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pattiw23 @JonathanRKnight Is Adam Levine on your team? My hair stylist swears he is, but I'm thinking not?

WranglersLV Adam Huxley notched two goals tonight against the very team he was playing for just last week! http://t.co/IEoojDVK

tuckett1414 @craigandy5hey did you see Adam state beat your basketball team last night? Lol lol lol great way to start out as a new coach. #Utes #pac12

quickmissive @AdamIsrael YAY TEAM ADAM!!!

tootnanny There have been 32 LSU/Bama games in my lifetime. The home team is 9-22-1. Adam Hose sucks.

taylorswiftlvrs VC NAO EH A UNICA! UHUU! RT @SupportSwiftBR Acho que sou a única que é Team Taylor e Adam aqui, né? :(

SupportSwiftBR Acho que sou a única que é Team Taylor e Adam aqui, né? :(

Roland_ESPN26 Wranglers are in Idaho tonight and Adam Huxley scores against his former team : )

Roland_ESPN26 RT @WranglersLV: Wranglers tie it up 1-1 with minutes left in the first thanks to an Adam Huxley goal against his former team!

WranglersLV Wranglers tie it up 1-1 with minutes left in the first thanks to an Adam Huxley goal against his former team!

Netmeg99_ @Woobies Well Adam unfollowed M.. & M made some statement tht he supports it & his team tweeted tht they didn't care if it hurt Adams career

Adamw031 RT @BlueJacketsBuzz: The only way I could hate this Blue Jackets team more is if Adam Foote suddenly appeared back on the roster #CBJ

Lancebaud RT @BlueJacketsBuzz: The only way I could hate this Blue Jackets team more is if Adam Foote suddenly appeared back on the roster #CBJ

matthewd1980 RT @BlueJacketsBuzz: The only way I could hate this Blue Jackets team more is if Adam Foote suddenly appeared back on the roster #CBJ

BlueJacketsBuzz The only way I could hate this Blue Jackets team more is if Adam Foote suddenly appeared back on the roster #CBJ


Where do you think Charlie Adam will go? Is he good enough to play for a team in the champions league? by Nally Q: I rate him highly and would like to see him in a red shirt.

A: I just want us to make an approach table in a bid in the region of £9-15m and just get the lad. £17.5m tops. Otherwise if we dont, and you guys do - and he flourishes at United - we'll regret it. Hendersons one for the future, we have to wait for 5 long years before we can compare him to Charlie Adam of 2010/11. by then, Charlie Adam may have moved to United or some place else and playing the football of his life. He'll only be 30 remember, 30 yrs of age in 2015/16, and i consider '30' to be the age when you are at golden age of your career, where you have mastered your various disciplines areas of your game and are beginning to USE that, and apply it - and to win stuff. Never under-estimate what an asset 'experience' is. You can have all the fancy tricks, bags of pace, silky dribbling skills in the world - but without experience you'll never be the finished article. With Age comes experience - and your decision making on the pitch is honed to perfection. Lot of kids are in their physical prime and are blessed technicaly but mentally lacking in places - either they switch off, get lazy, over do things, play the wrong pass, too late, too early - hold onto possession too long - rush things....so mental part of your game is important as much as technique. His all round game is brilliant, great passer - good vision, strong kid - doesnt shy away form tackles and can take a few too, Hes a standard Wilshere needs to atl east reach at Charlies age if we are to take Jack seriously at his current tender age. Charlie Adam's best years are ahead of him imo - i reckon he'll peak at 28 , 29 maybe even beyond that as some midfielders have done. Scholes peaked at 31, 32 imo. Zidane too.

Who do you think will win The Voice? Team Christina, Team Cee Lo, Team Adam,or Team Blake? by Jared N Q:

A: For me it's between Christina and Adam.

Do you think Adam Dunn has become a big problem as Albert Haynesworth for the other DC team? by Aking Q: He clearly has shut down, quit on the team, and doesn't feel like he wants to get to the 40 hr mark. PLEASE ELABORATE YOUR ANSWER.. LMAO @ Steve!! Fat slug HAAAAAA!

A: Your claim that he has shut down isn't accurate. He's hitting .308 with a homer and 3 RBI in 7 games this month. He struggled through a rough August but his numbers have always dipped in August and September as evidenced by his .229 career average in those months. He is on record as saying he would be willing to return to DC and he's only hurting himself if he doesn't make it to 40 home runs since he'll be in contract negotiations after this season. Comparing him to the fat slug taking up space on the ;Skins roster is ridiculous.

Who would you rather have on your team: Ryan Howard or Adam Dunn? by All You Need = Love Q: They're very similar. Give reasons.

A: I would go with Howard (both are high power high strikeout, risk vs reward type players) but Howard is the type to step up in the clutch and get the job done where as Dunn seems to get more numbers in garbage time than in a crucial game. Howard plays a bettter first than Dunn plays in the OF, plus Howard maintains a higher average than Dunn. Both will give you big bombs but Howard has a knack for doing it at the right time!

Did anyone want to see Adam Dunn on their team? by 4-3 Q: Sure he deserves it, but is it what he wants? He said so himself that he doesn't want to go to the AL because he's gonna have to DH. He also said that he felt relieved when 4 o'clock hit. Haha, Dunn? Inconsistent? Do you know a thing about baseball? Dunn is arguably the most consistent player in baseball. 5 40+ HR years STRAIGHT. For the past 5 years his BA ranged from .230-.270. You don't know the meaning of consistency.

A: I'm glad we kept him. Rizzo said that he felt that none of the other teams offered enough for him.

How accurately do shows like Adam-12, The A-Team, Police Story, and Andy Griffith portray police work ? by Flower Child Q:

A: Adam 12 in its time was pretty accurate at least as far as showing patrol officers at work-They over did the Miranda however, they gave it to everybody even on traffic stops sometime, The A-Team pure TV hogwash Police Story, again for its time, pretty accurate but a lot of fiction drama involved in it Andy Griffith-NO way, pure TV comedy. They never gave the Miranda to anybody regardless of what the event was and since good ole Andy was also the Justice of the Peace there is no way he could be both if this were a real setting You didn't mention Dragnet-Good show and again for its time, pretty accurate as far as what goes on in the Detective Bureau.

What football team does Adam Sandler support? by CJ100 Q: I'm just curious! Cause he seems to be a big fan of football

A: Jets

Why arent Adam Durrant and Ry Craike on the Quiksilver Team Page anymore? by james132 Q: i was on the quiksilver web page and noticed that Adam Durrant and Ry Craike vanished from the quiksilver team page? i went to there products but they still have pictures of adam up? im so confused some one help me out.

A: i dont no about ry craike but adam dropped quiksilver as a sponsor and is with billabong now. i should no im his number 1 fan.

Who is the Adam Clayton of your baseball team? by Royal Tenenbaum Q: Forgive me for going outside of the box. Adam Clayton is the bassist for U2, he gets the least amount of spotlight but he's been with the band since the beginning and could be called the "x-factor". Things aren't the same without him but you can't put a finger on why. I guess you could say the same about Ringo Starr or George Harrison to The Beatles, the drummer for the Rolling Stones, etc. Aaron Miles fills this role for the Cardinals. He plays everywhere and does so quietly but is a very hard worker and brings an extra energy to the team when he's in the lineup. Have fun with it.

A: For the Mets , I really can't think of anyone like Adam Clayton. That used to be Marlon Anderson or Endy Chavez, but they're both not having good years. For now I would say the closest to Adam Clayton would be either Nick Evans or Daniel Murphy. They're both kind of quite and they work really hard. They've been playing pretty good since they've been called up. It's hard for a New York team to really have a full-fledged Adam Clayton because of all the media and stuff. Most of the time, if you're helping a New York team win, you will get recognized.

What is Team Adam compared to Team Edward and Team Jacob? by Grr Q: okay, So my friend has a picture of herself in a shirt saying "Team Adam" on facebook. The caption says screw Team Edward and Team Jacob. I never read the books so is there another person coming into the series?? I only watch the movies haha.!

A: I've not read the books but I think that "Team Adam" is probably just a bit of anti-Twilight backlash... There are people in the world who really don't care one way or the other for Vampires or Werewolves because, frankly, they're not real. They never had Team Mr Darcy t-shirts did they? No! Sorry rant over...

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