you think of the Team GB Olympic mascot? by nurnord Q: http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/06092011/58/london-2012-new-mascot-london-games.html?page=4&order=date#co ...you don't want to know what I think...

A: Well it's better that the Olympic 2012 symbol, which is of course Lisa Simpson being busy.

At the London Olympics will GB field a soccer team like the USA dream team or let the amateurs have a go? by molly Q: They will qualify for all events being the host nation so they will have a team do you think the professionals deserve to play in 2012 if they don't want to represent their country now or should they give the up and coming champions a go? I didn't know they had to be under 23 why is that? Also I know I should have called it football sorry.

A: Countries can only have 3 soccer players over the age of 23. And if the last Rep series is anything to go by - the english footy lads are far too up themselves to even care. Give them 40,000 pounds a week, they'll play - give them an english guernsey, and they will spit in your face. My understand is that a fair whack of them have royally po'ed the locals.

anyone else surprised by team gb performance overall and dominating rowing and cycling? by bansisdead Q:

A: If anyone followed the progress of British track cycling over the past 5-10 years they should not be surprised that Britain now leads the world, and the rowers have rarely disappointed.

What is the official Team GB Font used? by gregor.engelmann Q: Hi Does anyone know what the font they used to write "Team GB" is? [img]http://www.olympics.org.uk/beijing2008/images/news/TeamGB_Beijing2008_360x270JPG35.jpg[/img]

A: There is no link available on your question to view the image to provide you with an adequate answer.

do we play for team gb or not scots football section? by chas c Q: do we put players in the olympic games or do we tell them to shove it.opinions please nope.dunno the words biker.lol

A: nope, i believe that we are different country's for better or worse. it pisses me off to no end when during an olympics, if a Scottish person wins the commentators say it was for Great Britian, but if an English person wins the commentators say it is for England. wankers. im fed up with it

British Olympic Team - Why Team GB and not Team UK? by Terry Smith Q: The United Kingdom is made up of Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) plus Northern Ireland. So referring to the British Olympic Team as Team GB implicitly misses out participants from N. Ireland. So why isn't the more accurate term of "Team UK" used instead? UPDATING QUESTION TEXT FOR CLARITY: The United Kingdom is a political entity made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Great Britain is a geographical term that includes England, Scotland, Wales but excludes Northern Ireland. So referring to the British Olympic Team as Team GB implicitly misses out participants from N. Ireland. So why isn't the more accurate term of "Team UK" used instead?

A: Don't be silly Gary..........GB or UK...it's all the same. If we named it Team UK there would be someone asking why we didn't name it Team GB. ps....it is Southern Ireland that is not in the UK and not in Gt. Britain.

If i start training now could i be part of team gb for the athletics team? I'm 21 therefore being 24 in 2012? by Dove01 Q: *Edit* By athletics team, i mean run track such as 100m etc.

A: Sure...you could do that. All you got to do is...GET NOTICED!

no scots or northan irish in the olympic GB team? by Q: i would of liked to of seen a real GB team including scots and n.irish but not to be . it's a shame that the Scottish FA and n.irish FA don't want there players player . obviously i'm talking football for all the people who would rather pick holes in my spelling i meant northern

A: it seems not it's a pity fletcher didn't get in

who would get into a GB football team? by gonzo Q: If we had a Great britain football team at the olympics, who would be in the team?

A: Craig Gordon Alan Hutton John Terry, Richard Dunne, Wayne Bridge SWP, Barry Ferguson, Scott Brown, James McFadden Wayne Rooney, David Healy

Will Andy Carroll be apart of Team GB in 2012? by Q: For the Paralympics? He wouldn't get his game but he'll get a place in the squad, no doubt. Seriously tho what should this bloke do as a career?

A: What disability does he have? :L vvv Oh...

Who are the possible players for Team GB? by Q: I heard that Frank Lampard is playing. I'm just curious as to who else might be playing, does anyone know? Andy Carroll?:) <--(Sorry, but he is unreal)

Why is the UK Olympic team called "Team GB", why not "Team UK"? by Irish 313 Q: GB is only England, Scotland and Wales....it does not include Northern Ireland (which is part of the UK, at the moment) Are competitors from Northern Ireland in the so-called "Team GB", and if so, how come?

A: Yes, Northern Ireland athletes competes for Team GB or Great Britain. And this has happened since 1924 Olympics. But since 2000 Olympics, these athletes can choose if they want to represent GB or Ireland following the newly-created Irish constitution in 1999. Scottish, Welsh athletes are also competing under the flag of Great Britain except for soccer players.

Whats all this about wales not wanting to be apart of the GB Football team? by Stephen Q: Something about Bale and Ramsey pissing off Welsh coaches because they want to play for GB at the Olympics. What's this all about can somebody fill me in? Thanks

A: Apparently the Scots and the Welsh don't want their players playing for 'Britain' in the Olympics...in case FIFA then turn round and say that Scotland ,Wales, England and N.Ireland would no longer be able to play as individual countries from then on, only as Britain. However, FIFA have said that they wouldn't do that but the countries are still opposed to a British team (even as an Olympic one-off). Personally, I can't see the problem as in rugby Welsh, Scottish and English players play together as the British Lions team, then revert back to their own countries when the tour is over.

Does anybody want to tryout for our gb team? by Q: We are a GameBattles team and we are looking to expand. We want people to tryout. We are looking for people 12-17 years old. Please respond back with your Gt

A: killer0008

How can I be part of team GB in the 2012 olympics but as an athlete? by Q:

A: Do you practice any sport? If not, start to practice. You have enough to worry about for now. When you become good, your coach will orient you to participate in regional tournaments. Then, will come the national tournaments and finally international tournaments, including the Olympic Games. Sorry, but to be in the Olympic Games, you don't apply for it as the former answerer said...

If a team GB formed who will you pick from NI,SCOTLAND AND WALES? by "$The Rass Don$" Q: I would have the same england team apart from: Kris Boyd, Darren Fletcher, Craig Bellamy and try get Ryan Giggs out of retirement. Coach: Mark Hughes

A: scotland - darren fletcher, kris boyd, barry ferguson, craig gordon, james mcfadden wales - craig bellamy, joe ledley, aaron ramsey, danny gabbidon northern ireland - david healy, chris brunt, jonny evans

how does the british olympic association select the athletes to represent team gb at the olympics? by Q:

How many medals will Team GB get in the Beijing Olympics? (10 points for nearest guess) by Herb H Q: Just a bit of fun to see if anyone can guess the nearest to what Britain will get in these olympics. gold, silver and bronze. i guess 5 gold, 3 silver 4 bronze. no idea just a random guess lol. we seem to have gotten much worse than in Athens. rowing and athletics have worsened etc....ah well

A: I think 11 golds, 8 silvers and 13 bronze medals.

How old do you have to be to make a halo reach mlg gb team ? by Q: I have 4 people oh and also how many people do you need

A: gb? I recommend being atleast 15. Prefer 18 though

im looking for a blackbops gb team team-ps3? by Q: I need a serious gb team and everyone needs a mic and a good record and know what your doing. My psn is ImGoinHam- im looking for a serious team, if your good and your starting a team. Message me on playstation, if your team is already started, well just message me.

Should I start Maurice Jones Drew against Buffalo or Kevin Smith against GB on my fantasy team this week? by xxlbstripesxx Q: Should I start Maurice Jones Drew against Buffalo or Kevin Smith against GB on my fantasy team this week? Standard scoring. I am also starting Adrian Peterson and Earnest Graham. It is a 2 back and 1 flex league.

A: Kevin Smith, he was one of the few bright spots for Detroit last week!

what is your opinions on athletes like Mason who won silver in the high jump for team GB who is Jamican? by littlejohn Q: there are many polish ,jamican and many other nationallies in the uk but in my opinion they should reprisent their own countries not G.B. JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE A PASSPORT. ricky tis is a genuine question not racist in anyway i just think jamaca should get the credit for the medal. o hatred in my part you must be a baw bag !!!

A: just jump of a bridge will ya hater? Spares us the trouble

With home advantage can Team GB improve on their magnificent Beijing tally of 47 medals? by вløøʐвøÿ Shed Head Q:

Who do you think is a better team The Eagles or GB packers, that is the two choices I have in this FB pool? by Ms Tracey Lyn Q: They are not playing each other, I'm in a pool at work and I've made it this far, I have to pick a different team each week and these 2 teams are the choices I have. I like GB packers but I'm debating.

A: Packers.

Looking for good Xbox360 Black Ops players willing to join my GB Team? by Q: My gamertag is M3ViP KB, my first name is Kyle, i do pretty good at black ops i just need teamates. Join!!!! Good at whatever, friend request me my gt is M3ViP KB. We need an objective player, a main slayer, a support, and thats about it. Thanks and join please!!!!! Send me a friend request!

Who is likely to be in the Team GB football team? by Q: What way does this work? How many players will be in the squad? Who are they likely to be? (Could you name a line-up) I'm going to Team GB's first match at Old Trafford at the end of July

A: My possible GB Team which includes some overage GK: Gordon -(Sco) RB: Hutton -(Sco) CB: Cathcart -(NI) CB: Jones -(Eng) LB: Wilson -(Sco) CM: Scholes- (Eng) or Giggs- (Wal) CM: McEachren- (Eng) LM: Bale -(Wal) CF: Boyce -(NI) CF: Sturridge-(Eng) RM: Ramsey W. Rooney - (possible Capt)

What is the difference between Pokemon Red Rescue Team for GB Advanced and the Blue Rescue Team for DS? by mslissyanne Q: Is there any difference to the game? My daughter has the Red Rescue Team and I am upgrading her to DS for Xmas and she now also wants the Blue. I can't see any difference really.

A: The Exclusive differences between Blue and Red are there pokemon -_-Red-_- Feebas Mantine Plusle Porygon Roselia -_-Blue-_- Aipom Lapras Magikarp Minun Porygon2 P.S. Read the back of the Pokemon Blue/Red games it even says right on the back that the only differences are pokemon and only one other difference is In blue if you have red stick both games in at once start Pokemon Blue and at the load screen at the 2ed to the bottom it says Receive Team in witch the Red Recue Team is put in the Blue Rescue teams Dojo... Great way to earn Ex. Points.

Team GB have GBR on the front of their vests,what does the R stand for? by barrie Q: I have asked a few people about this.Some say the R is the 2nd letter of Britain.Some have said Republic,but I think it is Rex/Regina.I am 56 but can't think of it coming up before,in conversation.

A: GBR = Great Britain Rocks? -_-

So what if the Australian sports minister is going to wear a Team GB shirt at a major sporting event? by pix42 Q: Don't Aussies in all sports go around wearing badges with crowns on them and waving flags with Union Jacks on them?!

A: I guess these Olympics really taught Aussies a lesson: don't be too proud of our sporting achievements to the extent that pride turns into arrogance.

Anybody want to join a Gb team ladder Ps3? by Alan Q: My Kd is 2.50 My win loss is 2.2. My friend in already on the team is pretty good too. If you want to join and live in the U.s post your kd below and say if you have played gb before. We will probably play only on weekends and Fridays.

Would you take a thirty pound Team GB limited edition hoody to school? by Q: It will be locked in my locker for most of the day, would you take it in?

A: No they will find some way to get it

Why is it team GB instead of team UK at the Olympics? by Q: Will Northern Ireland have a separate team or just won't play?

A: "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" Great Britain is the island which has England, Scotland and Wales. Northern Ireland shares Ireland with the Republic of Ireland. Northern Ireland geographically isn't part of the isle of Britain though politically it is a member nation of the United Kingdom, so good point Jamie. To answer the question, 'Team GB' probably sounds better or something. More a marketing exercise in the naming of the team than anything.

How do i become a member of team GB in 2012? by Callum M Q: Basically I want to work my ass off for the next 4 years. I would like to know how I can qualify to be in the Olympics as a athlete. I would go as an archer or marksman, as i am good at both. Can someone tell me where to start please? Or if you know of any web sites that mite help.

A: Ummm - Eric, no one is invited to go 6 years prior to an Olympics. Maybe a national coach said "you have the talent and if you apply yourself you can make the team" - but invited 6 years prior - nah. Usually the team is selected from the national trials held as little as 3 months prior to the Olympics For archery look to see where the tournaments are held, start competitively shooting and training. If you start winning a few or placing, you will move up the ranks. Not sure were archery tournaments are though as I was track and field and ran through the local athletics clubs, and national meets etc.

Team GB Squad in the London 2012 Olympics? by The Dominator 暗闇の王 Q: Do you think that the Team GB squad would just be England, but with the addition of Gareth Bale?

A: If there is a team GB then there should be some rules in place which make it fair. Which more or less means that all nations should have the same amount of players called up to the squad. What a lot of people fear at the mention of this, is that it's made permanent and it's only English players, with the exception of Bale and one or two more players.

Why if the UK is Great Britain & NI is the UK team at the olympics called team GB? by bdad Q: Why is it not team UK. Is this more political shinanagans(???) going on in the background.

A: The Olympic nations are not countries but National Olympic Commitees. This is why American Samoa can compete as themselves and not be within the Americans. The British Olympic Association's full title is "The National Olympic Associaton of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" which is shortened to GBR (which stands for Great BRitain)

Is it too late to be in the GB 2012 team now? by Q: I am a swimmer i've been swimming for 5 years now, doing small competitions etc, but is it too late to be in the GB team? Have the Great Britain Olympic team been picked already?

A: Its not yet too late to become a member of the GB Olympic swimming team because usually they will announce the composition of the team at least two months before the Olympic Games. Also one major requirement for you to swim in the Olympic Games is to equal or surpass the required Olympic qualifying time set by FINA in a sanctioned meet. To have an idea on what time you are aiming for, here is the qualifying time in each event for the 2008 Olympic Games. These qualifying times could change in the 2012 Olympic http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swimming_at_the_2008_Summer_Olympics_%E2%80%93_Qualification

How come for the Olympics its team GB instead of England national team? by Q: how come the football team is great britain and not the england national team?? and how do i check the lineup for the team?

A: Great Britain is England AND Scotland AND Wales. It would almost be like calling the United States "New England" ... that is only part of it. We are the United States (comprised of 50 States), and they are Great Britain (comprised of 3 distinct areas). They do not have the lineup set yet (that will probably have to wait until after May 29- but Beckham is expected to be on the team), but you can check back at http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/great-britain-olympic-football-team every so often and they should have it as soon as it's available. Hope this helps.

What's Green Bay's benefit to owning their FB team, GB Packers? by dasupr Q: Other than pride etc, any tangible benefits? I know that they spend money in GB but so does any team who resides for the season in a city. Ok, so GB has great fans, trophies etc. If one isn't a football fan, what's the plus? Dig a little deeper if you know.

A: The Packers can never be sold or moved. Nowadays...that is the sole benefit.

How many medals have the olympic team (GB) won in showjumping, since 1968? by BRAPPPPPP Q: I need to know how many olympic medals team GB have won in show jumping between now and 1968... can anyone help me??

A: google it

How will the Celtic fans react to Forrest wanting to play for team GB? by Q: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/2011/12/09/celtic-star-james-forrest-admits-interest-in-playing-for-team-gb-at-olympics-86908-23623040/ It seems to me that the younger players are all for a team GB but the older members in our game including fans are dragging their heals. No technology! no team GB! everything must remain exactly the same no matter what.

A: I agree with Tattie, although I'm no Celtic support ... He's a great player, as I've said on these boards before. I wouldn't begrudge him the opportunity to play, He's a talent and tae sharpen that on the world stage! I would just wonder at the ramifications of having a team GB.

Olympics - Where do you think team GB will finish in the medals table? by shortcrust Q: I'm gripped by Olympic Fever and can't believe that Team GB is currently third in the medals table. Can those whose know more than me about upcoming events hazard a guess what our final position will be?

A: i dont know much mate, but team GB are amazing. I watch them on tv when i can and if this continues they could finish 3rd easily. :)

Can Team GB give US a run for 2nd place in Gold medal ranking? by Chris C Q: With the exception of Michael Phelps, US seems to be having a disappointing Olympics. Team GB is in third place with only 8 golds behind US today. In the next few days it expects more Golds: they have finalists in men and women's cycling sprint finals, they are in the lead in Sailing Lazer and favorite in the women's BMX and men's triple jump. How close (how many gold medals) do you think Team GB can approach the US gold medal tally?

A: No. We should manage another 5 or 6 gold medals but that's about it. To even win as many as we've done is a remarkable achievement. We might be the best European team though. As long as we finish ahead of the froggies and jerries that'll be good enough.

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