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Talking Angela

The "Talking Angela" chain letter: Three tips to help you avoid Facebook hoaxes
A good example is the Talking Angela hoax, a security warning about a game for Android and iOS devices - a game that is probably best described as "mostly harmless," but that has acquired a sinister, dangerous reputation on Facebook. Simply put, the ...

Talking Angela app warning with Snopes verdict
If you regularly download the latest iOS and Android games for your children to play, you may have been worried about a recent Talking Angela app warning that has been circulating online. Claims are being made that the Talking Angela app is secretly ...

Headteacher warns Hartlepool parents over internet app that 'may be of concern'
Mandy Hall, head at West Park Primary School, in Coniscliffe Road, Hartlepool, was made aware of the software – called Talking Angela – when a worried parent contacted her to say her child was upset about it. The app, which can be viewed on tablet ...

Unlikely Trio! Tinie Tempah Gets Sandwiched Between Brad Pitt And Angelina ...
Tinie particularly took a shine to Angela – no surprises there – and was seen in deep conversation with the Salt actress. While it's hard to pinpoint what the pair had in common and were passionately talking about on the night, clearly they share a ...

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How does a person feel when someone suddenly stop talking to them? by Angela Dwight Q:

A: ..Hi Angela, Obviously this is something that has probably happened to you along with thousands of other people..Humans are very complex and at times, very strange..There are people for no reason that we know, who do stop talking suddenly, but this is about them, not us and we must be very careful not to take this personally..Some people lack the skills to address others, while others have an inner fear that stops them, but as I said, it is about them, not us and not you..However, yes it is very hard emotionally, especially when we care about someone and they do this sort of thing..We can either go to them and confront them, which is the healthiest and mature action to take, or we can and must let it go, which would also mean the friendship/relationship did not mean as much to us as we thought..It can leave us feeling many different things, the first and most common one is rejection, and we at times tend to blame our self wondering what we did or may have said to them, that caused such an action..If we allow this to bother us to much, that is our choice, and it is not a very healthy one..We can, and very often will, feel sadness/hurt/emotional pain and anger, but this dissipates in a short time once we realize we have done nothing, we know of, to warrant such an immature behaviour..As with most of us, at some point, we have had to deal with this in our life, but we can and should use this as an insightful and learning experience into human relationships..If this has happened to you do not allow it to overwhelm you and especially do not carry it with you every day..You have only two choices, to confront, or to let it go, and neither will be easy and will bother you or any one of us for a few days, sometimes a little longer, but we do heal with time..Take much care..

What happened to Angela and Hodges on Bones? by adribug354 Q: I apparently missed a few episodes...weren't they getting married? What's with all the strange tension this season?

A: In the first episode of the season Angela's husband Greyson visits her. She kisses him when she sees him and tells him it is a good bye kiss. Greyson is giving her a hard time about signing the divorce papers and later on Hodgins finds out about the kiss and he tries to fight Greyson, who throws him into a dump truck. Later on Greyson gives her the divorce (and sleeps with Cam). When Hodgins and Angela find out it highlights their issues. They later talk about how they do not trust each other and Angela leaves Hodgins.

Can you help me convince my dad that I'll shift to Physical Therapy? by Hadrael Q: I dislike Nursing, it's obviously not for me. I want Physical Therapy though :) but, I want to convince my dad. He wants to know the job growth of Physical Therapy in the U.S compared to Nursing, as well the pay. Plus, is it more suitable for Medicine than Nursing? God Bless :D

A: Passion (grit) is the most important thing in success. http://www.ted.com/talks/angela_lee_duckworth_the_key_to_success_grit.html

Is this considered "flirting" and how can I know if she liked it? Serious answers only.? by Renee Q: I'm female,15 and last night I was at this party where this one girl who we will call Angela was there. I had thought about her before, thought she was cute. So her mom's upstairs with the rest of the parents and she tells me how much her daughter talks about how amazingly awesome she thinks I am and whatnot. So Angela's mom gets wasted, and she's embarrassed so I start giving her a shoulder massage and she relaxes. I'm whispering little bits of, "it's okay, hon. It's not that bad, I'm here." etc sh*t like that and we get to talking. Then I start massaging her neck and she moaned very lightly. For me, it was very arousing but I'm not sure if it was the same for her. She seemed a little shy but loosened up after we started talking a lot. Help???

A: possibly.... you should talk to angela about it and see how she feels

i cant talk to girls plz help me? by Jason Q: i need help talking to girls i dont know what to say to them im thirteen so plz help

A: well, take it from a girl herself :) go up to a girl and look her in THE EYES! not her nose or eyelash. look at the pupil. i love when my boyfriend does that. and also, don't act all shy and stuff. just go up to her and be you. say a girl you like is named angela. this is what you say " Hey Angela, hows it going." and if she looks at you like you are an idiot, just keep being strong and keep looking in her eyes. keep talking, but DONOT get annoying. and when you leave say " well i have to go. talk to you later?" and TADA!!! you just talked to a girl.

angela from renee & angela??80's group? by Proud Mother I Love Baby Josiah! Q: i know her and renee were married and then she married someone named isley.who was that?was it one of the isley brothers from a r&b group?

A: i know what your talking about..but i dont know who that was.. i'll try searching it up..i'll edit if i find it. αмєяι¢αи ∂α∂ я υѕ™ ツ

I need a good German Politics research question? by Jane Q: I am doing a 2,500 word research project (and presentation) for my German Politics module in college. It can be on any aspect of German Politics but needs to be specific. I am really stuck for ideas.

A: Why don't you talk about Angela Merkel's suggestion that a Multi-cultural Germany isn't working and how that has implications for Germany now. There have been lots of recent articles about this.

What's the 90s kids show that is black/white stop go animation of middle school girls made with real photos? by Marlina Q: There's a 90s kids show where the style is all black and white stop-go animation made with real photographs. It's a show mainly for girls about a middles school girl who is rather plain, and her biggest nemesis is a cute little french girl with blond hair and a name like Janette Himelfarb, or Anette Himelfarb, or something like that. Most of it is in black and white, but I believe there were some things with color. There was even a contest for a kid to be featured on the show (since they used the real photographs). Their mouths might have moved, but I don't really remember. I know all that is vague, but I really want to know the name of the show!!! Please tell me someone out there remembers it!

A: i think you're talking about Angela Anaconda. i used to watch it after school a lot. it's mostly color i think but some is black-and-white.

i dnt knw how to talk to guys???? by Angela Q: i see many guys and i like them.........but i just cant go to thm and talk to thm not even say hello..i get really nervouse and then i get bak.......i say get out of it plzzzzzz help me?!?!?!?!?!?!?

A: It is simple. All you need to understand is that guys wants to talk you as much (or more even) than you want to talk them. Nine time out of ten, they are just as freaked out by you as you are by them. Maybe more. Thus, the advantage is yours. The best thing to do is to start at the beginning and introduce yourself. Say: "Hi, I'm Angela." (Smile and try to look calm. Sticking out your hand to shake is optional.) Then, hopefully, he will say his name: "Hi, I'm Trevor." Then, compliment him on something. Say: "Yeah? Hey, I like your shoes (or hair, shirt, glasses, etc.) . Where did you get them?" OK - at this point it is all there for the guy. You have done your job. You have told him in non-verbal terms that you like him and would be interested in talking with him further. All he has to do is rise to the occasion and respond. However, if he is a typical stupid male, he will say something monosyllabic or obvious or both like: "Shoe-store." If he says something like that then respond back "thanks, just wondering" and walk away. You've planted the seed of interest but, he might be an idiot and you don't want to waste too much time with an idiot. However, if he rises to the occasion and actually talks back to you in a coherent and appropriate manner, then all is good and go with the flow. Good luck and good hunting.

is annasophia live in Los Angelas? by xxprincessniaxx Q:

A: If you're talking about the actress AnnaSophia Robb---yes, she resides in Los Angeles. And the question is supposed to be "Does AnnaSophia live in Los Angeles".

i need two no fun things two do when pulling an all nighter with a twelve year old and a 10 year old? by Mason Dailey Q:

A: Truth or dare. Movie. Pranks/prank calls. Funny videos or shows. My friend's little sister has this cool app called Talking Angela... Set it to child mode and speak into the mic... It'll repeat anything you say but really high pitched.

Music Monday 29: Angela Dimitriou? by Angelic Christoforos Q: Every Monday (for who knows how long), I'll be asking the users of the Greece section of Y!A to name their favorite song or songs of a given Greek singer, which will be different each time I post the Music Monday question. So to continue the series, I give you our next musician, Angela Dimitriou (Άντζελα Δημητρίου)!!! So, please give the following information: 1) Which is your favorite Angela Dimitriou song 1b) if you can, please provide a video link and 2) Why is that song your favorite? E.g., because of the lyrics, the sound, it reminds you of a time in your life, etc. If you don't like Angela Dimitriou, then you needn't post an answer saying "she sucks" or anything along those lines. The purpose of the series isn't to trash Greek singers, but rather to have fun talking about Greek music, and perhaps broaden and deepen our knowledge at the same time.

A: I LOVE Angela Dimitriou. She is probably my fave of all the Greek female singers. I love the earthy quality of her voice. These are some of the songs I like: Meta apo mena http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hbjBV669yE Na sou orkisto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPW1kNvLUWI&feature=related Ax, Patrida mou http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xuUQDetSKE Mh mou lete t'onoma tou http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abDLFqsw1cw

You get to spend 10 minutes with Miley Cyrus, and you get to talk to her and ask her stuff? by Elmo Love You Q: What do you ask her or tell her? (Please be appropriate!)

A: Angela: We've met her already. She's sweet and down to earth, really. We asked her a bunch of questions and she answered all of them with no problems. So there's nothing I can ask her now that I don't already know. What would you ask her? =) Toni: Yeah, Angela is right but I'd probably ask her "Is this the last season of Hannah Montana?" Angela: Oh, thats a good one, Toni! =] I'd ask her and pray to God there's a 4th season! Giselle: I would ask if I can sleep with her boyfriend. He's just so hot! And I'd ask her for Lucas till's number so that I can sleep with him too. Angela: Haha, good answer, Giselle! =]] Giselle: Its true ;) Angela: =] God bless!

What do you think of American idol last night? by groelhal Q: What are your opinions on american idol last night?! i thought it was pretty..well weird, but i do want to give credit to the girl with the daughter who is disabled, i really hope that she gets somewhere with this. first of all she really is a pretty good singer, and she would really like to win this so she can help her daughter.

A: The girl you are talking about, Angela Martin, has a daughter with Rett Syndrome. I am really happy that this is bringing some exposure to Rett Syndrome because my daughter has it.

What can I talk about on a date? by Jacob H Q: I am really quiet, and when I am with my girlfriend it seems like we have nothing to talk about. Her name is Angela (not that that is important), and I feel like we have nothing in common. We have been seeing each other for several months, it works out because we have similar personalities. The only thing I can ever think of to say around her is how crazy my family is, and I know that must be annoying so frequently. Any ideas?

A: My math teacher was explaining complementary and supplementary angles in seventh grade. complementary angles - 90 degrees supplementary angles - 180 degrees To help us remember she told us, that her parents said that if you date someone who shares similar interests, you just compliment each other and you run out. Supplementary is when you have different personalities which requires you to teach each other and talk to each other which, in turn, makes relationships longer. =)

If your walls could talk right now what would they say? by FKA stickybuns Q:

A: "Come on angela we want to get to sleep , get off the computer , turn off the light and get out of this room"

where can i buy tommy the talking snowman? by Angela Smith Q:

A: Dear Angela Smith, earthling.com ,shoppoloza.com, ebay.com earthling gave a description so I'm guessing it's what you are looking for!

LaToya Jackson vs Angela Bassett. Who do you think is more beautiful? by Carly Q: Again, I know there is a bit of an age difference, but oh well. lol. Who do you consider to be the most beautiful of the two? Why? TIA

A: Angela Bassett! La Toya used to be gorgeous, i dont think she should've gotten those surgeries. If we're talking about La Toya in the 80's, then definetly her.

Looking for Angela's Ashes? by Cassandra S. Q: I dont really know if this is just a part of the entire book, but in one of my literature books that I haven't found, I read a short story where the boy was sick because he had fever and he met this girl who would talk to him from the other room of the hospital and she was telling him a story about a highwayman and she was showing him poetry, then she died and he had been transfered to another room, but the nuns in that hospital didn't allow them to read foolish poetry. I dont really remember about it, but does anyone know where I can find the summary of that one piece? or atlease does anyone know it with the complete names?? Thank you!!

A: Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt Study Guides: These links will give you a summary of the book, character analysis, plot and much more, so that you will be able to answer literary questions http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/angelasashes/ http://www.gradesaver.com/classicnotes/titles/angela/ http://www.bookrags.com/studyguide-angelasashes/ Reviews: http://immigration.about.com/library/weekly/aaprAngAsh.htm http://www.movie-page.com/reviews/a/angelas_ashes.htm http://litmed.med.nyu.edu/Annotation?action=view&annid=988 You may find this article of interest: http://www.alliancesupport.org/news/archives/001915.html Good luck.

Talking Angela App VERY DANGEROUS? by Cola Q: If you have the app Talking Angela you might want to delete it. Yes it is run by a nice, safe company but this app is not like the rest! Horrible reviews are on it saying that it has said inappropriate things and I have noticed it saying some weird things like "Are your parents siblings?" I thought that the app was just being dumb, but its really a dangerous thing! Espically for children. If you have this app anywhere on your phone PLEASE DELETE IT NOW! You are fine but it still is a critical thing. Please help get the word out! If you have children look at their devices and see if they have this app. If they do delete it quickly! My mom and I had used Talking Tom and Talking Ben and found it funny so I thought Talking Angela would be the same but this one was a lot different. This one you could talk to the cat and ask it questions. One of the problems with this app is that it asks VERY personal questions. I thought it was just cool technology but its actually probably someone you shouldnt be talking to! My mom and I didnt think this but we told them a different name anyways. Lucky us! It also asks things (NOT FROM MY EXPERIENCE OTHER REVIEWS) where you live, how old you are, and where you go to school! I think this is very odd. Angela did not ask us any of this except our age which we told her we were 100. Last night as I was playing I noticed she was answering my questions really well for technology. I asked my mom if a real person was talking to me but she said no thinking no one was. Truthfully it hasnt been reveled if the app is actually a scam or not but I think it is! I shut off the program and looked it up to see a bunch of people had reposted nasty reviews and hateful comments then from the own buisness it said it was all a hoax. I thought I was fine! Nothing could go wrong on a childrens app. Luckily I didnt tell Angela anything personal or anything about me but other people have and noticed she said very VERY inappropirate things to them like "I hope you slip into a coma" and other inappropiate things. Like when she asked me "Are your parents siblings?" I actually didnt answer this question thinking the thing was messed up but after reading reviews today I know I am very lucky for not answering. Another problem with the app is that it secretly takes photos of your child if you push a certain button which is very..... dodgy! DONT DOWNLOAD THE APP and if you have it TAKE IT OFF YOUR DEVICE! This is very sketchy! It was even on the news a long time ago that this app wasnt made to be fun! But to get personal information. I found this looking around WARNING: DONT DOWNLOAD TALKING ANGELA! BAD AND INAPPROPRIATE APP FOR CHILDREN! IT TAKES PHOTOS WITHOUT NOTICE AND SAYS INAPPROPRIATE THINGS AND ASKS PERSONAL QUESTIONS. IF YOU OR YOUR CHILDREN HAVE THIS APP DELETE IT NOW! VERY DANGEROUS. Reading reviews I found out that someone downloaded this app and it took money from their account! 70 DOLLARS! It can track you down to where you live if your not careful! If you tell them where you live or where you go to school these weirdos can find you! PLEASE PLEASE DELETE! Delete the app, dont download it, and please spread the word! This is very serious. For the reviews I saw of the app please look at http://www.badappreviews.com/iosapps/50727/talking-angela/7 and see it for yourself! Hope I helped!- Give me your feedback on your experience and get the word out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A: I think it's amazing that you are letting everyone know, as my best friend has that app, and i have to warn her!!! You have helped loads!!! I am going to tell all of my friends, family, etc... and they will all spread the word to their children, and the children could tell their friends, etc... THANKYOU SOOO MUCH FOR TELLING ME!!! :) :D

how can you think angela is eragons mother? by Dano Q: i don't know how people can think the she is his mom when she tells him that one of the other people that could talk to solembum was named selena which is his MOM

A: Angela isnt his mom. Angela knew his mother and told him that.

Does anybody kow where i can find the Pastry/Fab Cookie hanbags? by Ashli A Q: Im going shopping this friday and these line of handbags called Pastry are coming out on that day and I need to know what stores are going to carry them.I really need to know thanks!

A: are you talking about angela and vanessa simmons' fashion line? if you are you can find their stuff at against all odds. good luck ! :)

Does anyone know any good game? by ѕαяα Q: I have an iPhone 4s and I want to download some really good games. I already have temple run, subway surf, talking tom, angry birds and candy crush saga. Please suggest me some good games :)

A: some good games are- Free Talking Angela, iStunt 2, Temple run 2, stupidness 2 & 3, doors, smash monsters, cut the rope, cut the buttons, etc. You can also open the appstore and check the best games in the categories. hope this helped. : )

Angela's Ashes - Essay Introduction? by Eden Q: I'm writing an essay on Angela's ashes - and my topic is basically the disastrous effects that their poverty and Malachy's drinking had on their family. The only thing I'm really struggling with is my intro paragraph - I need an attention-getting lead to begin with and my mind is totally blank. If anyone has any suggestions that would be a ton of help. :\

A: Start out by setting the scene for the reading audience. Talk about the time and place. Talk about how the family went from living in a slum in New York to moving back to poverty stricken Limerick, Ireland. Frank McCourt used very specific details in describing what Limerick was like. Include smells, tastes, sights, feels... imagine being their as a small child.

Which is more optically dense; violet or red (talking about light)? by Angela Q:

A: Dear Angela; Optical density is a property of material through which light passes. But it you talk about same material then...the material will be more optical dense for violet light than red light..because red light bends less

What happened to Angela in the Resident Evil movies? by BlahBlahBlah Q: She is the basis for the Red Queen computer system on the first movie. She appears in the second movie (RE: Apocalypse) as an actual character and is with the ex-STARS agents in the very end, but doesn't appear in RE: Extinction or Afterlife. Any idea of what happened to her? Did I miss something in the movies?

A: Angela Ashford: After escaping from Raccoon, Angela and her new friends remained in hiding for some time from Umbrella and U.S. Government agents secretly under their employ. Eventually, the Global T-Virus Outbreak began and Angela, Alice and the others joined up with other survivors into The Strike Team, a mismatched collection of survivors journying across the United States saving as many people as they could from the growing zombie legions. It was during combat with zombies beseiging yet another survivor enclave that Samuel J. Isaacs tested his cybernetic control over Alice, implanted via. a chip in her brain during her time in the Umbrella facility. Isaacs commanded Alice to return to Detroit (one of the few cities protected from zombies and mass upheavel), and bring Angela with her (at Chairman Albert Wesker's behest). Upon their arrival, however, Isaacs explained that Angela was of no use to Umbrella's research in finding a permanent T-Virus cure, as the strain of T-Virus she had within her was an entirely different strain from the one sweeping across the globe. As such Isaacs ordered Alice to kill Angela, which she did so by shooting her in the head, killing her instantly. Angela was killed in between Apocalypse and Extinction. If you pay attention during Extinction Alice talks about how she killed Angela when she was under the control of the Umbrella Corporation. Hope that helps.

What was this creepy show called ? by xoxleafsxox Q: It had a little girl and it was paper animated O_O . She was sickly pale like the exorcist and i think it came out on nickelodeon.........it was just creepy.....it came out late 90's early 2000's ?

A: I think you're talking about Angela Anaconda.

i need someone to talk too ) :? by ѕαяαн ιѕ gσηηα нανє α вαву!♥(#1) Q: im a pregnant 12 year old.....now i know i just ruined my life and stuff like that but no one wants to help me. my family live VERY far from where i am and my mom wony let me come out of my room and is sending me to boarding school. Im afraid this baby is going to be in danger. I do not want to have it aborted i want to give birth to it but then put it up for adoption! B8ut im afraid no one is going to be there for me when i go into laour and start to have the aually baby. Dont tell me that bed thing cause it wont help i just need someone hotmail or yahoo so we can talk. I know my life i finshed now but i just need someone to talk too. And i tried kids help phone but they wont belive me! Thank you guys for all helping me through is Sarah ) : :'(

A: hi im angela i had my first child at 12 also it was hard and i thought i was ruined but i finished school from home and went to college and i work at a very successful fashion industry and i had a huge family (8 kids and im pregnant with twins right now) wel ok when i was 12 i had to have my baby my mother wouldnt let me put it up for adoption or abortion so i had to raise my baby boy and i did and got help from my mom but u just gotta be strong and coffident thats all but u can email me at [email protected] id love to tell u stories and how i survied

Arch Enemy Fans: I Prefer Angela Gossow? by triplecorpsehammerblow6659 Q: I constantly hear people talking about how the prefer Johan Liiva over Angela Gossow as a vocalist, and how they liked Arch Enemy better when he was in it and they suck now. But I'm not a huge fan of Liiva's stuff. I mean, it's listenable but I don't think I would buy one of the first three albums. So does anyone else agree with me or am I not a 'true' AE fan?

A: I pretty much exactly agree with everything you said actually. I am the same way, I mean I'm not going to call Johan Liiva terrible or anything cause he definitely was not but I like Angela Gossow a lot more than him. I obviously think you're a true Arch Enemy fan! haha

Cancelled Nick Cartoon? by kariewolfe Q: Okay, I can't think of the name of this one cartoon that used to come on in the 90s. idk..it had something to do with a girl, and she had a real persons face, but like a cartoon body. I think her name started with the letter "A" or something, and she had kind of a weird voice. any ideas?

A: I'm pretty sure your talking about Angela Anaconda http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angela_Anaconda =)

In Bones, is the half Chinese girl fasting or something? She says she's been abstaining for 6 months? by Now Now Q:

A: Are you talking about Angela, Bones best friend so to speak? Lol she's been fasting from having sex.

Who is this woman activist? by Boojgg Q: I read about this African-American woman teaching in a reputable university during the 60's or 70's that got jailed for fighting for human rights or racism. Students went to the streets to fight for her. They even had buttons of her with the big Afro hair. Can you tell me more about her?

A: Sounds like you're talking about Angela Davis. She was a prominent member of the civil rights movement, as part of SNCC and then the Black Panthers, before turning to the Communist Party. She was on the FBI most wanted list for supposedly providing the guns in a prison-break plot, but was acquitted of all charges after having gone on the run.She's now a professor of philosophy. The Rolling Stones wrote "Sweet Black Angel" about her, and John Lennon wrote "Angela." Read more about her on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angela_Davis

Popular Female Solo Hispanic R&B singer from the '80s.? by ice Q: I'm trying to find this song by her. I cannot remember her name or the title of the song, but I think her first name is Angela, but I'm not sure. She was not in a group, she was a solo artist. No, not Sheila E. Just give me a list of popular r&b female solo hispanic artists from the 80's if you have to.

A: Are you talking about Angela Bofill? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angela_Bofill

Is the talking angela app freaky? by Spongybobby Q: Everyones saying it asks you were you live and there saying it takes secret pictures if you is this true

A: maybe its a virus maybe it does what it says it does but then again WHO CARES?????

Project Runway: Vincent & Angela? by Zippy Q: Epsiode 2 of Season 3. Why did the judges side with Vincent? Angela wanted to help Vincent, but he would not let her. In the fabric store she kept telling him how much time they had left (15 minutes) and they hadn't even gotten their fabric yet. I think she was doing her job. Okay, I admit that earlier she was trying to talk Kayne into picking her and she came off as being some sort of "fashion whore" sort of like a barfly who sits at the end of a bar and hits on men, trying to get one to take her home. Plus Angela said she does not draw sketches. What?!? Despite all that, I still think Vincent was unfair and the judges were unfair, too. Poor Malan. What is everybody else's opinion on this subject.

A: I was just thinking the same thing. I liked Angela and I thought she was trying to be helpful. Every time she tried to help, Vincent just pushed her away and made some negative comment. He wouldn't listen to any of her ideas or suggestions. That is why his dress turned out ugly with those wierd shoulder wing things. I don't know why everyone seemed to side with him. He is just creepy and really mean. He thinks everything he does in a great creation, when really I think his stuff is ugly. Like the hat he made in the first epidsode - the thing was ridiculous. Hopefully the judges will finally see the real Vincent and decide to vote him off so other good designers won't have to go.

anyone read Angela's Ashes? by El Fauno Q: did anyone else cry their eyes out when little oliver died? that could be the saddest thing i ever read! dying to talk to someone about this book!

A: Frank Mcourt is a genius!! Angelas ashes is my fav book next to wuthering heights. I lend it to everyone! I always think of angela when things are tough and money is tight, makes my family look like royalty!! He has come so far in his life, thats determination for you! I hated the father! I have also read "tis" which is the sequel to angelas ashes, it takes off from where angelas ends. I laughed so hard!!! The humour really comes out there! And i just finished reading "Teacher man" which is the third book, needless to say it was just as good. Frank mcourt was in australia recently for the promotion for teacher man and , I GOT TO MEET HIM!!!!he signed all three of my books for me, i told him how much his "scratchings " as he calls them, affected me, and he was so gracious, and told me i was Irish in my heart! Thanks for letting me share!! You have great taste! Be sure to read the other two,youll love them! xx

Name of a t.v. show? by Hannah N Q: Okay so there used to be this show on like Nike when I was little and it was a cartton. They were like paper people and if I can remember they were in black and white. Also, there was this girl I wanna say Amanda but I dont think thats it I cant be sure. She would always say "you ninny!" Help! (it isnt the amanda show I dont think that is her name it is just a guess)

A: i think ur talking about "Angela Anaconda"?

How do I explain rules to a new kitty cat? by e7hqanxxe3 Q: How do I explain to my new kitty cat, that I, unlike my wife will not be owned by cats, will not submit to cats' demands, will never place myself below them and most importantly I will not tolerate separatist movements in the house? It would be best if this cat understood that I can not be read like an open book. My expressions are neutral at all times and my body language is perfectly ambiguous. My modus operandi in doing everyday task are different from the common human. I can consistently be random. I speak 6 languages, I have 4 variations of voice pitch that I can consistently use and I can maintain 2 different personalities. This cat needs to know that I am in charge at all times, I outrank her, I am the boss in my house, I am king in my property and my word is law. This cat also needs to know that because she is a cat, she is of lesser value than me for I am human. This cat needs to know that I outrank my wife. My wife really loves the cat and the cat should know that if my wife and the cat were to ally against me, they would lose. So that the cat won't get ideas. This cat should also know better than to wage a psychological war against me; older and wiser ones than her have pit their wits against mine and were sorely beaten. Some of them still have trouble sleeping at night. This cat should also know her place in the house. My alter-egos outrank her in terms of importance. This cat should also know that only my pet snake is allowed to curl on the couch with me. If she want bodily warmth she can go and get them from my wife. Lastly I want this cat to know better than to hiss at anyone in the house; there are two others that can hiss back and kitty wouldn't like to get hissed at, no?

A: Dwight, I would just talk to Angela about this. She knows her cats best.

Why is Michelle Obama talking like Angela Davis? by southwillrise Q: is her beliefs similar to the old time revolutionary??? Angela was also dangerous to America.

A: Because Michelle Obama has been shouting "GOD DAMN AMERICA!" and "Whitey!" together with Rev. Wright for the past 20 years!

ECLIPSE Bella Goes To Angela's House? by R I P M J (My Hero) Q: In Eclipse - after Charlie talks about 'balance', Bella goes to Angela's house. I was wondering what page number that is. THANKS

A: Bella goes to Angela's house chapter 6. Switzerland page 132.

Anyone know the name of this old cartoon? by Louise Q: It's not that old, probably around 2000-2004. All I remember was that the animation was more like paper cut-outs and it was collage like. It revolved around a school girl who had ginger hair and freckles. Also, they would ride the school bus etc and I do remember some scenes when her and some other school friends go to a restaurant to eat pizza/pasta. There was also a girl who was seen as the 'mean girl' of her school (antagonist). Anyone have any idea what cartoon I'm referring to? It was too long ago so I don't remember the name. I think it was on Boomerang or perhaps some other kids channel, not really sure about Cartoon Network.

A: I thiink you are talking about Angela Anaconda which uses cut out animation and was on Nickelodeon.

friend advice, please help? by christine Q: these two girls jenna and angela used to be really good friends. they got in a fight and stopped talking. then i became really good friends with angela. as soon as jenna noticed angela and i were hanging out a lot, jenna started being really mean to me. now jenna is ALWAYS hanging out with angela, and angela never has time for me anymore. what should i do? i don't want to look clingy to angela, but i don't want to let jenna take angela away from me, just as her little "game". how should i handle this? if i talk to angela about it she will probably jump to defense for jenna, because she thinks jenna has changed and wants to be friends again. how do i tell angela that jenna is only doing this because she doesn't want angela to be friends with me? any ideas or opinions are welcome :)

A: well, you should probably talk to angela about it just in case. you're friends, so she shouldn't get upset just because you're trying to approach a subject with her. if this doesnt work, you could talk to jenna or become better friends with her. tell her you like her shirt, or something, and then strike up conversation. if all else fails, you have other friends, right? hope this helps (:

Do you find Talking Angela annoying? by Lola Q: I know this sounds really dumb but do any of you feel the same? The way when you ask her a question and she keeps going on and on about her life, being so stuck up, changing the subject etc......

A: Yes i do! ugh shes sooooo annoying!!

Angela's Ashes??????????????? by other Q: how would i analyze the beginning of angelas ashes...like the first 25-40 pages.....i just need some questions or ideas on wat to answer/ talk about..i have to analyze the text..not summarize it

A: It’s a while since I read Angela’s Ashes or watched the movie. These links should help you with this work. http://www.brothersjudd.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/reviews.detail/book_id/471/Angela's%20Ash.htm http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/angelasashes/ http://www.gradesaver.com/classicnotes/titles/angela/section1.html

why do delia and philomena visit malachy in the speakeasy in angelas ashes novel? by Joe Q: why do delia and philomena visit malachy in the speakeasy in angelas ashes novel?

A: Delia and Philomena visited Malachy in the speakeasy to confront him about his affair with their cousin Angela. Angela‘s Ashes Frank McCourt She arrived in New York just in time for the first Thanksgiving Day of the Great Depression. She met Malachy at a party given by Dan MacAdorey and his wife, Minnie, on Classon Avenue in Brooklyn. Malachy liked Angela and she liked him. He had a hangdog look, which came from the three months he had just spent in jail for hijacking a truck. He and his friend John McErlaine believed what they were told in the speakeasy, that the truck was packed to the roof with cases of canned pork and beans. Neither knew how to drive and when the police saw the truck lurch and jerk along Myrtle Avenue they pulled it over. The police searched the truck and wondered why anyone would hijack a truck containing, not pork and beans, but cases of buttons. With Angela drawn to the hangdog look and Malachy lonely after three months in jail, there was bound to be a knee-trembler. A knee-trembler is the act itself done up against a wall, man and woman up on their toes, straining so hard their knees tremble with the excitement that’s in it. That knee-trembler put Angela in an interesting condition and, of course, there was talk. Angela had cousins, the MacNamara sisters, Delia and Philomena, married, respectively, to Jimmy Fortune of County Mayo, and Tommy Flynn, of Brooklyn itself. Delia and Philomena were large women, great-breasted and fierce. When they sailed along the sidewalks of Brooklyn, lesser creatures stepped aside, respect was shown. The sisters knew what was right and they knew what was wrong and any doubts could be resolved by the One, Holy, Roman, Catholic and Apostolic Church. They knew that Angela, unmarried, had no right to be in an interesting condition and they would take steps. Steps they took. With Jimmy and Tommy in tow they marched to the speakeasy on Atlantic Avenue where Malachy could be found on Friday, payday when he had a job. The man in the speakeasy, Joey Cacciamani, did not want to admit the sisters, but Philomena told him that if he wanted to keep the nose on his face and that door on its hinges he’d better open up for they were there on God’s business. Joey said, Awright, awright, you Irish. Jeezoz! Trouble, trouble. Malachy, at the far end of the bar, turned pale, gave the great-breasted ones a sickly smile, offered them a drink. They resisted the smile and spurned the offer. Delia said, We don’t know what class of a tribe you come from in the North of Ireland. Philomena said, There is a suspicion you might have Presbyterians in your family, which would explain what you did to our cousin. Jimmy said, Ah, now, ah, now. ’Tisn’t his fault if there’s Presbyterians in his family. Delia said, You shuddup. Tommy had to join in. What you did to that poor unfortunate girl is a disgrace to the Irish race and you should be ashamed of yourself. Och, I am, said Malachy. I am. Nobody asked you to talk, said Philomena. You done enough damage with your blather, so shut your yap. And while your yap is shut, said Delia, we’re here to see you do the right thing by our poor cousin, Angela Sheehan. Malachy said, Och, indeed, indeed. The right thing is the right thing and I’d be glad to buy you all a drink while we have this little talk. Take the drink, said Tommy, and shove it up your ass. Philomena said, Our little cousin no sooner gets off the boat than you are at her. We have morals in Limerick, you know, morals. We’re not like jackrabbits from Antrim, a place crawling with Presbyterians. Jimmy said, He don’t look like a Presbyterian. You shuddup, said Delia. Another thing we noticed, said Philomena.You have a very odd manner. Malachy smiled. I do? You do, says Delia. I think ’tis one of the first things we noticed about you, that odd manner, and it gives us a very uneasy feeling. ’Tis that sneaky little Presbyterian smile, said Philomena. Och, said Malachy, it’s just the trouble I have with my teeth. Teeth or no teeth, odd manner or no odd manner, you’re gonna marry that girl, said Tommy. Up the middle aisle you’re going. Och, said Malachy, I wasn’t planning to get married, you know. There’s no work and I wouldn’t be able to support … Married is what you’re going to be, said Delia. Up the middle aisle, said Jimmy. You shuddup, said Delia. Have a pleasant day.

Talking about fist fights...? by Јέstέя [Pro-Mέtal] Q: (Inspired from "Metal Fist fights") How about: Angela Gossow vs MCR ?

A: Hey ... totally Angela while having one hand tied behind her back... while blindfolded...while giving birth.... no contest there I can go on with the handicaps I could give her but it won't help MCR. I think it might make it even easier for her...

Talking Angela app??? by Shannon Q: Im no child i just want to take the mick, say im 300 yrs old and live in flower land ect,. Yanno just annoy them i wont show my face and theres no pics of me on my phone just my pets lol dont worry about language ill tell IT to go in a coma and i just wanna take the mick so if i give no info and cover the lens is it ok

Brand new iPod touch. Apps? by Marliena Q: What are some good apps I should get??

A: Talking Angela

who knows angela weber? by chto tebe nado ot menya skazhi? Q: if you know her give me some details about her

A: Are you talking 'bout Angela Weber from Stephenie Meyer's twilight? =D If you are here are some details: She's friends with Bella Swan. She likes her a lot better than Jessica or her other school friends. She has light brown hair and eyes and she's very tall and she's going out with Ben. Is that good? I hope that's the Angela you were talking about. =]

how can i download talking angela in my computer? by Mai Youssef Q:

A: You can Google: Download talking Angela and add .apk in end! There is a lot of a Android app sites arouund net

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