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ItsSofiiia RT @LuciaGil_Gil: el intercambio de tapas de blackberrys! @RawrItsSandie a mi me encanta..pero no se si ella.. Jajaja http://t.co/JCwyQFiX

Gabidesousa O pai compra um robô detector de mentiras que dá tapas nas pessoas quando mentem. Decide testá-lo no jantar.... http://t.co/naDzHJmY

LeeoHenry Overheard: O pai compra um robô detector de mentiras que dá tapas nas pessoas quando mentem. Decide testá-lo... http://t.co/fRZI09VB

raqelrn @estefania_sd_af joe T.T xro vas ledices:cmo stás,la tapas y ledas unbesiyo jaj..Yo no sabia q tu stabas, si no le hubiera dixo esto eh!jaja

zippoman55 Why do l always play on my phone in restaurants ?! Jeesus the Spanish are NOISY! And control your kids! More tapas coming.

Luhermi RT @ChistesNetwork: Tipico :Te acuestas, apagas la luz, te tapas, te acurrucas, cierras los ojos, hasta que..."¡MIERDA! ¡LA TAREA!

_JuuJubinhA Overheard: O pai compra um robô detector de mentiras que dá tapas nas pessoas quando mentem. Decide testá-lo... http://t.co/fD1soIwj

koolhydraatarm1 Je eet je vingers op bij deze borrelhapjes. Nu met 2 bonus-receptenboeken voor Tapas & Tiramisu http://t.co/8Y8Ymlg1

JamesWoodAR RT @veganchatroom: Millions of birds migrating to Spain face painful deaths in glue-filled traps... http://t.co/8bJPPm7M #birds #rspb #tapas #spain

veganchatroom Millions of birds migrating to Spain face painful deaths in glue-filled traps... http://t.co/8bJPPm7M #birds #rspb #tapas #spain

Carool214 O pai compra um robô detector de mentiras que dá tapas nas pessoas quando mentem. Decide testá-lo no jantar.... http://t.co/oL1tded6

juanxiflores Tapas para todos menos para nosotros!! #ingnoracion @diego__jmv @mabelito9

silflosn @JM_biotech pero tu cuando lo vas a imprimir entonces?? Jajaj q erncuadernar con tapas lleva sus 3 dias...

Mexxbrad @baila_lina vite jeudi soirée Tapas !!!


Suggestions on how to make tapas? by elementamigo92 Q: I need them to be meat free though, fish and chicken are allowed... I've never made them before, so a website or your own personal suggestions and directions are greatly appreaciated!

A: there are too many versions to count. Try this web site and pick the ones you prefer http://www.euroresidentes.com/euroresiuk/Recipies/Recipies.htm

Does anyone know any website that has easy Tapas(spanish) recipes? by hannaH Q: I am doing a school project I need a website that has good recipies for Tapas, OR maybe you know one that i could look more into??....HELP!

A: Food and Wine has a great article- tapas can be as easy as bread and olive oil- or much more complicated, enjoy the article@ http://www.foodandwine.com/articles/december-2006-more-easy-tapas-ideas

Can someone please explain to me what tapas is? by Callum [Didn`t Win The Appeal] Q: I'm going to a tapas bar in about 5 minutes and I've never been before. I'm a pretty fussy eater, do you think I'll like it? What food do they serve there?

A: A spanish restaurant, where you serve yourself.. Great all my contacts are gone lol

What's the name of the fast food tapas place in Barcelona? by Lex Q: I went to barcelona recently and there was a really cheap fast food place, like McDonalds but with tapas. I think the logo was green coloured. What's it called?

A: i live here for over a year and i haven't seen that one yet, its probably a single store not a chain, if you know the approx address try google earth with cherckmark on food places what is cheap anyhow ? for me 5euro is very expensive, and usually that how much tapas go for if its much cheaper like 2.50euro please email me when you find out the name !

What to order at a Tapas Restauraunt? by Tom S Q: Is it ok to has dinner eating Tapas? Also what do I order? whats the most common? Can I order say "pigs in a blanket"? or maybe like a shish-ka-bob?

A: Take a selection of cold meats, bandarillos (little pickly kebabs from Northern Spain), some cold cheese, and bread, almonds and olives. These are the 'basic' tapas, around which to build your meal. On top of that, my faves are patatas bravas (spicy potatoes), garlic mushrooms, artichoke hearts, green beans and tomatoes, fried small fish or salt-n-pepper squid, meatballs, grilled cheese and marinated prawns. Just make sure you evenly mix the meat, fish, carbs and veg and allow a ratio of about 3-4 tapas per person to ensure there is enough.

Can you tell me some Tapas recipes? by Dom Q: Can you tell me some tapas recipes, as we are doing Spanish recipes for Food

A: Spicy Sausage and Cheese Tortilla Ceviche Patatas Bravas http://www.spain-recipes.com/patatas-bravas.html

Would tapas make a good wedding reception food? by V Q: Instead of a three or four course dinner, we have been thinking of doing a couple of tapas. Some of then can be very hearty and filling so I don't think people will be left hungry. What do you think?

A: I love this idea. Wedding food can often be so samey and uninspiring which is particularly annoying given the fact that it costs a fortune. I bet your guests will just be relieved they dont have to eat yet another chicken / salmon supreme!!!

How many dishes do you typically serve when doing tapas? by stargir1e333 Q: I am throwing a tapas birthday party but I don't know how many dishes to make!

A: I would think 8 minimum. This is a sample of 9 things I would serve: crudites (raw vegetables with a dip) brie cheese and crackers beef skewers chicken drumettes mini egg rolls pasta salad pinwheel sandwiches fruit tray dessert tray

What is the significance of tapas in Spain? by aj60089 Q: I need to know what is the importance of tapas in Spain. Any information would be great. Thank you!

A: The significance/importance of tapas in Spain is varied. Legend has it that a small plate of food was used to "TAPAR" or COVER a glass of wine or beer to protect it from flies and that's how "TAPAS" got their name. My question is, what about protecting the food on top of that plate from those same flies!? But don't worry, flies aren't generally an issue now and they no longer put the plate on top of the glass. Tapas are usually consumed by bar customers as a mid-day snack, after work snack, or even in place of a sit down dinner. On Friday and Saturday nights people will go from bar to bar ordering one drink and get their free (or otherwise) tapa, changing the scenery and variety of food with every change of bar. It's generally a cheap way to have a good, varied dinner - but all the while (usually) standing at the bar. Bar owners know that if they offer clients a FREE small appetizer with the purchase of a drink that the client will be happy with the detail and will return the next time - or continue drinking. IMPORTANT NOTE: the free tapa is typically only offered with the first drink ordered - not the subsequent drinks bought - although some smaller, friendlier bars will "keep 'em coming!" Bar owners also know that drinking on an empty stomach is not healthy or wise. So if you give your clients a plate of something to help absorb the alcohol in the drink you may be more likely to stay longer and order another drink. Lots and lots of bars in Spain still offer a free tapa with the order of any beer, wine, or even coke. The so-called "tapas bars" don't usually offer a free tapa with a drink (but some do). These bars don't even usually offer tapas for sale (kind of a contradiction, I know) but instead offer larger portions called "raciones". Finding a bar which *sells* tapa-sized-portions is difficult. Most smaller, local bars (never clubs) will give you a free tapa of olives, peanuts, potato chips, paella, beef broth, shrimp, slice of cheese/sausage on bread, potatoes, or really anything small like that. Many of these same smaller, local bars also offer these larger "raciones" for sale and will offer more variety or just more quantity as offered as a free tapa. GRANADA City is the king of tapas in Spain. I have so many stories of how I ordered a small beer ("caña") and they served me a large, bountiful free tapa.! My favorite and most unusual free tapa served in Granada was a plate comprised of a mid-sized steak, grilled green pepper, and fried potatoes. This was their free tapa!!??? Good lord! Most of the time, however, it's just what I've listed in the above paragraphs but sometimes the quantity served in Granada is above and beyond the free-tapa-call-of-duty!! Great tapas there. Hope you need to go to Spain soon to experience one of Spain's great inventions (?). Anyway, Spain made tapas famous so that's good enough for me. Saludos, MadridMan(.com)

How much does it cost to start a Tapas bar/restaurant from scratch in Tagaytay? by Gabriel A Q: I will be moving to the Phillipines with my brother and we want to invest in a Tapas style restaurant. A small one. What will it cost for the lot and construction and how difficult is it to attain lisences and contracts? My brother and I were born in Spain but our mother is Filipina.

A: that's a good business. can we go visit your tapa restaurant? it's better be good. you can check with a realtor in manila for pricing for the lot and the construction. good luck on your business and don't forget to post here when it's gonna open.

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