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Taylor Kinney

Lady Gaga skinny dips with Taylor Kinney before dressing for Vogue
Lady Gaga is swimming in romance with actor boyfriend Taylor Kinney. A recent photograph shared on the "Born This Way" singer's website Little Monsters reveals the two kissing in a pool — seemingly in the buff. "T and me," Gaga captioned the steamy ...

Naked Lady Gaga Makes Out With Boyfriend Taylor Kinney in the Water
So skinny-dipping with boyfriend Taylor Kinney (and sharing the pic on LittleMonsters.com) is no big deal for the 26-year-old pop star (if that is in fact what's going on here...and it certainly seems like it might be). In the racy snap, captioned ...

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney: Naked, Kissing in Swimming Pool!
Taylor Kinney is quite a catch, with or without a bathing suit. Gaga snared herself a certified hunk right there. Kinney and Gaga met on the set of her video for "You and I." The model and actor has been on Vampire Diaries and will soon star on Chicago ...

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney Show Skin for Swim
Although the photo of Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney is less revealing than some might have hoped, there's no doubt that Gaga and Kinney were (or are) passionate about each other. Lady Gaga released the photo on LittleMonsters.com with the caption “T ...

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FLVTubeTweets Taylor Kinney: #TaylorKinney #Taylor #Kinney http://t.co/AXi2pu91 #google #youtube

todaysipadnews Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney celebrate one year anniversary: LADY GAGA celebrated her one year anniversary with a... http://t.co/3soHR2xO

GagaNewsFirst Lady Gaga goes 'nude' for passionate pool kiss with boyfriend Taylor Kinney http://t.co/C5bvAv2B #LadyGaga

ladygagasurf Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney celebrate one year anniversary http://t.co/eR0SaQYB

JoeyStonerII RT @galaxiemag: Another nude photo of Lady Gaga. This time she's in the arms of her boyfriend Taylor Kinney in a pool, kissing. http://t.co/5IkJv5Hx

satMonster RT @LadyGaGa___News: #CelebrityNews #LadyGaGa Naked Lady Gaga Makes Out With Boyfriend Taylor Kinney in the Water http://t.co/yADYyAz6 #TeamFollowBack GGoo

Lady_Ga2x Lady Gaga Is So In Love With Taylor Kinney http://t.co/lMsiE3Ib #Gaga #iFollowBack

GagaLadt Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney celebrate one year anniversary: LADY GAGA celebrated her one year anniversary with a... http://t.co/uRnY7oCf

Life4Musics Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney celebrate one year anniversary: LADY GAGA celebrated her one year anniversary with a... http://t.co/IbEhCum4

Lady_gagafans11 Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney celebrate one year anniversary: LADY GAGA celebrated her one year anniversary with a... http://t.co/4iOsPXNn

Gaga_blog Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney celebrate one year anniversary: LADY GAGA celebrated her one year anniversary with a... http://t.co/lxX5gftW

PeopleLooks Lady Gaga nage nue dans le bonheur avec son boyfriend Taylor Kinney http://t.co/dcGBiBRD

DaveTaylor31 Lady Gaga Skinny Dipping with Taylor Kinney! Jessica Chastain 'Zero Dark Thirty' Teaser Trailer! Jesse Spencer &... http://t.co/wfYl1Nc3

999Rougefm (Rachel) Lady Gaga a publié une photo relativement osée d'elle et son amoureux, Taylor Kinney. C'est plutôt le... http://t.co/a8UoIC8Q


Can you list as many books you have read as possible...? by Q: Here is my list: One Crazy Summer - Rita-Williams Garcia Everything Is Fine - Ann Dee Ellis So Punk Rock: And Other Ways to Disappoint Your Mother - Micol Ostow Happyface - Stephen Emond This Is What I Did: - Ann Dee Ellis Names Will Never Hurt Me - Jaime Adoff Dirty Little Secrets - C.J. Omololu Planet Pregnancy - Linda Oatman High The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know - Sonya Sones What My Mother Doesn't Know - Sonya Sones One Of Those Hideous Books Where The Mother Dies - Sonya Sones Stop Pretending: What Happened When My Big Sister Went Crazy - Sonya Sones The Mysterious Benedict Society - Trenton Lee Stewart Let's Pretend This Never Happened (Dear Dumb Diary #1) - Jim Benton Out Of The Dust - Karen Hesse Tales of Beedle The Bard - J.K. Rowling Harry Potter series - J.K. Rowling Lord Loss - Darren Shan Heverly Tuck Everlasting - Natalie Babbitt A Child Called "It" - Dave Pelzer Nightwood - Patricia Windsor Dear Toni - Cyndi Sand-Eveland Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden This Is All: The Pillow Book of Cordelia Kenn - Aidan Chambers The Loch - Steve Alten Diary Of a Wimpy Kid series - Jeff Kinney Dork Diaries: Tales From a Not So Fabulous Life - Rachel Renee Russell Holes - Louis Sachar Wicked: The Life and Times of The Wicked Witch of The West - Gregory Maguire The Testament - John Grisham House - Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker The Cay - Theodore Taylor Hatchet - Gary Paulsen Island Of The Blue Dolphins - Scott O'Dell Cirque Du Freak - Darren Shan The Alchemyst - Michael Scott Pure Drivel - Steve Martin Skinny Women are Evil: Notes of a Big Girl in a Small-Minded World - Monique That's all I can remember. The reason I remember that much is because of a Facebook App that records what books you have read. I know I have read ALOT more than that but I wasn't using the App then and I don't remember them. :) It is called BookTracker. It is really cool to use. Because whatever books you have read it will show suggestions for other books you might like.

A: Haha no. I do know I've borrowed 5,580 books from the library in the last 5 years.

How to become famous? by Q: I wanted to become famous since I was little . I can sing , act , dance or write a book and all that but I just don't know how to be famous . I also have inspirations from people too , singers : Taylor Swift and David Archuleta , actors and actresses : Tom Cruise and Peyton Roi List authors: Jeft Kinney and Mitch Albom . The thing of getting famous is not about the fame or the money , I want to see smiles when I'm singing or acting or people reading my book and I just wanted all the people to sing the lyrics I wrote in every different accent around the world . That's why I wanted to be famous , the smiles on every body's face . SO PLEASE HELP ME .

A: David Archuleta started with school and local talent shows as a kid. At 10 he competed in his first talent show in Utah. Archuleta at 14 at a school talent show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdjGDb1aWXY Another thing you can do as a singer is see if any local bands are looking for a singer. Another thing - as a singer it helps to look good. Take care of yourself, eat healthy food, if needed exercise to get in shape. Also consider learning an instrument and try to write some original songs. When Archuleta first talked to a record company at 12 or 13, they said go learn and instrument and write some songs. His first song Falling (a bonus track on the deluxe digital version of his first album) was a song he wrote at age 14. His second pop album at age 19 is mostly songs he participated in writing. Re writing - lot of young people write genre fiction publish their ebooks on Amazon (or using Smashwords they publish to multiple formats/websites at once). By genre fiction I mean fantasy, science fiction, paranormal romance, young adult dystopian. One young girl makes a ton of money writing and selling genre fiction.

What do you think of Rolling Stone Magazine "100 Greatest Drummers of All Time"? by Q: 1. Neil Peart 2. John Bonham 3. Ginger Baker 4. Keith Moon 5. Terry Bozzio 6. Bill Bruford 7. Danney Carey 8. Mike Portney 9. Ian Paice 10. Carl Palmer 11. Stewart Copeland 12. Dave Lombardo 13. Steve Gadd 14. Vinnie Colaiuta 15. Carter Beauford 16. Tim Alexander 17. Simon Phillips 18. Roger Morgenstein 19. Matt Cameron 20. Dennis Chambers 21. Chad Wackerman 22. Phil Collins 23. Mitch Mitchell 24. Virgil Donati 25. Max Weinberg 26. Vinnie Paul 27. Ansley Dunbar 28. Mike Shrieve 29. David Garibaldi 30. Steve Smith 31. Josh Freese 32. Alex Van Halen 33. Billy Cobham 34. Bill Ward 35. Alan White 36. Carmine Appice 37. Stanton Moore 38. Nicko McBrain 39. Scott Rockenfield 40. Hal Blaine 41. Joey Jordison 42. Marco Minnemann 43. Cozy Powell 44. Tommy Albridge 45. Chester Thompson 46. Morgan Agren 47. Jeff Porcaro 48. Dean Castronovo 49. Mike Giles 50. Jeff Campitelli 51. Nick Mason 52. Greg Bissonette 53. Ralph Humphrey 54. Mike Bordin 55. Ringo Starr 56. Zak Starkey 57. Jon Theodore 58. Phil Ehart 59. Clive Bunker 60. Jimmy Chamberlain 61. Charlie Watts 62. Lars Ulrich 63. Brian Mantia 64. Mike Sus 65. Jason Rullo 66. Dave Grohl 67. Pat Mastelotto 68. Mick Fleetwood 69. Ray Herrera 70. Brann Dailor 71. Matt McDonough 72. Scott Travis 73. Jack Irons 74. Roger Taylor 75. Jose Pasillas 76. Earl Palmer 77. BJ Wilson 78. Joey Kramer 79. Gene Holgan 80. Danny Seraphine 81. Igor Cavelera 82. Brian Downey 83. Travis Barker 84. Taylor Hawkins 85. Nicholas Barker 86. Paul Bostaph 87. Chad Smith 88. Brad Wilk 89. Alan Gratzer 90. Matt Sorum 91. John Dolmayan 92. Chad Sexton 93. Mark Zonder 94. Gary Husband 95. John Densmore 96. Jon Fishman 97. Al Jackson 98. Jim Gordan 99. Dave Abbruzzese 100. Sean Kinney

A: Sounds about right, though I personally would switch Dave Grohl and Phil Collins. I'd also rank Zak Starkey higher, but I'm not sure where exactly.

Trade Offers...? by misterbison13 Q: This guy is begging for Rudi Johnson. Is there any good trades I can make? My Team: QB- Carson Palmer RB- Rudi Johnson RB- Chester Taylor WR- Tory Holt WR- Hines Ward TE- Todd Heap K- David Akers DST- Buccaneers Bench QB- David Carr RB- Priest Holmes RB- Deuce McAllister WR- Lee Evans TE- Dallas Clark DST- Falcons His Team: QB- Drew Bledsoe RB- Warrick Dunn RB- LaDainian Tomlinson WR- Larry Fitzgerald WR- Derrick Mason TE- Heath Miller K- Adam Vinatieri DST- Bears Bench QB- Drew Brees RB- Frank Gore WR- Drew Bennett WR- Terry Glenn TE- Erron Kinney DST- Vikings Thanks

A: I think Rudi Johnson and Taylor for Tomlinson and Dunn wuld be a good trade for you... and since he wants Rudi bad he'll probably take it because he is desperate and it is not a terrible trade. By the way... Barlow got traded not Frank Gore... but that makes Gores value even higher. Consider moving McAllister and Priest Holmes in a package deal for him.

who know the publishing date for these two poems? by nicole Q: the cold within -james patryck kinney and make the present beautiful -ida scott taylor.

A: According to his wife, Kinney wrote the poem "The Cold Within" in the 1960s.

how to you feel about Intergenerational relationships? by Q: Intergenerational relationships Relationships between older and younger individuals take place with some regularity. To mainstream society, for whatever reason, intergenerational relationships, whether gay or straight, remain taboo. For gay men especially, relationships between older and younger men take on a more controversial issue: pedophilia. For ages, gay men have been accused of being pedophiles. Even in our modern political discourse, radical right-wingers use the pedophilia scare tactic to sway voters and fuel the flames of discrimination and prejudice. A person sees a 50-year-old man dating a 20-year-old woman and they are aghast. They say, “How inappropriate.” They assume she is a “gold digger.” The same group of folks might see a 50-year-old man with a 20-year-old man and say the older one is bordering on pedophilia. It is this double standard, fed by the history of anti-gay discrimination, that makes intergenerational gay dating taboo. In 2000, Showtime’s “Queer as Folk” blew away gay and straight audiences alike with its graphic sex scene between the 29-year-old Brian Kinney and 17-year-old Justin Taylor. But what U.S. audiences witnessed was nothing compared to the even more graphic 1999 premiere of the U.K.’s “Queer as Folk.” Made prior to the change of Britain’s anti-gay age of consent laws (18 at the time of the show’s airing), the sex between 29-year-old Stuart Allen Jones and 15-year-old Nathan Maloney sent shockwaves through traditionally conservative British culture. Even after the age of consent for gay men was changed to the 16-years-old already set for straight folks, the relationship between Nathan and Stuart would have still been illegal.

A: too long, didn't read, but from your actual question.. if you really love someone age shouldn't matter nor should height weight colour or sexuality if you truly love someone why should anyone else's opinions matter?

Girls: How hot is this guy from 1 to 10? by Q: I think this guy is SMOKING HOT. He reminds me of Taylor Kinney from the Vampire Diaries (He played Mason Lockwood). He is over 6 ft and just very good looking. What do you girls (maybe guys) think of him? http://s1179.photobucket.com/albums/x383/ashlee2798/?action=view¤t=rp_primary1_Logan20Smith.jpg http://s1179.photobucket.com/albums/x383/ashlee2798/?action=view¤t=rp_primary1_Logan20Smith.jpg#!oZZ2QQcurrentZZhttp%3A%2F%2Fs1179.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fx383%2Fashlee2798%2F%3Faction%3Dview%26current%3Dnyu_rosterstd_Logan20Smith.jpg%26

A: Just be yourself. It doesn't matter if it's good enough for someone else.

Do you think any of these actors look alike? by angelinaguerin23 Q: Scott Speedman http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005454/ and Robert Buckley http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2159347/ I think they resemble each other enough to be brothers or family members..but I have no idea if they are related lol. Also I think these two look a lot alike..I loved Scott since I was a young girl and now I love this other guy and I always think that that is his son or something lol. Scott Baio http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000281/ and Ben Feldman http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1133651/ And there is a new guy that is on my new show that I love and he reminds me of Paul Walker. His looks (even though he doesn't have blond hair lol) and his voice. Taylor Kinney (kinda funny that, that's his real name lol...you won't know what I mean unless you like queer as folk) http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1978325/ http://atlanta.metromix.com/content_image/full/1484512/560/370 http://images.movieplayer.it/2009/07/10/taylor-kinney-nel-cast-di-trauma-124010.jpg and Paul walker (he is way hotter) http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0908094/ anyway I was just curious if anyone can see the resemblance's

A: Nice list of actors, yeah they do resemble each other!

Natalie Martinez dating....? by goodnosh7 Q: I know that she is the new face of J.Lo but I was wondering if it is true that she is dating her co-star Taylor Kinney. any pictures?

A: It's been a rumour shooting around for about a year now but neither has confirmed it.

Two of the most beautiful people on earth?do you agree? by Q: taylor kinney and doutzen kroes.search them up on google i swear they are perfect...!!! do you agree?

A: She is gorgeous. He is handsome, but I can think of a lot of men who are better looking.

Poll: Do you like Lady Gaga's new boyfriend? by Sandy Q: Taylor Kinney??? I don't, actually, and I'm gonna tell you why! Because I thought things were just fine when they first started dating, but then things have been getting a little bumpy here lately! Mother monster once said that she would rather keep her love life to herself, but now it is getting to a point where Gaga is just bringing it up all of the time. I think Kinney is just using her for fame. That's why I don't like him! <3 <3 <3

A: I don't really like him, but if GaGa is happy with him...Then I wish her the best of luck!

Are Brian Kinney and Jusitn Taylor still a couple? by Q:

A: In the fifth season, Justin moves out, frustrated at Brian's inability to form a committed relationship. After a bomb goes off at Babylon, which Brian owns by this season, Brian admits his love for Justin and mends his relationship with his best friend, Michael. Brian proposes to Justin but later tells Justin that he should go to New York to pursue a promising art career. They spend one last night, Justin reassures Brian that they will see each other frequently. Brian tells Justin that he's kept the rings. Brian is last seen at Babylon dancing.

how old is taylor kinney? by cupcake07 Q: he played luke gianni on fashion house and now he is going to be on trauma on nbc i have looked and looked but can't find anything on him i would like to know more about him hes way hot where did you find that??? [email protected]

A: 34

What has happened to Taylor Kinney? by goodnosh7 Q: The hunk fron Fashion House. Do you have any recent pics or news about him? What happened to him?

A: goggal his name lots of stuff will come up

What's your opinion on Taylor Kinney? by Sandy Q: Lady Gaga's new boyfriend, for those of you who don't know her. I don't really like him, but if Gaga's happy, then I'm happy! <3 <3 <3

A: I like him but hes trying to change lady gaga too much! he wants her to be more normal ! and shes actually doing it! So i kinda don't..

Lady Gaga Kissing Taylor Kinney On Sydney? by Q: hey i hear that lady gaga kissed his boy friend on sydney his it true

A: Oliver, who cares, this is not the entertainment category.

Are Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor in Queer As Folk USA still a couple at the end of the season finale? by Q:

A: In the fifth season, Justin moves out, frustrated at Brian's inability to form a committed relationship. After a bomb goes off at Babylon, which Brian owns by this season, Brian admits his love for Justin and mends his relationship with his best friend, Michael. Brian proposes to Justin but later tells Justin that he should go to New York to pursue a promising art career. They spend one last night, Justin reassures Brian that they will see each other frequently. Brian tells Justin that he's kept the rings. Brian is last seen at Babylon dancing.

Are Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney together ? by Q:

What the H is Taylor Kinney thinking being with Lady Gaga? by Q: He is a normal, good looking guy, i cant only assume money or more fame.

A: He probably likes women that have more to them than the average boring/normal ones.

Taylor Kinney Talks Vampire Diaries Vampire Diaries 2x06 Katherin&Mason Elena&Stefan TAYLOR KINNEY ON HIS ROLE IN 'TRAUMA' Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney hugging Lady Gaga Dating Video Co-Star Taylor Kinney! Chicago Fire - Taylor Kinney Interview Taylor Kinney Lands The Vampire Diaries New Role Lady Gaga Back With Taylor Kinney? I'm an animal / The Vampire Diaries HD Trauma - Taylor Kinney, Aimee Garcia & Cliff Curtis - Bloody Broken Legs On Set Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney Zoo Date in Australia! mason lockwood werewolf Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney Spotted Canoodling Lady Gaga Dating Taylor Kinney Of 'The Vampire Diaries' Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney hugging Taylor Kinney ~The hottest men alive Lady Gaga Dating Co-Star Taylor Kinney Lady Gaga Boyfriend Taylor Kinney Split Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney: ONE YEAR TOGETHER! Lady Gaga Kisses Taylor Kinney (New Years Eve 2012) !! Lady Gaga Is So In Love With Taylor Kinney Chicago Fire Official Teaser [HD]: Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney & Eamon Walker: ENTV What's Up With Gaga? - Dating Taylor Kinney Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney: road to love (PLEASE DON'T BREAK UP!!!! ç_ç) Lady Gaga Skinny Dipping kissing/smooching boyfriend Taylor Kinney Taylor Kinney as Darren Thomas in Castle 'Once Upon A Crime' (season 4, episode 17) Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney Break Up Lady Gaga signs for fans in Chicago - Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney in a baseball game in Atlanta Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney; don't ever say goodbye♥ Lady Gaga went Skinny Dipping kissing boyfriend Taylor Kinney Lady Gaga And Boyfriend Taylor Kinney Split? - Hollywood Scoop Womanizer Taylor Kinney Lady Gaga And Vampire Diaries Boyfriend Break Up Jake Abel, Alexander Ludwig, Johnny Simmons, Taylor Kinney, Brock Kelly, Adam Gregory, Ryan Merriman Out in San Diego with Taylor Kinney EXCLUSIVE - Lady Gaga does trivia with fans, gives hair extension to winner WATCH: Lady Gaga and Boyfriend Taylor Kinney Skinny-Dipping [VIDEO] Lady Gaga Skinny Dipping with Taylor Kinney! WATCH Lady Gaga nude' for passionate pool kiss with boyfriend Taylor Kinney Lady Gaga's Poses Nude with Boyfriend Taylor Kinney Lady Gaga nude while kissing her boyfriend Taylor Kinney in a pool (VIDEO) Agust 7st 2012 OMG!! Lady Gaga Nude With Boyfriend Taylor Kinney in pool Jesse Spencer Talks New Show 'Chicago Fire' Taylor Kinney And Lady Gaga Skinny Dip And Smooch In Swimming Pool (VIDEO) Chicago Fire - Trailer Lady Gaga and Boyfriend Taylor Kinney Share Smooch While Skinny-Dipping Lady Gaga and Boyfriend Taylor Kinney Share Smooch While Skinny-Dipping Taylor Kinney's new cat from Lady Gaga Chicago Fire - Athletes
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