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starl3n Tatooine World’s Moon Could Potentially Host Alien Life http://t.co/XVL2xKCI

wadergo @Rebexquisite What's Taboo? Sounds like the result of Tatooine and Naboo colliding (Lol... I'm such a Star Wars geek)

hannahrae789 I went to Alderaan, Hoth, Naboo and Tatooine today.. NBD. #startours #disneyland

shaew2003 I'm at Tatooine My Home Planet ! http://t.co/4wiDDBjy

purplehayz Tatooine world's moon could potentially host alien life http://t.co/txMMniEp

haczardous Tatooine World’s Moon Could Potentially Host Alien Life http://t.co/93qso3iH via #googlereader

HalvaZevei @iavius_fausto Ay que envexa! eu que hoxe non cheguei a pechar Tatooine... nin visitiña de rigor a David no Gasteiz!

estNEWS Tatooine - quotUnlike Star Wars39 Tatooine the planet is cold gaseous and not thought to harbor life but its... http://t.co/6eOLyxel

BurakKaraben arkaplanı tatooine yaptım sıkıntıdan ne yapacağımı şaşırdım

Samarthinks I can't stop humming the music from the cantina on Tatooine

Samisatwizard Tatooine World’s Moon Could Potentially Host Alien Life http://t.co/fPzGH9pf

normslovesit Did I really put my twitter location to "Tatooine, TX"? Yes, yes I did.

chrispinelo RT @CincySymphony: Part Two: The Exalted Sacrifice – Introduction #cinsym Part reminds me of Tatooine.

elybonta OMFG YES!!! Best analogy! RT @p_know18: @elybonta its kinda like wen Luke left Tatooine

p_know18 @elybonta its kinda like wen Luke left Tatooine


How do I fix this Tatooine glitch in KOTOR? by Jack Q: Whenever I try to enter the Sand People's area guarded by the turrets the game stops and tells me my entire party has died when we were all at full health a second ago. I am assuming this is a glitch, so I would like to find out how to fix it.

A: I don't think it's a glitch. Before entering the Sand People's area guarded by the turrets you should put on sand clothes (on yourself and all party member), which you should have got from the corpse of the sand people you killed earlier. If you don't, the torrent start shooting and there are no defense against them. I also recommend you to have that robot (the one like C3PO, I don't remember his name) in your party, because he'd help you entering the camp.(But I don't remember how)

Did anyone else notice how the desert in planet of the apes is the same as Tatooine? by Jamie Q: I watched the movie yesterday and everything looks the same (except the water). Were they shot in the same place?

A: The Tatooine scenes in 'Star Wars' were filmed in Tunisia in northern Africa. The desert scenes in 'Planet of the Apes' (1968) was filmed in northern Arizona near the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River, Glen Canyon and other locations near Page, Arizona. The opening scenes were filmed at Lake Powell, Utah.

What if Leia had been sent to Tatooine and Luke to Alderaan? by Clever Nickname Q: Would Leia have become the Jedi apprentice and Luke became the rebel commander? .. Wonders where that would leave Han though..

A: well im that luke woulda been a rebel commander, leia woulda probably just been married off to some random guy. Altho then yes, Han would probably not of met leia then. lol

how do you use the tatooine mission pack in star wars the force unleashed? by wiigreek.keanah Q: i recently purchesed the tatooine add on in star wars tfu and and i don't have the place in my mission list

A: Start a NEW game and you should be able to choose it.

How much longer until we finally decide to stop fighting the Tusken Raiders and leave Tatooine for good? by Russell Clank Q: Alternative Phrasing: How much longer until we finally decide to stop fighting Islamic Extremists and leave the Middle East for good?

A: not soon enough....

What is the distance from Tatooine to Alderaan in Star Wars episode 4? by thepreacha619 Q: I kno that they are traveling light speed. however, i dont know the time or the distance. any help or ideas would be helpful. ty in advance.

A: You probably will have better luck asking this in the Entertainment or Movies category.

How do you get to the Star Wars force unleashed tatooine expansion? by Rick Steinhauser Q: I have downloaded it. But can't find it. I remember having the same issue with the Jedi Temple too.

A: It sounds like you use the Xbox 360 (It's the only console system that allows downloads). I happen to have one too (the arcade version). Anyways, in my experience with downloading things you need microsoft points, first off. You probably already do since you said you were able to download it. Was your console on the whole duration of the download, because if your console shuts down or if someone unplugs, or trips on the cord, causing it to unplug, likely your download was incomplete. Otherwise, you could check Game Library, Collections, Game Demos and Game Trials. Or, in the game, check extras (I own the game, too). Or, click "continue game" or "new game" and press "start" to access the menu and go to "mission select". It should be there. Happy to help. -Take care

How do I play the tatooine mission on the force unleashed? Do I have to redo the last level? by WildAntics Q: I've never downloaded any of the additional content so im not sure how it works.

A: i am going fucking crazy! i cant find it anywhere either! i downloaded it and its nowhere! i deleted all my data and i still cant find it! F*CK! it really pisses me off when i pay for something and i get shit in return!

What Tattoo should I get that represents the Star Wars planet of Tatooine? by iquestionreality Q: I'm a huge star wars fan, and I thought it would be clever to get a tattoo of something that represents the planet Tatooine. Any ideas of what sort of tattoo I can get?

A: About the only really unique thing about the planet Tatooine is, as has been said to a certain point, the twin suns that the planet orbits around. Here's two suggestions. As has been said Luke Skywalker assembled a starfighter squadron that he named "Twin Suns" during the war with the Yuuzhan Vong. In the process of the war he eventually turned control of the squadron to his niece ... Jaina Solo. I don't remember where I saw and/or heard of this but the "Twin Suns" squadron had a rather unique "crest" ... it consisted of two blazing suns with a ignited lightsabre between them. The lightsabre looked very similar to the design of Luke's lightsabre. Even if you can't find this picture it would be a pretty easy one to design. I believe it was in one of the "Insider" issues that were hyping the New Jedi Order story arc but I'm not certain. Another suggestion ... there is a scene in ep IV that shows Luke standing on a small hill watching the twin suns of Tatooine set. It is one of the most iconic and heart wrenching scenes in any of the movies and speaks to the "wanderlust" of youth. I don't know if either of those suggestions interest you but that's no biggy ... it's not like there aren't a few hundred other things that could be used. Good luck and we want to see it when it's done ... lol ... May The Force Be With You ... .

How do i get to the tatooine levels in the force unleashed sith edition? by Sebastian Rojas Q: Hey guys, look, i bought the the collector edition for the force unleashed but i cant play neither the jedi temple level nor the tatooine and hoth levels, can you tell me what to do for this situation please, i know i have the game because i have all the skins and costumes that come only in that game.

A: I think you have to beat the game once and should be able to start those levels when you try to start a new game.


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