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Tally Brown

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icondreams Kiz and koz stoked to be at puppy park in tally (@ Tom Brown Dog Park) http://t.co/U8wn0ZyW

crisotieno Wes Brown has increased the tally of goals he's scored for his favourite team-Man-United.

symoneswag RT @SteveMaddenUSA: Loving the never ending line!! So much love from Tally!!! Woop woop! Charlie Brown everyone...

Carlie3592 RT @SteveMaddenUSA: Loving the never ending line!! So much love from Tally!!! Woop woop! Charlie Brown everyone...

SteveMaddenUSA Loving the never ending line!! So much love from Tally!!! Woop woop! Charlie Brown everyone...

Mr_Brown90 I remember when "Make a Movie" by Chris Brown used to come on in Tally…it was Trouble. Lol

thefakepaulmac And Wes Brown increased his goal tally for United today

buikem ... And Wes Brown increases his Man Utd goal tally

marcusolang So Brown, that was a good game. With another goal to add to your tally. Well done.

beadsey Wes Brown can add to his tally of own goals scored. Oh the irony #BBCFootball

cheekthebone Wes Brown increased his Man Utd goals tally to 6 goals

Rickieucbs The New Batman Dracula Movie: Batman Dracula movie download Actors: Tally Brown Bob Heide David Bourdon Beverly ... http://t.co/Jih9Atyb

_Ironman313 The Dr. Just examined the brown off my #DICK... 28 YEARS STILL GOT THE GOLDEN TALLY WACKER... Yall ain't gone get me wit them STDS..

Linnlq Sperry Top-Sider Toddler/Little Kid Tally Slip-On,Brown/Gold,7 M US Toddler: Step out of your comfort zone with ... http://t.co/4e0EX0Bj


okay lets get a tally of votes who says? by seesee Q: my eyes a cinnamon brown or chestnut brown here's a pic http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2557/4196292046_6df623a5b6.jpg

A: definitly chesnut. i have your same eye color lol! if it was cinnomn brown it would be red-ish the best eyecolor in my opinion lol heres my makeup channel subscibe!:) www.youtube.com/rainbowpritty

Is Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown another example of...? by You can't handle the truth Q: you can take the democrat out of the republican name, but you can't take the democrat out of the Massachusetts republican after he "help Democrats defeat a filibuster orchestrated by GOP leaders by a 62-30 tally"? http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100222/ap_on_go_co/us_congress_jobs_7

A: Right. How dare he vote in the best interest of his constituents.

What is the vote tally in MA? by Billy Cunningham Q: how many votes for brown and coakley?

A: Brown - 53% VS 46% - Coakley!! :-)

Is there any current tally of the Votes on the Bill? by The Wise Cat Named Binky Q: I thought Bart Stuoak was going to OPPOSE.. there HAS to be other things in the bill he doesnt like, SOMEONE has to be the hod-out! We cant let the "Yes" count get higher than 215... Only peopel that dont care about America are liking this!! Oh, and this was all supposed to STOP when Scott brown got elected... How did this happen, What is the Vote Count? We may not need to move on to the measures of the 37 States that want No part of this... This is a HUGELY Unpopular bill, and i am along with the opposition, as i do not NEED Healthcare -- HEALTHCARE!!?? WHERE ARE THE JOBS???????? And WHAT IS THE VOTE TALLY???????? *Stupak even.

A: Sadly, it is lost. They have bought more than enough votes to pass this travesty. They will likely wind up with somehwere between 218 and 220. Stupak sold his vote for cash. The "promise" of an executive order is laughable, even for him. It was cash, and a lot of it.

Is 800 calories a day really that bad for you? by sophieexxxx Q: So i'm eating a lot more healthier with salds, meat etc on the menu but am trying to tally it up to around 800 calories a day in order to lose weight, I have been told its bad but surely if its all healthy and its balanced (still eating bread and carbs, just brown weight watchers bread) so am not lacking in any dietary requirements?

A: Wow I eat 800 calories for breakfest, if not more. and I don't gain any weight. I suggest excercising and stop being so lazy.

What is the 2006-2007 tally of Black NFL coaches? by Tony Starks Q: I read an article that said it was 7. I think I made of six of them: Tony Dungy (Indianapolis Colts) Marvin Lewis (Cincinnati Bengals) Lovie Smith (Chicago Bears) Dennis Green (Arizona Cardinals) Romeo Crennel (Cleveland Browns) Herman Edwards (Kansas City Chiefs) Correct me if I'm wrong (as far as teams go), and who would be the seventh coach (if the number is even actually seven). Thank you.

A: Art Shell -Raiders. Um, he cares. Thanks for adding nothing.

who is a better couple Chris Brown and Lil Mama or Chris Brown and Rihanna? by justindennis1 Q: give me a answer and ill tally up the votes and tell yall who won!!!!!!!!! baseball4life peace out

A: Definitely Chris Brown & Rihanna!!!

A question about Tally from Uglies...? by YoursTruly13 Q: Is she Asian/Pacific Islander? She is known as 'Squint' because of her squinty eyes, and on pg. 160 it says "her brown arms gradually deepened in color." I know this is after her first sunburn, but do people really tan that fast? When I first started reading, I thought she looked like the person on the cover, but Tally has brown eyes and thin lips and the cover girl doesn't. I was just wondering because I'm Asian/Pacific Islander and was wondering if I would be able to try for Tally in the upcoming movie.

A: Great book. I read it three times and met the author and had it autographed. I had her figured as a person of mixed heritage but it doesn't really matter does it? Any race can produce someone with a squint. Some people do tan that fast and in the future it may be worse with pollution doing damage to the ozone layer. I don't tan at all--I can burn in less than a half hour. But my freckles get bigger if I get sun exposure.

What Do You Think Of 'Tally Jean' and 'Charlotte Claire'? by ballerinababy Q: My 3 year old cousins name is Tally [after Taledaga race track] Jean, whos an adorable curly red head, blue eyed girl. And my 1 year old cousin is Charlotte [after Charlotte race track] Claire. Shes a very happy brown haired grey eyed baby. What do you think of these names? My aunt and uncle named these kids, not me. I personally, hate Taylor, its an annoying tendy name...


does anyone else picture emily browning for tally youngblood? by lilmissunshine Q: since "Uglies" is becoming a movie series- I think she looks just like Tally.

A: I totally can see it, good call.

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