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Miami Dolphins' Ryan Tannehill: 'I'm my own player,' not next Dan Marino
Ryan Tannehill from Texas A&M holds greets NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell after he was selected #8 overall by the Miami Dolphins in the first round of during the 2012 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall on April 26, 2012 in New York City.

NFL Draft Profile - Ryan Tannehill
By Sports Network If a name had to be given to commemorate the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft, it would have to be "Tornado Day." With so much wheeling and dealing, maybe the NFL draft should move to Wall Street. Embattled Saints general manager ...

NFL Draft Roundup: Jaguars get Blackmon, Dolphins pick QB Tannehill
The Dolphins took Texas A&M's Ryan Tannehill, who played wide receiver for most of his time in college. His coach at A&M, Mike Sherman, is the Dolphins offensive coordinator. Carolina selected Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly, the nation's ...

NFL Draft Profile - Ryan Tannehill
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politicalpanda RT @qbtracker: Still not at all sold on Tannehill going as high as #8, but I'm not the one making the big bucks. Or any bucks, for that matter.

DolphinsZap Sun Sentinel: Owner Stephen Ross talks Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill http://t.co/iggqtawN

DolfansNYC Owner Stephen Ross talks Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill http://t.co/PUz1gtoh #Dolphins

DolphinZap Sun Sentinel>>>> Owner Stephen Ross talks Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill http://t.co/FgFyoAqA

chad_haggard RT @dc_fusion: it would be awesome if redskins draft Tannehill instead of rg3

chad_haggard RT @Goodie_2Shoeee: The Dolphins made an AWESOME pick with Ryan Tannehill !!!

T_Mas1305 Great first round. Fins got there guy Ryan Tannehill #FinsUp

chad_haggard RT @VONBAER: Tannehill has the tools, raw. I've watched over 15 hours of game film on him and read my west coast O book twice. He is Awesome #Dolphins

virtusolutions Miami Dolphins Ryan Tannehill: Im my own player, not next Dan Marino http://t.co/GWHhaVhu

ColinAlexander5 RT @RealSkipBayless: Browns just stole a starting QB: Brandon Weeden. Much better than Tannehill. Will soon beat out Colt, have 6-7 good yrs. TRich AND Weeden!

BigDKey19 @Mike_Pelletier Good pick indeed, imo. Haven't watched Tannehill myself, but all of my most-trusted guys really like him.

Chaz_Miller RT "@nfl: Dolphins + Tannehill = ______ http://t.co/FHgIFFie #NFLDraft" Dolphins + Tannehill = Meh

Emmieqmlbe RT @JayGray73: @JackPierson3 tannehill is no joke

clevetola RT @RealSkipBayless: Browns just stole a starting QB: Brandon Weeden. Much better than Tannehill. Will soon beat out Colt, have 6-7 good yrs. TRich AND Weeden!


Who will start for the Miami Dolphins? by holaitsjosh Q: Matt Moore David Garrard Ryan Tannehill GO! p.s. I'm not a dolphins fan so you can be honest.

A: David Garrard he has the most experience and has been a better QB then moore. Garrard is a pro bowler and has been to the playoffs and won before. With Matt Moore you know what you're going to get moore went 6-6 with B marshall but now you don't have B marshall. Garrard has had practice playing with no recivers in jacksonville and still doing great. He's the guy for this year. Ryan Tannehill has only been playing QB for 19 games He's a ok reciver but he's not a good QB, if the fins draft him it would be the worst decision since pat white. In all Garrard will start they wil go 8-8 and Garrard will have 3,224 yards passing 21 touchdowns and 11 INTs

Who should the Browns pick at No.4 and No.22? by mjg801 Q: At No.4: Trent Richardson or Justin Blackmon At No.22: Brandon Weeden or Ryan Tannehill I know they should NOT take a quarterback in the draft, but all the buzz these days surrounds QB's, RB's, and WR's. I just got into that mentality automatically. I like the offensive guard pick. They desperately need that as well.

A: 4 Trent Richardson.. #22 best WR available.....

What current/past NFL players are these future rookies like? by Q: Luck RG3 Kalil Richardson Claiborne Tannehill Poe

A: Luck-Carson Palmer Solid 1st overall pick, should be ok RG3-Aaron Rodgers Mobile, athletic, good in the pocket Kalil-D'Brickashaw Ferguson Highly rated, but less so than Jake Long or Joe Thomas Richardson-Darren McFadden Top 5 pick, but could be injury prone Claiborne-Joe Haden Beastly corner in coverage Tannehill-Brady Quinn Looks like a lame duck to me. Limited collegiate experience Dontari Poe-Tyson Alualu Shot up the board due to decent combine, was a second rounder before that @Jsp: Lol about the Ryan Leaf thing. C'mon now, its not gonna happen.

I am looking for a job i am willing to do just about anything.? by Russell T Q: i am 18 years just graduated high, i wasn't able to get into college this year so i am trying to get a job so that i can have a little money in my pocket. If anyone can help i would really appreciate it. If you are an employer my name is Russell Tannehill and my email is [email protected] please help me.

A: Go to a nice apartment complex and apply for a "leasing agent" position. (Ask if they have an "entry level" position which means no experience). You can move up from leasing agent to manager and possibly to regional manager. It's not a bad gig - often get your apartment free and nice pay too. You won't get rich but you should always have a roof over your head and some cash for food. If you think you can be an electrician, I would go to a construction site and ask if they need "electrician helpers" and go from there.

Should I buy a Reggie Bush jersey? by Q: I have one of those NFLshop.com vouchers and it expires this week and I was wondering what are the chances of him leaving Miami next year (contract year) for money that the Dolphins won't/can't pay???? He is a huge factor in Miami winning or losing a game even though Moore looks like a decent starter he needs some work. As I'm assuming whoever Miami draft (including Tannehill) will sit out with Garrard this season.

A: I would just go ahead & buy it & jerseys are on a good sale right now & if he dose go some where else you can always try & sell it on ebay there will be some one out there who wants it lol

Where will these QBs fit in (potentially) from the 2012 draft? by Q: Andrew Luck Matt Barkley Landry Jones Ryan Tannehill Robert Griffin Brandon Weeden Kirk Cousins Nick Foles Ryan Lindley Russell Wilson Kellen Moore Case Keenum Where do you feel some of these QBs would best fit in? Meaning, what team would they benefit most from? What team would benefit from them most. A lot of teams need QBs and some future QBs. Pardon me if I forgot anyone of note and yes Juniors included.

A: Luck will go to the Colts Otherwise its a toss up, Weeden might go high because hes like 30 and should have good leadership skills Wilson could be the first UW QB drafted in a long time

Who will be left over for the Jaguars at 7? by holaitsjosh Q: Someone could trade up for Tannehill but if not who do you think they will pick. I will provide a list of possible young studs. Michael Floyd (WR) Quinton Coples (DE) Melvin Ingram (DE) Morris Clairborne (Corner) Riley Reiff (Offensive Tackle)

A: It seems like general opinion is that all but Claiborne will be there, I think Melvin Ingram at #7 is a really good pick.

If Andrew Luck and RG3 weren't in this year's NFL Draft, who would be the #1 pick? by cdmnumber1fan Q: I think it would probably be Tannehill since the Colts need a QB. BQ: Also, if Luck and RG3 weren't in this year's draft, do you think the Colts would have released Peyton?

A: That's actually a great question. Both decided to go Pro instead of staying one more year in school. It would have changed things drastically. The Colts would have kept Peyton Manning and drafted Matt Kalil to protect his blindside, something they have lacked since Tarik Glenn retired. The Redskins would not have traded up and the Rams with the 2nd overall pick would have drafted Justin Blackmon. That makes my favorite team, the Vikings, select Morris Claiborne or maybe Riley Reiff. Somebody desperate for a QB would have taken a gamble on Tannehill with a top 10 pick. BA: I already answered it.

Who is the best QB from Texas A&M to ever play in the NFL? +BQ inside? by M. Diego Q: BQ: What are Ryan Tannehill chances to become the best TAMU QB ever?

A: Stephen McGee, 1-0 with 3 touchdowns and no picks lol As long as Tannehill starts, he'll be the best A&M QB ever by default.

Which rookies do you think will have a productive first nfl season? by Q: I think that Ryan tannehill of ATM will have a productive rookie season And I also think that donta hightower can get work done at the NFL level too

A: Richardson, Dre Kirkpatrick are a couple of my choices....

I have a what if question on the NFL Draft? by Q: Ok well let's say all good QB prospects decided to declare for the draft this year like Matt Barkley and Landry Jones. And would you think RG3 would still be the number 2 QB in the draft? Also if this did happen do you think Ryan Tannehill would even be mentioned for the first round?

How many white players will be taken in the first round of the NFL Draft, I say 8 or 9? by Q: Andrew Luck Matt Kalil Ryan Tannehill David DeCastro Brandon Weeden Luke Kuechly Riley Reiff Coby Fleener Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, did I say anything that was not true?

A: Weeden? LMAO

How come Luck and RG3 are getting all the attention? by Beasty Q: I know they're the 2 best Qbs in this class but there are plenty of others like Kellen Moore(BSU), Ryan Tannehill(TA&M) and Nick Foles(AZ)

A: Just because luck got the hype and rg3 got the heisman. I think Moore will be a good one too, as well as Kirk cousins, but all the hype and media are surrounding luck and rg3

How many Super Bowl rings will Ryan Tannehill give the Miami Dolphins (Multiple choice)? by Q: a. 3 SB rings b. 4-5 SB rings c 5 > SB rings PS. The Patriots and the Steelers are going down hill. It's time for the Dolphin greatness to return. Back to normal, like it has always been. TAGS: Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Cheifs, Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings, N.Y. Giants, N.Y. Jets, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Diego Chargers, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tennessee Titans, Washington Redskins

Has the bidding war for Alex Smith begun with Peyton not going to San Fran? by Q: What do you think will happen between Miami and San Fran? Will San Fran. go out and pursue Alex Smith or will they go with Colin Kaepernick? What about Miami? Will they still be pursuing Smith or will they go after Tebow now that he is available or will they stick with Moore and draft Tannehill? Lot's of scenarios here.

A: To be honest i dont think miami will offer as much as the 49ers did. So i think alex will be a little upset about the situation but i do think he will go back to the 49ers. It was the staffs choice to do this NOT the players, Alex knows he has players that are behind him in san francisco. BUT if i am wrong i would be really really shocked... But at the same time excited to see Kaepernick mold into the great qb he is.

NFL: Is Tannehill worthy of the hype? by Eric B Q: Well, Q 1. Is he? Q 2. Will he enter THIS year's NFL Draft? ~ if so, who has a chance to get him? Never followed his career/team, hence the question.

A: His passes look good and I think he can be developed into a very good quarterback. But it will take a little time. Miami will likely take him. They need him. And I don't think he is good enough to warrant someone taking him ahead of Miami. Although some team may act like they are going to in order to see if they can get Miami to bite.

Just how stupid are the Washington Redskins? by Q: I know this is redundant but three first round draft picks and a second round pick to move up four spots in the draft! God damn, wasn't Shanahan supposed to put an end to this stupidity? BQ: Which QB will be better RG3 or Ryan Tannehill?

A: Typical redskins. Shhhhhhh, they're taking over that constant stupidity spot that my Raiders have held for years!!

Is Tannehill a first-rounder? by Q: or is he a 2nd or 3rd kinda guy?

A: I think he could have first round talent but more likely to fall in the 2-4 round range in terms of him where he will go.

Top 5 qbs in the draft? mine are: andrew luck, robert griffen lll,kellen moore,ryan tannehill, brandon weedon? by Q:

A: Mine are Luck, Griffen, Weedon, Tannehill, and Keenum! I think Kellen Moore is to small to play QB in the NFL. Look for him to be a solid back-up

If Quarterbacking doesn't work out, should Ryan Tannehill convert to WR? by Q: Mind you, Tannehill was a WR for the first half of his College career. He wasn't a scrub, either. Here's what I found from a scouting website: "It should be noted that Tannehill wasn't just some reserve receiver, he was the team's leading receiver the two seasons prior to becoming a quarterback." A 6'4" WR with very nice speed would be sought after by many teams. I'm just saying that if he fails as a QB in the NFL, he should convert to WR. It shouldn't be a tough transition, seeing as how he knows how to run routes, catch the ball, block, etc.

A: No way! He'll be a top five pick at QB.

Is Ryan Tannehill this year's Blaine Gabbert? by Q:

Am I stupid for not thinking Tannehill wont go 8? by SoCleveland Q: I just dont think it will happen for a couple reason 1. One I dont think Tannehill is a good enough player to be worthy of a top 10 pick, and I know miami desperate but I think thats too much of a reach 2. ALso Miami does have a decent team they just need a qb, but tannehill is considered a project I think they would be more likely to go for a more NFL ready qb such as weeden or foles I think if Miami does want tannehill they will trade down but I think its more likely to see Tannehill in Denver or Green Bay but we shall see I wont pick best answer till after draft I think denver the perfect spot for him backing up peyton and learning from peyton and elway

A: Some team will be stupid enough to go for him before the top 10. Its probably going to be Miami. I'll put money down on it. Wait and see

Who are your college football teams to watch for next season? by Q: I personally think UCF behind Jeffrey Godfrey is going to be a team to watch for. Florida because of the key signing of Weis. and I say Texas A&M they have a lot of talent. Look for Ryan Tannehill to have a big season. Possible Heisman finalist?

A: Alabama, LSU, Mississippi State. Texas A&M, Florida St.

Ryan Tannehill Overrated? by Q: No way I take Ryan Tannehill or Keenum in the first round, but if I had to choose I'd choose Keenum and I'd do so in the 3rd round. Case Keenum completely destroyed Tannehill in stats, but everyone is going to say well stats don't matter, okay well lets look at the teams they played, Houston played nobody good but only lost once. Texas A&M played 4 really good teams and lost to them all with the exception of Baylor. So I really don't understand why Tannehill is being so highly publicized when he definitely doesn't deserve it. Don't get me wrong I definitely wouldn't take Keenum in the first round either because last time someone came along like him (Colt Brennan) they were a bust. But I am saying for sure Tannehill who is a previous natural WR is not a first round pick. I think him and Keenum should be 3rd round picks AT BEST. If you MUST take a QB in the first round I personally would take Keenum, but If possible I would wait till the 3rd or 4th round to take one of those QB's. If Weeden wasn't so old he would easily be the 3rd best QB in this draft. Other than that this draft is not very QB friendly, I would address other positions first. Keenum is who I believe is the best QB after Luck and RG3 but only because Weeden is too old. If there was a guarentee that weeden would come out and be a great player then I'd take him, but because he doesn't have the time to sit and develop I believe the risk is way too high. I'd take Case Keenum

A: Easily. And Colt Brennan wouldnt of been a bust if he had more opportunities. But it is a good example. perfect example actually. Regardless yes, tannehill is overrated, but he also oozes potential. And that is something somewhat hard to find. He has good speed, good eyes, and great footwork. He could easily be a starter after a few years of sitting behind an established starter. If i had a choice, id personally take Russell Wilson over Tannehill, and everyone else not named Luck or RG3 easily. He's quick, great vision, film rat, probably the 2nd smartest QB in the draft next to Luck, and is NFL ready. He has a good arm, and can make lots of throws and is great rolling out of the pocket. He was the 2nd fastest QB behind RG3. He's just too short. At only 5' 11", teams put a big question mark around him. He could easily be a 1st Rd pick if he had another 2 inches to his frame. But Drew Brees has no trouble and he's short, plus if Wilson can roll out of the pocket it shouldnt matter. And if the question is can he see over the Offensive Lineman? Well, what college is known for producing the biggest and best lineman? Wisconsin. He played behind a OL thats bigger than the average NFL OL. So that should speak volumes about this kid.

If Ryan Tannehill starts next week against Oklahoma and plays like he did against Texas Tech....? by Me again Q: Do we have a chance against Oklahoma? "COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- Ryan Tannehill had a school-record 449 yards passing and four touchdowns in his first career start..." http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/recap?gameId=303030245

A: There is a big difference in the TT defense and and Sooners. If Tannehill passes for 449 yards against OU they will probably win but I don't see that happening. It should be a good game.

ryan tannehill as miamis qb, what do you think? by Q:

Should the Browns draft Ryan Tannehill from Texas A&M or give Colt McCoy one last chance to prove he can play? by Q:

A: Doesn't really matter between McCoy and Tannehill if there isn't any weapons around. That's like having a cannon with no ammo

in what world is Tannehill a 1st round talent? by Q: he was awful with A&M

A: In the very desperate world of Jeff Ireland. Seems free agents are not eager to sign for a GM who asks if your Mama is a prostitute.

If Ryan Tannehill plays against Oklahoma like he did against Tech dowe have a chance tobeat Oklahoma next week? by Me again Q: http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/recap?gameId=303030245 "COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- Ryan Tannehill had a school-record 449 yards passing and four touchdowns in his first career start..."

A: Anything is possible, I would love to see the sooners go down again!

Will Tannehill go to the browns? by Q: As a browns fan I don't want Tannehill I want Blackmon or Richardson but I saw a mock draft with the browns trading down with the rams to take Tannehill that makes no sense when they could take studs like blackmon or Richardson

A: Browns- Trent Richardson Rams- Justin Blackmon Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill

Do you think that the Browns should draft Ryan Tannehill, and will he be successful on the NFL level? by Q:

A: I still think the top 10 is too early for Ryan Tannehill. If the Browns don't intend to draft Trent Richardson or Morris Claiborne, then I think they should just trade the pick. They could easily find a better quarterback in the 2nd or 3rd rounds with Russel Wilson, Kirk Cousins, or Brock Osweiler. Tannehill made too many mistakes in big games. They missed a perfect opportunity to get Robert Griffin III.

Why is Ryan Tannehill not in the race for the Heisman? by Q:

A: Because not being able to keep two double digit leads against Oklahoma State,and Arkansas in back to back weeks took him out of the race. Only scoring a total of 12 points in the second half in two games,is not Heisman worthy

Should the Cleveland Browns trade the #4 and #22 picks to the Vikings so they can draft Ryan Tannehill? by Q:

A: It would look pretty bad if they did.

What is a NFL comparison to Ryan Tannehill? by Q:

Can we safely say that Ryan Tannehill has comparable skills to the Easter Bunny and that he is a Hall of Famer? by Q:

A: Comparable skills to the Easter Bunny, yes. Hall of Famer, no.....

Will someone trade up for Tannehill? by holaitsjosh Q: They'd need to jump ahead of the Dolphins at 8 and trade with the Jaguars who are at 7. Seattle, Eagles, Chiefs, and a couple other teams are interested.

A: Tannehill is a reach at the #8 pick. The Dolphins just might reach for him since they're desperate for a QB, but the price of trading up to the #7 pick is too steep for a guy who has as far to go as tannehill does. If the fins don't take Tannehill at #8, I wouldn't be suprised to see a team trade up into the teens or low twenties to get him. That would still be a reach, but a lot of teams are willing to reach in the draft to get a QB they think has a shot to become a franchise QB for years to come. FWIW, I doubt the Seahawks are interested. They signed Matt Flynn and they still have T-Jack who wasn't actually too bad last year. Pete Carroll said he liked Tannehill when he was asked directly about him, but that doesn't mean he's going to blow a #12 pick on a QB that still needs development when the team really needs a good DE and could also use a good OL or LB. Carroll loves to have competition at every position, so I'm sure he won't hesitate to bring other QB's into training camp, but only at the right price (late round picks or undrafted free agents). I can't imagine the Seahawks drafting Tannehill any sooner than the 3rd round, maybe 4th if he was somehow still available. I think if Tannehill is still on the board at #12 the Seahawks will try to find a team that's interested in a trade but if there's no takers they won't pick him.

Is Ryan Tannehill the next Peyton Manning or the next Brady Quinn? by Q:

A: Brady Quinn I still cant believe I paid a $100 for an autograph football

Do you think that the Cleveland Browns will draft Ryan Tannehill instead of Trent Richardson? by Q: Tannehill had a great Pro Day, completing 65 out 68 passes, and showing great arm strength, which is something that Colt McCoy lacks. Ryan Tannehill also ran the 40 in 4.68, which is great time for a throwing QB. A lot of sources are reporting this possibility: http://profootballzone.com/nfl/report-browns-thinking-about-drafting-ryan-tannehill-fourth-overall/

A: While that seems to be a considerable suggestion, the Browns have a slightly bigger need at RB now that Peyton Hillis has left them. Hardesty, Brandon Jackson, Chris Ogbonnaya are the more familiar other options at RB, but Hardesty has a better hand with the starting job with Ogbonnaya as a player in position to fight for that starting job. but regardless, I think Trent Richardson will be a better choice for the Browns. Not because I think Tannehill is not a great prospect, which he is... I think not because McCoy is still young and can develop

Do you really think Ryan Tannehill is top 10 talent, he is expected to be taken in the top 10? by Q: Some experts have him going in the top 5 as the 3rd QB taken in the draft.

A: I'm a Dolphins fan and they are the team that's projected to take him with the 8th pick. Lets just say I'd rather the Fins use the 8th pick on a guy like Coples and go after a QB such as Weeden in the 2nd round. I'm not as high on Tannehill.

Will Ryan Tannehill at 6ft 4 230 lbs be like Big Ben of the Pittsburgh Steelers? by Q: Hard to tackle and perfect for the cold AFC North Games in December?

A: He will be like Big Byron from the Pitsburgh Steelers: On the bench.

Will the Cleveland Browns draft Ryan Tannehill with their first pick in the draft next month? by Q:

A: I would MUCH rather prefer it if they took Justin Blackmon, Trent Richardson, or Morris Claiborne. I'm willing to go as far as saying that Tannehill would be even worse than McCoy with the Browns.

As a Bengals fan, should I hope the browns keep Colt McCoy or draft Ryan Tannehill? by Q: And I should I hope Joe Flacco is the QB for Baltimore?

A: As a Bengals fan, you should hope that Lewis has his act together and Dalton doesn't hit a sophomore slump. Also, they still need to get a decent running back. Benson is serviceable, but not champion material. They also need a number 2 to go with Green. All in all, you have a lot more to worry about with your team before you start downing a division rival.

Is Tannehill State Park in Alabama haunted? by Q: We go there for Halloween every year, My mom has told me a story about a guy who jumped off one of the bridges that are there and he hit a rock with his head and died but I wanna find out more? Does anyone know more? Please help me.

A: Spirits are around us at all times, it's very likely Tannehill State Park is haunted. but you would have to do your own research on your own time.. You could even ask your mother to help, if she's interested in helping you. of course you could look up public records state records at liberty. to help you in your quest. good luck

Who is more likely to break Cam Newton's rookie passing record: RG3, Andrew Luck or Tannehill? by Q: Don't give me "Cam went to a better team" There is a reason the Panthers had the #1 pick that year. The Redskins have a better team than the Panthers did then, and the Colts probably have a better defense.

Let's say that Matt Flynn signs with the Dolphins should the browns draft Ryan Tannehill or get a Free Agent? by Q: Kevin Kolb may be released on Saturday, and Jason Campbell and Kyle Orton are still available.

A: I say draft Ryan Tannehill if you can get him in the second round. I would not draft in the first round, instead I would get a receiver (Blackmon) and the best available Running Back in the first round.

If Ryan Tannehill is taken in the top 10 of the draft, will he be expected to be a starter immediately? by Q: Top 10 picks are usually day 1 starters.

A: I'm sure he will be drafted in the top 10 because Cleveland and Miami really need a QB. And because so many teams need Qb's they are pushed up higher then they normally would be drafted. As we saw last year with Locker, Ponder and Gabbert. But 2 answer your question No he will not start immediately probably by mid season.

Why would the Dolphins trade up to get Ryan Tannehill? by holaitsjosh Q: ESPN analysts keep pushing this idea. Nobody in the first 7 picks wants him besides possibly the Cleveland Browns which is a huge stretch when they could get Trent Richardson.

A: Lol, I dont know how Tannehill has become such a cant miss prospect. After his injury and his natural skillset, he should just be projected as a 2nd or 3rd rounder. I am not saying he wont be good, I am just saying he is a project and a project isnt drafted in the first round. That should be a rule lol.

prince william county court dockets with Terrance Tannehill on it? by tannehillkim73 Q: trying to find out a court hearing out come with Terrance G Tannehill in January 2008. Was he convicted of a crime, and what was the punishment.

A: It is a matter of public record. Go to the PW county Clerk of Courts, or check online. Have as much info as you can to assist in the record check.

Do you think Ryan Tannehill will be a first or second round pick by the Cleveland Browns? by Q: Some mock drafts have him going to the Browns with the 22cnd pick, but I think he is a second round player.

A: They already did it with Brady Quinn and see how it ended up. I think they should just wait for the 2nd round and take the best available.

Is Tannehill good enough for a 1st round pick? by Q: I see mock drafts with Ryan Tannehill going 1st round i dont think that will happen. I dont even know who he is really i never heard of him in college.

A: Tannehill is a STUD the browns will get him 1st round 4th pick.... jk maybe like 2nd rounder

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