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Sochi opening ceremony goes from Tchaikovsky to tATu
Given the international furor over the anti-gay laws, it's notable that tATu, described as a "faux-lesbian Russian pop duo," by Russian news agency RIA Novosti will perform in the show's pre-ceremony. Quotes from their songs will be included in a music ...

'Lesbian' Pop Duo tATu to Perform at Opening Ceremony
Amid all the pomp and heritage represented in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, today will be the controversial Russian pop duo t.A.T.u., whose fake lesbian act propelled them to the top of the dance charts over a decade ago.

Pop duo tATu reportedly performing at Sochi Winter Olympics
t.A.T.u., the Russian pop duo whose faux lesbianism wooed the world charts in the early 2000s, will reportedly participate in tonight's opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympics. Multiple sources have confirmed Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina's presence at ...

Russian 'lesbian' duo t.A.T.u to perform at Sochi Olympics?
As teenagers, t.A.T.u came third for Russia in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest, but became famous after their lesbian antics at the MTV Movie Awards that year. After performing "Not Gonna Get Us" and "All The Things She Said" the girls stripped down ...

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What are some good songs that would relate to act 4 of romeo and juliet? by Lena Little Over вαиgѕ LeBron #6 Q: Maybe about Juliet's fake death, or desperate attempts to die, juliets apology to her father...juliets feelings of fear before taking the drug. all answers appreciated thanks in advance

A: 30 Minutes by Tatu

I need to find a song about finding the perfect person (preferably male), but they are with someone else? by Q: Any style would be good but I'm in that situation and need a song to listen to! thanks so much!

A: Malchik gay by tatu

bands like tatu from other countries? by maylene1852 Q: something like pop punk techno sounding..... for example i like tatu rammstein joan jett pink jojo cover girls ivy queen ect looking for stuff like tatu sings in other languages??

A: Russian: "Shokolad i sleza" - Linda http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZRKZoCmGtQ Zemfira - Progulka http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-8KvCsAGZY German: Polarkreis 18 - Allein Allein http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=444L2Kc4zIg

are there any lesbian anthems out there? by Sarah J Q: all i can think of is----- all the things she said by tatu do you know any more

A: The girls in Tatu aren't even gay, haha. Well, here are some lesbian/bisexual musicians: Tegan and Sara The Gossip The Organ Sleater-Kinney CocoRosie Melissa Ferrick The Blow Le Tigre Missy Higgins Girl in a Coma Uh Huh Her Sick of Sarah Ani DiFranco Jack Off Jill K.D. Lang Song suggestions: "Come on Petunia" http://searchbeta.playlist.com/tracks#the%20blow%20come%20on%20petunia "I Was Married" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doAJ8EkQKT8 Tegan and Sara are twin sisters, and both are lesbians. Sara wrote this song about going into a common law marriage with her girlfriend and dealing with homophobia in the process. "Jessica" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-4YQbPy_zY Most of Kaki King's songs are instrumental, but this one has words. She wrote it about her camp counselor who she was in love with. "Can You Tell Me One Thing" http://searchbeta.playlist.com/tracks#the%20organ%20can%20you%20tell%20me I love this band. The lead singer is a lesbian, but I'm not sure about the other members. They made a guest appearance in the second season of The L Word. "Standing in the Way of Control" http://searchbeta.playlist.com/tracks#the%20gossip%20standing%20in%20the%20way%20of%20control This was written in response to the government's decision to deny gay marriage. Here is a quote by the lead singer about the song: "Nobody in the States was that surprised or shocked by what Bush did, but it made everyone I know feel helpless and cheated. I wrote the chorus to try and encourage people not to give up. It’s a scary time for civil rights, but I really believe the only way to survive is to stick together and keep fighting.” "Promise" http://searchbeta.playlist.com/tracks#cocorosie%20promise "Everyone" http://searchbeta.playlist.com/tracks#uh%20huh%20her%20everyone This song is about others disapproving of your relationship. I don't know if you watch The L Word, but Leisha Hailey, who plays Alice, is in this band. "I Kissed a Girl" http://searchbeta.playlist.com/tracks#i%20kissed%20a%20girl%20jill%20sobule This isn't the Katy Perry song, don't worry. It is an entirely different song from the 90s. (The first song when you click the link is the wrong one, the second song is the right one.) "Drive" http://searchbeta.playlist.com/tracks#melissa%20ferrick%20drive "Phantom Limb" http://searchbeta.playlist.com/tracks#the%20shins%20phantom%20limb This song is by a male band, but it was written about two teenage lesbians growing up in a small town. Also check out "She Moves She" by Four Tet (although it has no words), "Rainbowarriors" by CocoRosie, and "Androgyny" by Garbage.

Does the word tatu mean something in spanish? by cjmjm1 Q: I have in my saved search to look for questions for the word 'tatu' in it. As in the music group. I keep getting all these questions that look like they are in spanish instead

A: Not sure about Spanish.... -it means dragon is Japanese. (pronounced the same) -tatou is French for armadillo (think it's pronounced the same) -TATU Portuguese for armadillo -Australian girl group (you probably knew) -Russian pop music girl duo (you definitely knew) -nickname of Antonio Carlos Pecorari soccer player (Spanish name, no?) -a slang term in South America for Charango -a chimpanzee at the CHCI -former capital of Beijing -Tatu, California -a river in Taiwan -Tatu Vanhanen, Finnish Professor Emeritus -codename of Che Guevara during his assistance in DRC -Kinbaku performer, author, and educator -Teens Against Tobacco Use - Tattoo from Tahitian word tatu, to mark something

What happened to the "You and I (Finding Tatu)" movie? by Q: It said the movie was being made in 2007 & released around 2008-2009, but I can't find it ANYWHERE! Has it even been released?

A: The movie was not released. It was finished and presented in the Cannes Film Festival in 2008. Paparazzi.ru says (A Russian paparazzi site) "You and I" the movie will be release in July 2010 (this is unofficial) http://paparazzi.ru/blogs/posts/5413578 (copy and paste url into google browser, then click translate) The movie is rumored for release this year. There has been no official confirmation yet. (Lena said in her fan meeting in LA last year that it depends on the company marco) If you want to buy the book in Russian, I know just the place. I bought it at kniga.com for only $4.95 + $5 shipping.You can read the first 50 pages in English at shop.taty.ru.(view the book, there will be a link) Keep checking these official sites: youandithemovie.com blog.tatu.ru/Finding_TATU_Movie/ wikipedia tatu.ru/en Join this Facebook group: You and I (Finding t.A.T.u.) http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid… (Rant here, I update it with pics, video clips, etc.)

A song like "show me love" by tatu? by Jay Q: My boyfriend and i have been together for a year and 8 months. He left to school which is a state away. We keep in touch from time to time but i feel like our relationship is drifting. I wanted a song i can listen too and relate too. So far this is the only one i listen too but i want a variety. Help?

A: by "a song like" I am guessing you mean similar lyric meaning? Here are some songs that sound like they fit your current situation. Waiting- Lena Katina (who actually used to be in tatu so there you go, you get a sounds like and a similar lyrics like show me love) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8clZnCFrQR0 Back Here- BB Mak http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BztB_dJVXQ Love Me Bad- James Durbin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLNxG7NTi8w It's not over- Daughtry http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQ92eyxnxmQ Where do you go- No Mercy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yt-KMPvgKPo Running Blind- tatu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NN1dgWhQQ0

Just some Tatu Information I just thought might be interesting? by ILuvTomK Q: (No Trolls or haters) I read this a couple days ago, Did you know when Tatu actually wrote there first albums not gonna get us, and all the things she said they where really in love with each other, because they where young, and they had feelings, and they thought that was right at the time. I never knew about that until I read it a couple days ago, But then they changed after all that manger and all got fired and etc. What do you think of that? To me I still think they are both bisexual, even though they got boyfriends, and I hope Tatu stay around for a long time.

A: yeah well Yulia (black hair) has always said that it was the emotions they were feeling at the time, at that age you don't know what you like yet. But she has been with both girls and boys and has said many times that she is bisexual. She does have two kids now so I think she is sticking with guys . Lena once said "we never said we were lesbians but we never said we were straight either. Lena is more private she has had the same boyfriend for a while now. They are the ones that fired Ivan (manger) because they were growing up and no longer felt that way and at that point he had turned to force a lesbian image on them because that is what helped them sell records in the beginning when they were together. And I don't know if you heard but they are taking a break from tatu now to work on some solo stuff but they will come back as tatu after their solo albums come out

Is tatu baby from ink master mexican? by Ivan Sanchez Q:

A: She's Columbian. As Latinas go they are arguably the most beautiful of all them. Some say that Brazilian women are but regardless Tatu Baby is also model and has "Columbia" on her lower abdomen. T

do you know other due than tatu ? by darkshadow3x Q: after tatu admit that they are not lesbian and that they lie to there fan ,, they destroy my fantasy of seeing two girls being in love without sex thing (spirit thing ) , do you any due than tatu (not being a big layer) with good music and sound of course ?

A: ur grammar sucks i had to read this 5 times and i still am not sure if i get what you are asking. I like tatu for the music not the image but for you the Veronica's is the next best thing. they are twin sister singers and i think one of them is bi... I'm not sure. I am not a fan of theirs. But they have a good sound

Should Aksana have Tatu as her theme song? by Serious Sam random number BKD Q: If you don't know who Tatu is well they were/are a Russian pop duo that were "together" if you know what I mean http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mGBaXPlri8

A: I know who Tatu is. If you remember,Victoria (Tara in TNA) had TATU as her theme song when she was in WWE. Aksana looks like the type who should have Tatu as her theme song.

My tatu-derm is leaking. What should I do? by jackiesbff Q: It's been just under 12 hours since I got my tattoo, and the bandage is leaking. The tattoo parlor doesn't open for another six and a half hours, and I won't get off work for two hours after that. Should I put tape on the spot that's leaking? Or maybe a bandage over the spot that's leaking?

A: Leaking may be the result of the tattoo being too close to the edge of the Tatu-derm. Given that you are at work, it's best to leave the Tatu-derm in place until you get off work. It is still protecting the tattoo from abrasion even though the barrier has been broken with the leak. In the meantime, clean and dry the skin at the leak and apply something to get it to stay in place til you get off work - tape, a bandage, medical tape, etc. If you can go back to the tattoo shop and ask them to replace the Tatu-derm. They will remove the initial application, wash and dry the tattoo and put on a new Tatu-derm covering. Be sure it goes at least one inch beyond the tattoo to prevent future leaks. Usually day two there is less body fluid so it should not be a problem anymore. Please tell the tattoo artist that we will offer complimentary product for following this procedure with you. Please don't hesitate to call with any further questions. Donna CEO TatuYou 408-891-8181 The other people that answered - Jess and Carly - are not familiar with Tatu-derm - a breathable bacterial barrier to protect new tattoos for the first few days. It is designed to breath like skin. The medical grade adhesive forms a waterproof barrier on the dry skin surrounding the new tattoo. It does not stick to the open skin because it is moist. This is the latest technology to protect new tattoos from infection and abrasion. Air dry healing is old school and leaves the new tattoo exposed. Tatu-derm has been used to cover nearly 1 million tattoos in the 7 years we've been in business. tatuyou.com for more information and to purchase.

any on love tatu? by odae j Q: do you lave tatu new songs ilove it but icant fend how of the giels song it could(yougaslavea)

A: i tis lena ( read one)

tatu?????? by BB Q: Are the girls in the band tatu lesbians? Theyre always kissing..so...

A: No, they were just pretending to be lesbians for publicity.

Tatu wallpaper? by Breee Q: I need a T.a.T.u wallpaper but I'm kinda fussy over what I want. I would like a hem both kissing and that should be to the far right and I want the left to be pretty plan or something. I also wouldn't mind if they're both kissing in the centre and it's blankall around. Mainly so i can see my icons. I also wouldn't mind them both kissing between barbed wire or any sort of barrier. I tried looking online but my net is pretty slow and yeah. If someone could help me, I'd be very gtareful. Thanks!

A: Try www.tatu.ru/en I LOVE t.A.T.u. They're my favorite band. I have my computer wall paper from there. Or try www.tatugirls.com I hope this helps! Have a nice day!

who are better tatu or hilary duff? by pedram Q: who are they is btter (tatu is russian band)

A: theyre totally different.... TATU has good music in a whory image Hilary has ok music in a good girl image

can someone please give me the lyrics of gomenasai by tAtU? by arissa Q: i really the message of the song very much

A: GOMENASAI By TATU from the album DANGEROUS AND MOVING (2005) Gomenasai What I thought wasn’t mine In the light Was one of a kind, A precious pearl When I wanted to cry I couldn’t cause I Wasn’t allowed Gomen nasai for everything Gomen nasai, I know I let you down Gomen nasai till the end I never needed a friend Like I do now What I thought wasn't all So innocent Was a delicate doll Of porcelain When I wanted to call you And ask you for help I stopped myself Gomen nasai for everything Gomen nasai, I know I let you down Gomen nasai till the end I never needed a friend Like I do now What I thought was a dream An mirage Was as real as it seemed A privilege When I wanted to tell you I made a mistake I walked away Gomen nasai, for everything Gomen nasai, Gomen nasai, I never needed a friend, Like I do now Gomen nasai, I let you down Gomen nasai, Gomen nasai, Gomen nasai till the end I never needed a friend Like I do now

Anyone know of a German girl band like the Russian group Tatu? by chadmcollins1985 Q: My girlfriend is looking for a German girl band that is similar to Tatu, anyone know of any? Thanks

A: these are a mixture of German Artists, from Pop to Metal, I don't have any R&B or Rap German cause I copied & pasted this so I won't have to keep typing this over and over... but if you do want German Rap and German R&B, let me know... i also have French, Korean, Spanish, and yes, Tatu - Russian girl group, unfortunately I don't have any other Russian groups right now but here's the German... Juli (Girl German Pop) - Dieses Leben, Tage Wie Dieser Tic Tac Toe (Girl German Pop/Rock) - Es Tut Mir Lied (I Am Sorry) Laith Al-Deen (Boy German Pop Artist) - Dein Lied, Ruhe, Alles An Dir, Schatten Und Licht, Keine Wie Du, Traurig, Bilder Von Dir, Worauf Wartest Du, Meilenweit, Leb Den Tag (Radio Mix), Es Tut Mir Lied NDW - Munchner Freiheit (Boy German Rock Band, I like this one quite a bit) - Ohne Dich Schlaf Ich Heut Nacht Nicht Ein <--- this might be a shorter title, I can't read German like I want to... Killerpilze (Boy German Rock, if you do like rock, this is a pretty good group) - Un Premier Matin Sans Toi, Richtig ScheiBe Silbermond (Girl German Rock Band, they are pretty good, too) - Du Und Ich (You & I), Ohne Dich (Only You) Sportfreunde Stiller (Boy German Rock Band) - Sieben Tage Sieben Nachte (Seven Days, Seven Nights); Eine Liebe, Die Nie Ender Revolverhead (Boy German Rock) - Mit Dir Chillen, Die Welt Steht Still, Generation Rock Die Arzte (Boy German Rock) - Lass Die Leute Reden Echt (Boy German Rock/Pop) - Du Tragst Keine Liebe In Dir ASP (Boy German Metal Band) - Engel in Schwarz (Angel in Black), Schwarz (w/ Samsas Traum) Rammstein (Boy German Metal Band, I'm not sure if you like the heavy metal but I'll throw this out to you, they are best known for their song, Du Hast (You Hate) other songs... Bang Bang (this is fast, metal... kind of like if you were watching one of those movie previews that shows fast preview scenes, one to the next) Hallelujah (this is not as fast) Una Dich & Die Flut w/ Wolfsheim (these are their slower songs) Diverse & Oliver Frank (Pop/Dance) - Sehnsucht Heisst, Iche Liebe Dich I'm sure you've heard of Falco, he sings the 80's hit songs, Der Kommissar and Rock Me Amadeus... he's pop of course... Der Kommissar (German & English Versions) Rock Me Amadeus (German & English Version) Vienna Calling (German Ver) Auf Der Flucht Verdammt Wir Leben Noch Egoist Nur Mit Dir Nena (80's) - 99 Luftballoons (German Ver), 99 Red Balloons (English Ver) Peter Schilling (80's, famous for his 'Major Tom' song) Major Tom (Vollig Losgelost) (Deutsch - German Ver) Weit Weg (this is one of my fav songs from him, it's got the rock in it) Ich Vermisse Dich (for some reason, this sounds kind of similiar to 80's artist, John Waite's 'Missing' song... but this is my opinion) Terra Titanic (Lost to the Sea, this is another fav of mine, this is his slower song) sorry, I don't have the translation for most of the songs... but hopefully this will help you

tokio hotel,tatu? similar? ? by broken Q: do you think tokio hotel is kinda like tatu?because tatu became so huge for a while and they had that whole gay thing going on. do you think tokio hotel is like them and is going to disappear after while or do you believe that tokio hotel is here to stay? i personally dont have any idea! i do like tokio hotel though. i meant do you think that tokio hotel is in a same situation.tatu became really famous for a while and now no one really hears of them.

A: They claim to be straight unlike tatu actually,plus they are different

what is TATU club??!!!?? by beachbabe4747 Q: theres this club in my high school thats TATU club anyone know what that stands for?

A: TATU = Teens Against Tobacco Use

The News about...TATU? by Hangman 0+< Q: What is going on with the band TATU? You know, two chicks - lesbian lovers - singers from an international country I loved the first album, what have they done since then? Have they gone on break? Still on tour? Band is seperated? Working on another album? Give me the news

A: The group has many plans for 2007. In January, they are planning to leave for Los Angeles to begin recording their third album[5], and may also record in London[5]. The release for their new album is planned for September 2007[5]. They plan to do some touring[5], but not as large a scale of a tour as the previous one. Troy (t.A.T.u.'s guitarist) announced that t.A.T.u. is currently recording some demos in Germany. He also mentioned that Sven (t.A.T.u.'s drummer) is recording some vocals as well, to help the girls on the demos, and that soon they would fly to L.A. to start recording the new album. [5]. Volkova also announced that the group plans to begin filming their debut film about the love between two girls that meet at one of their concerts [6] . "The script has already been written and now some questions on shooting are being considered. The director will be from America. I won't tell the name. It's still a secret," Yulia told the press in Paris in October [6] . The script is based on a novel called "t.A.T.u. Come Back" written by a deputy of the Russian Parliament, Aleksey Mitrofanov [6] . The movie is set to be filmed in March, produced by the Russian-American company RAMCO. Yulia has also stated that she plans to move to Los Angeles in 2007.[citation needed]

When does You And I (finding tatu) come out? by Pescado Q: I heard it comes out this year, but when. someone said on may 11. Is this true?

A: The movie was not released. It was finished and presented in the Cannes Film Festival in 2008. Paparazzi.ru says (A Russian paparazzi site) "You and I" the movie will be release in July 2010 (this is unofficial) http://paparazzi.ru/blogs/posts/5413578 (copy and paste url into google browser, then click translate) The movie is rumored for release this year. There has been NO OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION YET. (Lena said in her fan meeting in LA last year that it depends on the company marco) If you want to buy the book in Russian, I know just the place. I bought it at kniga.com for only $4.95 + $5 shipping.You can read the first 50 pages in English at shop.taty.ru.(view the book, there will be a link) Keep checking these official sites: youandithemovie.com blog.tatu.ru/Finding_TATU_Movie/ wikipedia tatu.ru/en IMDB Join this Facebook group: You and I (Finding t.A.T.u.) (Rant here, I update it with pics, video clips, etc.)

Who likes Envanescence and Tatu? by *Messiahâ?¥OFâ?¥Silence* Q: Like going under and bring me to life (envanescence)and all about us and all the things she said(tatu)

A: envanescence* is great..im not familiar with tatu

Are Tatu Lesbians? Who's really singing this? by Rainbow Dash Q: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xMd--SIkyo I'm so damn confused.

A: tatu is not singing that. someone else just sang other lyrics and put it on top of this video i dont think they're lesbians because Yulia Volkova is with her bf and she has 2 children with him

are tatu really lesbian? by so when we dream...we shout Q: T.A.T.U (lena and julia) and who do you think hotter

A: They're bisexual. Lena is hotter. Lena is on the right: http://www.exposay.com/celebrity-photos/tatu-2003-mtv-movie-awards-kc0c1e.jpg

how can i contact the tatu shop? by Tillie Ayling Q: i exchanged a top from tatu about 4 weeks ago, when i first ordered it, it only took a week, so how can i contact them to see if its ok to exchange it?

A: [email protected] if that doesn't work you can try contacting Zhenya. I don't know if she works with the store but she works with tatu pr and promotion and Lena's solo career fan relations and questions so she may be able to help you. Her email is [email protected]

Latest music video from Tatu (Russian Duo)? by Aust!n Q: Guys, what do you think about Snegopady (Snowfalls), Tatu's latest and will be the last music video that they ever made? Original version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3div7N7bT0 Heart attack version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFfRJScWfTc Disappointing to me, when I heard the song, before the video hadn't been released I was awaiting for this powerful song's music video for every second of my whole entire life. I love the song, but not the video, which is the last music video and there'll be no more Tatu. I mean they weren't hardly in the video! What do you guys think?

A: EXACTLY It looked too toy storyish with the animation. I wish, for a last video, that they could have been in it more. Like the last video the Ateens did where they interacted with all their former videos. Tatu should have done something like that. Or at least something with a storyline. No regrets would have been a better choice for a last single because of the lyrics. or Fly on the wall for a better storyline idea but yeah i made a mistake watching the heart attack version first. the whole time i thought it was an intro then i watched the regular video and was like WTF it is the same thing only with music behind it :S

what you like more for tatu? by out of hell Q: songs in Russian version or English well . I like in Russian cuze it is the First version even i don't understand it i got its translate

A: Their russian songs because the russian lyrics have deeper meanings. Most people don't know but tatu's songs are not exact translations from russian to english. they are totally different meanings sometimes even though they have the same instrumentals and set up

Has rammstein and tatu ever played toghether? by Nuke Q: cause i see some songs like barbie, moskow, etc...

A: No. They tried to get Tatu to record Moskau together but in the end they recorded it with a russian girl called Viktoria Fersh. Tatu and Rammstein have never played or recorded together. Spiel mit mir! http://www.oliverriedel.blogspot.com/

Is the band Tatu really gay? by Awakened Q: Cuz I heard they both were married to guys and had kids, then i heard one was bi and the other was a lesbian. im confused also i hear they are both straight. hmmm can anyone clear this up for me?

A: Im listening to them now, lol, no it was there old band managers ploy to get fans. And they get angry when you call them lesbians, go to Youtube and type in "Tatu interview"

can pregnant women get a tatu? by Candy I Q: just asking can pregnant women still get a tatu if they wanted to? will the ink effect the baby?

A: It's a "tattoo", not a "tatu" And no, they can't. It's a big risk for their baby. And no reputable artist will tattoo a pregnant woman. Your child is far more important than some ink in your skin.

is tatu band lesbians? by Sarah dinho... Milan/Barca Q: what is the song all about us.... about? freedom? what does tatu mean anyway?

A: t.A.T.u. (or Tatu pronounced [tæˈtu], is a Russian music duo consisting of Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova. The group was formed in 1999 by Ivan Shapovalov, in Moscow. t.A.T.u. is the most successful international recording act from Russia, with a fan base stretching all over the world. Their debut album, 200 Po Vstrechnoy was the first from a Russian act to reach gold status internationally. With the release of their debut English album, 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane t.A.T.u. became the first act to receive an IFPI Platinum Europe Award for the same album in two languages. Much of their early success was based on the lesbian image portrayed by Katina and Volkova, and the controversy that surrounded it. However, in December 2003, it became apparent on their reality show Anatomy of t.A.T.u. that their sexuality was just part of the group's image at the time, and that they were not actually lesbians. Then in 2004, the group took a hiatus after they split from their producer and Volkova had become pregnant. They were soon back in the studio, and in 2005, released Dangerous and Moving and Lyudi Invalidy. In the last year, the group has released a compilation album, negotiated out of their contract with Universal records, and announced the production of a third album, and a film.

Tatu or Lady Gaga !!? by Voyager Q:

A: tatu ...and they are not one hit wonders they have 3 albums out and are really famous in Europe and South America and Asia. Only USA forgot them.

Pregnant lesbian, one of the tatu girls? by ~*Jessica*~ Q: I know one of the tatu girls got pregnant but what was the whole story on that and if she had the baby yet? haha I know its way old news but I was just thinking about it and I never really knew the whole story I'm 18 years old I'm not fucking retarded I was just wondering because I totally forgot about the whole ordeal. And starzap angel I hope you grow up, its obvuse you didn't know what I was talking about and acted immature in your response.

A: First, they were never lesbians. That was a sales pitch developed by Virgin records to get quick exposure for their new Russian pop-rock group. It worked for the short term, but then all the pansy rainbow warriors found out the weren't for real. Having been around the world, I've seen what some women are forced to do to make a living. Russia's economy had failed, and they were given a shot. It is not surprising they went along w/ Virgin to get a crack at the American stage. ******************************* I like TaTu. The girls are sexy as hell, and their music ain't too shabby neither. Good for them if one of 'em pregnant. Congrats. ******************************* Wow that is old news.... MILF.

Who likes Tatu? by darieana1 Q: Do u like them. Do u like that they're lesbians? Do u like their music

A: I like Tatu. Is the only group that sing in Russian and are famous almost all over the world. I don't like Tatu songs in English. They are more extraordinary when they are singing in Russian.

Where can I find TATU downloads? by rina Q: download sites? not counting limewire or bearshare or anything u have DL from

A: http://www.emp3world.com/search.php?phrase=tatu&type=mp3s http://www.mp3dimension.com/search/1/tatu/?dnsa=1

Tatu songs intro intact? by KaGoMe HiGaRaShI full time otaku Q: Hey, I need you to read this VERY CAREFULLY... I need a very specific answer with a very specific aspect. Ok, Does any one know where i can get an MP3 of Tatu's song 30 minutes with the part "momma poppa forgive me" still in it? If i get people reccomending general things, i am gonna get mad. So please, i need an MP3 with the "Momma poppa, forgive me" still on it of 30 minutes.

A: tatu is that girl band from the 90's where the chicks pretended to be lesbian right? from russia or estonia? you can get the MP3 from the itunes store

what does TATU and ATC stand for? by hamid boloori in Iran Q: thease are two English band groups!

A: Originally, t.A.T.u. was named ТАТУ (Tatu). When they became popular outside Russia and it was discovered that there was already an Australian band with that name, the spelling was changed to t.A.T.u. outside Russia. It is still occasionally written in the Latin alphabet as Taty or Tatu. The original name comes from a collocation of "ta" and "tu" (pronounced 'tuu'), two forms of the Russian feminine demonstrative pronoun "ta" in its nominative and accusative cases. It can be translated as "that female [does something to, supposedly loves] that female [over there]." ATC stands for A Touch of Class


A: I do remember hearing something about TATU, but to be honest I can't recall if it was that they aren't really lesbians, or that they aren't really dating each other. All I know is that the letters TATU are the fist letters from each word in a Russian phrase that means "This Girl Loves That Girl".

tatu question? by Jacky rox Q: whats is their newest album called? any songs u recomend? [[doesn matter wich album]]

A: I don't know their newest album but 200km/h in the wrong lane is good.It has clowns (can you see me now),and Not Gonna get us, And The Best of tatu has All about us and think it has all the things she said All of those are my fav tatu songs also :)

What are some similar artists like TATU? by Sierra Q:

A: TATU???? you mean the russian lesbian girls. Or the russians that pretended to be gay, or the lesbian russians that pretended to be musicians???? I dont know, watching them make out was cool but I cant imagine wanting to listen to their music ever again. Try L7 or bikini kill, those girls will kick your ass, but its in english so you will understand whats happening to you.

are the girls from tatu lesbian? by robin sparkles14 Q: i love them and all and i have nothing against gay people i'm just curious. since they have a music vid where 2 chicks make out. but they have another with 2 peeps gettin it on on a merry go round. a girl and a guy.

A: No, their producer, Ivan picked them up from a Russian children's choir. He used them for his project about "under-aged lesbians" He knew this image would make music sell. They broke up with Ivan in 2004, because they wanted to focus on music not scandals. Their fame went downhill from then. They had 3 English albums released. 2 in USA, one digitally on itunes. The girls are straight. Lena has a boyfriend and Yulia has a boyfriend and two kids. (two different fathers) Yulia did say she had a girl friend once, before tatu though. Even though they are not gay, they attend many pride festivals to support their fans. Lena just performed a solo performance in USA's largest pridfest this past June. The girls are pursuing solo careers now, Lena has another show in Sept. in CA

Will tatu be back together? by Jessica Q: I've seen their vids & interviews. I know they recently got a reunion but I wanna know if they're gonna release any new records & stuff. They said that they're discussing about it. But what do u guys think? They're incredibly talented & I really do hope they get back :)

A: They will probably do something because they said it is in talks but personally I like Lena solo better than Lena in tATu because in tATu Julia was always in the spotlight and Lena was always pushed to the background. PlusI really like their solo stuff. People have this warped idea that if they come back together they will be kissing and hugging and eyefuking and inappropriately touching each other again but that won't be the case. They are not 16 anymore.

Tatu derm, tegaderam.. Tattoo aftercare? by BLAH Q: I have tegaderm over my tattoo that i got yesterday. he told me not to change it and to wait it out four days and it should be healed when i take it off. There is a LOT of brown goo right on my tattoo, there was a couple spots where I can push it out so I did onto paper towel and smelled it and it had a little bit of a weird smell but not super strong. Is this normal??

A: Tatu-derm should be changed after 24 hours while the new tattoo is producing fluid. Once the bleeding stops it can remain on the new tattoo for a couple days. Your experience is normal. Although Tatu-derm is breathable the tattoo does not breathe under all that fluid. The tattoo should be fine.


A: I like the veronicas, but I like tatu more. Their song "not gonna stop us" is so good. It's catchy and has a great tune and vocals. I can't help but sing along whenever I hear it. I just love it.

Name every tatu song? by Meeee Q:

A: monkey zero/[russian] null and void all about us all the things she said nich'ya we shout dangerous and moving lyudi invalidy not gonna get us nas ne nogonat chot ne havatayet how soon is now stars zachem ya vsya moya lyubov kosmos[russian] cosmos loves me not friend or foe 30 minutes 30 minut[russian] gomenasi sacrifice craving perfect enemy Ya Tvoy Vrag Ya Tvoya Ne Pervaya belochka zashtishtat'sya Ochkami all my love i know dont regret little people you and i white robe Beliy Plaschik malchik gay malchik gey not gonna get us [dave aude remix- velvet dub] not gonna get us[richard morel- pink noise vocal] not gonna get us [larry tee elctroclash mix] all the things she said [exctension 119 club mix] all the things she said [running and spinning mix] all the things she said[ marks buzzing mix] all the things she said [blackpuke mix] 30 minutes [extension 119 club vocal mix] Do Not Believe, Do Not Fear[russian] Prostye Dvizheniya (Simple Moves) Simple Moves[russian/english] Ya Tvoya Ne Pervaja [I Am Not Your First][russian/english] Klouny [russian] clowns robot Doschitai Do Sta [count up to 100][russian] Ya Soshla S Uma show me love show me love extended All The Things She Said [DJ Monk After School Special] All The Things She Said [DJ Monk's After School Mix] All The Things She Said [DJ Monk's Break Mix Edit] All The Things She Said [HarDrum remix] All The Things She Said [Marks Intellectual Vocal Mix] I've Lost My Mind [DJ Ram Edit] I've Lost My Mind [DJ Ram remix] I've Lost My Mind [DJ Ram remix 2] I've Lost My Mind [HarDrum remix] I've Lost My Mind [S. Galoyan remix] Malchik Gay [Remix] Malchik Gay [That Black remix)] Why Me? [Channel Mix] Yugoslavia [Lena Only] 30 Minut [Moscow Grooves Institute remix] Nas Ne Dagoniat [FlyDream Remix] Robot [FlyDream Remix] Not Gonna Get Us [Thick Dick Vocal] Malchik Gay [That Black remix] [english] All the Things She Said [Club Anthem Vocal Mix] All the Things She Said [Club Anthem Dub] All the Things She Said [Club Anthem Vocal Edit] Not Gonna Get Us [Thick Dick Banga Mix] Not Gonna Get Us [Thick Dick Banga Dub] Polyusa feat. Tatu-Poehziya(Poetry) V Kosmose Skvoznyaki[In space drafts] I Vse Normal'no[All is normal] Skazhi Zachem [Tell me why] Vsya Moya Lyubov'[All my love][russian] Polchasa Bez Lyubvi[Half Hour without love] Poeisya [This is a song in which tATu featured, it is sung by Polyusa] miss you one love wrap it up loosing me not like any other need to touch you turnings and fallings you Ne Zhaley Vse Normalno [Demo][russian][english] Vremya Luny ok! im done because im too tired to add the rest of the list as you can see there are a lot, in the list are remixes, demos and new unreleased songs that might be on the third album that i know of ill be happy to write the rest but too tired! its like 2am.

Ist das gut- tatu and rammstein? by mayu_the_fallen Q: So my boyfriend and i were having a discussion about whether or not this song Is actually by rammstein and tatu or just a mix that some random person threw together at some point in time. Now i wiki'd both tatu and rammstein and looked through all of their albums and there is not one song called Ist das gut. And points of view or actual evidence that this song is by the both of them?

A: t.A.T.u. and Rammstein have a whole album of mixes called "Pruzinki" (Springs) Most of their mixes found here http://www.maffin.ru/english/mix/tr.htm The mixes are t.A.T.u and Rammstein songs mashed up. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The song "Ist das gut" by t.A.T.u. and Rammstein is an official mash up, It consists of Tatu's "Prostye Dvizhenia " and Rammstein's "Links 2,3,4" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tatu's "Prostye Dvizhenia " Official music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcuGUQHtles Rammstein's "Links 2 3 4" official music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c20PJlWGkDE

what is tatu doing these days? by ಥ_ಥ Q: does anyone know what yulia and lena from the band tatu are doing these days?

A: Hi, yes they are both doing solo careers right now. Lena has released several solo songs and has done many shows on the western side of the United States (Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Milwaukee, Las Vegas as well as in Moscow, St.Petersburg & Romania). In fact, right now, she is in the process of making her next music video for a song called "Lift Me Up". She recently did collaborations with T-Killah (a Russian rap artist), Dave Aude, Clark Owen, Jasmine Ash (from the ferrero rocher commercials) and Sergio Galoyan (the man who wrote most of the songs on tatu's first album). She has also done 2 internet concerts for her fans who live too far to come to a show, via Fankix & Stageit. You can follow her here: https://www.facebook.com/KatinaLena As for Julia, She has released a few solo songs and has done a collaboration with Dima Bilan (Russian Singer) for Eurovision song contest but she was not chosen for Russia. She also did a song with Sergio Galoyan. Right now she is undergoing a series of vocal surgeries, again. You can follow her here: https://www.facebook.com/JuliaVolkovaOfficial @Mars, the tatugirls website isn't official and hasn't been updated in like 8 or 9 years

bands similar to tatu? by Q: their music is really good, but since they are no longer a band i want to find similar ones. it can be from anywhere in the world (they don't have to be a lesbian band like tatu). what are some?

A: omg i ♥ tatu! they are so original so it's hard to find something just like them.... but you might like The Cocteau Twins, idk they kinda have a similar feel to their music. also - Cocorosie, Heartsrevolution, Flunk, The GO! Team, Psapp, Bjork --- are artists i''d recommend

What happenend to TATU ? by Darkness Falls Q: the singing group

A: Tatu never broke up or anything...if your talking about the Russian pop band..they were never lesbos and everyone found out about it so the record company fired them. They still play in Russia but thats it.

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