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ianvoyager Photo: Layered Clouds Bettie XL Lens, Claunch 72 Monochrome Film, No Flash, Taken with Hipstamatic http://t.co/9cLs3HtB

ShankyShank On their first outing, Robin got taken prisoner by the Joker. Batman saved him, though. The Joker got put in Gotham's Arkham Asylum. #fanfic

dillonslaw RT @werd4200: @joerogan First person video of paraglider being taken down by vulture collision above Himalayan mountains: http://t.co/o7bedDZN

Wambebe82 Obsession has taken hold of me about u

stuartmaloney26 'So you're a bit disabled?...Er, well you do your hair very really nice' (Taken from 26)

marcusibloms I dag behöver jag inte ens låtsas som att det regnar, det är en bra start på dagen. Varm & torr om baken, medan molnen trummar på taken.

rellbabyy Photo: @ Timba (Taken with instagram) http://t.co/RArxoWf2

iB_TeeMarie Taken A Hour Literally Makes No Sense

Adele6464646 Shining, Signing Star: This exciting, innovative play uses both spoken English and signs taken directly from Bri... http://t.co/0ae0bTik

HDeyshanelle I've never taken my skateboard for a walk.

thelovatic4life RT @Anne_0308: I want @ddlovato to post a picture of herself with her new hair instead of looking at a website which were taken by the paps!

_InyangB Once guy constructed his own car with canopyu and sticks and then used headphones as radio ! Wtf noo I should have taken a picture !!!!!!!

prat3ek @pooja_LuvIndia Bangalore....one day shoot all will be taken care...food travel etc

mrmichaelmccabe RT @werd4200: @joerogan First person video of paraglider being taken down by vulture collision above Himalayan mountains: http://t.co/o7bedDZN

HISBASEDGoddesx RT @_RileyFreeman_: “Username has already been taken”. Who tf stole my idea.


How does Mucinex taken orally to the stomach work to loosen congestion in the lungs? by John S. Q: This is the same action as an oral expectorant. I know medications taken orally get absorbed into the blood stream whch can then impact any organ. I'm just curious about the specific action that takes place to cause congestion to become dislodged from your lungs. Does the medicine change the consistency of the congestion to make it less adhesive to the tissues of the lungs?

A: Mucinex is an expectorant it gets broke down in the stomach and the medicine in conjunction with drinking lots of water causes the mucous in the lungs to liquefy and easier to cough and get out of the system. This by the way is an excellent product it is Guaifenesin also found in cough syrups. the best thing about this is its 12 hour time release so that it keeps working. Dr's almost always prescribe something with this ingredient in it because it works and has the least impact on any organs other than the lungs. hope this helps

How can I get my fanfiction taken down from a website? by Here Death Q: How can I get my fanfiction taken down from a website? About ten years ago I sent some fanfiction to an archive and now I want it taken down because it is embarrassing to me. I have already sent the site maintainer several polite emails requesting the removal of the fanfiction but have received no reply. Are there any other steps I can take to get these blasts from the past erased?

A: go to the website and read the copyright/privacy policy, send another email (saying that it's your work by law and that you have the right to demand that it be taken down, don't be too pushy though, just firm), hope it works

How can I get less taxes taken out of my paycheck? by spclo23 Q: I make pretty good money, but you wouldn't know it by my paycheck. I get 1/3 taken out of my check for taxes and health care expenses. What can I do, besides buying a house because I can't afford it yet with 1/3 of my paycheck being taken out, to have less taxes taken out? I am a single woman with no kids and own no property. Help me please.....

A: The tax withholdings depend on: + your gross salary + any pre-tax deductions (HMO, 401(k), etc) + how many exemptions you claim Things you can do to have less tax withheld: + increase pre-tax deductions (e.g. maximize your 401(k) contribution) + increase your exemptions claimed. You can claim additional exemptions if you have deductions to support them (e.g. mortgage interest, real estate taxes, etc.)

How long after stopping taken the mini pill should I start my period? by angel_eye_forever02 Q: I was only on it like 30 days or less.Not enough to get a good build up. Also it wasnt taken correctly when I did take it and took antibotics with it for a little while. When should I expect a period? I have been off them for 3 days now.

A: you shold get it soon, i got mine a few days after

What precaution can be taken to get rid of fatty liver and how long does it take to recover? by vrd_quest Q: What precaution can be taken to get rid of fatty liver and how long does it take to recover?

A: Hi vrd_quest Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is a lifestyle condition related to The Metabolic Syndrome and type 2 diabetes. More movement and improved nutrition can help. Above all, stop consuming products containing high fructose corn syrup. HFCS has been connected to fatty liver and kidney disease. Increase the green leafy vegetables, eat moderate amounts of lean meats, eliminate sweeteners and start exercising. It's not only the amount of food you eat, but the type and quality as well. Fill up on salad greens and vegetables before you eat anything starchy. Drink only water to satisfy thirst and eat only when you're hungry. This plan helps improve what you eat without having to count calories or measure anything. A diet that's easier to follow is a diet you'll stay on longer. Besides diet and exercise, a multivitamin plus extra C, E, D and fish oil might help because of the association of fatty liver with inflammation and oxidation. A phospholipid called lecithin, or phosphatidylcholine, has been shown to improve fatty liver and prevent gallstones. Also, certain herbs, such as milkthistle, dandelion, and artichoke leaves, are known to have a protective effect on the liver. Fatty liver may also be aided by supplementing the diet with bile salts and pancreatic enzymes for help digesting fats. Finally, consider having your storage iron (ferritin) checked. There is some association between iron overload and NAFLD. Without treatment this can lead to organ failure. I hope this helps some!

How long does it take to get taxes taken for back owed child support? by heavensent4u1981 Q: My husbands ex-wife had her income tax refund taken for back owed child-support. How long does it take for before he gets it?

A: It can take up to 6 months as FMS will sit on it to allow her current spouse, if she has one, time to file an Injured Spouse claim. FMS has no way of knowing what her filing status is, and the IRS can't tell them what it is so there's no way to expedite it in most cases.

Has anyone ever taken a cooking course? by Trix_R_not_4_kids Q: I wish to take a culinary course and I have even found some schools which specialize in it that may help me. Is there anyone out there who's taken a course in cooking before? What should I expect? By the way, I already know how to cook but I am interested in taking these courses to learn how to do a nice food presentation.

A: I've taking some classes. When I was studying to be a chef - never worked out, because I couldn't afford to continue school... oh well. They start you out with the basics, how to properly hold a knife, what knife is used for what, what the different cuts are, and how to make them. All stuff you'll find useful later on. When I took the classes, we didn't get into presentation till the 2nd or 3rd level. The 1st levels were designed so that we got an understanding on how to prepare the food, so that we knew how to cook a steak to Medium, without having to cut into it to check the 'doneness', and then plate it up and have the juices run all over the plate - that doesn't make for a nice plate. Once we mastered the 'basics' then we got into the 'art' of plating.

What factors are taken into consideration when a physician gives a disability rating on the upper back? by mandyjayne Q: I injured my upper back at work 2 years ago. It has now been determined that nothing else can be done, but I still have a lot of pain and I need to be given a disablity rating. What is taken into consideration? I have much more difficulty getting through the day because of the pain, yet I am still working. Everyday tasks at home, such as cleaning, are also much more difficult and take a lot of time because I must take frequent breaks. Will I still be compensated even though I am still able to work?

A: I have been through the same situation that you are going through. And my doctor told me the same thing that nothing can be done except surgery, or to give up the type of job that I had, Because it were making my back worse on me by me standing up all through the day. Me bending over alot. I had taken alot of things in consideration from my doctor. So I got me a lawyer and now I am receiving my disability. Because I were in such bad shape. Do what you have to do to take care of yourself, and your health. Because a job will still be their. But your health is very important.

What would it take to have the stars visible from the camera shots which are taken in space? by SpaceBoy360* Q: I know that the reason why we don't see a lot of stars on the photos which are taken in space, is that because of the camera's lens or something involving the optics of the camera (I'm not sure). But ain't NASA having cameras (including video cameras), that are able to capture the full picture in space, and actually making it possible for the viewers to actually see the stars exactly as they are visible from the astronauts view point? What about High Definition? Does taking video or shots in HD make all stars visible?

A: It is simply a question of exposure. Getting images of stars, whether on Earth or in space, requires exposures of 10 seconds or longer. Unfortunately, this would result in everything else in the picture being grossly overexposed, so they never do this for space walks, etc. Basic photography, man: you expose for the subject of interest, in this case astronauts, not stars.

Taken???????????????????????????????????????? by brittanytootes Q: okay i wanna watch the movie taken on my computer so can you give me websites idk if their illigal!thnx

A: i just watched it =) go to www.watch-movie-links.net there is a search bar type in taken the movie cover will come up click on it then click on one of the links. you can click full screen on the window that opens. it was amazing !!!

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