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Taylor swift zac efron

Taylor Swift, Zac Efron rewrite 'Pumped Up Kicks' for 'Ellen'
21, 2012 04:21 PM Taylor Swift and Zac Efron, her co-star in "Dr. Seuss' The Lorax," dropped by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" with acoustic guitars to serenade the host with a rewritten version of Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks.

Taylor Swift and Zach Efron cover "Pumped Up Kicks" on "Ellen"
(CBS) While promoting Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax" on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Taylor Swift and Zac Efron strummed their guitars and sang their version of Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks." Swift revealed on the show that she had given Efron a guitar ...

Zac Efron Says Taylor Swift is Good Teacher
(EndPlay Staff Reports) - At the premiere of the new animated film "The Lorax," a Dr. Seuss classic, Zac Efron had kind words and complements for his co-star, Taylor Swift. The former Disney heartthrob of "High School Musical" fame, revealed on the ...

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JbJb36 RT @fabtasticbieber: So Zac Efron and Taylor Swift pranked Justin by dancing behind him while he was in the studio. LMFAO. They're risky to prank the prankster.

music_stephie I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/xMjaecbQ Taylor Swift and Zac Efron Sing a Duet!

Provisionalnews Zac Efron: Taylor Swift gave me guitar lessons http://t.co/623vTtnW

crowdsurf @TrainJumping Did you see JoJo on Ellen today? Taylor Swift showed a cute pic of them hanging out on Valentine's Day: http://t.co/GfufRNKQ

crowdsurf @thereal_dVb Did you see JoJo on Ellen today? Taylor Swift showed a cute pic of them hanging out on Valentine's Day: http://t.co/GfufRNKQ

Jbiebstunna RT @fabtasticbieber: So Zac Efron and Taylor Swift pranked Justin by dancing behind him while he was in the studio. LMFAO. They're risky to prank the prankster.

heeartneverlies I liked an @YouTube video http://t.co/OJoYKUEM Taylor Swift and Zac Efron Sing a Duet!

Zeedsie I'm watching @TheEllenShow again. Twice in a day! One of my most fave episodes with Zac Efron & Taylor Swift singing impromptu :D

JohnG500 It was a great episode! RT @BUZZNET: Zac Efron and @TaylorSwift13 get some love assistance from... Ellen? http://t.co/1OFKOBWz

crowdsurf @TeamJoUniverse Did you see JoJo on Ellen today? Taylor Swift showed a cute pic of them hanging out on Valentine's Day: http://t.co/GfufRNKQ

crowdsurf @TeamJoJoTurkey Did you see JoJo on Ellen today? Taylor Swift showed a cute pic of them hanging out on Valentine's Day: http://t.co/GfufRNKQ

ZulKarnell taylor swift and zac efron did a cover of pumped up kids on ellen!! power gedegak!!

crowdsurf @TeamJoJoNL Did you see JoJo on Ellen today? Taylor Swift showed a cute pic of them hanging out on Valentine's Day: http://t.co/GfufRNKQ

crowdsurf @TeamJoJoLUX Did you see JoJo on Ellen today? Taylor Swift showed a cute pic of them hanging out on Valentine's Day: http://t.co/GfufRNKQ

crowdsurf @TeamJoJoIndo Did you see JoJo on Ellen today? Taylor Swift showed a cute pic of them hanging out on Valentine's Day: http://t.co/GfufRNKQ


My Year End Celebrity Awards Nominees? by TaylorSwiftEveTorresFan Q: 09 Star of the Year: Beyonce Lady GaGa Michael Jackson Miley Cyrus Taylor Swift 09 Song: Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Kanye West - Run This Town Lady GaGa - Poker Face Miley Cyrus - Party In The U.S.A Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me 09 Movie: The Hangover The Princess & The Frog Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Twilight Saga: New Moon Up 09 TV Show: 30 Rock Secret Life of the American Teenager True Blood Vampire Diaries WWE Raw 09 Music Artist: Beyonce Jay-Z Kings of Leon Lady GaGa Taylor Swift 09 Award Show OMG: Adam Lambert (American Music Awards) Bret Michaels (Tony Awards) Eminem & Bruno (MTV Movie Awards) Kanye West & Taylor Swift (MTV Video Music Awards) Miley Cyrus (Teen Choice Awards) 09 Funny Person: Amy Poehler Chelsea Handler George Lopez Wanda Sykes Will Ferrell 09 Fashion Icon: Blake Lively Lady GaGa Katy Perry Michelle Obama Selena Gomez 09 Guilty Pleasure: Bad Girls Club The Hills Snuggie Twilight Saga Twitter 09 Shocker: Ashlee Simpson dumped from 90210 Chris Brown/Rihanna Altercation Death of Michael Jackson Miley Cyrus leaves Twitter Paula Abdul leaves American Idol 09 Most Controversial Star: Carrie Prejean Chris Brown Kanye West Miley Cyrus Tiger Woods 09 Twitter: @ddlovato (Demi Lovato) @johncmayer (John Mayer) @kimkardashian (Kim Kardashian) @taylorswift13 (Taylor Swift) @yelyahwilliams (Hayley Williams) 09 Feud: America vs. Swine Flu Jon vs. Kate Kanye West vs. Country Music Heidi & Spencer vs. Everyone Miley Cyrus vs. Haters & Twilight 09 Male Hottie: Chace Crawford John Cena Robert Pattinson Taylor Lautner Zac Efron 09 Female Hottie: Beyonce Kim Kardashian Maryse from WWE Megan Fox Taylor Swift 09 Couple: Jay-Z & Beyonce Penn Bagely & Blake Lively Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Russell Brand & Katy Perry Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift 09 Breakout Star: Adam Lambert Drake Justin Bieber Lady GaGa Susan Boyle 09 Phenomenom Obama Family Single Ladies Dance Susan Boyle True Blood Twilight Saga 09 Worst Star Balloon Boy's Parents Jon & Kate; Heidi & Spencer Octomom Perez Hilton Help me decide the winner by voting for your favorite in each category (no write in submissions!)

A: 09 Star of the Year: Taylor Swift 09 Song: Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me 09 Movie: Twilight Saga: New Moon 09 TV Show: Secret Life of the American Teenager 09 Music Artist: Taylor Swift 09 Award Show OMG: Eminem & Bruno (MTV Movie Awards) 09 Funny Person: George Lopez 09 Fashion Icon: Lady Gaga 09 Guilty Pleasure: Twilight Saga 09 Shocker: Chris Brown/Rihanna Altercation 09 Most Controversial Star: Chris Brown 09 Twitter: @taylorswift13 (Taylor Swift) 09 Feud: Kanye West vs. Country Music 09 Male Hottie: TAYLOOOOOOOOOORRRR LAUTNERRRRRRRRRRR!! 09 Female Hottie: Megan Fox (that what my guy friends think) 09 Couple: Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift (not exactly) 09 Breakout Star: Lady GaGa 09 Phenomenom: Twilight Saga 09 Worst Star: Balloon Boy's Parents (such idiots!!!)

Choose: Who is your favorite singer/actor/actress ? by ♥ Sarah ♥ Q: is it Zac Efron , Robert Pattinson , Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Jonas Brother, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez ,Taylor Lautner, Emily Osment , Kristen Stewart, Vanessa Hudgens , Ashley Tisdale..... mine is : actor: Zac Efron actress:Kristen Stewart singer: Britney Spears

A: None of those. Singer: Michael Jackson Actor: Wylie Hughes Draper Jr.(: Actress: Anne Hatheway

Rate these celebs 1-10.? by zαιηε™ Q: First on looks then talent., I' f you don't know who they are then just skip them Yeah I'm kinda bored so I posted this.(: -Taylor Swift. -Miley Cyrus -Selena Gomez -Demi Lovato -Joe Jonas -Nick Jonas -Kevin Jonas -Carrie Underwood -Kellie Pickler -Kelly Clarkson -Jesse McCartney -Taylor Lautner -Rob Patinson -Kristen Stewart -Vanessa Hudgens -Zac Efron -Taylor Momsen -Chace Crawford -Ashley Tisdale -Kellan Lutz -Kris Allen -David Cook -David Archuleta

A: Taylor Swift 10 -Miley Cyrus 4 -Selena Gomez 8 -Demi Lovato 5 -Joe Jonas 6 -Nick Jonas 7 -Kevin Jonas 5.5 -Carrie Underwood 6 -Kellie Pickler Never heard of her -Kelly Clarkson -5 -Jesse McCartney 6 -Taylor Lautner 5 -Rob Patinson 0 -Kristen Stewart 0 -Vanessa Hudgens 0 -Zac Efron 1 -Taylor Momsen never heard of him -Chace Crawford ? -Ashley Tisdale 4 she is a better actress then singer -Kellan Lutz never heard of them -Kris Allen never heard of him -David Cook 7 -David Archuleta 7

Poll: Date Or Hate ? ? by ~T0n"G"an~Prid3~ Q: Guys: Megan Fox Taylor Swift Lady GaGa Beyonce Brittany spears Hanna Montana Kim Kardician Nichole Richie Grammy thats 98 years old Amy Whinehouse tori spellings hidi from the hills snookie from jersey shore sara palain sara palians daughter Girls: Zac Efron Taylor Lauthner Jo Bros. Will Smith Oboma Michael Jackson harry potter adam lambert ** sorry for mispelled words !!!!!!!!!!!!!**

A: 1 hate 2 date 3 date 4 hate 5 hate 6 hate 7 hate bonus hate

Who are you going to vote for in the Kids Choice Awards of 2010? by Eliz Q: I am going to chooose: TV show- Wizards of Waverly Place TV Actor: Nick Jonas TV Actress: Selena Gomez or Keke Palmer (can't choose, tell me ur opinion of which one) Music Group: Black Eyed Peas Female Singer: Probably Taylor Swift Song: You Belong With Me Movie Actor: Taylor Lautner <3 Movie: The Twilight Saga: New Moon <333333333333333333333333333... Favorite Actress: Sandra Bullock or Miley Cyrus (in The Last Song, looks good) Cartoon: the Simpsons Reality Show: American Idol Female Athlete: Misty Mae Treanor Male Athlete: Ryan Sheckler Video Game: Wii Fit Book: Twilight Series <3 (it was hard choosing btwn Twilight vs. Vampire Diaries) Animated Movie: Monsters vs. Aliens Voice from AM: Reese Witherspoon or Jim Carey(?) Those were my choices, but i would like to know your opinions. I wrote them all out and their nominees below so you guys can copy and paste =] TV Show: iCarly Sonny with a Chance The Suite Life on Deck Wizards of Waverly Place TV Actor: Cole Sprouse Dylan Sprouse Joe Jonas Nick Jonas TV Actress: Miranda Cosgrove Miley Cyrus Selena Gomez Keke Palmer Music Group: Black Eyed Peas Coldplay Jonas Brothers Linkin Park Female Singer: Beyonce Miley Cyrus Lady Gaga Taylor Swift Male Singer: Jay-Z Sean Kingston Mario Ne-Yo Song: I Gotta Feeling (Black Eyed Peas) Paparazzi (Lady Gaga) Party in the USA (Miley Cyrus) You Belong with Me (Taylor Swift) Movie: Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen The Twilight Saga: New Moon X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie Actor: Zac Efron Taylor Lautner Shia LeBeouf Tyler Perry Movie Actress: Sandra Bullock Miley Cyrus Megan Fox Zoe Saldana Cartoon: The Penguins of Madagascar Phineas and Ferb The Simpsons SpongeBob SquarePants Reality Show: American Idol Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? So You Think You Can Dance Wipeout Female Athlete: Danica Patrick Misty May Treanor Serena Williams Venus Williams Male Athlete: Kobe Bryant LeBron James Ryan Sheckler Shaun White Video Game: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Mario Kart Wii Fit Wii Sports Resort Book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid series Twilight series Vampire Diaries series Where the Sidewalk Ends Animated Movie: A Christmas Carol Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Monsters vs. Aliens Up Voice from an Animated Movie: Jim Carrey (A Christmas Carol) Seth Rogen (Monsters vs. Aliens) Ray Romano (Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs) Reese Witherspoon (Monsters vs. Aliens)

A: TV Show: Suite Life On Deck TV Actor: Cole Sprouse TV Actress: Miley Cyrus Music Group: Black Eyed Peas Female Singer: Lady Gaga Male Singer: Ne-Yo Song: I Gotta Feeling (Black Eyed Peas) Movie: The Twilight Saga: New Moon (SISTER'S CHOICE IS ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS THE SQUEAKUEL) Movie Actor: Taylor Lautner Movie Actress: Sandra Bullock Cartoon: Phineas and Ferb Reality Show: American Idol Female Athlete: Serena Williams Male Athlete: Ryan Sheckler Video Game: Wii Fit Book: Twilight series Animated Movie: Up Voice from an Animated Movie: Jim Carrey (A Christmas Carol)

Who are you voting for in the Kids Choice Awards 2010? by Me. Q: I аm going tο chooose: Favorite Couple: Jacob & Bella TV ѕһοw- Wizards οf Waverly PƖасе TV Actor: Cole Sprouse. TV Actress: Selena Gomez Music Group: Coldplay. Female Singer: Taylor Swift Song: Yου Belong Wіtһ Mе Movie Actor: Taylor Lautner <3 Movie: Tһе Twilight Saga: Nеw Moon(: Favorite Actress: Sandra Bullock Cartoon: tһе Simpsons Reality Sһοw: Are you Smarter then a fifth grader? Female Athlete: Misty Mae Treanor Male Athlete: Ryan Sheckler Video Game: Mario Kart. Book: Twilight Series <3 Animated Movie: A Christmas Carol. Voice frοm AM: Jim Carrey. Copy & Paste and tell me what you're voting for. Favorite couple: Edward & Bella Jacob & Bella The Obamas TV Sһοw: iCarly Sonny wіtһ a Chance Tһе Suite Life οח Deck Wizards οf Waverly PƖасе TV Actor: Cole Sprouse Dylan Sprouse Joe Jonas Nick Jonas TV Actress: Miranda Cosgrove Miley Cyrus Selena Gomez Keke Palmer Music Group: Black Eyed Peas Coldplay Jonas Brothers Linkin Park Female Singer: Beyonce Miley Cyrus Lady Gaga Taylor Swift Male Singer: Jay-Z Sean Kingston Mario Ne-Yo Song: I Gotta Feeling (Black Eyed Peas) Paparazzi (Lady Gaga) Party іח tһе USA (Miley Cyrus) Yου Belong wіtһ Mе (Taylor Swift) Movie: Alvin аחԁ tһе Chipmunks: Tһе Squeakuel Transformers: Revenge οf tһе Fallen Tһе Twilight Saga: Nеw Moon X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie Actor: Zac Efron Taylor Lautner Shia LeBeouf Tyler Perry Movie Actress: Sandra Bullock Miley Cyrus Megan Fox Zoe Saldana Cartoon: Tһе Penguins οf Madagascar Phineas аחԁ Ferb Tһе Simpsons SpongeBob SquarePants Reality Sһοw: American Idol Arе Yου Smarter Tһаח A Fifth Grader? Sο Yου Rесkοח Yου Cаח Dance Wipeout Female Athlete: Danica Patrick Misty Mау Treanor Serena Williams Venus Williams Male Athlete: Kobe Bryant LeBron James Ryan Sheckler Shaun White Video Game: Tһе Legend οf Zelda: Spirit Tracks Mario Kart Wii Fit Wii Sports Resort Book: Diary οf a Wimpy Kid series Twilight series Vampire Diaries series Everywhere tһе Sidewalk Ends Animated Movie: A Christmas Carol Ice Age: Dawn οf tһе Dinosaurs Monsters vs. Aliens Up Voice frοm аח Animated Movie: Jim Carrey (A Christmas Carol) Seth Rogen (Monsters vs. Aliens) Ray Romano (Ice Age: Dawn οf tһе Dinosaurs) Reese Witherspoon (Monsters vs. Aliens) If you haven't voted yet, go to nick.com/kca and click on the little "Vote" tab. :D Everyoneeee, vote for Taylor Lautner. If he wins, I'm hoping he's gonna do a backflip ;D I've voted like, 13 times already today. (: TAYLOR WON! <3 <3 <3 a b, are you talking about Big Time Rush? My sister loves them. Lol. Yeah, there is 4 guys in the band.

A: OK, vampire diaries was written 1991 WAY before twilight and stephanie meyer said it was one of her "inspirations" so its her who's copying, get your facts straight before you try to judge something.

who sucks the most??? and why? by jOsh! Q: robert pattinson, zac efron or taylor swift?

A: Robert Pattinson Because he's a vampire. haha get it? but seriously he's lame

do you think they look cute together? by ☆ziah☆ Q: zac efron and taylor swift.... http://www.efronfreak.com/2009/03/11/zac-efron-and-taylor-swift-at-the-17-again-premiere-in-australia/

A: yeah they actually do.Taylor Swift looks much better than Vanessa Hudgens

Coke or pepsi 2......!!!? by Sam Love Q: Okeydokes here we go coke or pepsi 2...yes #2!(: flip flops or sneakers straight or curly (hair) girls: Taylor lautner or Zac efron guys: Taylor swift or Miley Cyrus dog or cat peace or war lollypops or reeces(spelling?) twilight or dark night bright colors(like in the rainbow+pink(: ) or dark (like black brown and grey) light or dark ocean or pool water or land soup or salad abercormbie or hollister girls: channel or marc jacobs guys: quicksliver or billabong first date: movie or dinner or beach ice cream or frozen yogurt ...and finally soda comparison: sprite or Sierra mist last question...did you like this yes or no Sorry I forgot to say thanks so much!! Send the link to everyone if you want... Umm add me to your contacts, email me with suggustions for my next one and I think I'm gunna start doing one weekly so tell me what you think of this idea and some possible questions! Answer my other questions too like the am I pretty one... So yeah love you guys! <3 Sam

Who are your favorite teen stars? by Jessica Q: Put these teen stars in order from best to worst(NO FURTHER COMMENTS) 1. Sabrina Bryan 2. Nick Jonas 3. Demi Lovato 4. Taylor Swift 5. Zac Efron 6. Selena Gomez 7. Vanessa Hudgens 8. Ashley Tisdale 9. David Archuleta 10. Jojo You can add your own teen stars...if you want These are mines: (best to worst) 1. Sabrina Bryan 2. Selena Gomez 3. Taylor Swift 4. Jojo 5. Demi Lovato 6. Vanessa Hudgens 7. Ashley Tisdale 8. Nick Jonas 9. Zab Efron 10. David Archuleta sorry i meant *zac

A: 1.Demi Lovato 2.Ashley Tisdale 3.Nick Jonas 4.Selena Gomez 5.Taylor Swift 6.Vannesa Hudgens 7.Jojo 8.David Archuleta 9.Sabrina Bryan 10.Zac Efrron Sry Zac! We r the real jonas brothers email us [email protected] visit our myspace visit our NEW twitter account www.twitter.com/Rejonasbrothers Today at 5pm justin tv/jonas brothers live chat!!! call us on our fan line 818 748 8887

Zac Efron, Adam Lambert, and Ryan Seacrest, Marry one, push one, and be bffs with one.? by randomness Q: For guys, Vanessa Hudgens, Taylor Swift, and Paula Abdul. Not saying I like any of these people, but I want to see what people *or you* say!

A: marry ryan seacrest push zac efron off a very HIGH cliff be bffs with adam lambert

Answers To Tell Me About Taylor Swift? by cstfreer Q: Favorite Song: Can't Tell Me Nothing by Tim McGraw Favorite Thing To Write About: LOVE!!!! Favorite Drink: Ice Tea Favorite Food: Cheesecake No Favorite Singer: Tim Mcgraw Best Friend: Selena Gomez Boyfriend: Taylor Lautner Favorite Color: White Favorite T.V. shows: Law & Order, SVU, CSI, and Grey's Anthony Favorite Movie: Love Actually Favorite Author: Dr. Suess Favorite Store: Forever 21 How Many Tours Has She Ever Had: 231 Favorite Song She Wrote: Love Story Favorite Song By Tim Mcgraw: Can't Tell Me Nothing Allergies: No Allergies Favorite Thing To Where: Dresses And Cowboy Boots Hometown: Wymossing, PA Birth Date: December 13, 1989 No Favorite Reality Show: Doesn't Have One Yes Kelly Clarkson Favorite Actress: Ashley Judd Favorite Actor: Zac Efron Crush: Zac Efron Sometimes IPhone That's Why I'm Asking You That's Why I'm Asking You That's Why I'm Asking You That's Why I'm Asking You Yes Yes Yes Roses Doggy 2 dogs And 1 Cat Gold Sparkly One She Wears At Her Concert Old Ones That's Why I'm Asking You That's Why I'm Asking You That's Why I'm Asking You That's Why I'm Asking You That's Why I'm Asking You That's Why I'm Asking You That's Why I'm Asking You T-Swizzy Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Chord Overstreet, and Jake Gyllenhaal Emma Stone

A: Sorry, I don't understand what you're asking, exactly? I'll edit if you explain :)

What's your favorite? by anonymous1010101010101010101010 Q: Miley Cyrus or Vanessa Hudgens? The Notebook or Titanic? Scary movies or romantic? facebook or myspace? cotton candy or bubblegum? disney or nickelodion? Taylor Swift or Zac Efron? Hilary Clinton or George W. Bush?

A: Miley Cyrus The Notebook Romantic Myspace Cotton candy ♥ Nickelodeon Taylor Swift Hilary Clinton.

Who do you think is Cutest/hottest? Boys and Girls? by Mz. Thangg:) Q: BOYS GIRLS 1. Jacob (Taylor Launter) 1. Taylor Swift 2. Zac Efron 2. Miley Cyrus 3. Justin Beiber 3. Kesha/Keisha 4.Nick Jonas 4. Beyonce 5. Usher 5. Selena Gomez 6. T- Pain 6. Vanessa Hudgens

A: 2 definently because zac efron is so hot and miley is like 1 of my fav singers

What do you think of Teenvogue? by Luna Lovegood's friend(OOO)[ Q: I love Teenvogue because of the issues they cover, and the people they write about like some of my favorite models and foreign actors. I'm always satisfied with the person they choose to represnt their cover,though lately they've been choosing people like Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, and Vanessa Hudgens to be on their covers. Teenvogue usually chooses topics like eating disorders, numerous diseases teens should be aware of and about normal kids accomplishing goals or doing good deeds like fundraising money for a great cause. Also the fashion they advertise is different from other teen magazines, I say this because it's a younger version of Vogue. I'm bothered by this because these Disney stars haven't done anything except capture little kids attentions, which doesn't make them any special. Sorry if this annoys you but I was just wondering. jonas brother lover that was one of my favorite covers as well, my favorite is the one with the harry potters stars.

A: i actually totally agree with everything u said. and i think you feel the same way when i say i'd way rather see teen vogue models on the cover of teen vogue then disney stars who dont even need the cover. one of my favorite covers was the issue with chanel iman, ali michael, and karlie kloss. three beautiful models often in the pages of vogue and other magazines like regular vogue. and THE STYLE its amazing, and ur right-totally unlike any other teen magazine. Its chic sophisticated style for teenagers. I have to stop myself from going on about how much I love that it gives teenagers a twist to the styles you see in Vogue. The topics are great, i remember reading one on alchol and another one on cocain, they both made me never wanna do either ever again (im talking about alchol not cocain, i would never use that) I cant wait for the next issue to come out, I hope they have someone good on the cover. i think you can tell that i too have a passion for this magazine. hahaha I've learned so much from this magazine and would love to be a stylist for that magazine or just in general

Whose your favorite out of??...? by anonymous1010101010101010101010 Q: Brittney Spears or Miley Cyrus?? Jonas Brothers or Zac Efron?? Taylor Swift or Vanessa Hudgens??

A: Miley Jonas Brothers Taylor Swift

Who would u rather have sex with? by Cillín 'O Braonán!!! =] Q: Justin Biber? Zac Efron? Taylor Swift? Or Rihanna??? If u dnt like any here then who wood u pick???

A: None

who is better??????????????????????? by Q: Who is better? Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus? Taylor Lautner or Zac Efron? Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood?

A: Take this crap out of this section!

Should we play a little game? part 2? by I love sims 2 Q: ask me something and check back after a few minutes and i should have answered it. answers from the previous one: Whats your favourite song atm? - hard to choose but one of them is You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift Do you like cheese? -yes, mozzarella is my fav How are you? - fine thnx What was the last thing you ate? - coco pops left or right handed? - right handed are u married and if so u have children? yes i am married, going to be 2 years this Dec. No i don't have kids yet what is your favourite linkin park song & do you like Billie Joe? - wow, that's a tough, i listened to all their 3 main albums and loved all their songs, so i can't choose. and i love billie joe, he is so sexy, hehe mink- that is so cool, yeah numb is a great song Who's your biggest celeb crush? -chester bennington, hehe Do you like Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, & Miley Cyrus? - like them, yes. taylor swift though, i love her album Fearless What is your biggest irrational fear? -being scared of clowns how are you today? - i am doing fine, thnx what are the chances of you giving me best answer/stars? - well your chance is the same as everyone elses of getting a BA, hehe what's the time where you live? its 8:30am right now and i live in england Do you know who Amy Lee is? i have heard that name before, but i don't know exactly who she is you've opened Pandora's box, haven't you? -yes i have are you still bored? -yes but now i am also hungry cuz its quarter to nine in the morning here Will you be checking on my answer every now and then? -every few minutes, yes What if I update it? - that's fine but do it as an "EDIT" How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? - a few thousand, but idk really Do you prefer cats or dogs? - i have always loved cats ever since i could crawl How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? - i saw this site where this girl did it and she said it took her 763 should i think about you today? - if you want to do you know how to hardstyle shuffle? - huh!? what's that? oh that's what it is, then no, cuz i think i have two left feet, hehe I gave you those from the previous one cuz i don't want you to ask me those cuz i have already answerd them do you get time off during exams? - yes we do what do u like most about your husband? - he is patient and comprimising do you like the "old Linkin Park" (aka: Meteora, Hybrid Theory albums) or the new Linkin Park (aka: New Divide)? - i love both their old and new sound What do you think of me not going to school today? - thats the choice you made Do you know Victorias Secret? - know, yes but use, no

A: ok u answred me ur married ..what do u like most about your husband??

What does this dream mean? by Samantha Q: Ok i know this dream is kinda weird, but one time i was dreaming i went to this high school or something (even thought im only in middle school in real life). Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, David Cook, and David Archuleta also went to the school. Everyone was asking for taylors autograph and she signed them looking annoyed or bored. the weird part is that when i asked 4 her autograph, i asked her to sign a 2 dollar bill. Then the Davids started to sing a song together and everyone went to get there autograph. zac just sat there looking at everyone while he was ignored. i wanted to ask him 4 his autograph to make him feel good but i thought i would look stupid. i dont know what this means cuz i LOVE taylor swift and the davids, and im tired of zac efron. why did i feel sorry for him in my dream? why did taylor look so annoyed with everone giving her attention? i dont know if this means anything cause i didnt really have anything to do with this dream. i just asked for autographs and felt sorry for zac

A: sounds like each celebrity is a symbol of people you know personaly, and what you (or they) may be feeling in the present/past time.

THIS or THAT poll!!! [twilight vs. harry potter, selena vs. miley, chase crawford vs. zac efron]? by Katie Q: WHICH ONE IS BETTER (out of each pair)??? 1. Twilight OR Harry Potter 2. Miley cyrus OR Selena gomez 3. Zac efron OR Chase crawford 4. Justin gaston OR Nick Jonas [
A: twilight miley cyrus chase crawford nick jonas edward!! both!! Both!!! facebook

Check out this youtube channel and the videos they are really good!? by Doodle Q: If you like Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, Fergie, Ashley Tisdale, Avril Lavigne, or Hollister click the link below and feel free to subscribe. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/Puckerfence

A: Cool. You have some good vids. You can check out my page if you want. I have no vids on there yet but there should be a few posted here shortly! youtube.com/ALL4MCR

Celebrities: Republican or Democratic? What do you think? by othluva Q: which of these celebrities do you think are democratic/republician? and why? 1. selena gomez 2. michael phelps 3. demi lovato 4. jonas brothers 5. dakota fanning 6. miley cyrus 7. brangelina 8. david beckham 9. taylor swift 10. zac efron haha thanks, just looking for opinions (:

A: Miley and the Jonas Brothers are republicans. Mileys Dad is singing in the freedom concert which is a republican thing and she and the jonas brothers are very religious. Jonas brothers dont really talk about their views but their parents where scene at McCain rallys. Kevin Voted for mccain

Poll: which one of these singers have the nicest voice? by raafa Q: Female singers: Male Singers: Miley Cyrus Justin Bieber Demi Lovato Jesse McCartney Selena Gomez Zac Efron Taylor Swift David Archuleta Miranda Cosgrove Aron Carter

A: Most of them can't sing. I like David Archuleta, Jesse and Miley. Taylor has nice songs but can't sing.

Not as nice as they look? Taylor swift and Miley!!? by MoreThanAlive Q: http://www.disneydreaming.com/2009/02/20/the-real-miley-cyrus-and-taylor-swift/ Despite their age difference, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift have become BFF’s, but as cute as these two seem in public, it seems that they are hiding some trash talk from their fans! They might have looked young and harmless at the Grammy awards during their duet, but backstage was a totally different story: “Miley and Taylor spent most of the night ragging on the Jonas Brothers,” a source told Star Magazine. “These two are merciless when they get together. They were talking smack about Katy Perry’s outfit and how boring Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were.” Miley and Taylor have also been rumored to make fun of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. That's sooooo mean why would they say those things? they shouldnt bag on people! In popstar it said oh taylor ,miley and demi were freinds well miley said" i couldnt live without demi" but nothing about Selena! interesting! question what you think about them now?

A: I think they think they are the anti-Jonas squad, out there b*tching about their ex's for dumped girls everywhere - but they're not, they're just caught up over boys who didn't love them. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFdI_oij18Q) Nick said he didn't love her, just watch Kevin's face! And Joe said that a phone call can only last as long as the other person wants to speak to you, so the Taylor Swift breakup was publicized by her to sell her album. Watch Miley butcher what could have been a good performance (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4k2q6YigpE0) 7 things (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hr0Wv5DJhuk) is a song about hate, revenge and not forgiving people, where as Miley insists "The Bible. It's my 'how-to' guide for life." (http://www.celebuzz.com/miley-cyrus-bible-babble-s31201/) also, in that picture she has a massive tongue. I completely agree with you, they do not deserve to be looked up to by young kids. Miley thinks she is the coolest person ever, and that's a quote (http://www.celebuzz.com/miley-cyrus-i-am-most-s28801/). If you saw the VMAs you would have seen how serious Miley was when she said she was going to fight with Taylor and Katy for an award, while Taylor tried to make it a joke (.http://www.instyle.com/instyle/package/general/photos/0,,20170110_20224185_20505844,00.html) sorry, couldn't find a video)

Who is your favorite singer who doesnt have any talent? by anthxmenTWILIGHT21 Q: Like Taylor Swift, or Zac Efron, or Miranda Cosgrove

A: I feel offended by this ridiculous question.

was there a second breakfast club? by Tori V Q: i saw a picture of a movie poster with zac efron, taylor swift, michael cera, robert pattinson, and kristin stewart, it said back 2 detention. is this real?

A: Although there was talk of a sequel to Breakfast Club, it was never discussed in terms of the actors above. The only confirmed star who would have been in it as yet was Emilio Estevez, how ever it was recently released that' [he] will not be starring in a sequel to The Breakfast Club, and as a consequence, there is no longer a project" Sorry!

Vanessa Hudgens or Taylor Swift ? by Q: So, I wanted to know who is hotter Vanessa Hudgens or Taylor Swift? Vanessa Hudgens http://cdn.buzznet.com/media/jj1//2009/03/efron-watchmen/zac-efron-vanessa-hudgens-watchmen-premiere-01.jpg Taylor Swift http://celebrity-mania.com/images/files/00011343.jpg

A: V Hudg FTW

What sweater is Ellen DeGeneres wearing on her show Tuesday February 21, 2012? by Q: The episode where Zac Efron and Taylor Swift do a duet.

CLICK HERE CLICK HERE! ITS THE BEST THING YOU'LL DO TODAY.? by yo its me <3 Q: JUST ANSWER THIS I HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO. mustard or ketchup broken arm or broken leg movie or mall tv or computer outside or inside camping or biking running or walking baseball or basketball soccer or volleyball beach or city pink or blue black or white dog or cat hotdog or hamburger cell phone or ipod 1 best friend or a big group of close friends middle school or high school cute girl or hot guy glasses or contacts acne on your forehead or your chin hip hop or pop Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift Zac Efron or Brad Pitt math or science GO AHEAD AND ANSWER AWAY!!!~~~~~~=)

A: ketchup, hate mustard hmm..arm movie computer inside biking walking basketball volleyball beach blue black dog hotdog, i dont like bergers cell 1 bff high school im a girl so hot guy contacts either pop miley, i guess cause i only like 1 song from taylor brad is hot, but ima go with zac ugh..math..

rate these celebrities on a scale of 1-10. hurry rate before midnight. i will post the averages at 12:05!? by Q: angelina jolie= robert pattinson= kristen stewart= shanae grimes= blake lively= taylor momsen= taylor lautner= anne hathaway= cory kennedy= lindsey lohan= miley cyrus= selena gomez= demi lovato= jonas brothers= luaren conrad= whitney port= spencer & heidi= britney spears= kim kardashian= victoria beckham= david beckham= sascha privovara= madonna= jennifer aniston= gwenyth paltrow= robert downey jr= emile hirsch= james franco= samantha ronson= chanel iman= karlie kloss= beyonce= taylor swift= zac efron= tom cruise= katie holmes= audrina patridge= brad pitt= rate them bassed on everything overall. basically rate them on appeal. if you have no idea who one of them is then just skip it if you dont want ot do it then dont do it and dont answer. you dont have to do all of them anyway. i just wanted a variety. just choose a few sorry. this is gonna take a lil longer than i thought...

A: angelina jolie=5 robert pattinson=7 kristen stewart=? shanae grimes=? blake lively=6 taylor momsen=? taylor lautner=8 anne hathaway=8 cory kennedy=? lindsey lohan=0 miley cyrus=9 selena gomez=9 demi lovato=9 jonas brothers=10 luaren conrad=? whitney port=? spencer & heidi=0 britney spears=4 kim kardashian=? victoria beckham=? david beckham=10 sascha privovara=? madonna=0 jennifer aniston=? gwenyth paltrow=? robert downey jr=10 emile hirsch=? james franco=8 samantha ronson=0 chanel iman=?

Disney Channel stars dating....? by jabberwocky685 Q: Who's dated who? Who is dating who? It is getting too ridiculous. I just heard that Tyler Laurent (Jacob in Twilight) WAS dating Selena Gomez. Why do I know so much about these people? And they're all "singers" too! What comes to the top of my head are: Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas Nick Jonas & Selena (I think) Kevin Jonas & Taylor Swift Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Do you know any more?

A: Taylor Swift dated Joe, not Kevin. TAYLOR Lautner dated Selena.

Twilight Celebs Survey? by eternalxstar Q: 1. Do you like Twilight? 2. Do you think Rob Pattinson is hot? 3. Do you think Kristen Stewart is hot? 4. Do you like Disney Channel stars such as Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Zac Efron, etc? It's OK to say a girl is hot if you're a girl. it doesn't make you gay. But if you really don't want to call her hot, say yes if you think she's attractive.

A: No to all of your questions

What do you think of these celebs? by Q: Miley Cyrus Nick Jonas Kevin Jonas Joe Jonas Demi Lovato Selena Gomez Rob Pattinson Kristen Stewart Taylor Lautner Taylor Swift Zac Efron Vanessa Hudgens Nat, I love your answer :))

A: Miley Cyrus is a horrible example. She's way too popular along with the Jonas brothers. The obsession with twilight is annoying and people only think Rob Pattinson is hot because of the "amazing" character when in reality it looks like he got hit in the face with a bus. I don't think Kristen Stewart is pretty at all but I have nothing against her except for being in the movie. And Zac Efron looks like a wax figure

What is your opinion on each of these celebs? by Dee Q: Kristen Stewart - Britney Spears - Taylor Swift - Zac Efron - Chris Brown - Miley Cyrus - Jessica Alba - Lindsay Lohan - Demi Lovato - Jonas Brothers - Vanessa Hudgens - Selena Gomez - Lil Wayne - Kelly Clarkson - Kanye West - Jesse McCartney - MY OPINIONS: Kristen Stewart - druggy; but she does a really good job playing bella =p Britney Spears - she's backk!!! Taylor Swift - LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVVVEEEE HERRR! OMG<333 Zac Efron - he's finneee. and funny. lol Chris Brown - woman beater. but an amazing dancerrrrr. Miley Cyrus - i like her. she just needs to stay off the poles! Jessica Alba - beautiful person inside and out Lindsay Lohan - uhm.. well idk what happened to her but i used to really like her. :] Demi Lovato - she's pretty cool Jonas Brothers - absolutely adorable! Vanessa Hudgens - =D Selena Gomez - she seems nice and she's realllllyyyyy pretty! Lil Wayne - WAYNE'S WORLD!!! Kelly Clarkson - amazing voice... Kanye West - i don't like what he did to taylor; kinda disrespectful to her & her fans Jesse McCartney - gotta love this boy!

A: Kristen Stewart - She doesn't smile too much. I like that. I'm always wary of people who smile too much. Makes me think they've got something to hide. Britney Spears - Her videos are vulgar. Her voice is little-girl-ish. Her songs are lame. Taylor Swift - Meh. Cute. Cute songs. Cute guitar skills. Zac Efron - He played young Simon Tam in an episode of Firefly. Good for him. Let's just forget the other stuff then, shall we? Chris Brown - Don't listen to his music (he's a singer, right?) Saw him in a Larry King interview addressing the domestic abuse issue. Said the word "wow" a lot. Didn't seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer. Miley Cyrus - Her mannerisms annoy me. Her songs are lame. Jessica Alba - The only movie I've seen her in is Good Luck Chuck. It sucked. Lindsay Lohan - I really liked Parent Trap and Mean Girls. Demi Lovato - I don't know this person. Jonas Brothers - They are a gimmick. Vanessa Hudgens - Is she in HSM with the Zac kid? Haven't seen this movie. Selena Gomez - Cute name. Can't say I know her. Lil Wayne - Don't listen to this type of music. Kelly Clarkson - I liked Walk Away when they played it on the radio lots, a few years ago. Kanye West - The only exposure I have to him is the VMA fiasco. Doesn't really commend him, does it? Jesse McCartney - Oh, is he still around?

Who Is Taylor swift Dating? by Q: ok im confused who is taylor swift dating Taylor Lautner Lucas Till Joe Jonas Zac Efron David Archuleta Kanye West ( What the hell) Nick Jonas Justin Gaston Or Justin Bieber

A: So he won't openly admit it but Taylor Lautner said some provakative things in his lastest interview and I quote "You've seen me and Taylor together. To me i find it funny because it seems kinda obvious, so I guess i'll just let you guys decide (laughs)" there you have it Taylor squared :)

what young celebrities are christians? by samantha_<34567 Q: Like people like Taylor Swift, Zac Efron. etc. young ones like that. thanks. :)

A: jonas brothers, jordin sparks, selena gomez, demi lovato, justin bieber... miley cyrus says she's christian but i do not think she is the best example


A: websites like people.com and fabsugar.com always pick the stars' clothing and tell you where to buy them. If not I would cut out pictures you like and create a small look book. Bring it to the mall and find outfits that you like similar. Forever 21 is amazing for designer replicas.

Who to make a website about? by ~India~ Q: Ok, so I wanna make a fanside, but I can't decide who to make it about. Out of these, which would you prefer to see? Miley Cyrus Emily Osment Taylor Swift Zac Efron Vanessa Hudgens Ashley Tisdale Dakota Fanning Jonas Brothers Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Taylor Lautner Ashley Greene Elle Fanning They arent in order of my faves or anything, just typed out in a random order. :-)

A: Dakota Fanning. The rest of them have WAY too many websites about them already. Not to say DF doesn't. Also DF is an amazing actress who I'm sure will be one of the greats. I don't know about the rest of these guys/gals.

Does Taylor Swift like hanging out with the Disney stars? by Shella S Q: It seems like she does even though she isn't apart of Disney. She dated Joe Jonas, is friends with Miley, is best friends with Selena, and has been seen with Zac Efron and the other Jonas brothers along with the Cast of Wizards. Does she feel really comfortable around them or something?

A: She is more talented and beautiful than them-So they make her feel good

Taylor Swift Album 4.....whats she gonna write about?? by Q: A lot happened to Taylor before stepping on the scene with "Taylor Swift" and then Hollywood happened after that, which lead to "Fearless" and her official A-List status album "Speak Now" came out in October showcasing some of her biggest superstar let-downs (AND perks) and she's officially on the top of the world- Literally! She just finished her world tour, and is reading to conquer the States. But many things (BIG things) have happened in only a matter of months, that Taylor is sure to be ready to place in Album number four. But what? This is what I think.... ~Jake Gyllenhal- Hollywood actor Mr.Gyllenhal stole Taylor's heart in November 2010, everyone thought he was "the man" until they reportedly split in January 2011. No comments Taylor? Jake was an older guy (probably sparking memories of dirty old John M.) and was looking for too serious of a relationship. And we all know she's still seeking forgiveness from the other Twilight-Taylor. her heart seems to be set on someone else and she better confess why the "jaylor" romance when by so quick..... ~Duncan: The Buried Life- If you don't know what "the Buried Life" is, let me give you a little taste: Its an Mtv show about 4 guys who want to accomplish 100 things before they die. Now- In the episode "Ask Out The Girl Of Your Dreams: Part II" (part I ended with crashing Transformers2 premiere and asking out Meghan Fox, although ended up failing) One of the guys: Duncan. Wants to ask out Taylor Swift. So the guys sneak Back-Stage passes to CMT awards and disguise as Stage/Audience crew while Duncan finds Taylor. Duncan finally gets to Taylor and she's smiling while he says "Will You go out with me?" She doesn't hesitate and say "you're so brave!!wow!" then he hands her his number and walks away. ONE WEEK LATER: Duncan tells the crew about Taylor: She texted him "Yes, I'd love to! You're really hardcore!!" so they all get excited. But know one knows whats happened since.....We don't know if it was a bad date, a secret romance or no date at all. Taylor told Mtv she doesn't want to talk about then joked "Its for my 4th album!" maybe she's telling the truth.....? ~Chord Overstreet- We all know Taylors had a previous romance with Glee star: Cory Monteith inspiring her song "Mine". But know she's been spotted with newcomer Glee club hottie- Chord. There has only been a picture of them at an LA Kings hockey match in February, but neither have been spotted together since. Maybe it was just a profesional friendship. Or an upcoming Taylor-Glee episode!? ~Zac Efron- You haven't heard of any "Zaylor" yet, have you? I think you might soon. Taylor and Zac are co-starring in the Dr.Suess film aptation of "The Lorax" premiering March 2012. They were seen together at the Peoples Choice Awards previously this year, but only to catch up on eachother before they shoot the movie. We're assuming. I think they'd make a cute couple. But I don't think they'd last long.... ~Taylor Lautner- I know I know, sooooo 2010, sooo yesterdays news. But too Taylor, I don't think so. She's written many songs for him "Back To December" "Superman" "Haunted" and "Last Kiss" she obviously can't stop thinking about him. I think they should get back together, they both just need eachother so badly but they don't know it. Please, I want Tay-Tay back just for a moment :'( Well, thats all I can think o for now, but how about you???? What do you think she should write about! I know album #4 is still a year or two away- and a lot could still happen- but what do you think she's penning in her room right now??? NO HATERS PLEASE!!!!!! thanx! xxDecember

A: TAYLOR IS MAKING ANOTHER ALBUM??? WHAT?/????? I NEVER HEARD OF THIS! Hmm, December Idk!!! But you have it down good. Wouldn't it be interesting/weird (in a cute way) if taylor and zac went out? (wait isnt vanessa still dating zac, or is josh f--erson dating her?) i mean disney meets country pop chick. Lol about the Miley-hates-daddy situation. Hey did u know that Taylors gonna be on Ellen on Monday (Memorial Day) 2011, preforming Mean? Did you watch gaga on gma this morn? lol- we're the biggest taylor stalkers, EVER:)

taylor lautner or zac efron? by XOXO GOSSIP GIRL Q: who's hotter vanessa huggens or taylor swift?

A: Taylor Lautner and Vanessa huggens

What Stars Were Featured in E's THS: Young Hollywood A-Zac? by xSweetBre Q: ok, so i missed it and i would like to know who they featured in it. if anybody watched it. i know miley cyrus,taylor swift, zac efron and the jonas brothers were featured. but who else was?

A: That's it. It was a 2-hour show, and they gave each of them a 30 minute segment.

taylor swift outfit: help me!!? by Q: i want her shirt, does anybody know which one this is? what store? i mean it doesnt have to be perfect but something like this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyCaJmqufXI http://www.flicksandbits.com/2012/02/07/zac-efron-taylor-swift-interview-for-dr-seuss-the-lorax/21072/

A: She buys a lot of her more casual clothing at Forever21

Is Zac Efron in love with Taylor Swift?????!!!!? by Q: Just heard that he wants to spend his Valentine day with her!!

A: No those are just rumors

is joe jonas and taylor swift still dating and ia zac efron and vanessa hudgens still dating?thanks? by kathryn728 Q: i would apreciate the effort and pls put the site

A: Joe + Taylor = nope Zac + V = yes! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkY86xDy23w http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nm2_JPrgRhc

do u think zac efron and taylor swift look cute together ? by Q:

A: Not really

Is anyone out there sick of Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift or Edward Cullen? by Steven TJ Q: Gosh I'm sick of all these people! It's like they haven't had enough of the spotlight already!

A: If you are getting sick of someone you don't even know, then you need to stop giving a shit about them and get a life.

who's hottest?Chace Crawford,Taylor Swift,Zac Efron or Miley Cyrus? by BBQ Q: just a survey

A: Zac Efron because he won many award than the others

Who else thinks that Taylor Swift and Zac Efron would look cute as a couple? by OoOhlala Q: Or maybe a movie together?

A: Welll. i think they kinda of make a good couple:] it's kinda of hard of imaging it!

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