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LuvMsBerry (...cont) We are both teachers & students who continue to critique the culture we help create.

Myaimistrue7 @BBKchang How far in are you? Do you have any RIS teachers for neighbors? Hope you stay safe and dry!

Yeah_or_Nope Are your teachers annoying? #YorN

jimmylemons inequality has its roots in teacher's unions,,,,bad teachers,,,teaching marxist propaganda,,,educate will eliminate poverty

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becksvaughan I love seeing teachers outside of school, It's like seeing a dog walk on it's hind legs.

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angryplumber @Vitamin_DG I don't know how teachers can get jobs if they can't even read.

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How does performance based pay for teachers work? by karl_popper_fan Q: Let's say you have 2 teachers in the same high school: Teacher A teaches Gifted and Talented English, has 60 students a day and Teacher B teaches general English and has 150 students a day. Now will teacher A get more pay if her students score better than teacher B's students on state testing?

A: I think that it is based on the progress of students. But I personally don't think this would be fair to the Gifted teacher. How much more are they going to be able to learn? A lower student has more to grow.

Why do teachers ignore it when kids call each other names or pick on others? by Where Beer Q: For teachers, or anyone who knows, I see time and again kids in school picking on the 'ugly' or the 'poor' kid with no interference from teachers or staff, particular in 4th and 5th graders. Is there some sort of teaching that says teachers are not to interfere when kids are interacting this way? These picked on kids come home, sometimes, in tears. What do you say?

A: My only insight is that the bystander kids have to be empowered to do something and say something. I think most of this goes on in places in school where adults are not around. A group of kids who show they will not tolerate bullying of one of their members is the best defense. It has been shown time and again that if just one person steps up, others will follow. We need to really work on this in the early grades so people do step up and start that chain reaction.

Can teachers give students a ride in their car to a fundraiser? by sweetblackberrybee Q: I'm just curious. I teach at a small school. I'm not planning on doing that, but I'm a teacher and I've seen the other teachers use the school van instead to transport a small number of students to field trips, fundraisers, etc. I don't understand why you couldn't just take them in your car? Is it for liability? But if it's liability, is it still liability if it's in the school van when you're driving? Pardon me for not knowing; I'm a first-year teacher and I'm still trying to learn the ropes. :) Thanks for your time.

A: What the others said is 100% right. It's not really about liability, its about protection from potential scandals. Although I am sure there is a liability issue as well. If you have an accident where you are driving them in a school van it is the schools insurance that is on the hook not you. You get into an accident in your car and a kid is hurt the and the kid's parent's lawyer comes looking for payment the school is going to say "hey you drove them in your car, that your problem." So there is that. However the real reason is what everyone else said. You should never be alone with a student, period. In the American Criminal Justice System you are innocent until prove guilty, right? Yes in all cases EXCEPT, EXCEPT, EXCEPT!!!!!! In cases of teachers having misconduct with students. This is no joke. If a student says a teacher did something to them, BAM!!! They are fired, pretty much on the spot. And there are more than a few cases where a person was fired, and then later it was found out the student lied. In my city a janitor was fired for having sex with a student and he lost his job, his wife, his home and people treated him like common criminal and then weeks later it was found out the girl lied. I mean students can lie no matter what you do, but the last thing you want is there to be a record that you make a habit of being a lone with students so if a student lies on you at least you can say "I am never a lone with students, so this could never happen." It is a teachers only defence.

How long can a teacher leave the class unattended? My teachers do it all the time? by Q: My qyuestion: How long can a teacher leave a class filled with students? I have teachers that do it all the time, and i think is this even legal? Like theyll go out for 5-10 minutes at a time with no genuine reason. Is there a specific legal ammount of time they can leave the class? Also is it legal for a teacher to hit a student or talk about beating students in a jokey way? Because i have a teacher who does that to.

A: Not even as a joke a teacher should hit a student or talk about beating students NO. No. NO. If this is going on in your school, try to get the time, the date and when the teacher said things of that sort and bring it to your parents attention. The school is not a place to create thoughts about violence. Teachers are to be role model for the best, not toward destruction. If you have witness and proofs, your parents must go to the Principal, if nothing is done, then your parents must go to the school district and complain about it. And about leaving the class too much too often is not right.( unless the teacher has kidney problems. or stomach problems, you have to find out if the teacher is sick) Otherwise, the teacher is not to leave the class room without a very valid reason.

How do teachers decide what teachers you will have the next year? Is it even the teachers who decide? by Ketchup Q: Like in elementary school, how did my teachers know what teacher to give me the next year? In JH and HS how do my teachers know who to put me with? Is it just random or alphabetical or what?

A: In my school, it is the principal and the counselor. They divide up the behaviorally challenged evenly and then the boys and then the girls. That way, each teacher gets an even amount of behavioral problems, boys, and girls. It seems to work good, but it is a small school. I think they also take into account parent requests.

TEACHERS?????!!!!!???!!?!?!?!!!?!? by Q: Ok this mite sound ridiculous but how often do they have sex? And do the 60 yr old single ones have sex? Wtffffff.....

A: Well obviously.. Me being a 33 yr old elementary teacher.. I have hot sex all the tim with my husband were human !

TeAcHeRs?? by the hug that lasted forever Q: Have you ever had a teacher who was SO unfocused in their work? What subject is he/she? When did you have he/she? Did you like it?

A: yes, this was my english teacher. she tried to teach us goegraphy come to find out some of the things she was talking about was very interesting it had to be at least 2 yrs ago

TEAChErS????? by Stephanie loves Secondhand Serenade <3 Q: have u ever wanted to tell ur teachers that they r big jerks. i mean all of mine have tests on the same days and assign projects with the same due dates. and give huge assignments every single day. have u ever just wanted to tell them to back off a little bit sorry guys im having a bad day and im just venting it is just so difficult. im a freshman in high school. i have close to 90 algebra 2 problems every night. i have 30 page english assignments. i have to read 2 chapters in my geography class and on top of it all i have no study hall so i dont even get an hour during the day to just work on it. i am gone 3 out of 5 school nights for pepband and my teachers just keep piling on project after project. i knew high school would be different but i didnt think it would be this bad. i mean i am in a higher level math than most of my class mates and i am expected to get straight A's from parents who r never home. im sorry if i am seeming a little b*tchy. i am just trying to vent my feelings. its hard.

A: I am so sorry that you are having a bad day. It may seem that your teachers are doing this on purpose but they've got deadlines to meet with your marks as well and then administration is putting their deadlines as well. It is alot and I know that what I am saying probably is not making sense but they need time to mark your assignments. All that I can say is to not leave your assignments for last minute then you will have too much to work on. The early bird catches the worm.

teachers..? by hi=] Q: kk so i want to give my teachers a end of the so i was wondering what would be a good gift? and second of all i might write a letter saying how i apreciate them being nice to me and all but do i write it to all of them in one letter and write to my team teachers or write a letter for each on if ur a teacher what would u like or appreciate more? and if not then take a guess lol thanx

A: No you would write to all of them separately - point out something about them that made your learning easier or a unique quality about them that touched you. A good gift would be a gift certificate to a nice restaurant in town! I know that is what I would like!

Teachers...? by •Amber• Q: I am currently in year 13 at my high school (6th form) and am about to leave - my class is putting in some money together to get the 6 teachers that have help us over the 2 years a present does anyone have any ideas on what presents we could get the teachers? not think like a bear with 'best teacher' on it because all of the can't be best teachers! thanks in advance x

A: As a teacher myself, I would prefer gift cards to book stores or teacher supply stores more than any cutesie little gifts. To me, giving me the ability to continue to buy materials that help me continue to teach is a big compliment.

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