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iamCoreyKuchem I hate sleeping with clothes on. You get all twisted and tangled in them. #teamfollowback #1000aDay #500aDay

agitadelara @melisoong terserah lu deh. Abang2 yang tadi nyuri di tangled juga boleh haha

MohdAlAdam Rapunzel (tangled) (Disney version and original version): Disney: Rapunzel is a princess who was kidnapped and (cont) http://t.co/H6fh0UJH

Chandramas I'm watching Tangled http://t.co/LeNS0B2Y @GetGlue #Tangled

krystalsyn I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/ZZfTKwqq Tangled - Mother knows best

livvy_farrell Tangled is my new favourite film

d_smith30 @paulthedon1 tangled??

YourGermanYproM Mr @donnyblord can't become someOne like MjJ and there is a simple reason, Mrs Allison Lord-Butcher @myCANdidOPINION… :-) enjoy TANGLED!

Misslady031 Ich habe gerade Tangled Pascal, Tangled cape auf Stardoll gekauft. Schau dir meine Suite an! http://t.co/fvgM9yWN

Karlee316 @TheDillonMurray I wanted to watch that but all the pink ladies wanted to watch Tangled

ems_london09 @HayleyTOfficial it is amazing I love it <3 I still need to see tangled! X

kreilly__ RT @lauraaanne_: Know what I don't understand? How items just get tangled when they're just lying somewhere. Doesn't make sense

Jacqui_Aston "I can still see you standing there, summer tangled in your hair!!" i LOVE this song!! @ZachAllStar @CameronAllStar @MichaelAllstar xoxo

yayomilk 先日観た「塔の上のラプンツェル」より。2歳の娘がこの動画に夢中。うっとりして見てる -- Tangled - I See The Light (OFFICIAL VIDEO) [HD] http://t.co/R8ZSuO81 via @youtube

AlishaLaura awh watching tangled with my lil bro and sis because im an ace sister like that


How to angel fish from getting tangled in plants? by J M Q: One of my angel fish has about 6 inch long 'feelers'. During the night they got tangled in the plants in the tank. I don't know how long the poor thing was trapped. We lifted him out of the tank and unwrapped the plant. Is this common? Are there any plants that won't tangle the fish? OMG I'm so upset. I just know I'm going to lose this beautiful fish.

A: Hi You most likely will not lose your Angelfish. It is very rare for fish to get tangled up in the plants. I've been breeding Angelfish for over 30 years now & only once have I had one get tangled in the plants. He lived for 15 years afterward. I would add some aquarium salt to the tank. The salt will prevent most infections.

My hair gets tangled very quickly and is very frizzy after a hair wash. What can i do to make it sleek? by UnnaturallyReal Q: My hair used to be very straight and shiny before. But it has become very tangled and frizzy since last January. It is impossible to comb my hair after a hair wash and it takes an hour to detangle it. I am fed up. Is there any solution to this? I also have lots of hair loss suddenly. I'm only 14.

A: Get the John Frieda Root Awakening shampoo, conditioner, and detangling spray (I haven't tried the smoothing lotion but I'm sure it would work great too). I've been using it myself for a couple of months and it has completely changed my hair. It makes your hair so soft and shiny. It got rid of most of my frizziness. Also, the detangling spray will help your hair to not be so tangled so you can brush it out easily. You can get it at Wal-mart. Go to youtube.com and type in "root awakening reviews" and you'll see what I mean. Hope I helped! :)

How do I sew a 4-thread mock safety stitch without the lower threads getting tangled on my serger? by joeygirl743 Q: I just bought a serger a month ago. I was trying to do a 4-thread mock safety stitch and it working fine for 10 minutes and then the lower threaded stitching started to get tangled. I rethreaded it and checked for excess thread and then the lower threads still got tangled. The lower threads were tangled and a little loose. Even when I tightened it, it didn't work. Help.

A: Fix for most sudden serger troubles: 1) Remove all thread from the machine... even take the cones off the spindles. 2) Quick de-linting 3) Change needles 4) Rethread in the specified order My guess is that you've got a slightly dinged needle that is causing a timing issue so the stitches aren't forming correctly. See if your library has a copy of "Ultimate Serger Answer Guide" -- it's an excellent troubleshooting guide for new sergists. My copy lived next to the serger for the first year or so I owned the machine!

How do I use shampoo without getting my hair tangled? by fuzzy_fruitcake Q: Whenever I shampoo my hair in the shower I use a lot and get it all lathered up and bunch it all ontop of my head and rub my hands in circular motions. Then I rinse it and it gets really tangled. I have thick hair so I use a lot of shampoo. I'm wondering will shampoo do the same thing if I use it like conditioner? By just running it through hmy hair without lathering it all up?

A: brush your hair before you get in the shower and still clean your hair in circular motions but after run ur fingers through it quickly and then condition. after you get out of the shower brush your hair immedaitely. this routine almost always works for me should you should be good.

How to remove a comb tangled in your hair? by hilder Q: Let's say you were curling your long hair with a comb that is shaped liked a cylinder, and your hair got so tangled in it, what would you do? Help. One of my friend's hair got tangled. Would the salon know how to solve this? By the way, It's suuuuuuper-tangled!

A: get some detaingleing spray or conditioner mixed into water so it sprays well, and have someone else gently try and untangle the hair as the spray is sprayed on there, and if all else fails, you will have to cut it out

How do I keep my hair form getting tangled and stringy? by lolli_909 Q: I have really thin hair, and for the most part it doesn't get too tangled because I use a leave-in conditioner. But some of my hair kind of wraps around in front of neck. No matter what I do (conditioner, straightener) I can't get it to stop. Any ideas of what I could do? Also, my hair gets kind of stringy about 20 minutes after brushing it. I've had my hair trimmed but it still gets stringy. I have very straight hair that's not too greasy or dry, but very thin. Any suggestions?

A: Use hairspray. If leave-in-conditioners don't work, then spray in hairspray. When you get out of the shower, towel-dry your hair, but make sure that it's a bit damp. Then quickly brush your hair so there's no knots, spray in the leave-in-conditioner, then spray the hairspray. I recommend Herbal Essences hairspray. It's extra-hold, so it works pretty well.

What are good products to use for frizzy tangled curly hair? by (: Curious ALL the time :) Q: What products do u reccomand to use for my hair? I brush it but somehow it gets tangled agian,it's frizzy,and curly. Please give me tips and hairlstyles for my hair

A: What I do is I use a shampoo for dry hair and then a very intensive condition which I leave on for twenty minutes. The one I'm using just now is boots 'heat protection intensive conditioner'. Then, while your hair is wet, it's a good idea to put a bit of mousse in it so that it keeps that volume but the frizz goes. You should get the tangles out your hair with a comb rather than a brush so that you prevent getting split ends and your hair will be healthier and not as frizzy! Then put in loads of straightening serum for frizzy hair (there are loads, just go to your local morrissons or something and stuff like John Frida and Tresemme work great). Once you've put it evenly in your hair, you should then take a brush and blow dry your hair straight. Once you've done this straighten your hair but make sure you don't damage it as it will become harder to manage this way. Make sure you change the products you use quite frequently. As in, once you've finished a bottle of boots intensive conditioner you should buy a different intensive conditioner by someone else. If you don't, the product will simply stop working. Make sure to finish your hair off with a LITTLE bit of wax. To begin with, it'll take forever till your hair seems presentable but after you've done this to it for a couple of months it starts becoming much easier and your hair will start looking a lot better even when you leave it natural.

How do you remove haire that is tangled in the wheels of a chair? by Devyl Chylde Q: I have a chair with wheels like they have in office buildings and it has some tangled hair in the wheels. The wheels do not come off and the wheels are so tangled that I cannot move the chair. Is there a way that I can remove the hair that is tangled in the wheels? Thanks

A: ew! A blade like a box cutter or razor or Exacto knife.... or BURN the mess off!

Is Tangled being more advertised compared to Princess and the Frog? by Ziren Q: Is Tangled being more advertised compared to Princess and the Frog. I see it all over the place, is Disney just trying to make sure the movie does better then The princess and the frog. Also ANOTHER question. Is Princess Tiana not as popular as the other princesses. Is it because she is still so new. And the other princess have had more time and history.

A: I dont think so, I saw the Princess and the Frog commercial tons of times I've only seen Tangled twice so far.

How do you keep afican american hair from getting tangled? by LuLu Q: I am white but i have 2 african american kids, ones a girl (Adopted) My little girl is 3 and her hair gets so tangled so fast, I have just started straightening it so it doesn't get tangles. Also, how do u do those little braids all over? Any help would be great!! Thanks!!! And how do u put the colorful beads in the bottom?

A: put grease in it and brush it often

Tangled - Official Trailer [HD] Disney Tangled Trailer Official Disney Tangled New Official Trailer Tangled/Rapunzel Soundtrack - I See The Light (with lyrics on screen) Tangled - Official Trailer 2 Tangled - Kingdom Dance ( Full track ) Tangled preview Disney's Tangled Soundtrack TRACK 1 'When Will My Life Begin' Tangled: 'Reluctant Alliance' - Movie Clip 'I See The Light' - Tangled Tangled/Rapunzel Soundtrack - When will my life begin (with lyrics on screen) A Tangled World: Creating the Look Tangled: Official Trailer 3 Tangled - Complete lantern scene, 'I See The Light' Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi - I See The Light (Tangled) - OSCAR 2011 Tangled: Sidekicks Tangled: Grounded For Life Tangled - Lost: Chameleon 'Pascal' TANGLED - Person In My Closet Tangled Trailer http://filmkinotrailer.com Tangled: Frying Pan Tangled Bonus Feature: Hair Trouble Tangled clip - Reluctant aliance Tangled: 'Snuggly Duckling' - Movie Clip Skye Sweetnam - Tangled Up In Me 'Tangled Up' OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO TANGLED movie trailer from Disney - On DVD & Blu-Ray CNN: 'Tangled's' hair-raising animation Tangled: Count Up to 50th Animated Motion Picture Disney's Tangled Music Video 'Something That I Want' Disney's Rapunzel from Tangled + Top Ten Disney Princesses: Beyond The Trailer Tangled: Police Pursuit Tangled: 'Mother Gothel' - Movie Clip Tangled - Maroon 5 When Will My Life Begin Song (Disney's Tangled) Staind Tangled Up In You Lyrics Video, Great Love Song. Tangled - Wanted: Sidekick 'Maximus' Black Tangled Heart Tangled/Rapunzel Soundtrack - Healing Incantation Tangled available on Blu-ray 3D and DVD March 29, 2011. Tangled Up In Plaid - Queens of the Stone Age TANGLED Something That I Want - Disney (HD) KT Tunstall Tangled Up In Blue TANGLED - I See The Light [Official Movie Scene][HQ] Lynch Mob - Tangled In The Web Tangled: Healing Hair Tangled - Found: 'Rapunzel' Disney Tangled I See The Light (Cover) Nick Pitera Mother Knows Best- Tangled The Rifles - Tangled Up In Love (Official Music Video)
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