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Tampa weather

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Von_BeaTz Tha weather feel good in tampa tonight...

Mikeh92467 Stay up to date on Tampa Bay Weather with the Examiner! http://t.co/mkNRdaM9

alanadtampabay What is this #Tampa weather?? Allegedly 61• #NotBuyingIt. brrrrrrr and #sorrytocomplain

ExoCreative Cool weather blowing through Fishhawk / cold in #Tampa tonight!

COBfan The weather tonight in Tampa is Currently: 60°F!! I just love the cooler weather. #Tampa

justicewithlove @tweetsbyjohann The Blackhawks brought the cool weather down to Tampa Bay. Enjoying it :)

ChrisMac41 Enjoying this Tampa weather for the next few days for #aarc11. Hanging out with RTs from around the world.

LovelyXOSteph Idk weather to go to Tampa w|my brother to chill with some friends ehh... #Thinking

_ViVaLaShae smh Tampa niggas been ready for this weather...they had their polo boots on since the fucking summer

keemkyat_B2DS weather in Tampa nice boi!!

ROSIEGURL54 @KhloeKardashian Yeah but I hear your weather is yucky. (Kourt) Enjoy a lazy day with your man! Hello from Tampa Bay. Still voting for Rob!

GinnyPowell RT @GoHART: Cheers to the freakin' weekend! Beautiful weather is expected this weekend with plenty of events to enjoy it! http://t.co/7dYKp3vw #Tampa

GoHART Cheers to the freakin' weekend! Beautiful weather is expected this weekend with plenty of events to enjoy it! http://t.co/7dYKp3vw #Tampa

Mikeh92467 Want the latest weather for Tampa Bay without the clutter? Log on and subscribe! http://t.co/mkNRdaM9


With bad weather in Tampa, do i play Lance Moore in my flex? by Dustin Q: or should i put peyton hillis or sammy morris in there?

A: Let's eliminate the easy one first. Sammy Morris is a non-option for winning fantasy football teams. He will have an okay game, but nothing worthy of a starting roster spot. Having that said, Lance Moore and Peyton Hillis' games won't be truly spectacular either. Hillis is the the hottest of these three, but is going against the Jets run defense that is third in the league. However, your other options aren't terribly great, and I think for you Hillis is still the way to go. Start Hillis, but check your waiver wire first!

how is the weather in tampa this memorial weekend? by KK729 Q: is it raining. i'm traveling into tampa for memorial weekend to busch gardens. is it raining? should i go ahead and cancel my flight? bc if park is not open then there's no point flying in. please answer if anyone living in the tampa area

A: We have a good chance of rain this weekend but don't freak out and cancel your travel arrangements. It's summer here and it rains most days but rarely does it rain all day. At most we may get rain for a few hours. And it's REALLY hot right now so getting wet would feel good. The park would close if it's lightning really bad but not just for rain. There are a fun water rides at Busch Gardens so you will get soaked on those anyway. Consider buying a water bottle with a strap to bring in the park.

What's the weather like right now in the Tampa Bay area? by SHELTIELUVER Q: I want to visit my Dad in Ruskin which is in the Tampa area. What are the averages for Jan., Feb., and March? I want to get tan so I want to makes sure it's somewhat warm, atleast 65 degrees. I live in Michigan though so it'll feel warm no matter what!

A: Tampa is having one of it's hottest summers ever on record. The past few days have cooled off a bit - today was georgeous - about high 70's low 80's. The night has been getting cooler w/temps in the high 40's - 50's. I would say you could expect it to stay in the 70 - 85 range. You could definitely get a tan and the beaches on the gulf are beautiful right now. You should make the trip = don't come here in the summer = it's miserable! Good luck.

Tampa: can anyone tell me what the weather is like? by Nick Q: I'll be moving there next year and from the few times I've been there, it's always really cold. Is it always like this in Tampa? I live way south of Tampa so I'm assuming it's a bit different. Can anyone tell me what the weather is like here?

A: Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family. Tampa Bay averages 27 more clear days per year than Miami. The Tampa Bay area holds the record for most consecutive days of sunshine – 768 to be exact. Yearly averages Average Annual temperature 73.1 degrees F Average monthly temperature January 61.3 degrees F April 71.5 degrees F July 82.5 degrees F October 75.8 degrees F Average annual percipitation 44.77 inches Average monthly percipitation November (low) 1.62 inches August (high) 7.60 inches Sky Cover Clear days 101 Partly-cloudy days 143 Cloudy days 121

Is there a weather hotline number for Tampa, Florida or Orlando, Florida? by Dominic Q: I am about to leave for Florida with my high school marching band since we are going to be in the halftime show at the Outback Bowl at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. I was wondering if there was a weather hotline number for Tampa, Florida that I can call each morning to get the weather for that day. I also would need the weather hotline number for Orlando, Florida because we are staying overnight there to visit Disney World. Thank you so much for anyone who can help me find this information. If you live in Tampa or Orlando, please help me!

A: The public weather information number in Tampa is (813) 645-2323 / 641-1910 I couldn't find a weather office number for Orlando.You should look in the white pages when you get there.

How's the weather in Tampa Florida in December? by daisy65421 Q: I'm going to take my husband to see his favorite football team, The Bucs, play in Dec. (he doesn't know yet!) but neither of us have ever been to Tampa. Wondering what should I pack, and also if anyone has any other suggestions on things to do there? Thanks!

A: Depending on where you are from, I'd recommend dressing for early summer. In December, the weather is around 80 during the day and low to mid 60's at night. I'd recommend staying at one of the hotels in the Westshore area of Tampa, or at one of the hotels or resorts along the Gulf Beaches. The water temperature in the Gulf is still in the upper 70's during December, and because of that, the air temperature is warmer the closer you get to the water. For places to stay, it will depend on your budget. If you want a VERY high quality place to stay at a low price, I'd recommend the Homestead Suites or Extended Stay America in Clearwater, or the Extended Stay Deluxe in the Westshore area! The rooms are VERY clean, VERY nice, you get full kitchens, and you pay alot less than you do with other area hotels. If money is no option, consider one of the beach resorts. Sheperd's Resort on Clearwater Beach has a tiki bar, nightclub, and the best all-you-can-eat seafood buffet in the area. For something more upscale, consider one of the Tradewinds resorts on St. Pete Beach. For REALLY upscale, consider the Don Cesar on St. Pete Beach, or the Mariott Harbourside in Downtown Tampa. By the way, no visit to Tampa is complete without a visit to Ybor City. Recommended eating would be Bernini's or the Columbia Restaurant. If you visit the Columbia, try to schedule dinner around the time they perform their Flamenco Dance show. You'll also want to shop at International Bazaar in Ybor City. Another good restaurant to visit is Bern's Steakhouse. You'll LOVE their Dessert Room. Also, make sure you visit Channelside and the Florida Aquarium! Busch Gardens will also make for a great day!

Weather in Tampa around beginning of December? by xsaraxamx Q: To those who live in/have visited the Tampa/Clearwater area in December, what is the weather/temperature usually like? Because I'm planning a vacation there (staying on the beach in Clearwater) in the beginning of Dec. but I heard it can get cold there (which I thought is weird since it's at the beach in Florida).

A: Live on the beach, usually around 70's day, lo, 60's evening. Bring light weight jacket, you'll need it, pm.. Have a great time!

What is February Tampa weather like? by Amber Q: I will be going to a family function in Tampa, FL. during the second week of February. Is it hot, cold, could it possibly rain? Is it humid and sticky?

A: it is usually about 70 to 75 but can get into 80's, each year seems to be differant, not cold though but can be also, but best bet is about 75 and sunny

What is the average weather in Tampa, Florida around the beginning of May? by billymia7 Q: I am going on Vacation to Fl. from May 1st-4th and I would like to know the average weather conditions at that time. I am so scared it will rain!

A: earlly May it rains around 3 every day for like 15 minutes....still hot and around 80-85....Bring warm clothes and expect showers but nothing too crazy....Summer rains all the time in FLorida......

Tampa weather: Is my vacation ruined? I will be in Tampa from the 7th thru the 12th? by Bellina Q: I am bringing my little nephew on a vacation and I am so depressed that he won't be able to enjoy it. :( Yahoo weather just said that there will be scattered T storms and isolated storms every single day of our trip. Can any locals tell me if it rains there, does it usually just happen in spurts throughout the day? Is there any hope? I am so sad I just read some of your answers...thank you so much to all...I appreciate it

A: Wen it rains, it lasts for like 10 mins & then you can go outside again. Don't worry, you will have plenty of outside fun! It usually rains in the afternoon (like 3pm thru 5pm), so plan on daytime activities.

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